Tom Symonds
Another local junior bites the dust

Noted Tweeter Ben Honig (@benosboyy) may have broken this story wide open when he Tweeted this screen shot of Aiden Guerra’s Instagram account. wrote a couple of days ago that the Manly Sea Eagles were expected to sign Tom Symonds in the coming days, while James Hooper of the Daily Telegraph tweeted that the rangy ranga had all but signed. Nothing has been officially announced on the Sydney Roosters’ website, but at this stage it looks like a fait accompli.

There were two moves here that he could’ve made to get a guaranteed start: Manly, thanks to Tony Williams leaving and Glenn Stewart’s 10-week injury; and Penrith, which could seriously use all the talent it can get its hands on.

By going to Manly, not only does he get to stay near the beach, but he gets to fill that bench utility role filled for the past two years by Jamie Buhrer, who should get the start now with Tony Williams gone and Joe Galuvao getting some grey hairs around the temples.

We can all but officially put Tom Symonds on the list of local juniors who have left the club in the past half-decade or so with first-grade talent.