SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 23: Blake Leary, Josh Starling and Jake Trbojevic of the Eagles look dejected during the round 24 NRL match between the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles and the Parramatta Eels at Brookvale Oval on August 23, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

The Manly Sea Eagles have demanded an explanation from the NRL over the draw that they have been given for 2016, claiming their four five-day turnarounds in the opening nine rounds of the 2016 NRL draw are ‘dangerous and unacceptable’.

In particular, they raise concerns about playing three matches in 10 days over Rounds Three, Four and Five against three semi-final teams from last season.

Read the full statement below:

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles have demanded an explanation and a meeting with the NRL over the 2016 premiership draw which the Club is adamant puts its players wellness and safety in severe jeopardy.

The Sea Eagles consider four five day turnarounds in the opening nine rounds of the premiership to be dangerous and unacceptable.

Of particular concern is three matches in 10 days in Rounds three, four and five against last season semi finalists Cronulla Sharks (Monday), Sydney Roosters (Saturday) and South Sydney (Thursday).

CEO Joe Kelly has today written to NRL Head of Football, Todd Greenberg, requesting a meeting and outlining the Club’s grievances with its draw, including the player related issues.

“At the moment we are concerned with an adverse reaction to the draw from our Members and we are fully supportive of the view they are expressing,’’ Kelly said.

“I can assure them we will be taking up those issues when management gets an opportunity to meet with the NRL face to face.”

Head Coach Trent Barrett has asked Greenberg for an explanation and says he is deeply concerned for his players. He has been supported by his highly qualified medical and fitness staff.

“This Club and its players and supporters thrive on adversity but the game is tough enough without having serious player welfare issues put in front of us by the NRL draw,’’ Barrett said.

“Four five day turnarounds in the first nine rounds of the competition is unfair and dangerous according to our medical and health and safety advice. It is unfair to ask our players to undertake such a workload.

“Some Clubs have extra hurdles placed in front of them and other Clubs have none.

“This has to be addressed now – not after a player is seriously affected by the unrealistic workload placed upon them by virtue of a draw which smacks of dramatic inconsistency.”

Sea Eagles Chief Medical Officer, Dr Luke Inman (Doctor, Sports and Exercise Medicine) also expressed his concern.

“It is difficult to quantify the risk of injury with shortened recovery time but we do know that muscle damage is cumulative,’’ Dr Inman said.

“If there is inadequate recovery, which is possible for some players with this turnaround, then the additive loads will further increase the muscle damage, and cumulatively.

“What we can say is that with heavy loads and inadequate recovery there is an increase in injury risk, independent of the muscle damage scores the injury risk is increased up to 3-4 weeks following the period of increased exertion.”

Dr Inman, who formerly worked with the Sydney Swans, is writing a paper on the creative kinase (muscle damage marker) on Swans players following data received from every game over the past three seasons.

He is also concerned clubs most affected by the five day back up will have key players missing in the period because of concussion issues.

“They will have next to no time to recover and pass the necessary test required. The time frame for the short turn around simply won’t allow it,’’ he added.

Dan Ferris, Head of Physical Performance, Manly Sea Eagles, said the situation needs to be addressed immediately.

“Scientific journal articles on player load and recovery show how much a negative response on the body has for a period of 3-4 days post game,’’ Ferris said.

“Muscle damage on the body is still at its peak 3-4 days post game and takes a full 5-6 days to return to homeostasis”

“I believe three games in a 10 day period against any NRL opposition has zero player welfare attached to it.

“If the NRL are serious about their concerns for player burnout, this type of demand doesn’t show it.

“It should also be noted teams will play with two less replacements in 2016 which will further increase game demand load automatically for some players compared to last season.”

RLPA General President, Clint Newton, says he shares Manly’s concerns about the draw and the implications for player welfare.

“Manly’s 2016 schedule highlights the issues we have raised regarding five day breaks and the cumulative impact this will have on the players from a performance perspective, together with their health and wellbeing throughout the season,” said Newton.

“Added to that is the number of Thursday and Monday night fixtures that present serious commercial limitations for the Club with a possible further impact on the funding available to support our players.”



  1. The draw is always unfair to some teams. playing sharks Souths roosters in that time is pretty ridiculous.

  2. Pretty sure u were dribbling crap this season when storm fans had a shook about it happening to them!! But as usual with u des..

  3. Barrett and Kelly know exactly what it takes to get Manly firing. This is reverse psychology at its best. All you suckers already falling for it….

    Us against the world. Just how Manly like it.
    Bring on 2016 and the haters. We feed on it.

    • good dance to the eaglerock ..isnt that were you stand there flapping your arm and looking like a tool. thought kylie and justice crew was more your style..

      • You could do the slippery eel bop and just squirm around on the floor like the bottom feeding club you follow. arms to the side like a worm and just squirm ?

  4. Below is from

    So who will have the easiest and toughest draws in 2016? After running some numbers, here’s how the 2016 draws rank, from hardest to easiest.

    1. Dragons
    2. Cowboys
    3. Bulldogs
    4. Roosters
    5. Broncos
    6. Eels
    7. Rabbitohs
    8. Warriors
    9. Knights
    10. Sharks
    11. Panthers
    12. Sea Eagles
    13. Storm
    14. Wests Tigers
    15. Titans
    16. Raiders

    Out of 16 teams there are only four teams who have an easier draw then Manly.

    Our first three games of the season are:
    Round 1 – Broncos (grand finalists)
    Round 2 – Cowboys (premiers)
    Round 3 – Bulldogs (bloody tough team)

    As far as I am concerned I love the fact our first game of the season is against a top class team like the Broncos instead of the easy beats we flogged in round 1 this year.

    • This was from the same article that said Manly had the toughest draw in 2015….? And we still finished above the eels….

        • Probably because we had the toughest draw of 2015. That’s the reason good sides lose to bottom dwellers like the eels.

          Look, I understand you need to cling to wins to make yourself feel better about 2015. We had the toughest draw of any team, we had several contract issues, we had more injuries than any other team… And we still put ourselves in a position to make the finals….

          And the eels….? Oh that’s right, you beat the team that came 9th twice. I’d be so proud….ha ha ha.

          Continue your fall down the ladder in 2016 (not too much farther to fall though)

  5. Broncos have the easiest draw as they do every year cause most of there games are on either Thursday or Friday nights so there preparation is always the same. I went through there draw and they have just one five day turn around and there is a few 9 day turnarounds. It doesn’t matter who plays who where it just matters how much of a break your getting each week for recovery and preparations.

  6. You can’t say that some teams have an easier draw because some teams might shock other teams maybe Cowboys have a downfall and Titans have a winning streak. You never know how the teams play out through the season.

    • moanly at it again. just distract the nrl for a few days until you can bury all the paper bags in brookie oval.

      • ok bro cool story. bulldogs are known cheats. fact. remember dessie is coming home soon. Enjoy dymock lol

        • I hope he returns to brookvale and Dymock takes over. Des has done a great job getting us to the big dance twice so nobody can say it was a bad move on our behalf but what he has done is abused the back ended deals badly like he did at manly and now we are just losing players and may have a bad couple of years coming up if we have a bad injury run. I’m sure Dymock would have learnt enough to take the reins now anyway.

        • PS almost every club is or has cheated the cap so get over it. Maybe your team will be the next big scalp ????

  7. One of the biggest grudge match blockbusters of the calendar is when the storm and manly meet.
    I was disappointed to see they are scheduled to meet only once this season. It happened a couple of years ago too.

  8. The Roosters didn’t complain this year when we had a tough start to the season.

    Round 1 = Cowboys @ 1300Smiles (Cowboys looking for revenge after being eliminated by Chooks year previously; 2015 Premiers)
    Round 2 = Rabbitohs @ ANZ (Defending Premiers)
    Round 3 = Panthers @ Allianz (Got eliminated 1 game shy of GF in 2014, same as Roosters)
    Round 4 = Raiders @ Gosford
    Round 5 = Sharks @ Allianz
    Round 6 = Broncos @ Suncorp (2015 Grand Finalist)
    Round 7 = Storm @ AAMI (Same situation as Panthers last year, eliminated 1 game shy of GF in 2015)

    • They saved their complaining for 2016!!!! Whoops – did u miss that one.

      They’ve voiced their concerns on players welfare as they have 4 5day turnarounds as well.

      Guess the Roosters are a bunch of whingers….

      Maybe uncle Nick can get the draw changed now.

  9. Well as we have every right to be upset, we just have to take this one on the chin as the nrl aren’t gonna Change the draw but the nrl do go on about player welfare and keeping players safe from injuries but whatever. What really annoys me about this draw is only 1 game at Brookie on a Sunday in 20 ROUNDS and the game against parra at Brookie is on a Thursday ??
    But to all the haters GUESS WHAT MANLY HATES YOU TOO?

  10. Manly always get a tough draw. Seen an article that said we had the roughest draw for 15 aswell.
    Only get the Titans and WT once and we play Titans during Origin which sucks, was looking for a bit of DCE Myles grudge match.
    3 games 10 days of semi final teams is rough.
    We will be the new Monday night specialists.

    I reckon it’s a tactic to keep that us against them mentality going and make sure we get a good schedule for the last 6 games.

  11. The whinging from the Peninsula is countersigned Robert Fulton.

    Has been and always will be a whining whinging whip. Ignore the goose NRL.
    Live by your name, Manly!!

  12. no point complaining about the draw – it is what it is, a good team will overcome all the challenges and win against whoever is put up against it, if they cant – they are not good enough and don’t deserve to be there.
    Typical manly BS.

  13. My God Manly and their fans sulking and bitching about anything and everything
    Thats something you never see oh wait

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