SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 04: Matt Parcell of Manly runs the ball during the round 26 NRL match between the Penrith Panthers and the Manly Sea Eagles at Pepper Stadium on September 4, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brett Hemmings/Getty Images)

Manly Sea Eagles have released livewire hooker Matt Parcell to the Leeds Rhinos, effective immediately.

Parcell has trained with the Sea Eagles full-time squad for the past six weeks and was set to battle it out with Apisai Kourisou for the number nine jersey for the upcoming 2017 season.

However, the former Brisbane Broncos and Ipswich Jets hooker felt his running style of dummy half play was better suited to the Super League than the NRL.

After discussions with Head Coach Trent Barrett and Manly Head of Football, Bob Fulton, at the club’s training camp in Coffs Harbour last week, negotiations between Manly and Leeds got serious.

Fulton negotiated the exit through Parcell’s manager Clinton Schifcofske and Leeds Rhinos highly respected Chief Executive Gary Hetherington.

“Manly have great respect for Gary Hetherington and the Rhinos. They are a professionally run club and the Rhinos will be a good fit for Matt Parcell who is a young player starting out on his career,’’ Fulton said.

“We are well off for hookers and this gives Matt a wonderful opportunity at a great club. Hopefully it is the, start of a long-term association between the clubs. The owners of the Sea Eagles, the Penn family, have great respect for the Rhinos.”

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Parcell said he enjoyed his time at the Sea Eagles and wished the club well.

“I have nothing but respect for my team-mates and the coaching staff here at the Sea Eagles,’’ Parcell said.

“The club has been good to me since I moved down from Queensland and it was an honour to wear the great Manly colours. I wish Trent and the boys all the very best for 2017 and beyond.

“I’m excited to have signed a deal with Leeds Rhinos. After talking to Gary and Brian, I think the brand of football they want to play is really going to suit my game.

“Playing in England has always been something that I have wanted to do and I’m looking forward to the move.”

The Rhinos have paid an undisclosed transfer fee for Parcell.


  1. I’d think if they paid a transfer fee for him, they won’t be letting segiaro going free. Seems like an amicable split though, and wish him all the best

  2. Manly are a bunch of clowns for letting him go, nothing new though we have been a circus for a couple of years now

  3. Hey guys tell me if you agree with these Cowboys ratings (70-75 not a first grader, 75-79 has potential to play first grade but isn’t ready yet, 80-82 are fringe first graders, 83-85 are solid players who do the job but aren’t the best, 85-87 are SOO quality or will be up there for selection for SOO, 87-89 are SOO mainstays, there the level that should be picked for rep footy for as long as they are healthy, 90+ are the best of the best and the real superstars of the game)

    Coote 86
    Feldt 85
    O’Neill 84
    Linnett 84
    Winterstein 85
    Morgan 89
    Thurston 97 (Nobody’s perfect, as much as I respect the man)
    Scott 91
    Granville 85
    Hess 83
    Cooper 86
    Lowe 85
    Taumalolo 90

    Asiata 81
    Bolton 82
    Hampton 82
    Kaufusi 81

    Bowen 82
    Chudleigh 79
    Gela-Mosby 79
    Hoare 79
    Hudson 77
    M Jensen 76
    Laybutt 76
    P Mago 77
    Ponga 82
    Spina 80
    Thompson 81
    Uele 76
    S Wright 75
    Leary 80
    C Jensen 76
    B Anderson 71
    K Wiltshire 73
    S Wakeman 80
    C Anderson 78
    Bambling 77

  4. Disappointed to see him go but good luck. It was his decision so no need to rip the club lads he decided he wanted to go to the UK. Hopefully now Koroisau knows he’s guaranteed the 9 jersey at manly he can build on his strong 2016 and establish himself a career and life out of manly. Very pleased we will see Api in the 9 for a long time with the mighty Eagles.

  5. Geez Manly are going to have a lot of money to play with in 2017. Matai (600k), Stewart (700k) and some other dead wood aswell as Parcell and I doubt we’ve spent all of Lyons cash plus the cap going up. Who would the other eagles fans like to see us have in our squad in 2018 which in my opinion will be the year we get back to our best. I’d like to see us target another centre and winger or wingers depending on Taufua and Uate. A prop (hopefully woods! doubt it though but he is a manly fan). And a good running second rower like Tohu Harris. We’d have plenty of cash for those blokes. Tohu Harris though is at the top of the list.

    • Such a hard question….

      It’ll depend a lot on what a lot of our youngsters do this season. Lane, Meehan, Perrett, Sirronen, Cullen, Kelly, Schuster, Hopoate, Amone, Lussick Jnr etc etc.

      Bozo is planning for the next 5yrs. Next year will be a year for some to stand up and some to get let go.

      Regardless, we’ll need some quality wingers and a long term 5/8th. A top notch Prop and a defensive workhorse backrower is what I’d want… 🙂

  6. When he first signed with Manly, all the Manly fans were saying he was the future Kangaroos number 9. A good reminder that we can never be sure of someone until they play at the highest level against other men that were just as good coming up through the juniors

    • Yes he wasn’t what he was at Jets for manly. Really disappointing year for him but hopefully return one to the NRL a better player.

    • Passing isn’t amazing but he has a big future and that will improve, certainly a better player than Parcell.

      • That’s the problem I have with Api, his passing. We can’t have a hooker who passes too low or too high to our players, it’s too much pressure and will make it easier for defenders. Do you really want a hooker who passes like sh!t and will make it harder for our players to catch the ball? Certainly not me. I hope we sign Segeyaro…

        • Another problem is what if Api goes down? Who’s his replacement?

          Brown – Don’t get me started.
          Lussick – Not good enough for NRL and can only pass one way.
          Hodges – Maybe an option but gets injured too much.

        • Brown has shown he can do a solid job at hooker without being amazing and Lussick is alright. Plus we have Cullen who can do a job as well.

        • Brown can’t tackle for crap, he arm pulls 90% of the time whenever he defends. Lussick is crap, I’ve seen him play and Parra and Roosters ruined him.

          Godinet same as Brown, too small and can’t tackle. Remember when Morgan brushed him off to score a try? Yeah nah.

        • Hodges got injured once but for a long term didnt he>?

          i just remember him being OK, and if fit, would still be behind Api (or Parcell)

        • His passing is bad but not killing our team and players, like people are suggesting! Plus I can handle 2 or 3 poor passes a game for his destructive defence and scintillating attacking football he brings. If he’s that bad why hasn’t he been called out on it by players and commentators? Honestly people are overreacting on Koroisaus passing.

        • Spot on. It’s because he was being compared the entire season. Such is the life of a hooker in a team playing 2….

          I reckon with Manlys new larger mobile forwards – he’ll step it up a notch.

          Imagine him cutting through behind the ruck after Lussick, Tapau, Meehan and Lane have taken hit ups. Happy days ahead.

          Time will tell.

        • His passing is the worse I’ve ever seen from a hooker, look at Manly vs Warriors game at Pirth, he made about 8 – 10 crap passes that day. So you can handle 2 or 3 poor passes a game? Okay what if that poor pass was at a crucial moment when we’re about to score. Example – Lussick is unmarked and near the try line, Api passes the ball from dummyhalf but f**ks up with a crap pass, missed opportunity right there. What if that poor pass leads to a try to the other team wins. Hookers must have a good passing game, Cameron Smith is one of the best at this. I’m only saying this because I don’t want DCE pressured because of Api’s passes.

        • You worry way to much, you show this by how much you read into things. Every single play can lead to the other team winning. DCE hasn’t been complaining and until he steps up and says your ruining may game nothing has been done wrong. Api is a great young hooker who is 10 times the player Parcell is and Koroisaus passing wasn’t a massive issue last year unlike some people are suggesting.

        • Did you pay attention to Api’s passing this season? It’s the worst passing from a hooker in the NRL. Api made about 8 – 10 bad passes per game. If Api is 10 times the player as Parcell, then why was Api dropped to NSW cup and Parcell was starting hooker? Parcell sadly got injured…

        • Yes Api came back and got a lot better towards the back half of the season. After his time in the halves he found some consistency and that went to his hooker duties. 10 poor passes a game, lol do you go and count them? As if it would be 10 passes. At most it would be 3. After Api played really well in nsw cup he earned his starting spot back ahead of Parcell who wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire and once he was injured and went back to nsw cup he stayed there cause Api played well.

        • Even 3 bad passes a game is not up to NRL standard, the best hookers in the game (Cameron Smith) rarely do a bad pass. Look at the Warriors game in Perth and you will see how much bad passes Api has done.

  7. Hey guys tell me if you agree with these Panthers ratings (70-75 not a first grader, 75-79 has potential to play first grade but isn’t ready yet, 80-82 are fringe first graders, 83-85 are solid players who do the job but aren’t the best, 85-87 are SOO quality or will be up there for selection for SOO, 87-89 are SOO mainstays, there the level that should be picked for rep footy for as long as they are healthy, 90+ are the best of the best and the real superstars of the game)

    Moylan 88
    Mansour 90
    Whare 85
    Peachey 86
    Watene-Zelezniak 85
    Maire Martin 84
    Cleary 84
    Latu 84
    Wallace 85
    Tamou 90
    Yeo 83
    Cartwright 86
    Merrin 87

    Browne 81
    Campbell-Gillard 83
    McKendry 81
    Rein 82

    Akauola 79
    Blake 83
    J Cartwright 79
    Fisher-Harris 81
    Hiku 82
    Kikau 78
    Leota 79
    C Critchon 77
    D Nicholls 77
    C Harawira-Naera 76
    D Edwards 78
    M Watene-Zelezniak 75
    Oldfield 80
    S Langi 78
    S Luke 77
    T Satini 78
    T May 77
    Dockar-Clay 78
    C Waddell 75

  8. I have a question for you Manly fans (or anyone who knows): what’s happening with Jayden Hodges? Would love him down at Melbourne, and he was released I believe, so has anyone heard anything about where he has signed or might sign?

    • He did his ACL and hasn’t been seen since. I hope we keep him. But if he went to Melbourne I’d be very excited to see how good he could become.

    • No way mate lol Storm have Brandon Smith (cowboys under 20s also kiwis under 20 hooker) plus Slade Griffin has returned from injury. Watched a game with a hardcore Manly fan and every time Hodges touched the ball something went wrong, was very noticeable.

  9. This is getting to the point where you’ve got to ask, are the powers that be at Manly genius or madmen?

    I’ll be honest, as a Parra supporter I hope they’re madmen, but you’ve got a good (extended) spine, and are building a (salary cap) war chest from “back up players”, so I’m getting a bit suspicious (what are you up to?).

    • Yeah we’ve spent no money this year and more players retiring this year Matai and Stewart. We are saving money for something.

  10. As the great Shane Warne would say about Api… Can’t pass, can’t catch, can’t kick either. I would have kept Parcell over Api any day. As for Lewis Brown at hooker, man we are in trouble!

    • So you’re saying Api can’t pass, can’t catch and can’t kick? Shows how much you know. Parcell did nothing in the NRL. Him leaving is a win in my opinion.

      • A word to the wise holmsey4346, “go hard or go home” is best applied on the football field and not on ZT. Don’t follow my example but learn from my mistakes, OK?

        I would have kept BOTH and played Parcell as a loose forward (at lock) to follow Api when he ran from dummy half.

        Api’s strength is scooting out from dummy half attracting defenders and putting his support through a hole with a short no look pass. Either that or dummying and going himself. The 2014 GF was a classic example of what he can do playing off the back if a big dominant pack rolling forward.

        I don’t think Parcell had enough time or opportunities playing off a less than dominant forward pack to show what he really can do IMO.

        Souths are well served for hookers at present or I would take either as part of a two man rotation. At present Cook will do me just fine!

    • I agree completely,we let 2 quality players go ,Buerher , Future club leader, Parcell future of the club , I’m not impressed with api ,or brown or wright , and DCE isn’t playing well either ,

  11. Wow all this negativity from all the Eagles supporters has me baffled. Sure we aren’t going amazing at the moment but we ain’t no where near Newcastle yet even their supporters see positives. Bunch of sooks at the moment the majority of you. We’ve lost a couple of veterans past their best, sold a couple of young guns for superstars, lost a backup hooker and now it’s the end of the world? Sure our recruitment hasn’t been amazing buts it’s been better than what we’ve lost. We’ve gained Taupau, Walker, Koroisau, D Lussick, Green, Fonua-Blake, Kelly. Pretty good recruitment if you ask me. Honestly were has all the hope gone? I’d hate to see what you guys would be like supporting a club like Knights. Every time something good happens immediately someone turns it into a negative event. For example we re sign the Turbos (gee it’s good to see them re signed for the long run) and then another bloke goes (yeah but this could happen or this or that). And the amount of hatred for an aspiring young hooker in Koroisau has me amazed. He clearly isn’t the best passer in the game but he gets the ball to the man which is the main idea, sure 2 or 3 passes don’t get to the mark but it doesn’t in anyway affect the result of the game which is an ourageous suggestion by some. Api had a tough year last year with his partners passing and could have taken the year off if he wanted yet he played his heart out for manly and earned the 9 jersey through some eye catching displays of his attack and defence.

    • No holmsey. We’re not sooks , we can see what you can’t , your obviously new to this and don’t understand Manly culture,that’s ok cause once you realise what’s happens you will be equally confused and angry , you mentioned plenty of talent ,new signings what you didn’t mention is the credibility of our coaching staff which leads me to believe you’ve no idea ,so don’t call us sooks if you haven’t a clue

        • If all that recruitment were so good, why the hell did we end up 13th? Toovey did a better job then Trent and even without those recruits.

        • Injuries and the draw killed us plus we didn’t have a 5/8 whip is Bozos fault not the recruits or the coach. If we had no injuries, a good draw and a proper 6 we would have made the top 8.

        • Didn’t you say “lacklustre attack from the hooker the main reason why we’ve struggled the last two years”. Now you’re saying this? Geez you’re confusing kid.

      • Yep playing blokes out of position is not coaches fault ,when a player refuses to play in a position at the request of coach it’s players fault ,when your halfback is constantly caught on the 4 th tackle and now where gone scene when his kicking skills are required it’s the players fault ,when you tell you best forward there’s nothing here for you it’s the players fault , you see these are just some examples of what would be different had we had a coach with credibility and leadership quals ,injury or not ,,,

        • No Injures and a 5/8 we make the top 8 in 2016. I’d like to see Bennett get that team into the top with all the injuries and the poor draw.

    • Nah boys all you do is complain and who says your one to tell someone if they understand culture. Culture isn’t a permanent thing, it comes and goes with new players and new staff. It sounds like you guys don’t understand culture. Why don’t you stop comparing these young players and new staff to the golden era and let them build their own culture.

      • Wrong again junior ,CULTURE IS WHAT DEFINES YOU , just ask anyone that’s in the “ALL BLACKS MACHINE ” ,,,, that’s culture

        • Only when you sack everyone and leave nothing left that got you there in the first place ,which is exactly what’s occurred

        • We’ve only sacked Toovey other were let go or retired. Culture comes and goes with players and until you realise that you will be stuck in the past.

        • @holmsey4346

          You’ve got chutzpah boy, I’ll give you that. A little too kamikaze perhaps and a “scorched earth” policy rarely leaves anything fruitful in it’s wake but if your team played with the passion you are showing this year there would have been less to argue about all round.

          Consider this though, when the action starts next year and you want to celebrate your teams fortunes you are alienating the very people who share your RL interests. Are you sure you aren’t throwing the baby out with the bath water? Just a thought…

        • nah Holmsey, culture is created within the Club, players can come and go, but the culture stays.
          You think Melbourne’s culture will ever change when a few players go? Dont think so. as silvertail said above, think the All Blacks will crumble when players move on? nope.

          Manly has (had) a winning culture, and that’s what kept us up for so long. we built that culture by sticking with long-serving players, but as they left the culture kept on. It was that ‘everyone hates us, we dont care’ attitude that Manly built their reputation on.

          Culture can only be created within, and can only be destroyed from within. and now it seems like its being destroyed from above(and within) and us fans dont like it. we aint sooks, we want to win!

      • The culture at Manly is long gone and Bozo and Barrett won’t be the ones to bring it back.

        1. Bozo needs to move on. Replace him with Cliff Lyons or Geoff Toovey.

        2. Move Barrett on and bring in Ivan Cleary with Menzies as an assistant coach.

        3. Fix DCE’s contract up and If he doesn’t like it, then walk. He’s a very good player, has a lot of skill and seems to be a good bloke but that contract is killing Manly. Hoping the salary cap increase will ease some pressure, everything will move in ratios.

        4. Bring in a forward pack that actually has some mongrel. Taupau goes missing and Lussick can’t play the whole game at full throttle.

        • eagle85

          Have to say I agree with all the points you have raised. I feel sorry that Barrett has had only one year in his first head coaching role and in part has been sabotaged by Bozo’s over involvement and micro management of the team but he is clearly not ready for this sort of role (particularly rebuilding a team from scratch at a club with such high and possibly unrealistic expectations).

          Like others before him him probably should have transitioned from assistant coach to a head coaching position in SL first (likewise for McGregor at the Dragons).

          Cleary was always the obvious choice having played at Manly and understanding the culture there. He has also helped to rebuild the Panthers from scratch so this also makes him more suited to the position. Who knows, if the Sea Eagles bring in Ivan Cleary maybe Nathan will follow and allow DCE to play as a running 5/8. Just a thought.

          Cliff Lyons and Steve Menzies around the club (and the players) would also make a world of difference.

          At the end of the day if your forwards don’t control the middle and aren’t rolling forward no halves (or hooker) will make a difference.

        • Agree a lot of that stuff, beaver as assistant could bring some pride back. Don’t agree with lussick though. Thought he had a massive year and played long minutes and kept up his intensity for a long time.
          I think people bag on taupau because what he is expected to bring. He had a great year also, maybe a couple of games he went missing but all in all in a below or team he had a good year

        • crowy3301, my comment was directed at the forward pack as a whole. I have to admit Lussick surprised me this year. It is the best I have seen him play and for all the hype surrounding Martin Taupau, Lussick was clearly the “alpha male” of the Manly pack this year.

          They will need to lift as a whole in 2017 to give your backs a chance though. A lot of potential there that won’t go anywhere if they are going backwards.

        • Don’t forget Jake T, he was our best forward by miles and is the true leader of the pack with Taupau and Lussick bringing the aggression.

        • Yeah but when it got ugly in the middle and someone had to step forward for Manly it was Lussick leading the way and the other forwards followed. I have been singing the praises of both Trbojevic brothers so I am well aware of the importance of Jake. He may be a future captain of the team but trust me, this year, Lussick was the “Alpha male” of the pack.

        • I think Lussick and Taupau can bring a lot to the side but Lussick shouldn’t be carrying the whole forward pack – he needs another dominant forward to help him and it makes him more effective with his minutes.

          Taupau needs to move to the front row. His game doesn’t suit the edge back row style of play like wade graham or cordner or papali. If Taupau moves to the front row and runs hard for the first 15 with Meehan or AFB as the rotation with both Taupau and Lussick, it will give us more impact and eat up good meters and energy out of the opposition.

          Add Kennedy, Lane or Sironen into the edge positions and that gives us more flexibility and wide running forwards. Jake T needs to play lock – nothing to add there – he’s a superstar to be.

    • We aren’t sooks, more let down by the clubs poor recruitment/retention strategy.

      Api might be a good person but poor footy player (playing at hooker). As you have stated above, having 2 to 3 poor passes in game isn’t good enough. The best hookers are on par every game and potentially slip up during 1 or 2 games a year along with the team.

      Manly should have let him go instead of Parcell. The only hope here is that Manly drop Api and play Cullen at hooker.

      Again, not sooks but let down fans

      • eagle85

        “We aren’t sooks, more let down by the clubs poor recruitment/retention strategy.”

        Hey welcome to being a Rabbitohs supporter pre 2007!

        Getting a good coach is the first start. Best thing that ever happened to Souths was have Bennett pass (after using Souths to push up Tinklers offer) and then getting Madge.

        Barrett may be a good coach one day but not now. Cleary with Cliff Lyons and Steve Menzies as assistants (and Fulton enjoying retirement) is the obvious way forward. But the Sea Eagles fans need to lower their initial expectations and show a little patience IMO.

    • Honest question Holmsey, I’m not taking sides in the Great Manly Debate, but you said you sold a couple of young guns to bring in superstars.

      Who would you classify as superstars from the list of Manly recruits?

      • Milton we have Snake , and Matai left they where once super stars and there out the door ,DCE was a player amongst superstars ,so I will ans for you ,,,,,, we don’t have any veteran,solid Leaders yet “superstars”

        • Fair enough Holmsey. I don’t necessarily agree with you but fair enough. To me superstar is someone who is proven, Walker and Tapau both have potential though. If Tapau can work on his discipline he could be a superstar forward. Not sure that Walker will ever be a superstar though, just a quick outside back and certainly not a 5/8.

          To silvertail, I agree that Manly don’t currently have any superstars on their list but there is some potential there mate. Not sure if your buddy Barrett is the right guy to get the best out of them though, time will tell.

        • Superstar is probably a stretch but certainly potential to be superstars. Trbojevic bros, Walker, Tauapau, Lussick, Koroisau and DCE are all stars and can hopefully turn our boat around and get us back in the 8.

        • holmsey4346

          Walker is not a 5/8 mate and was damaged goods when he came to Manly.

          Throwing a kid with disciplinary and substance abuse issues in the deep end (playing them out of position in such a crucial position and throwing leadership responsibilities on their shoulders) was a dumb move no matter how you look at it.

          He also played rep football before he was ready and subsequently has had trouble trying to live up to the expectations.

          If he plays in the centres next year he will go well but he is still a long way off being a superstar.

        • Walker was sh1t. I really don’t want to bag Manly or it’s players but walker only has speed, he needs to be smart with his talent and know when to execute. He’s a winger/centre at best.

          Five-eight: no chance

  12. No one ok this site understands the back room decisions right/wrong at the sea eagles last few years, but I personally put s lot into letting gifty go without even an offer. That disrupted everything. Yes choc, gifty, killer, skivvy were all getting old but keeping those guys there happy, like they deserved would of ushered the new guys in.
    Letting a future captain like buhrer go who bled maroon and white was just dumb, even taking out it was a swap for uate. The older guys winning culture and willingness to play injured would if rubbed off on younger players, now we have no experience at all, so these players are learning themselves as they go. Whilst I don’t agree with letting parcel go, we can’t have 2 legitimate starting 80mins hookers on our books as it wastes there talent and a waste of interchange to get 1 into the game. Personally didn’t care who they kept liked them both a lot.
    All manly supporters will continue to support the mighty eagles, but like myself are just very frustrated and bemused with some of these decisions that keep coming. There seems no direction in there signings, no plan at all…

    • Your absolutely 100% on your example of how not to transition into a new era , it’s the number 1 reason way back when Des began rebuilding after the rot set in during the merger days ,Manly had 1 bloke in there cross hairs and he alone changed the attitude very quickly at Manly especially on the field ,Newcastle and Manly legend Ben Kennedy , when he was bought it wansnt for his youth ,it was for his LEADERSHIP QUALS he was the base platform for the aggression,passion ,guts For the Club and your Mates culture that gave us over 10 years of sublime Rugby League,shoving those blokes out the door like cattle when there busted is not the way you reward and carry one something so successful

  13. I came on to this site to talk footy yet the negativity from the fans is undesirable at best, it seems most of the Eagles fans are here to complain and have a whinge about how Manly are playing, it’s disappointing to see how negative you fans are, don’t you see any light at end of the tunnel? Look Koroisau is a great young hooker and the overreacting over his so called “poor passes” is hilarious. Some suggesting he isn’t first grade worthy why is he at the NRL level then? And if it’s really that bad why have the professionals not spoken out on it? Why hasn’t DCE come out and said he’s ruining my game?

    • The argument that he is first grade worthy because he is at the NRL level is nonsense. Exhibit A- Jono Wright has somehow played 120 first grade games. Just because he is playing NRL doesn’t mean he is good enough to play NRL. Exhibit B – Ben Pomeroy overcame the fact that he has hands for feet to play 214 first grade games. I do think that Koroisau is first grade material but to say that he is because he is playing in the NRL doesn’t make sense.

      Also I note that you said Lussick is a star. Although he has improved, Lussick would be lucky to play first grade at a few clubs, barely a star. I do admire your enthusiasm though youngster.

    • @holmsey4346

      Buddy you really don’t leave yourself anywhere to retreat do you? Just remember many of your fellow Sea Eagles supporters have been following the game for a lot of years so they probably have some idea of what they are talking about don’t you think?

      For the record I was sorry when Souths lost Api. Luke was always our first choice hooker but coming off the back of his 2014 GF form he looked at home at the Rabbitohs. He really hasn’t found his feet since. Go on YouTube and look at Api’s involvement in that game.

      He setup the George Burgess try that turned the game (although George had a lot to do with that play as well).

  14. I would certainly hope, if DCE or any player had a problem with another player in their team, they would approach the coach quietly, then it would be dealt internally and the media would never hear of it. Having a player running the team is what we at WT are trying to move away from. Trust me, you do not want to go there.

    • tigertiger

      “if DCE or any player had a problem with another player… they would approach the coach quietly”

      No you don’t go running to the “boss”, you have to go old school.

      First the confrontation (cards on the table), then the punch up, then the piss up, then the blind drunk at 3am in the morning crying on each other’s shoulder saying “I love you brother” then the next day sober calling each other “buddy”, “pal”, “mate”.

      OK pal? 😉

  15. Eagles fans can we at least agree on these points-

    – Bozo needs to go
    – Baz isn’t ready for First Grade coaching but has shown some signs and should be still somewhere in this club maybe under 20s
    – Get Cleary as head coach
    – DCE needs to perform I think he will with Green
    – Get rid of Cartwright

    • WE ABSOLUTELY AGREE , it’s what I’ve been banging on about , yes the T Birds are valuable to our future but our coaches let us down because they have no idea , No Coach no hope

        • Mmmm , Ya know something ,,, wouldn’t it be sweet gettn one back on the Bulldogs ,,, perfect world , I like Cleary but I’d also look at the Walters bro if you throw in Menzies wouldn’t hurt to give Ben Kennedy a buzz and even get the old walker boys back to inject spark into our junior ranks we may as well do it right ,,, from the juniors up ,,,! Des Hasler is my only choice and that can happen in business especially today ,

  16. Eagles fans what is your thought on this-

    Chris Garry (a 7 reporter) wrote on Twitter

    Matt Parcell no option but to leave Manly. Had a bizarre performance review from Barrett who made it clear he doesn’t want a hooker who runs

    Very bizarre if true becuase Koroisau loves to run even more than Parcell. Plus if he wants a player who just passes to DCE than would have chosen Parcell? Bit weird.

    • Yeah it stinks out Manly way ,on another sad note ,News reporting Chad no longer with us ,,, sad ,,,,, very

  17. So much whinging. So many experts.

    Yes it is whinging. And yes it’s absolutely ridiculous that you think you know the answers when you haven’t a clue of anything that happens at the club.
    Your assumptions are made up from media stories.

    Geez I wish the Manly Board would just listen to the Eagles supporters on ZT who sit at their keyboards, type on RL forum and know what’s wrong with everything and how to fix it. It’s so simple.

    • Some people can just talk and have there opinions you know without whinging as you say…
      Releasing a future captain who bleeds for the club isn’t media speculation.. it’s fact.. releasing a young hooker 1 year into contract not media but fact…
      Having no senior players left out of a legendary team over last 10 years, because of in room crap, not media but fact…
      So nice comment but no, your not even close, some people actually care for there clubs..

    • thebatman

      KPOW!! CRUNCH!! BANG!!

      Just like the old TV series, love it! It’s about time someone here showed some discipline, hey Colonel Frank? LOL But said with live bro’ 😉

    • thebatman

      Just imagine ZT if no one had an opinion on RL and we just corrected each other’s spelling mistakes and grammar? Welcome to Reader’s Digest forum! Hahahahaha

      • There’s opinions… I’m all for it. Isnt that what ZT is?….

        But then there’s people who think they know better. There’s a difference mate and unfortunately Manly has a lot of supporters who believe they know better than people involved in the game. It’s laughable. To think you know better than premiership winning players and coaches and management. Please… you sit at a keyboard and warrior your way to some type of relevance.
        It actually makes me laugh out loud sometimes LOL.

        As I’ve said before, Buhrer is 1 injury away from retiring…. at 24yrs old. So although it’s a nice story to call him a future captain and he has spirit… the club has decided his health is a risk… that’s the reality….and if he got injured and sat on the sidelines – those same people would be screaming that we didn’t get rid of him sooner.

        Experts in hindsight but know nothing about running a footy team…. but very good about bagging their team on ZT…. only if they don’t agree with the decision 🙂

        Let’s just wait and see what the team looks like and how they perform before we unload on them.

        Manly is arguably the most successful team of the last decade…to think it was just going to continue (without a rebuild of players) is just ridiculously inaccurate.

        • thebatman

          In all seriousness, you are right. Many of us here try to play armchair supercoach but in the end none of us (except for 3hats perhaps) 😉 are part of the inner sanctum of a club to really know what is going on. Too many opinions get thrown around on here (mine included) based on half truths, speculation or rumour published in the media. Consequently there have times I have felt strongly about decisions made by Souths re recruitment and retention and after having watched video of Richo explaining what IS actually going on behind the scenes, it becomes clear Souths are well managed and in control and the media has little or no idea of what is going on. It kind of lends weight to 3hats assertion that there are journos on the outer at Souths that don’t get given a lot of information so end up making it up so they have something to print.

          As I have said before Manly has been a very successful club over the last decade (and beyond) as have the Broncos and the Storm, but this in itself does not guarantee success. Neither does it make it a right of any club. In the game there are naturally peaks and troughs for teams to go through. Perhaps at the moment it is Manly’s turn and if that is the case then the Sea Eagles fans need to lower their initial expectations and show a little patience IMO.

          seaeagles85 is right in that it is a tough call to dump Barrett after just one year into his first head coaching role and in the middle of rebuilding a club but the facts are that Cleary IS available now and that Des may be available before the end of next season so the question has to be asked, is there a better option? There have been one season “caretaker” coaches before. Like I said, I think Trent would feel more at home and make a better contribution at the Dragons, particularly for his first gig.

          Finally, although I do agree with what you have said it is still good fun to argue the finer points of the game with like minded fans of RL. Sometimes it is the least informed opinions that can provide the best “value” and like you have said, talking about the game is only half the appeal of the site the banter is a large part of the fun as well. Speaking of which… where is John C. Reilly? He has been quiet lately. 😉

  18. Ok my turn.

    Before anyone starts I’m 31 and have supported my beloved sea eagles since the late 80’s, from the very first time I seen a blonde kid by the name of Geoff Toovey.
    I’m a member, my kids are members and there’s nothing we would rather do then watch our boys go round.
    Now with what’s going on at the club to me is ridiculous. I don’t agree with what’s happening, but at the end of the day the club needs to move forward.
    Barrett needs another year before he’s hung out to dry. He still had half a squad that wasn’t his.
    I do believe in Menzies and cliffy becoming involved to help with the culture.
    Buhrer, admittedly manly through and through was too small for the forwards, too slow for a back and some bad injuries in the last couple of years.
    I did rate parcell and thought that he should start with app off the bench as utility. The way qld play, possibly having both on at the end of halves with tiered forwards. But api was always going to be first choice due to his experience.
    Another thing is we’re definitely planing something, because with Jamie, matai and snake retiring there is going to some coin around and another of big talent is off contract at the end of this year.
    Anyway, like most of my fellow manly supporters I’m frustrated aswell but at the end of the day it’s not as bad as the “northern eagles” saga is it??

      • You will have coin, no doubt, but a fair wad would have already been spent on the Trbojevic’s upgrades, from 2018. According to ZT that is $900k and $700k p.a, and they would be on a fraction of that now, surely?

        • I believe Lyons money and Mateos money would have been spent on them 2. Our new cash will come from Matai and Stewart plus Myles will retire soon so that could be close to 2 million.

    • seaeagles85, silvertail47, thebatman, crowy3301, holmsey4346 (other Sea Eagles fans out there)

      “Barrett needs another year before he’s hung out to dry.”

      That sounds fair (and from appearances it looks like the boys want to play for him, he clearly has their backs), I have even argued for this previously, but the fact of the matter is Bozo has gotten too involved and ruined things for Barrett in his first year. Meanwhile Cleary IS still available but perhaps, not for much longer. In the meantime Des is under enormous pressure at the Dogs (they have basically set him the task of making the GF next year).

      So my question to you guys is, what if Des suddenly became available? Would you still want to stick with Barrett? Also, what about Cleary? Cleary was always the obvious choice having played at Manly and understanding the culture there. He has also helped to rebuild the Panthers from scratch so this also makes him more suited to the position. For mine, Barrett would be better suited to coaching at the Dragons (who are desperately in need of a change of coach) so it could be a win/win. Barrett, Cleary or Des… Thoughts?

      • Like I said above;

        “seaeagles85 is right in that it is a tough call to dump Barrett after just one year into his first head coaching role and in the middle of rebuilding a club but the facts are that Cleary IS available now and that Des may be available before the end of next season so the question has to be asked, is there a better option?”

        • silvertail47

          While he IS your coach he is YOUR problem though. Like seaeagles85 has said (and I said a few months ago), it is a bit unfair to blame all this on the guy when there are so many other contributing factors to consider. I just feel Barrett understands the Dragons culture and internal setup better and as such would be better suited to coaching the Dragons. At the end of the day the Barrett would have benefited from a stint as head coach in SL or at least taking over an NRL club without the burden of such high expectations out of the gate.

          In fairness your argument would be stronger if the “old firm” where still playing and things fell apart. As it is he is working with a whole new team, trying to introduce a whole new system, with Bozo (by all reports) having too much influence in areas of responsibility that should fall under the head coach.

          Still, it would be hard to pass up Hasler IF he became available. Clearly Bozo wasn’t interested in Cleary though, can’t think why.

  19. I would have dispatched that mule Nate Myles and also Lewis Brown before Parcell. Barret should get another 6 months before Dessie comes back to replace him once he gets the arse from the dogs. Now that’s where all our coin will go.

  20. Good new Eagles fans. Baby Turbo (Ben) has been taking part in junior origin camps and the scary thing is he’s better than the both we currently have playing first grade.

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