Manly are racing the clock to re-sign Jake and Tom Trbojevic in a $4.5 million package deal before the superstar brothers go on to the NRL open market in just 25 days.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the Sea Eagles have been forced to shed several players, including utility Jamie Buhrer, to ensure there is sufficient money in the club’s salary cap to retain the Trbojevics.

Manly fans took to social media questioning Buhrer’s exit but club officials are acutely aware Tom and Jake are free agents on November 1, when rival NRL clubs can approach players who are off-contract after the 2017 season.


  1. Not a fan of Manly at all but would like to see them re-sign.

    If they leave, the Sea Eagles will be in a world of hurt.

    • Sick and tired of this constant player transfer rumours..get back to the 13 import rule where any player through your holden cup side is considered juniors,long term club players are counted as junior and get rid of salary cap and TPAs…this will put the money back into country and junior football!!!!

  2. This season it was Parra targeted with all the negative stories (some true plenty not) and maybe it’s Manly next.
    I do hope they sign with Manly otherwise it will be a bleak future on the peninsula.

    Must be plenty of in-fighting going on over at Manly with some of the recent decisions so it wouldn’t surprise me that they didn’t resign.

  3. You would have to think that Manly have the inside running, the salary cap room and every opportunity to keep them. Surely?

  4. If manly don’t resign them, they will be lucky to get 10 people through the gate for a game, loosing buhrer has to mean something, hopefully he boys aren’t too greedy and realise whilst they are awesome they are still young and there are bigger contracts coming later on. Manly must have the room though, cause even if snake and stevie matai are there his year they won’t be next year also forrid won’t be resigned, and sure killer was on decent coin which is now freed up..

  5. I swear to god even if one of these guns are let go i will blow.This is what it’s come down to,Lyon retires and we let go of Jamie Buhrer to sign a joke of a winger in Uate and we let go of impact player Vave,for the manly fans please keep these boys ours for life.FFS.

    • mrmanly4life

      I get the feeling these boys don’t want be separated and come as a package deal (just like the Stewart Bros when coming to Manly). If one goes you get the feeling the other will follow.

      If that is the case you better hope that one doesn’t jump ship.

      • sunnybill

        IMO there is a specific culture and style that seems to work for Manly and Barrett is coming from outside this and trying to establish something different after all this time.

        For that reason I thought Cleary would have been a better fit at Manly and Barrett more suited to the Dragons. Having played at these clubs each respective coach has a better handle on their culture and style and would be more effective. But in the end Fulton picked Barrett instead of Cleary so what do I know?

        • kraken

          Still way too much on this years form. Even given the teams poor form, his effort, involvement and execution was down. For almost 1 mill on the cap Manly have the right to expect more.

        • kraken

          Perhaps I didn’t watch Manly’s games with as keen an eye as one of their supporters. After all the best judges and most severe critics of players are often their own fans.

          For mine though he did not stand out half as much as in previous years but perhaps I missed something.

        • He was missing something, A proper halves partner.
          Teams targeted DCE as we didn’t have a second playmaker or kicker. So his highlight reel was a lot smaller.

        • kraken

          Like I have said here recently:

          “One of Barrett’s biggest mistakes IMO was insisting on trying to make Dylan Walker a 5/8 when he should have been playing centre from the beginning.”

          “he was thrust into an unfamiliar position and given the responsibility of leading the team when from the beginning this role and position should have gone to Jamie Lyon (who by all reports resisted being moved to 5/8).”

          Even if Lyon is not a natural 5/8 he was best suited to the role, knowing DCE and other players around him. He has the hands, movement and defence. It was far from his best year in the centres IMO and her could have contributed more at 5/8. Or don’t you agree?

        • Your right about Dylan Walker playing 5/8 except for the part about Trent Barrett.
          That decision was made and enforced by Bozo the clown

        • kraken/sunnybill

          I wrote a bit more re the whole Trent Barrett defence (below) if you are interested but it appears I was laying too much blame on Trent for this one.

          For one of the great 5/8’s you would think Bozo could spot one. Ask any Souths fan here if any of them thought that would work, I doubt anyone did. We all had seen Madge try moving Walker to 5/8 and then abandon it when it proved a complete failure. Throughout the year I just couldn’t understand why Manly were persisting with Walker at 5/8 instead of Lyon. Honestly, if he was fit, I even think snake would have been a better option than Walker.

        • It’s come out Bozo is doing the recruiting and picking the match day team.
          Hopefully this changes as a coach cannot do his job unless given control

        • kraken

          I am surprised Barrett would take the job on under those conditions. Most other coaches would not. Then Barrett has to front the media and angry Manly fans to explain someone else’s decisions with his hands tied and unable to say; “hey, don’t blame me, blame Fulton”! My opinion and respect for Barrett has just gone up if that is the case.

          Club legend or not Bozo needs to either hand over the reins to Barrett or take on the coaching role himself. It certainly puts the meaning of his nickname in a whole new light: bozo = a stupid or insignificant man.

          Come on Manly members, voice your opinion to the club internally.

  6. They are a must resigning for Manly, although if Proctor leaves Storm, wouldn’t mind Jake Trbojevic, but it won’t happen, he will stay with his brother. IMO they are the next Stewart brothers.

    • trollz878

      “wouldn’t mind Jake Trbojevic”

      You and a lot of other clubs supporters. Particularly if there is the hope TommyTurbo will follow him.

      I get the feeling though there is about the same chance as Munster (if not Cronk or Smith) jumping ship at the Storm.

  7. The 3rd party sponsorships opportunities for these two if they stay Manly should be endless, they are adored by all from the area.
    If the management is even half competent they shouldn’t have any trouble

  8. Matty Johns said the Dragons are making a massive money play at the both of them, given how many players are off contract at the end of the year and the private ownership about to eventuate.

    If we could get these two and Paul Vaughn along with the young talent coming through, could turn the club around.

    I know if would be a massive long shot, but can always dream!

    Anyone hear anything more about the Todd Carney rumour?

    • Carney to dragons is a rumour! Not sure I want him around even though we have turned players lives around like Dugan and Packer. What does that say to Hutchinson other than we are keen to find anyone better than you.

      Can’t see us getting Trbojivc brothers, a lot of clubs for clear house to get these two. Knowing how galling it was to lose BMoz I’d like to see them stay at Manly, but if they want to leave for money that’s their call.

      • Imo the Dragons won’t sign any quality players until they make Kogarah their home base. Who wants to sign for a club and have to travel a 2 hour round trip to two different venues to train and play????
        Time for our club to get with the times and have one location.

        Ps. We don’t need Carney with his injuries and behaviour issues.

      • daffy

        Given their success with Dugan and Packer, don’t you think that the Dragons might be the ideal club to help him turn things around. Particularly with an old mate like Dugan there as a mentor and the Dragons are in need a good half (or at least depth in the halves). Or are you worried about “reverse contamination” re Dugan and Packer being influenced by Carney?

        I understand your concerns about Hutchinson though, there is a similar concern a lot of Souths fans are concerned about what will happen with Cook since Farah’s arrival.

        • I don’t want dragons to be known just for rehabilitating peope though and Carney has a long history and is getting on, Dugan and Packer are still young and that helps with bringing about a change in mentality. I worry Carney is now too set in his ways what is he late 20’s, 30?. But I would say this if they got him on a zero tolerance policy, and as long as he had not had any incidents since the bubbler fiasco, maybe worth considering. How has he actually been going in UK though? He would want to be smashing it up to take the risk.

        • daffy

          Fair point, and for the record, I wouldn’t want to see him at Souths either for the same reasons.

    • Vaughan is O/S on holidays but the club will announce his signing next week for 3 years. I’m hearing Raiders to tip-in around $100k of his contract for next year.

      As for Carney, apparently the club made informal contact with his manager but that’s about it. I doubt very much he will be at the club. Bad move IMO if the club were to pursue Carney. Benji Marshall take 2.

    • “Matty Johns said the Dragons are making a massive money play at the both of them”

      Sorry to upset Manly fans but that would kind of make up for Manly taking the Stewart brothers from the Dragons don’t you think? Admittedly, it would send me over the edge as well if they were at Souths.

      • The Dragons only have themselves to blame…they only wanted Brett and said Glenn would never play first grade…fortunately dad was a Manly supporter and drove them up to the Peninsula… Thanks Saints

        • To be truthful Glen was already injury prone even as a teenager and dragons didn’t want to take the risk, not that they didn’t think he could play so much, although probably didn’t rate him as highly.

  9. the knights are front runners to sign them if manly dont ,however they both want to stay , with the soon to be announced departure of corbin sims to sharksafter sims was granted a release the knights will be needinfg some players …believe that

    • Nathan Brown said they can’t offer anywhere near what the Dragons are offering and won’t be chasing them. I believe they will stay at Manly.

    • Relieve This.
      You are a pot plant, the Knights are not in the mix if they move from Manly.
      They don’t have the cap space to get close to this pair, another goose call.

  10. How has Manly let it go this long, and now the mad rush to sign them!! silly buggers, I think they will stay though.

  11. I think they will stay and Manly must ensure that they do. They are the future of the club, along with DCE, and the team must be built around these 3. Get DCE a decent halves partner and hooker and he will again be one of the better halves in the game. He just has too much pressure on him at the moment with little or no support.

      • daffy

        “That’s a big fu to Keary then”

        And that will no doubt happen in any case before the end of 2017 unless Keary changes his attitude and develops a strong kicking game.

        • Maybe the latte lickers can get him to pull his thumb out. That would be galling for Souths if he did fire up.

        • daffy

          Hey, he has talent for sure but no kicking game, a poor attitude and is given to hog the ball for personal glory and not play to his supports as a half is supposed to do.

          But of course to see any player come from Souths and fire up is galling, for the Roosters… well that is absolute agony! 😉 I still won’t death ride him though.

  12. I rate tommy turbo the kid is a gun the next superstar in our game for sure I hope manly keep him for 10 plus years…jake on the other hand I see nothing special in him any other meathead forward can do his job. Taupau and lussick are light years better than him.

    • lyonstestosterone15

      “I rate tommy turbo the kid is a gun the next superstar in our game”

      And you wouldn’t be alone in that assessment. Ditto for Kayln Ponga!

    • You’ve got to be kidding or clueless..Jake is one of the few forwards in the game who can cut people in half and still have the ability to slow the play the ball a long term Origin player..he is a key to Manlys future…Tommy still has a few errors in his game but is only young…they’re both crucial.

      • Sorry lyonstestosterone15 but I have to agree with thepainter and FootyFan2016 on this. Jake T. will be playing for NSW in SOO in the years to come. As thepainter says, Jake T. (like Sam Burgess) can cut a player in half one on one and control a tackle without assistance, a rare asset in the modern game as it stands.

  13. Manly have cut a bunch of players or let them resign elsewhere, and I think they were the right moves. The exception is this Buhrer – Uate fiasco. We really needed Buhrer’s running game on the edge and his versatility. He’s capable of some maddening penalties, but he was all in it for the club. If it really is a straight swap at $350k a year, Aku better get 20 meat pies next year without conceding as many, which is highly unlikely.

    There are some major questions to answer. Are Snake and Matai gonna play? Who are filling the roster spots? We can’t have bits and pieces fringe first graders playing major minutes again The club better get its act together, by the time they figure it out they’ll probably extend DCEs contract to serve consecutive life terms.

    This is my team if Snake and Skiv are done –

    1. T. Trbojevic
    2. J. Taufua
    3. D. Walker
    4. ?
    5. A. Uate
    6. B. Green
    7. DCE
    13. J. Trbojevic
    12. ?
    11. ?
    10. M. Taupau
    9. M. Parcell
    8. D. Lussick
    14. A. Koroisau
    15. F. Winterstein
    16. N. Myles
    17. A. Fonua-Blake

    Squad: B. Williame, M. Wright..

    • Surely brenton Lawrence is in there somewhere, don’t think he has signed elsewhere, Barrett will play Lewis brown in backrow unfortunately, but I am real keen to see how Shaun lane goes, he was brilliant when he first come into grade, you don’t just loose that for no reason. Really hoping he will come good big strong and offloads. Does anyone actually have any clue on snake and stevie???? Changes a lot of they are there.

      • crowy3301

        I agree about Brenton Lawrence. If Manly can’t find a place for him or Apisai Koroisau I would be happy to see them at Souths! 😉 Souths would use Lawrence as an edge backrower and not a prop as I believe he is wasted there.

      • yeah BJ has to be there, dunno what I was thinking, I think I forgot we had him he’s been out so long. I like crowy3301’s side actually, Meehan or Hoppa is a good call. Hearing we got Matagi from Penrith? He’s a good pickup if that’s the case.

  14. My thoughts would be, matai has taken unders his whole life, so he will be there next year, but for how many games? He will get his 500k even if he plays just 1 game, then calls it quits. I could see snake going to Catalans, but can’t see him going to Leigh. I think he will be there next year. I’m probs the only manly supporter that thinks we will be stronger with a mentally fit snake at no1 and turbo on the wing.

    • No I think a fully fit snake makes us stronger, would love to be able to fit turbo in centre though thought he was awesome there last year. I would have
      1. Snake
      2. Jorge
      3. Matai
      4. Walker
      5. Tom
      6. Green
      7. Dce
      8. Lussick
      9. Korisau
      10. Lawrence
      11. Taupau
      12. Lane
      13. Jake
      14. Parcell
      15. Fonua Blake
      16. Forrid
      17. Meehan/ Hopoate

      Gives some back up of williame wright uate, in backs think we are lean in forwards need to pick up a few more, hoping loosing vave doesn’t come back to haunt us. But signing uate makes me think either snake or stevie won’t be there, be aside who do you leave out if they all there, all those back 5 plus uate would be thinking 1 st grade

  15. 1. Snake
    2. Uate
    3. Walker
    5. Uate
    6. Green
    7. DCE
    8. Lussick
    9. Api
    10. Lawrence
    11. Taupau
    12. Winterstein
    13. Trbojevic
    14. Parcel
    15. Brown
    16. Myles
    17. Fonnua-blake

  16. I reckon they will stay. Most successful teams have a core group of players that they build a squad around. These two can easily be part of that for Manly. They won’t let them go.

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