Queensland State of Origin representative Chris McQueen today agreed to join the Aquis Titans for the next two seasons after South Sydney Rabbitohs released him from the final year of his contract.

The 28-year-old forward, who played five games for the Maroons in 2013-14, will join the squad in training on Monday.

McQueen, who hails from Kingaroy, said he was excited at the prospect of joining a developing young squad at the Titans and returning to Queensland.

McQueen will become the sixth player in the Titans’ squad to have played State of Origin or Tests for Australia or New Zealand, joining Greg Bird, David Shillington (Australia), Josh Hoffman, Zeb Taia and Eddy Pettybourne (New Zealand).

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  1. and soon Adam Reynolds too. big trouble in little wabbit town me thinks madge has lost the dressing room

  2. Good news for them finally. If they don’t play Taylor an Elegy together next year they are stupid. Put Roberts in as a Utility on the bench.

  3. Based on all of this.

    James Roberts should go to souths as a Fullback. Move GI to 5/8 and Keary to HB and let Reynolds go to the titans. This also allows Souths to fit Burgess (i assume)

  4. Some good news, i guess, and if reynolds goes a decent side for them nek yr.

    1. Hoffman
    2. Don
    3. Zillman / Kelly / Walker
    4. Macdonald
    5. Mead
    6. Elgey
    7. Reynolds ( Taylor if he doesn’t get released )
    8. Douglas
    9. Friend
    10. Shillington
    11. James
    12. McQueen
    13. Bird

    14. Paasi
    15. Taia
    16. Pettybourne
    17. Moseley

  5. So the Titans won’t offer Roberts more then 300k but hey want to go out and buy McQueen and Reynolds.
    They have Mortimer, LG, Taylor and Roberts as halves.
    They have several options for 9.
    Makes no sense
    Maybe LG is going to leave after 16 and not activate his second year

  6. Reynolds seems like the dumbest signing they could think of. Theyve got 4 halves already. Use the money on a fullback and replacement centre

  7. Only one more part of the puzzle to rid the bunnies of the dead wood . Find another home for Tim Grant and get Ben Teo back . Let Reynolds go if he wants out , like a lot of Souths players was very pedestrian . Great goal kicker and kicking game but seems to have lost some toe . Sign Ben and build your team around Teo and Sam , as was the case in 2014 . They made a lot of players look a lot better than they were without these 2

  8. Reynolds has denied he asked for a release. For all of you who believe what you read in the newspapers you have my sympathy, and for all of you who post with five or six different names you have my pity

  9. I’m guessing its because of how many times halves for the last 2 yrs have been getting injured, like this year hoffman, seizer, elgey, mortimer fking james roberts played in the halves, and the yr b4 that, beau henry and mortimer and carter ( might’ve been more had to play in halves while seizer and albert kelly were injures )

    So i wouldn’t be suprised if taylor and elgey got injured this year so always good to have bak ups

    I mean like the warriors got robson, johnson, lolohea, lino, leleuai thats 5 halves with 4 good ones in them
    All teams got bak ups, titans would just hav good back ups

    • But don’t get me wrong I think that Titans should prioritize centres and fullbacks for additions to their squad. Their forward pack is algood, if they sign better back replacements at least they’ll have an ok team

      1. Hoffman / Mead
      2. Don
      3. Stfu lafai / Hoffman / Zillman
      4. Macdonald
      5. Mead / Kelly / Walker
      6. Elgey
      7. Reynolds / Taylor – if he isn’t released ( Tyrone shall enjoy playing QLD )
      8. Douglas
      9. Friend
      10. Shillington
      11. James
      12. Mcqueen
      13. Bird

      14. Paasi
      15. Taia
      16. Pettybourne
      17. Moseley / Hala / Peteru

  10. 1. Mead/ Li
    2. Zillman
    3. MacDonald
    4. Hoffman
    5. Don
    6. Elgey/Lawton
    10. James
    11. Bird
    12. Taia
    13. Pettybourne/McQueen

    14. Robinson
    15. Shillo
    16. Hala
    17. Peteru

    18. Srama
    19. Burr
    20. Pulu
    21. Simpkins
    22. Lynch

  11. I rate McQueen he had a quiet season this year but other years has shon he didn’t play a few origin games for no reasons if he can get back to his usual ways he will be a good signing.

  12. @warrior24 in skirts lol ……souths 21 premierships…. warriors in skirts have won zero none zilch premierships boot the warriors out waste of space and always has and always will be they should had been kicked out long ago as they are under achievers like the titans and sharks lollllllll not one of these 3 clubs has ever won a premiership.

  13. warriors in skirts will be booted out one day no fans no premierships and the warriors in skirts are just that warriors in skirts

  14. mcqueen had one good year at best he is past his best i know chrissy he is a good guy but he will be a flop and take the ca$h and enjoy the relaxing lifestyle like davey taylor did here on the the gold coast.the gold coast is all about chillin not footy and the culture wont change there its all about lifestyle not footy anyway chrissy will enjoy the gold coast titans retirement home.good idea to grab the cash on offer chrissy good luck mate,titans heading for the spoon with the toothless tigpies in 2016.

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