BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 30: Darius Boyd of the Broncos and Anthony Milford (middle) celebrate a try during the round 24 NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and Parramatta Eels at Suncorp Stadium on August 30, 2019 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Jono Searle/Getty Images)

The new NRL season is upon us.

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that the underdogs can’t catch a break. The Grand Final continues to be dominated by the Sydney Roosters and the Melbourne Storm, with the kind of shock victories seen by the likes of the North Queensland Cowboys in 2015 and the St. George Illawarra Dragons in 2010 seeming less likely than ever to repeat themselves.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for those supporters who haven’t seen their team make it to the finals in recent years. Some strong performances from unexpected places mean that we might be seeing a shake-up in the final eight this year. Read on to find out who stands the best chances of making it to the 2020 NRL finals.

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1. Sydney Roosters

We all saw this one coming. As holders of the previous two premierships, as well as four runner-up years and five minor years, everyone is expecting the Roosters to make the final eight with flying colours in 2020. Whether someone will be able to knock them off their perch in 2020 is another matter entirely.

2. Melbourne Storm

Melbourne Storm trail the Roosters by one, with a total of three Final wins under their belt. Their manager was pretty vocal about wanting to beat the Roosters’ record in 2019, which means Storm will likely be doubling-down in 2020 to see if they can escape second place.

3. Canberra Raiders

While the Canberra Raiders have had 0 title wins in their history, their strong performance of the past few seasons means that they remain hot favourites. According to the biggest rugby league betting sites in the country, the Canberra Raiders are currently on 1.28 odds of making the final eight, putting them a hair’s breadth away from Melbourne and Sydney.

4. South Sydney Rabbitohs

While South Sydney hasn’t secured a win in several years, the oldest team in the League boasts the most overall premierships by far, with a total of 21 under its belt. They may have had a rocky start to the year so far, with injuries and delayed transfers galore, but they still enjoy some of the most favourable odds in the entire NRL.

Source: Pixabay

5. Parramatta Eels

Yes, the beleaguered Parramatta eels are currently in the depths of 34-year title drought, making them one of the worst major players in the League, but that doesn’t mean they won’t glide into the final eight just as they nearly always do. Eels fans will be praying we don’t see a repeat of 2018, where the season saw them go from favourites to win to ending up with the wooden spoon.

6. Manly Sea Eagles

The Manly Sea Eagles are one of the most successful teams in the NRL, with a consistent tendency to defy naysayers and pull a last-minute victory out of the bag. The team has been very active on the transfer front in recent months, suggesting that they are going for a major shake-up in their quest to snag the premiership for the first time in nine years.

7. North Queensland Cowboys

The question on everyone’s lips in 2020 will be whether Townsville’s finest will be able to shake off their recent legal and PR troubles in order to give a decent showing during the Premiership. They currently enjoy favourable odds across the board to make it to the top eight, but few people have any higher expectations beyond this.

8. Brisbane Broncos

The Brisbane Broncos are still a force to be reckoned with, even if many fans have a distinct impression that the glory days of the 2000s are well and truly over. While there is little doubt that the Broncos are a shoe-in for the final eight, it is too early to tell whether newcomer captain Alex Glenn will be able to drive his team to victory.

While these are the current favourites to make the final eight, we understand that anything can happen in the NRL. Watch this space for more updates are the finals approach.


  1. Yes South Sombreros are certainties. I think they win this comp easy. No doubt they may even BUY 12 premierships straight. If Soufths do not win this comp with all the extra money being splashed around from Russell’s Nana Glen head office farm on his new stars. Then Richardson noggin will definateley be chopped from the Orara Valley Axeman owner.

  2. No mate.
    Just another cut and paste job by a hack who doesn’t proof read or check facts.
    For the nuffy who put up this blog.
    Canberra Raiders won the 89, 90 and 94 Premierships.

  3. “Broncos are a shoe-in for the final eight” and yet you have them in eighth position. The only way they could be a shoo in and in eigth would be if there was daylight between the top eight and the bottom eight which I cannot see happening. Mid table is always close. Personally, I don’t see them making it. Ditto Cowboys. Whilst their roster has improved this off season, the jury is still out on their coach as well.
    Roosters couldn’t make 1st position in 2019 but you have them making it minus Cronk and Mitchell. They will be in the eight but they will be fighting for top 4. I think Canberra have been over hyped. In the top eight for sure but they won’t have as good a year as 2019.

  4. @Rucky

    I don’t understand the whole “Broncos to miss the 8” idea. Like they made the 8 last year, and have only gotten better.

  5. More of a gut feel Rhys, I think Seibold isn’t as good as he is made out to be and I think he will persist with liability Boyd. I just don’t think they will get there but of course, I could be wrong.

  6. 1. Sydney
    2. Canberra
    3. Manly
    4. Brisbane
    5. Parra
    6. Melbourne
    7. The team South of Sydney Roosters
    8. NQ

    Kev you BBQ grand final piker, Canberra have never won a “NRL” premiership

  7. Just curious, who is Sydney?
    What is their demographic?
    If its Easts, how is Sydney relevant when Easts only covers Watsons Bay to Dover Heights?
    Everyone South of Dover Heights to Cronulla is South’s Sydney.
    Welcome home Latrell

  8. Just to remind everyone “NRL PREMIERSHIPS “ is what the author is quoting so keep your hats on, Raiders DONT HAVE AN NRL PREMIERSHIP, on the subject Souffs bulk premierships are NSW cups😂😂😂😂😂
    Oh and souffs will not make 8

  9. Twenty1 has baited himself into a corner of no return.
    Outsider has indeed stated the truth.
    Soufths have won only one National RL Premeurship.
    With 20 pretend premierships playing against 7 Other Sydney Suburban teams up until 1947 when it beacame a ten team comp, then in 1967 a twelve team Greater Sydney only comp. 20 NSW Cups

    Typical three toothed Soufths fans like the slow 21
    are in denial of the Sydney team who over looks Sydney Harbour, for over 100yrs have either played at The Sydney Sports ground, the Sydney Football Stadium or the Sydney Cricket Ground which, may I add last season played their 300th game there at the SCG which is equivilant to about 25 years of home games. at twelve per season.

    You see 21, the Roosters are Named Sydney for good reason. BUT why is South Sydney named South Sydney when their demograhical region is the East coast of Sydney, yet play in Sydney Western Suburbs. 😂🤣😂🤣

    It is I that should be asking you the question 21, which you hide behind. Who is South Sydney? Who by the way, will be playing way out west at Parra Stadium for the next few years towards the end of this season.
    I think Soufths should be renaned the Western Suburbs Magpies, the place where Soufths Rabbits have been relocated.

    When I want to

  10. …..hear a reply from a Soufths fool……I will get my opal card tap on in the City of Sydney and catch a train to Parramatta. Walk through the mall. And speak to the first drongo out on rehab day release in that mall region near the Parra Town Hall with a head filled with gums less three teeth.

    Otherwise if I just wait a few minutes the Soufths nit.wits will start writing their tripe

  11. 0 title wins???? The Raiders won the best GF of all time….’89’!!! Throw in two other titles of ’90’ and ’94’…3, not 0. You bunch of muppets ZT!!!

  12. Its a long bow to say that no premierships prior to the ARL / Super league’s one year separate competitions are not relevant. Bizarre logic. The ARL was renamed the NRL. What is the relevance..

  13. butters February 13, 2020 at 10:20 am
    “Its a long bow to say that no premierships prior to the ARL / Super league’s one year separate competitions are not relevant. Bizarre logic. The ARL was renamed the NRL. What is the relevance..”

    Yes butters, “bizaar” is putting it mildly. Its embarrassing for those wombats who have tweaked any statistic in order to present their member minnow club as the most successful for some kind of diluted recognition. Laughable.
    Yet, whilst a competition name change is their argument, changing the name of their french inspired club 4 times in a desperate attempt to gain a broader fan and membership base has failed dismally with membership hovering around the bottom of the table.
    I believe there is another name change in the works but one would think by now its not what fans see on the surface that give a club status, its what lies underneath and whilst this mob continue with their lack of soul and dignity in its operations they will always remain in the shadow of the Rabbitohs.
    Latrell Mitchell’s dad publicly stating it is a “homecoming” for Latrell is testimony to that.
    Thats right, Souths is a home for its players, not a transit lounge like the sombreros.

  14. Adamhoward February 12, 2020 at 5:39 pm
    “1. Sydney
    2. Canberra
    3. Manly
    4. Brisbane
    5. Parra
    6. Melbourne
    7. The team South of Sydney Roosters
    8. NQ
    Kev you BBQ grand final piker, Canberra have never won a “NRL” premiership”

    Hubcap, after stating categorically that Latrell was “100%” staying with the roosters and for us to bank on that I suggest you leave any predictions to those with some form of credibility on ZT.
    Your not one of us.
    Time for you to move on with your extinct mates.

  15. South Sydney Sombreros owned by 2 billionaires and Hollywood movie stars and one of the largest areas of junior teams and only 1 premiership to show for it ?

    That’s embarrassing and why 21 is so jealous of the Roosters heart and soul success

    Mate it’s time you just accept it… we have won 3 comps in 6 years

    You have won 1 comp in 50 years… even Cronulla has a better record 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Good luck saving the triple choke this year 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

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