Matt Moylan has been appointed captain of the Panthers ahead of the 2016 NRL season.

Panthers coach Anthony Griffin revealed his selection to a gathering of media at Pepper Stadium on Wednesday morning.

Moylan will be looking to make a major impact in 2016 after recovering from the season-ending ankle injury he suffered in Round 12 last year.

The 24-year-old is a local junior and progressed through the grades at the Panthers before making his NRL debut in Round 7, 2013.



  1. Great player and future star but wrong time to give him captaincy, not enough experience and I sadly believe it will effect his form this year because of it, way too much pressure on him!

    • Sorry but I have to disagree. Moylan is a star now, not a future star. This is the best choice that Griffen could have made. Griffen appears to be a humble man, no ego, a real peoples person. He see’s the quality in this young man, and probably see’s himself in Moylan. People can bag Griffen for his efforts at Brisbane, but the truth is the broncos probably never had the team to be premiership contenders. A lot of great coaches have never won the silverware, because they didnt have the cattle to do it. Is Paul Green a supercoach?..he won a premiership in his first I dont think so. He aquired a really good team from the hard work done by others before him. People are writing Penrith off before a ball has even been kicked, 2002 they were close to the spoon and won the premiership in 2003. They had great junior players then who had moved up to 1st grade, this year they have great junior players and have bought experience along with some really hard go forward players. The skillset is there, the old halves will not survive, new beginning for this team and I will say that they will go very close this year.

  2. Congratulations matty but being appointed captain at the age of 24 is the wrong choice. Still a kid and now will have even more pressure on him. Good luck to him though

  3. Good choice but maybe should of waited til he is a bit more experienced but anyways hopefully he can lead us to the finals

  4. Im a bit surprised given he’s only had 2 seasons under his belt ,
    hard to choose a captain amongst this lot, i think having co-captains this season would have been a better option , Moylan & Merrin , or maybe Peachey

  5. I think that he needs another year or two, I can’t see him telling some of the senior players what to do during a match, or even off the field.

    I hope he is not made a scapegoat if the team fails to live up to expectations during 2016.

  6. To pass over an experienced and crucial playmaker such as Soward in favour of a youngster at fulback surely says something about where the Panthers are headed in 2016.
    Perhaps Soward, or other senior player, passed on the offer, who knows.

  7. I guess it shows Wallace and sowards spots arnt 100%safe. I think Cartwright would have been the best option if that was the case.

  8. Way to young to captain a very young side, someone like Elijah Taylor or Merrin would’ve been better

    • Yeah I agree Elijah Taylor probably deserves it the most he is such an underrated player and great leader

      • In saying that , When i think back to some of the greatest leaders , they are all 1 club legends . Not 1 or 2 year ring inns . Merrin hasn’t even bleed for penrith yet . In the dragons case , a pommy international that they’re just worried of losing to england , Reaks of desperation too me . Moylan who is young is a great choice , gives panthers a bit of security about his future . Will it work ? i say yes ( bar injuries the kid hasn’t took a backwards step yet ) . So time will tell ..

        • Good comment. Moylan is drenched in class. He has been compared to Lockyer, I believe this guy is well above Lockyer, even at his young age. He has the hand, ball skills that most players dream about..future 5/8 and a future legend. He is mature..and not overawed by the decision. He will inspire his team members by his absolute brilliance. Good choice Griffen, he has coached Lockyer and knows what the team needs to be successful.

        • Well above Lockyer? Seriously, Moylan is 24. By that age Lockyer had won 3 premierships, played 8 origins, 7 tests, won a Clive Churchill medal and a world cup.

          Moylan is a great young player with a bright future but is well, well behind Lockyer.

  9. I actually think that Griffin has made the right decision. Griffin has picked Moylan as a long term captain. I like captains to play halfback, 5/8 or hooker. I think he will make a top 5/8 if Penrith play him there.

      • Moylan is not as good as Fittler at his age. Fittler was one of the best leaders on the park ever. Moylan is not half the player Fittler was. By 24 Fittler was a regular in SoO and Australia aswell as having won and lost a grand final. Moylan has done jack all so far.
        The funny thing is all the panthers talk of how good Moylan is the same things were said about Coote from Panther fans.
        Oh and Lockyer? He isn’t fit to lick lockyers boots

        • It isn’t Matt Moylans fault that Laurie Daley has a hatred towards the Panthers. Also Matt was playing in a weaken team unlike Darren Lockyer.

      • Lockyer and now Fittler? Moylan has done squat. Fittler made his debut while at high school and was the youngest ever Kangaroo Tourist. By 24 was already a test and origin star, won a premiership, toured with the roos twice, captained NSW, captained Australia to a world cup victory.

        If choosing a test team today, Moylan would not even be the 4th string fullback.

  10. I like the choice of Moylan for captain he will be able to really grow into the role and could own it for the next 8 years maybe very good choice IMO

  11. Moylan is a GUN Fittler and Lockyer gave their support for the young fello meaning he has everything. SKILLS, Ball playing, passing game, kicking game, goal kicking.

    He should be thrown in the halves now particularly 5/8. This will help NSW Blues coz they are looking for halves

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