The Newcastle Knights have announced the signing of Kalyn Ponga, who will join the club in 2018 on a four-year deal.

A talented fullback, 18-year-old Ponga has played two NRL matches to date, both in the 2016 finals series with the North Queensland Cowboys.

Also named at fullback in the 2016 NYC Team of the Year, Ponga’s signing corresponds with the Knights’ long-term strategy of building a talented young roster and further complements the existing local talent.

“There is no doubt Kalyn is a very talented and exciting young player and his signing is definitely a coup for the Club,” coach Nathan Brown said on Monday.

“We look forward to further developing his talent and welcoming his family to Newcastle.”

Ponga’s family played a crucial role in the young fullback’s decision to join the Knights.

“To secure Kalyn from 2018 is really pleasing for everyone at the Club,” CEO Matt Gidley said.

“Kalyn made this decision with his family and he’s excited to be a part of the future of our Club.”

While the Club looks forward to welcoming Ponga, the 18-year-old remains contracted to the Cowboys for next season.

“As it stands, we are excited about Kalyn joining us in 2018,” Gidley added.

“Should the Cowboys decide to release Kalyn before the conclusion of his contract, we would certainly welcome him to the Club at an earlier date.”

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  1. Firstly, today l read the post on Chris Grevsmuhl which was posted the other night, and boy was I entertained. Talk about being oversensative SSTID! Looks like you had a bit of a brain snap there mate, no surprises given you support a TOXIC club based in Redfern. hahaha what a sook

    Anyway, interesting signing, wouldn’t have paid that much for him but all the best to Knights and their supporters, I wish them nothing but good fortune

  2. How many more articles can the papers squeeze out of this story? We get it, Ponga signed with the Knights.

        • I like Ross, but the Knights need a ballplaying FB in my opinion to add a bit more depth and unpredictability to their attack. I don’t think Ross really has that, he is more of a Dugan type FB. I really liked him at centre though and I think he would do well there.
          1. Sio/Peter M
          2. Sio/Peter M
          3. Ross
          4. Gagai
          5. Elliot/Chanel M

  3. He would have been crazy not to take the massive overs the Knights have thrown at him. Not worth anywhere near what they have paid. Unfortunately this is what clubs at the foot of the table have to do.

    • What do u class as overs mate? What the QLD media have thrown out with ridiculous amounts like 3.6mil.

      From what ive been hearing its more like 350k with bonuses if he reaches rep teams and stuff. Smart contract imo!

      Also as a 18yr old 350k is big coin but at 22yrs old and a full time nrl plzyer with a bit of class 350k is cheap money in a cap that will be close to 9mil by then.

      • I’ve heard the same amount thrown out for the first year ($350K), but i think it goes up each year as well. From what I’ve heard, he would be on something like $600K at the end of the deal if no rep bonus’ and such have been activated. Given his natural talent and the possibility of what he could become, I think it is still a good deal.

  4. You have to pay that much for the talent and early these days – it is a calculated risk, but any player you buy these days has risk to it (ie how good Sandow looked at the Bunnies did not translate to Parramatta etc)
    No denying this kid can play, but fullback is about defense and communication and positional play as much as attack, so time will tell if it was a good investment or not. More than likely though by what he has produced in youth comps, but we’ll see how he goes in Newie. Weight of expectation may hurt the kid, but let’s hope not as he is the next level entertainer that we want tomrrow’s children growing up wanting to be (like Benji 10 years ago)

    • Will never achieve the heights of your failures in life mate so don’t let it get to you.. chin up your still a failure

      • Lmao you can’t even spell you’re?
        I guarantee you brother I’m more successful than you and I’m only 22. Come back to me when you’re off the dole son.

        • If you have to brad about how successful you are, then you haven’t done a thing buddy. Also, maybe learn some grammar before you pull someone up on their spelling.

        • Ahah we’re both autistic. I should add I would’ve made the exact same move if I was Kalyn but human nature makes me want him to fail.

  5. What do the Cowboys fans out there think of this? Would you like to see him go this year then and invest in one of the other young outside backs like Mosby etc. plenty of outside back coverage and utilities that can cover fullback in Hampton and Morgan, why not let this fella go.

  6. Why has Gidley still got a job? He is the so called CEO that has been in charge of this rabble for several years, why arent the fans calling for his head?

    • Cause he is actually showing he knows how to run the club.

      The rabble wasnt his doing.. Tinklers fat arse and poor signings made the mess none of which gidley had control of.

      Bit like the Penns and Fulton running Manly into the ground

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