Newcastle Knights
Takeover approved

The Newcastle Knights made an offer to Kade Snowden in December 2010; in recent weeks negotiations reached a point where pressure was placed on the club’s roster and salary cap for 2012.

Acknowledging these salary cap pressures and a number of high profile players coming off contract at the end of this season and recognising the club’s need for outside backs, a commercial decision was made to withdraw from all negotiations with Kade Snowden on Wednesday 9 February 2011. The club has not participated in any negotiation since that time.

We understand that the Sharks and Snowden agreed on terms recently and earlier today we acknowledged the Sharks’ media release with respect and best wishes.

Any offer that has been made since 9 February 2011, did not come from the Newcastle Knights. We do not entice people to break contracts under any circumstance.

The Newcastle Knights wish Kade Snowden and the Sharks well.