SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 12: Jackson Hastings passes during a Sydney Roosters NRL training session at Moore Park on April 12, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

The Manly Sea Eagles have announced the signing of talented Sydney Roosters utility Jackson Hastings for the next two years.

Hastings has played 36 first grade games for the Roosters over the past three years after making his NRL debut in round 26 of the 2014 season.

Head of Football Bob Fulton said the signing of Hastings is a major boost for the club.

“We are delighted to bring in to our club an exciting young player who can cover several key positions and is an excellent goal-kicker,’’ Fulton said.

“At the age of 20, Jackson’s rugby league career is ahead of him and we want him to be at the Sea Eagles long term.

“As a junior, he was without peer and being the son of a great player in Kevin Hastings obviously has placed extra pressure on him. There will be none of that at Manly.

“We consider him to be one of the most outstanding young players in the game and often a change of clubs can bring about the necessary changes needed for Jackson to fulfil the promise he showed throughout his junior career.

“Both Trent Barrett and I consider him to be a real boost to our 2017 squad and we welcome him to our club.”

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Sea Eagles Coach Trent Barrett said Hastings was a great signing for the club.

“Jackson is a young player with tremendous talent who can easily play several positions,’’ Barrett said.

“He comes to Manly looking to secure a permanent starting spot and his experience gives us good depth in and around the halves and at hooker.”

Barrett has enjoyed a long association with the Hastings family, starting when they were neighbours in Wollongong.

“I’ve known Jackson his whole life pretty much and he’s an exceptional player,’’ Barrett added.

“We’ve watched him since he was a kid and he’s always been a standout coming through the juniors.”


    • Must of really wanted out of Roosters to take up a backup hooker roll. At least that’s what I’m thinking he will be used as?

      • “Must of really wanted out of Roosters”

        Or the Roosters wanted to remove a tumour! Hastings has been a boil on the backside of the Roosters for too long now. Now they finally may be able to sit in peace, hey hayne2roosters(nowSanFran)?

        • @SSTID I have replied to your comments on the south Sydney season review in the Newcastle two fullback options article,

          Regarding Hastings the Roosters stated early in the year they will not stand in his way if he wants to leave. Attitude was always his problem and I don’t think he was willing to compete at training for his position. He was the dominant half over Watson in the Holden cup and felt he deserved the 6 jumper I think if he fixes his ego he could be anything thought a storm outfit would be better suited as Bellamy wouldn’t tolerate the crap and he could learn alot from Cronk. Also if he doesn’t perform he would be straight to reserve grade all in all Roosters 2017 season won’t be affected at all

        • @hayne2roosters, Someone with a “Nick Kyrgios” attitude in a team sport is not a good match. Especially in the halves (also FB) who are the true communicators in the game! I don’t doubt his ability but his attitude is not something you need around a team when you are trying to build morale and instil discipline. Just think about Sandow as an example. He wanted to do his own thing on and off the field and half the time the rest of the team weren’t reading from the same play book. For all his failings at least Pearce has this covered and on the field is a good leader who keeps the team “on message”.

          Bellamy, Bennett, Maguire (possibly Hasler) would be about the only coaches with a hope of turning this kid around IMO. I agree though that the Storm would have been his best chance. Along with Bellamy, Cronk and Smith would have soon pulled him into line! I can hear the little bells now going off on kettles alter to Smith & Cronk (they go off every time their names get mentioned on ZT or collect an award!) LOL

    • @Titans2007, What signings at the Sea Eagles have been making sense? At least that’s what their fans have been saying.

        • True. For a club struggling to find some stability this seems like to the last move you would want to make.

          Now there is a real competition on at Manly… who has the bigger head, Myles or Hastings! LOL 😂

        • I knew this article would be a powder keg hahaha particularly since I’ve been reading the Manly supporters comments re letting Parcel go which i think is a huge mistake, your thoughts SSTID?

        • bwb67

          Like I have said somewhere here… If not for the depth at Souths at hooker I would happily take either Api or Parcell as part of a two man rotation. Api would be the best fit and, had Issac Luke left a year early (following the 2014 GF), Api would have made a seamless transition for the Rabbitohs. Look at some of the highlights in the 2014 GF and he was on fire! Remember, he hadn’t played a game for about 3 – 6 months from memory injured and playing NSW Cup (and the Bears didn’t qualify for the finals).

          Teams like the Eels, Dragons, Bulldogs or Knights should have jumped on one of these two! Even the Tigers should have made a play and used Ballin as part of a two man rotation and play him as a loose forward at lock. Just my opinion though.

    • I didn’t think so either, but he’s a Barrett pick by the sounds of that last paragraph. Ex neighbour, be interesting to see how this effects Barretts tenure if it fails.

  1. ooh hoo hooo! Now isn’t THAT interesting? Sing with me… “Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”

    Rumour is Fulton has named himself in the run on side… It’s MADNESS, MADNESS!!!! LOL

    • Hey st47, you may yet get to see DCE play at hooker boooiyeee! Hot diggity dawg! Fulton and Hastings in the halves (a real throw back to the 70’s) and the “Cherry” on top, the most over paid hooker in the game! THings are looking up! Hahahahahaha

      Forgive me boys, it’s the Baileys talkin’ 😉

      • and cliffy is making a comeback on the proviso he is supplied with a pack of winnie reds and a carton of VB before each game.
        We will see the usual suspects come and defend their recruitment but seriously its looking a lot like parra’s efforts at recruitment back in webb, walkers on, etc days.
        Green is the only decent one of late while they have let some quality go without too much of a fight….glad bozo has gone from the blues…

        • And I reckon old Cliffy could still run rings around a lot of the young halves ATM billyboooiyeee! Mind you he would need to be replaced every 10 mins, but WHAT a 10 mins! 😉

          “glad bozo has gone from the blues”

          Yeah, but he brought the Blues to Manly instead! 😉

          “Green is the only decent one of late”

          Agreed, but like others here have said, remove players from the Storm that were made to look good under their system and along side of Smith, Cronk. Munster (Slater?) and a year later they return to the players they used to be. I think Green “looks” good and has a lot to contribute at the Sea Eagles (especially to assist DCE) but while he break the trend? I think to date only Inglis has looked as good or better after leaving the Storm (even Hoffman went backwards). Is it just the Baileys boys, or am I right?

        • agree with all the above – except your punctuation granma need to improve a bit…lol
          I have said all that before too and been shouted down, but facts don’t lie.
          Green was ordinary before he went to SL and Storm, but the odd one slips through and maintains their status – very few though.
          Time to go, off to see the flare throwers get roared down.

        • Can’t really compare the recruitments of Parra and Manly.
          Parra’s last 4yrs have been over the cap. Manlys been following the rules. No comparison really.

          Imagine you compare Manlys recruitment to the old Parra days and Manly beats you. Ohhh that would hurt. Good luck. Can’t wait. Round 1.

        • Chill mate, I’m not the one comparing the 2? You brought that up. I’m just pointing out that comparing a team over the cap with one under is irrelevant.

          Good luck round 1 though. You’ve continued to put down the recruitment and Bozo, which may all turn out to be correct, but if it’s not…. ouch. To the victor go the spoils 🙂

        • Even Richard Gere (in pretty women) wouldn’t have spent $1.3 p.a on a Hooker, but in I digress.

          I think Manly should go after Sandow, to pair with Hastings in the halves, run Green off the bench, and DCE at Hooker. At least give it a shot for a round or two.

        • That is right up there in contention for ZT quote of the year… let me take a picture;

          “Even Richard Gere (in pretty women) wouldn’t have spent $1.3 mill on a Hooker”

          Got it! (btw, changed it to make it funnier IMO… “mill” not “p.a.”, no need to specify period just price!)

          “I think Manly should go after Sandow”

          Good idea. Sandow has already fought Carney in the ring, now he can fit Hastings each week in the arena! Hahahahahahahahaha

          “DCE at Hooker”

          At least he would have to earn his money the hard way… take that any way you want! 😉

        • eelsalmighty, been sayn exactly that DCE to hooker cause that’s what he is ,Hastings and Green halves ,,, can smell something brewwn

        • silvertail47, thebatman tells me you are the Sea Eagles psychologist… Maybe you could suggest DCE at hooker to bozo as a posthypnotic suggestion (while he’s having his afternoon nap perhaps). 😉

  2. Wow, how many times have i said Fulton is Manly’s biggest problem, now they sign Hastings, i bet homsey will find a way of giving him a wrap. Why sign a player just for the sake of it, Easts were stuck with him, now Manly is, i feel bad about bagging him though, cause i played most of my junior football with Kevin and he is a great guy.

  3. F**k, now it sends? Sorry guys for the multiple messages.

    M Eisenhurth 74
    Felise 79
    R Griffin 78
    Heleta 76
    J Hunt 79
    R Jacobs 71
    W Lolo 76
    Lovett 80
    E Marsters 74
    McIllwrick 79
    T Paseka 70
    Rankin 80
    B Sironen 77
    J Tatola 72
    C Taylor 74
    Milone 76
    Jack Wheelhouse 74
    Jayden Wheelhouse 74

    • I’m one of the biggest louie brown knockers out, but even i have to admit he carved up the 4 nations a few games off the bench as a breather for luke. I think he’ll be a permanant fixture as a 20 min bench hooker this season

  4. Bozo needs to leave the circus and join an asylum after this signing.

    On a positive not for once there was an article today saying Brown has been told to leave, I’m sure there are plenty of supporters who would volunteer to pack his bags

  5. Take this **** elsewhere, I am reporting all these posts from now on.
    It’s means nothing and your ratings are lame

  6. As a older manly fan for over 40 years
    I have seen some strange signings at our club
    But the last couple of seasons has to be the strangest in my time
    I don’t mind the kid I think he can play
    I have faith in the club as the penns are dipping in big money
    They have to be half smart too have the cash
    I know bozo is running the club I will stick by him
    I’m not praising him but I’m old school
    And I’m worried about this season for and now this adds to it
    We go from no halfs to 40 of them don’t know
    But go the mighty eagles
    And guys you all have made some great points the whole last couple of seasons I’ve been here
    So good work too most of you some not so smart

  7. Why just why???? We had Cameron Cullen as a good backup, Hastings will be taking up too much cap space for a backups backup..

    • You think manly would be paying Hastings anymore than Cullen. Hastings is probably a swap deal with knight or something, Hastings would take no more of the cap than knight would have or Parcell who we just lost.

      • Roosters are probably paying a fair chunk of 2017 contract so he quite likely won’t be taking up too much for 2017.

  8. I reckon he will be backup hooker off the bench for the next 2 years with Koroisau starting which I’m okay with, sure he has attitude problems but we’ve fixed a couple of blokes already like Lussick, A Fonua-Blake, Walker, Koroisau and Meehan. You can’t deny Hastings has potential and far from a crap player, he represented junior Roos, u20 Blues and looked good at the roosters until 2016 and when relegated to u20 he still performed. I see him as a solid buy, young, can take his time on the bench learning from DCE and Green, fill in when one is injured and eventually take over from green at 5/8. Good buy and this means the end for Brown!

        • Me whinger the batman, what a stupid comment from someone who i thought would know better, homsey goes off with Manly this and Manly that, he is saying that Manly rehabilitate and basically make players who were either in trouble or have a loss of form better players, which is obviously no where near right, Manly are no better than any other club, so pull your head in mate.

    • Tell me holmsey, how have Manly “fixed” a couple of blokes like Lussick who only came back this year, Fonoa -blake well never heard of him, Walker, yeah you fixed him hey, like when he broke his hand on a door, Koroisau never needed fixing that i know of, and Meehan, well he just arrived so how do you know if Manly has fixed him, but Hastings is suddenly good in your eye’s, a solid buy, sure , just ask Easts, anyway can’t be too critical of you at your young age.

      • Lussick since returning to manly has been one the form props in the 2nd half of the season. Fonua-Blake has changed his ways and you obviously weren’t watching if you didn’t notice his handy charges and metres for manly, he’s a talent and hits very hard. Walker may have broke his hand after a night out but since then has been a lot more involved in the club and has helped out with a lot of events and regained his awesome centre around the back half of the year. Koroisau has realised his potential and found a regular spot at hooker winning man of the match a couple of times and becoming a rock to the spine in the back half of the season. And Meehan was performing really well at nsw cup level almost winning a MOTM award every game and has done what walker has and become more involved with the kids and the club. Hastings was always a good player in my eyes, just wasn’t brought into first grade right and was the scapegoat for the roosters poor season when he really needed a veteran like Pearce to guide him not Nikorima. He may have a poor attitude but we’ve saved players with much worse problems and I don’t see why we can’t change him into a more mature player as he gets more experienced and older. And manly are different because they have the balls to take in off track people and put them back on the track and turn them into good players and let them realise their potential.

  9. I like this signing. He is young so hopefully he grows out of his issues. He played well at end of 2015.If he can recapture that they may have got a bargain. At worst be it’s depth. I think Manly will go well this year.

        • Talent is not his issue – he’s got that in spades, but it’s his attitude and ego from all reports. If you look at his on field efforts as a 20 year old, they were more than serviceable in a poorly performing team at the time but you don’t get dropped on form on the field solely.

  10. The Best thing about this off season has been manlys lurching from 1 bad desicion to the next. Its been hilarious, I really think no one wants to play for Barrett or with dce, Parcell the most recent example. I expect their 1st round performance against the Eels to be even funnier !
    BGreen went well under a top coach and in a good side but I doubt he will be the same at manly.
    Bring on season 2017.. I will be riding manly all the way to their first (but not their last) spoon

        • So a tolerable variation then? OK play on.

          Hey batman who has the biggest head niw at Manly… Myles or Hastings? LOL 😂

          It’s funny because one is literal and the other one is figurative! Hahahahaha

        • Ha ha.

          Phat loves to have a dig. Sometimes I just can’t help myself.

          Lots of screenshots happening though… all the Parra fans shooting down Manly and the recruitment. To the victor go the spoils. Bring on round 1.

        • “Sometimes I just can’t help myself”

          Yeah batman, we all have our squeeze toys we like to play with. You have phatty and I have kettles… Oh where, oh where has my little kettles gone? Oh where oh where can they be? 😉
          kettles was a good sport about the GF result though, I’ll given them that. They will be over the moon with Cronk’s little golden boot award! I bet ronnie-m is thrilled to bits too! Hey Ronnie?

        • Sorry silvertail47, I forgot. You and thebatman share the same squeeze toy! Two seagulls fighting over the one phat chip! Just like on Manly beach. LOL

          But phatty at Manly beach the chips don’t throw themselves in front of a flock of hungry seagulls! That’s messed up dude!

  11. Makes sense, he’s a little poo from all accounts, so send him to the toilet (sorry, just kidding, and yes we cheated, and have 13 spoons etc). I just couldn’t help myself with that 1.

    But, it’s probably a good signing. It would have to have been cheap (probably very cheap), and unless he’s a complete idiot realise he has to pull his head in quick sticks if we wants an NRL career. He’s a very talented kid / backup, with more to lose than Manly.

    • Very funny very funny. 😉

      I think he’ll do well at 9/utility. He’s 20. He’s got a quality passing game. He can kick. He kicks goals. Australian Jnr rep and not playing for the Roosters because of a fallout with the coach and playing group.

      At worst, a cheap depth signing with first grade experience.

    • eelsalmighty

      “he’s a little poo from all accounts, so send him to the toilet”

      Mind your potty mouth! 🚽 😉

      • I’d have to disagree as well. Parcell was fast. Good ball service. But his defence was a little soft and he had no kicking game.

        Hastings wasn’t playing FG because of his attitude. But from what I saw of him, he’s talented. He’s got a great kicking game. Goal kicker. He’s younger so his attitude might change. And his passing game is top notch.

        Sounds a lot like Sirronen, Lane, Perrett, Uate… all not playing in their teams because of issues other than talent. Bozo has assembled a talented bunch … with issues. That’s Manlys theme in recruitment.

        At least the sheer numbers of possible talents mean some of them should deliver…. and if they don’t, they’re all on peanuts and can be let go.

        Time will tell.

        Doubters gunna doubt. Haters gunna hate. But it remains to be seen how they perform.

        • batman, see my comment to holmsey below. He will divide your team and kill your morale mate. Wait and see. He thinks he knows everything and doesn’t want to listen or learn. How can that be a step up?

        • No offence mate… but because you read he has an attitude problem at the Roosters doesn’t mean he will “divide the team and kill the morale” at Manly. That’s a bit far fetched if you ask me.

          Anyway, we have Silvertails for that. He’s the team Psych.

          He’s a backup. He may even spend the year with Blacktown?…

          But I have read the rumours about Brown being told he can leave (to England) so that does sound like Hastings/API may play the utility role?…

        • silvertails47 the team psychologist? Now THAT’s a DVD I would like to buy! LOL He probably dangles them off the end of his boat as shark bait until they promise to behave themselves. Hahahahahaha

        • Oh no! I bought the wrong DVD! I thought this was “silvertails47 guide to posthypnotic suggestion” but it was a tacky 1980’s Olivia Newton John aerobics workout DVD… I want my money back! LOL

        • @the batman and @SSTID that was Hastings problem I’m not sure if he will respect DCE or Green as his senior as he knows everything already. Also regarding “Hastings great kicking game” I’m not sure where you got that from!! The kids long kicking game is absent!! When caught in our own 40 he would kick it but only kick it 20m his short kicking also is not that great. In open space his cross field kicks to the winger are probably his only kicking asset really. Which he’s only in space a very limited amount of times in a season. His passing game is okay though he has the skills but his vision is average like the time we had a 4 on 2 situation if Hastings only passed but no he dummies and goes himself. It’s a big BIG if but IF he applies himself he could prove everybody wrong and improve all the above things I and other critics have mentioned and form a strong combination with DCE (when Green retires) but I couldn’t be happier Hastings is gone

        • @hayne2roosters

          “I couldn’t be happier Hastings is gone”

          I thought (and said) as much!

          “The kids long kicking game is absent!!”

          I didn’t want to argue with everyone here who had their hearts set on this but… yes, you’re right! Also he is great at kicking goals… from right in front of the posts like everyone else! His accuracy suffers though as you move further away and he has to kick under pressure. Same with Walker who is NOT a goal kicker! No one to replace Killer there, sorry fellas.

          hayne2roosters, we both know they bought a “lemon” but at least let them think it is a mustang until they get it back to the garage! 😉

    • I politely disagree. Hastings is younger, can play more positions, cheaper, has more experience, has played rep footy in the lower grades. A lot more potential than Parcell has and easily a better player who just hasn’t matured quiet yet but he will so far manly have saved a couple of careers and I’m sure they’ll do it again with Hastings.

      • holmsey4346

        It’s OK to agree to disagree but the truth is he is trouble mate. He has an attitude problem and will flush the morale from a team quicker than a barium enema! Even Carney would have been a better option… at leased he doesn’t p!ss on his team mates!

        • Yeah. Confident 20yr olds who’s Dads were legends of their clubs are the devil I reckon…

          Sure he has his issues but a 20yr old kid at a new club might be just what he needs.

          Time will tell.

        • Perhaps. Did it work for Mitchell Pearce though?

          However it wasn’t a problem for the Morris twins, Eric Grothe junior or Nathan Cleary, so it depends on the personality I guess.

        • SSTID, is it a case of excuse the pun, or are we sticking to the toilet humour?

          “And will flush the morale from the team”

        • You left out the best bit… “…quicker than a barium enema”
          Pure class! Classic toilet humour 😉
          Oh no! I can hear the sirens of the PC (Politically Correct) police now. Run!! Hahahahahaha

      • holmsey4346

        To give you some perspective holmsey, although Hastings is clearly the better player, I would much rather have Luke Kelly (who is basically a NSW Cup player) at Souths as a backup half!

  12. I’m very confused about this signing but at the same time excited, sure he has a attitude problem but he’s a talented player who has potential. We’re already have players with problems here – Meehan, Fonua-Blake, Jamil Hopoate, Fonua-Blake for example had problems and beat up his girlfriend but he’s a different person now which I love. Hastings attitude can be fixed, he just needs guidance by his players and staff.

      • batman, I sense something, a presence I’ve not felt since… sarcasm! Are you takin’ the p!ss? As Carney said to the guy in the next urinal. Hahahahahahahahaha

        • Get ready ladies ,,,,,, I can smell DES HASLER ,,,,,, I’m the first to let yaz know ,,,,, just imagine ,coaching staff , Des, Cliffy ,Beaver, KILLER running fluids ,,,, oh oh there’s movement,,,, jump around ! Jump around !!!!!

        • Yes and I’m positive staying with that ,but I smelled something told ,(Greek for eaves dropping)
          Just thought I’d ticks everyone seeing as 2 more sleeps till santa brings Manly a new coach ,,,,,😎Ho ho ho

        • silvertail47, too bad it’s all just in your imagination brother. Wake up in 2017 and watch Vlaka in the coaching booth with old Bozo standing over his shoulder like the grim reaper! Hastings will be on the field cursing out DCE who will get all upset and walkoff the field and threaten to leave the club while Api gets injured and there in no Parcell to replace him. THAT is the reality! LOL

          Then you can sing the song from Les Misérables:

          “I dreamed a dream in times gone by, When hope was high and life worth living… Then it all went wrong… Now life has killed the dream I dreamed” 😉

        • “Not a fan of musical theatre, no? Too much culture… just a bit? Well, throw me a freakin’ bone here! Talk to the hand, ’cause the face don’t wanna hear it anymore.” – Dr Evil (Austin Powers)

        • Just imagine thebatman , santa up in the sky ,has a Desmond cornellious Haslerous in his red sac , and wears a red suit drinks caronas with lemon , santa mate where’s the sarcasm????

        • Hasler blew Manly off. I personally wouldn’t want him back.

          He was a big part of our poor transition from senior players to new. Long back ended deals. Hasler clauses….not Santa Clauses.

          No thanks. You walk out on Manly – you can sleep in the dog house.

        • No mate , Des Hasler is Sea Eagle ,just like the other lot ,him back would make us bigger than the last 10 ,

        • “santa up in the sky ,has a Desmond cornellious Haslerous in his red sac”

          Santa would have to have hold of Desmond by his red sac if there was any chance of getting him back to Manly after the way he left. Hahahahahahahahaha

  13. I like Hastings , plenty to build on and he brings energy , but not at the expense of those we’ve parted ,does anyone known how long Bozzo can hold his breath ??? Just curious,, biology assignment

  14. There is one thing that Hastings brings to the table that Manly need and that is that he is a first grade goal kicker. I’m not sure where they would play him.

    • Yep.
      And with the latest rumour that Brown has been told he can look elsewhere – sort of gives you the impression that API/Hastings will share the 9/Utility.

      Hastings to be starting 9 and API to come on 15mins either side of halfway…?

      A lot of questions about our squad. Can’t wait to see how we line up come round 1.

      • He and Parcell would have been a real good base ,, but I still like it ,, I’m comfortable with this signing

        • API beats Parcell in just about every stat in 2016.
          There the same age. API has won a GF. Played in a World Cup.

          API was always first choice.

          He’s a great 9 (I’m sure he’s worked on his delivery service from the ground) and now we have a huge mobile pack – he’ll do crazy well. Trust me… 😉

  15. Yes. I was wondering who would take over from Killer re goal kicks. The only other option we had left was DCE who used to kick ok a few years back. So in that way this signing makes some sense. Apart from the goal kicking I still think Parcell would have made a better hooker/half back-up. I actually thought Barrett might have given him a go at 5/8 last season particularly as he didn’t want a “running” hooker.. He would have done better than the Walker experiment that went on far too long.

    Anyway Blake Green only has 2 years left in him and as the great BONZO has said they want Hastings long term to partner Cherry in the halves which seems the plan. Time will tell but I’m not as disgusted as I was the other day. Method to the madness???

    • No dude ,this could work , Hastings still raw got heaps to learn but you get Green to mentor throw DCE to hooker and that’s dangerous attack ,,, I like ,there is a rainbow appearing ,,,,

      • “there is a rainbow appearing”

        And Kermit the frog is singing “the Rainbow connection” but kiss that frog and it’s no princess buddy, not like DCE! Hahahahahahaha

        You are seeing too many rainbows and unicorns. Sounds like you have been smoking Toasters special green mix he stuffed into his peace pipe me thinks! LOL

  16. If they’ve bought Hastings as the kicker which seems to be the rationale (as we don’t really have another decent kicker) then he will most likely be a starting player rather than a back up or bench player. So he will either share hooker with Api OR play in the halves with Green with DCE going to hooker. What do you think?

    • DCE will not play hooker. Ever. In my opinion….
      Our spine will be something like:

      Utitly – API/Hastings.

      I’d say Hastings starts purely for the kicking for goal. When he’s off the field, Walker is the kicker….?

      Time will tell.

      • And if you could get DCE to hooker look at your line up , dooooooohhhhhhhhhhh (Frothing @ mouth) more juice than eatn a watermelon on hot concrete ,,, cmon bro ,,, I’m not mad ,,,,

        • Sorry st47, I could give you a long list of reasons why, but I agree with batman’s team list. You may still get to see your vision realised but I would use Hastings just as the Roosters did, off the bench and have Api play the majority of mins. He just needs the team to understand how he plays, running from dummy half and using the no look pass to put trailing supports through holes.

    • DCE will never ever play hooker. Not suited to that role, plus we are not setting up for DCE at hooker as baz said he wants a hooker who just passes and doesn’t run. Why waste DCE with that role.

  17. Hello ,,, helloooooooo ,, I did say DCE to hooker ,you lot sent the yellow bus around and it took a lot of convincing to get outa that jacket ,Hastings/Green halves DCE hooker

    • Too many JD’s my old friend….

      Hastings has played hooker. And also from the bench.
      DCE never.
      They’ll want DCE back to his best working one side of the footy field.

      Having Hastings and/or API at 9 is quite an addition to Green and DCE working either side. And Turbo popping up whenever he wants to score a try…. 🙂

        • Possibly mate. Not sure.
          Hey, I could be completely wrong – it’s just my opinion. I just don’t see DCE ever as a hooker. He’s an off the cuff footy player who needs early service… at hooker he just wouldn’t bet the same running space.

          I wouldn’t have my highest paid player passing balls off the ground for other people to make the decisions.

          He’d be the ball player. The decision maker. With some optional help from Green, Turbo, API,
          Sirronen and Hastings.

        • You can seriously make me laugh buddy… Sorry st47, I was talkin’ to my old mate “Baileys” LOL No, you are funny too champ!

          Here’s another christmas movie, given that you and holmsey keep going at it… “Home Alone”

          holmsey is Macaulay Culkin and st47 is Joe Pesci Hahahahahahahahahaha Oh, I wish Christmas would never end!

  18. Yes you did silvertail47. I also think that Sir Des will be back in charge in 2018 once Baa Baa Lamb and his Cronies take over at the dogs and give Desmond the arse and Barrett fails again this year.

    • I’ve been told Saints ,but got wif o sumfin today ,,,, like Hastings signing no one knew ,and I think a smart move you could turn this kid into anything he plays a nice brand of footy , polish him up ,Manly of old could do that with any player they bought

  19. The only positive Manly have got is Barrett as coach, Bozo has given him a terrible team, and when Manly finish bottom 4, you guy’s will blame Barrett, i ‘ve read all the comments over the past few months about Barrett, and i believe he has a lot to offer, and that you supporters are dancing around the real issues, and that’s player recruitment, manly should get behind him and show him that he has your support instead of whinging, which is typical of you guy’s, give him a chance that’s all.

    Mind you i hope Manly come last to be honest, actually second last in front of Easts.

      • Brains undone….

        Just wrote a novel in absolute dribble….

        Is Peniso another Parra supporter who thinks he has it all worked out after 4yrs of cheating the cap?…never mind the more losses than wins since coming under the cap…

        • After that I can see that thebatman is the brains of the gang so I will recast my “Home Alone” movie (above).

          Kevin McCallister: holmsey4346
          Harry Lime (Joe Pesci): thebatman
          Marv Merchants: silvertail47

          Now for the popcorn, cosy sit… action! I love Christmas!

        • @silvertail47, I thought that was… skata na fas malaka! LOL

          That’s the problem with seagulls, they make a lot of noise but in the end they are just “rats with wings” they make a mess in the trash and p!ss everyone off! Hahahahahahaha Like I said mate, in 2017 there will be such a canyon between our two clubs that you won’t reach your Wabbit with that buck shot Elmer! I will need binoculars to see you down there, ALL the way at the bottom of the ladder. Game on… Hahahahahahaha

        • Sstid,

          In my honest opinion I think Souths will struggle this upcoming year.

          Theyre biggest purchases have been Rochow and Farah.
          You lost some decent players in Auvaa, Brown, Carter, Grevsmuhl, McInnes to name a few.

          You finished 12th and to me your squad appears to be a step backward. So I can’t see a better result.

          I know that’s gotta hurt a little but that’s my honest opinion. Happy to be proven wrong. Am I right in thinking you have a league high 5day turnarounds too?

          Anyway, I don’t mind Souths. Big family supporter base so I hope I’m not right but time will tell I guess.

          6 weeks to the 9’s.

        • batman, you do realise my comment (above) was just to get under st47’s skin (although I probably need a jackhammer for that!)

          “I know that’s gotta hurt a little but that’s my honest opinion.”

          Don’t mind your opinion mate (I am trying to learn to be less sensitive about these things). After all, no ones opinion ever stopped a team winning a premiership, now did it? If Souths have the goods in 2017 now wave of public opinion will capsize their ship and upset their chances.

          like I told my old mate stormz9912;

          stormz9912 December 23, 2016 at 3:24 pm
          the verdict is still out on where the bunnies will finish next year……

          SSTID_1970 December 23, 2016 at 4:04 pm
          As it is for ALL teams until the end of Round 26 in 2017! Hahahahahahaha Oh stormz9912, good one! 😉

          Like I said, I think the Sea Eagles will look a better team but will still finish two or three places out of the 8. The Titans look good to sail under the radar while everyone talks up the Raiders and the Panthers. History shows that that the previous seasons Grand Finalists don’t make the following GF(and usually oone of them misses out on the

          Btw the way batman, I fell asleep before the end of the movie. How did it end? Did little Kevin (Holmsey) get to see his parents in time for Christmas? Did Marv (st47) wet himself again? He is such a “wet bandit!” LOL And did that old scary man (penso) turn out to be a nice guy at the end, just like I suspected? Oh, I do love a good Christmas movie! Hahahahahaha

      • Sh t, better do it up, tell me ST47 why have you and Manly got it in for Barrett? i don’t follow Manly but i think he deserves a chance, just my opinion , i have no agenda here, just reckon he could be good for you guy’s. Please explain.

        • Silvertails may not like Baz but I certainly do. I’m sure a lot of other supporters do to.

          For a team that was decimated by injuries in 2016, had a horrible draw, the match fixing saga, no Matai or Stewart… I saw a team fighting every week (excluding possibly week 1 against the dogs – where they were underdone and blindsided)

          A team that has the right attitude to me is all about the coach IMO.

          2017 will be a very different year for Manly and now the Eels are under the cap – you can expect a very different year also…

        • I’m going to make a call to the Eagles head office…

          We need a new coach sniffer and you appear to be quite qualified.


        • penso ,he is just not Manly cred ,unfortunately he will never fit the mould of any Manly player ,,, he is way to inexperienced to build structures with lego , let alone a Rugby League side

  20. penso stop trolling mate. You seem like you know a lot about footy and don’t waste your knowledge on negativity and putting people down. Manlys recruitment is solid it’s a good enough team for the 8 but at the end of the day it was Barretts choice to change DCE and his choice to play walker at 6 but to be fair to baz we had too many injuries and a pretty poor draw.

    And You continually call me out on numerous occasions about my age, saying it like its a negative for me and that my opinion is less significant than that of yours but the way you are acting I may be but a child but you’re the one acting like a child.

  21. Ok homsey, this is the last comment i make of you, i believe that Barrett is a good coach and that he is not being given a chance to show what he can do, i do not care what Manly do, and i don’t troll, what ever that means, you are seriously biased to Manly, and so you should be, i am of Souths, just try to be a little more objective that’s all, you sound like your a smart kid and some things you say is quite good, anyway that’s the last response you will get from me. Cheers

    • Please don’t go
      Please don’t go
      Don’t gooooooo
      Don’t go away
      Please don’t go ,,, I’m begging you to stay
      Don’t goooooo oooo o ooo ohhhhh

        • @ManWar78, thanks to the fact you named the band, st47 supplied the lyrics, holmsey4346 knows how to use google and has access to iTunes… He is probably already listening to it. 😉

        • @ManWar78, I’ll defend penso, he is a good bloke but he walked into a swinging door tonight. He came dressed as a chip and walked in on “A Flock Of Seagulls” (musical allusion to the 80’s new wave and synthpop band intentional).

          Penso may be upfront about his opinions, but no less than many of the Sea Eagles fans on this site. Unlike a number of these he does respect the right for someone to have a contrary opinion which he also extended to holmsey. I have seen Manly supporters here who have not been as gracious, as accepting or as forgiving with one another. Just a thought…

      • That’s the spirit buddy. Penso is a good bloke and in his own way was sticking up for your club by defending your coach. He is a lot like you in the fact he doesn’t pull his punches or doesn’t sugar coat his opinion. A vision of you in 30 years perhaps? 😉

    • Leave the kid alone.

      Rabbitohs supporter. Enjoy your 1.4m Burgess waste of coin.
      Explains a bit.

      Just wait till you start losing again and you’ll all fade into the darkness….never to be heard from again. Should be called the Bandwagon Rabbitohs. Just like last time. 🙂

      Oh and enjoy Farah – he’ll “divide your team and kill the moral”

      • @thebatman, Hey, the kid is “the Karate kid” I don’t think he needs anyone’s help.


        “The Force is strong with this one! Remember young padawan, a Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.”


        “Oh and enjoy Farah – he’ll “divide your team and kill the moral””

        Oooow! THAT was definitely from the dark side, I felt a movement in the force… No wait, that was too many burritos playing up with the Baileys!

    • Don’t leave penso, I’d miss your company. We’re all friends here. The footy season is over so no sense butting head until 2017.

  22. I’m 16 don’t worry. I’m not sure if Zero tackle can see my age on the profile or my email but if you can ZT can you confirm my age to put this to bed. Also here’s some more proof, I recently made a comment on trollz878 dragons rating post about the lomax boys. Read that and you will see some more truth that I’m 16. How else would I know that those boys play cricket unless I literally went to all the trouble to research them.

    • @holmsey4346

      So uaholeknights was mistaken when he said that “2yrs ago u said to me ur in ur 20s”?

      uaholeknights asked you a question back on Dec. 10th that you never responded to so I have reposted to confirm:

      uaholeknights December 10, 2016 at 12:46 pm
      @ holmsey u pulling one over peoples eyes?
      Pretty sure 2yrs ago u said to me ur in ur 20s….. or was this ur “older bro ”
      P.S what ever happened to ur mate tooveyswristjob?

      I’m also curious about your profile name… holmsey43 and now holmsey4346? On face value it could appear that you were 43 when you first joined and three year later after returning and recreating your profile you are now 46? That would make sense wouldn’t it? Otherwise what is the particular significance of 43 and 46?

      I can account for my profile name easily enough… SSTID (Souths Sydney Til’ I Die) and 1970 (the year I first started supporting the Rabbitohs. There is a logic to it. So what is the logic behind your profile name? I’m curious.

      I seem to recall recently you said you have been away from ZT for a couple of years and were surprised and flattered people remembered your old profile. So you would have been 13 or 14 when you first joined ZT?

      Regarding your age on an email profile, well I could say I am Steve Jobs and 120 years old when setting up my email account so that really is no proof now is it?

      “unless I literally went to all the trouble to research them”

      It isn’t too difficult to research things in depth using the internet so, although inconvenient, it is not too far fetched no.

      You and trollz878 both write and express yourself very well (particularly considering you are just 16 years old), no problem with that, but you have a level of confidence and a swagger that belies your age. Particularly when confronted by a number of older, more experienced, angry adults you are able to navigate those waters a little too easily for any 16 year old I have ever seen.

      If you were in fact older, now would be the time to admit it, take a mulligan and move on… If you are indeed telling the truth then I apologise but you do see that there is room here for suspicion? So Holmsey, what is it 16 years old? Or is there a deeper story here you want to share? Have you been pranking us or not?

      You can say the truth, I’m not going to bite your head off OK?

        • +1 Been coming on this site for a few years now, never really comment, just here for the articles and watching people just rip into each other, haha. SSTID is by far the cringiest, creepiest one of the lot. There has been some classics but he takes the cake.

        • @deeznutz

          Btw, you voldemort TROLLS really need to come up with a new line. This one is getting a little old! At least I try to be original.

          “never really comment, just here for the articles and watching people”

          PLEASE! Seriously?

          If you want to be taken seriously then start posting on here regularly and at least make some comments relevant to RL and the articles being published. Those of us here that joke around at least cover the essentials first and none of us made our “debuts” crying like little girls!

        • Hahaha “first time poster” Unfortunately I used to post on here every now and then. Until it became a bitch fest between Manly and Parra fans on almost every article. Also used to enjoy the inside “info” from 3hats about his catch ups with Rusty Crowe over a Latte. But more time spent now out enjoying some sunshine. Not sitting infront of the Zero Tackle forum in my old white jocks in the dark and bringing up everything people ever said, Then cry about my club being called “Toxic”.. Haha. See I do like to post every now and then. Also no need to get all stirred up about this, Its only banter my friend. The sooner the League is back on the sooner the real talk can come back out. Merry Xmas.

        • @deeznutz mate I will look forward with interest to discussing your point s of view on RL in the future. I would be very interested to see if you know much at all about the game and can make a decent argument. Chillax and have a Merry Christmas and a “non-toxic” New Year! Nice try, Hahahahahhaha

        • @deeznutz Stopped reading before this bit…

          “Its only banter my friend. The sooner the League is back on the sooner the real talk can come back out. Merry Xmas.”

          Agreed. Join the part downstairs (at the bottom). We are just joking around. Let bygones be bygones, for auld lang syne and all that! Now, where’s my mate “Baileys”? Oh Baileys! Hahahahaha

        • @titansforthewin, I thought you had decided to play nice? Holmsey was asked a question by someone who has been on here for a long time and seemed to side step giving an answer. I asked a question, it’s been answered, Holmsey and I are all good and are moving on but TROLLS just like to dig up sh!t! Go join BroncoMatt and the other voldemorts under a bridge where all you TROLLS live.

          And if you “guys” want to make a serious contribution here try commenting on the articles and discussing RL topics instead of whinging like a couple of little Biatches!

        • Im not a “TROLL” you are being creepy, like seriously don’t you have a day job or something, rather than writing novels on every story and quoting people. Like come on the stuff you say is good, but its not relevant how old this person is, nor should it be any concern to you…

        • Oh and SSTID you seem to think you are the mayor of this site or something.. I don’t think everyone takes you seriously. Have a great Christmas mate👌🏻

        • “don’t you have a day job”

          If you HAD a full time job you would know that people in the real world actually accrue annual leave. So I’m on holidays until after the New Year mate.

          As for writing novels, well you could write something “on topic” every now and then yourself. If you don’t agree with the RL comments I post then argue your side of things. So far pretty much the only thing you post is criticism of me and no one else. It’s becoming a little predicable.

          “but its not relevant how old this person is, nor should it be any concern to you”

          It becomes a concern if someone is misrepresenting themselves to gain an advantage. holmsey4346 and trollz878 have either volunteered their ages or were happy to share (their choice). Another person here (who like Holmey) has been around for a long time asked a question. I passed this on to Holmsey who admitted they had not seen it. At no point have they complained, and as I said we have both moved on so why don’t you? No one has asked you your age or for any details about you. Like so many other voldemorts here you can cling to your anonymity and wait for an opportunity to use personal details against people who are trying to be real and share a bit more about themselves. Why is that your concern?

          No titansforthewin not the Mayor, just having fun with a bunch of others here. Perhaps a little too much “Christmas spirits” for me but no one else here (the regulars whose opinion actually means something) have complained.

          And try to come up with some new material for next year, “you seem to think you are the mayor of this site or something” sounds a little like “You’re not the boss over me!” Just a thought…

          Have a great Christmas mate and stay safe and next year let’s try and have a little constructive dialogue on RL. 😉

      • Interesting theory there SSTID, your right all i was doing was sticking up for Manly that’s all, well mainly the coach, but i have been consistant in my opinions on Bozo Fulton, i won’t comment on Manly again, waste of time, i,m not going anywhere, especially after the great songs by ST47 he’s a character that bloke would make a great Souths supporter actually , anyway, all i’m going to do is leave holmsy alone that’s all.

        • “i won’t comment on Manly again”

          Mate we don’t live in Russia, China or North Korea. There is still freedom of speech in Australia last time I checked. Except for me when it comes to the voldemorts and the politically correct police! Ever notice how there are others here who can be far more offensive with their remarks but I am the only one that gets singled out? Anyway, let’s move forward and remember, there are plenty here (Manly fans possibly at the forefront) that will come after Souths once the season starts so we will need you in the trenches pal. Luck Rabbits are good at digging holes! Hahahahahahaha

    • I didn’t think TROLLS celebrated Christmas? Or are you playing the role of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” this year? Honestly, I think you are still just p!ssed you guys passed on Ash Taylor. Guess that one’s still hurts, huh? LOL

      Thanks for the early Christmas present BroncoMatt, and remember I’m here right up to New Year so PLEASE come again! Hahahahahaha

  23. I’m 16 and if this doesn’t prove it to you then there’s nothing I can do. So when I was zero on tackle for the first time I believe it was late 2014 or 15. I had the account holmsey43 but I had trouble signing in so I tried to get back to ZT with another user name. I made accounts with 4343 4344 4345 but 4346 I the one that finally let me start posting again. 43 is my cricket number also. As for not replying to the Knights fan, I think I just never saw the comment until yesterday when you told me about. I tend to stop reading comments on articles once they leave the homepage.

    • Hey Milton ,party ,,,, and it’s still going ,got Nana Maskouri Christmas 1969 album blairing ,,, baaaaaaaaaa ,why are there so many cats at my front door ,,, pa ruppa pum pum ,

    • Hey Milton! Christmas party!!!! I’ve been looking for my mate “Baileys” though, have you seen “him” mike? Hahahahahaha
      We were about to do “The Hussle”, but we have renamed it to “Do the Toaster” in your honour! Everyone jumps up at the end of the dance… like toast mike! LOL

      • Hey Miltontoaster! No starting with Baileys, moving up to Kahlua, then Southern Comfort then sleep it off! 😉 No, I don’t drink around the kids but I have a little bit here and there to keep in the Christmas spirit! It IS the only time of the year I have a drink (generally speaking). ATM, enjoying Christmas carols with the kids and preparing Christmas lunch/dinner with the wife (strictly supervisory, while watching from the distance). LOL

        And you? No doubt st47 is digging the pit next to the hills hoist for the lamb on the spit!

  24. STILL MANLY WONT MAKE THE 8 , hastings 2 play nsw cup big signing , cherry evens & green will be the halfs
    what about the salary cap or dont manly have 1

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