during the round nine NSW Intrust Super Cup Premiership match between the New Zealand Warriors and the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs at Mt Smart Stadium on May 1, 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Gold Coast Titans have agreed to terms with blockbusting former Warriors centre Konrad Hurrell on a deal for the remainder of this season and 2017.

The 24-year-old centre, a powerhouse at 104kg, was released by the Warriors yesterday.

Hurrell, who was born in Tonga but relocated to Auckland in his teens and began playing rugby league for the first time there.

He played 71 NRL games for the Warriors after debuting in the first round of 2012. He has also represented Tonga four times, including in the 2013 World Cup.

“It’s great news for this club; in Konrad’s 71 NRL games he has scored 41 tries which alone shows what a dynamic attacking player he is,” Titans coach Neil Henry said.

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“He will add depth to our outside backs which has suffered with the long-term injuries to David Mead and John Olive.

“At 24 he has his best football ahead of him and I look forward to him developing further on the Gold Coast.”

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  1. Ehhhhh, I dont know, will either be a star or a flop. Let’s hope king Henry will get the best out of him like he has with Paasi and Pulu.

  2. Don’t mind our squad now, at full strength:
    1. Mead
    2. Don
    3. Hurrell
    4. Hoffman
    5. Macdonald
    6. Taylor / Roberts
    7. Elgey
    8. Shillington
    9. Peats
    10. James
    11. McQueen
    12. Taia
    13. Bird
    14. Paasi
    15. Pulu
    16. Douglas / Pettybourne
    17. Friend / Mosely

  3. Potentially great signing for you guys! If Henry can get the best out of him he can be an absolute weapon. Peats now Hurrell, things are on the up for the titans/fans!

  4. Looking good for the titans, but i think they will have to get rid of 2 of these 4 players: Zillman, MacDonald, Don and Hoffman as I feel they might be on the outer with the club, considering they have now signed Hurrell and Sarginson.
    2017 lineup should be something like this:
    Elgey (He should be the next captain, he is the future of the club IMO)

    Pettybourne/Srama (Depends if you want a backup hooker or not)

    I think they could challenge next year if they gel right.

  5. Didn’t they release a statement last night saying he wasn’t signed?
    Why bother if you going to sign him hours later

  6. What do you guys think will be the top 8 now? I know we have only just reached State Of Origin but at the moment what would your ladder be?
    1. Cowboys
    2. Storm
    3. Broncos
    4. Sharks
    5. Raiders
    6. Bulldogs
    7. Panthers
    8. Titans (Yeah im crazy but still think theres only really 7 teams left in the comp now)
    9. Dragons
    10. Rabbitohs
    11. Sea Eagles
    12. Warriors
    13. Roosters
    14. Tigers
    15. Eels
    16. Knights

    • One player doesn’t turn a team straight into a premiership contending team, the Titans still have a long way to go, but yes I think they will be contending for the eight. I think it could look something like this.
      1. Broncos
      2. Sharks
      3. Storm
      4. Cowboys
      5. Bulldogs
      6. Raiders
      7. Rabbitohs
      8. Titans (I think 7th – 9th pos. will be a toss up between the Rabbits, Titans and Panthers.)
      9. Panthers
      10. Dragons
      11. Sea Eagles
      12. Eels
      13. Warriors
      14. Roosters
      15. Tigers
      16. Knights

      Bottom Four (Any Order):
      Knights, Roosters, Tigers, Warriors

      • Such a big gap between the best teams and the worst teams this year.
        I can only see 4 real contenders Cowboys, Broncos, storm, sharks.

        Warriors, Manly, roosters, Souths, dogs, Raiders have been massive disappointments so far

        Still along way to go and plenty can happen between now and September

        • Raiders being a “massive disappointment” is a bit of a exaggeration to be fair. We are 5W-5L-1D sitting 7th on the ladder mate and i think we will smash the bulldogs again this week.

    • Even if Eels get deducted 12 points we are still going to not be in bottom four Imo this is the final ladder at the end of round 26
      1. Broncos
      2. Storm
      3. Sharks
      4. Cowboys
      5. Bulldogs
      6. Panthers
      7. Raiders
      8. Rabbitohs
      9. Dragons
      10. Titans
      11. Eels
      12. Roosters
      13. Sea Eagles
      14. Warriors
      15. Tigers
      16. Knights

      Biggest surprise team is Titans while biggest disappointing team is Warriors.

      • Ill do my half yearly report on all teams
        Broncos, Sharks, Storm, Cowboys have all been no shock & have eased their way in to the top 4 with no at their level to challenge them in that 4 so I’m expecting these teams to be playing the preliminaries.

        Panthers & Raiders are struggling for consistency but on their day look very Sharp they will both play September & for many Septemebrs to come.

        Tigers & Knights have been no surprise to see them in bottom 4 territory & it looks to be a little to late to turn their season around.

        Bulldogs are consistent but are still finding that class to beat the top 4 & I think they’ll be low top 8 again this year.

        Rabbitohs on one day look like they could match top 4 quality then the next match bottom 4. Once the find consistentcy at a high level I think they’ll be a hard team to beat.

        Dragons have struggled to find the white line which is costing them in many games & if the comp was based on defecnce Dragons would be very high but just need an attacking spark to be playing finals footy.

        Sea Eagles & Warriors have both had disappointing seasons so far many expected them to be in the 8 (some even fought top 4) but they are in a rebuilding phase I believe in 2018 they will be at their best.

        Titans have been a very surpassing team many thought they be at the bottom but halfway through the the comp they are battling for a spot in the 8. All I can say is the only way is up for the Titans

        Roosters were struck with injuries early & youngsters were rushed into the top grade, which has cost them a spot in the 8 unfortunately I can’t see them turning their season around but still are no easy beats.

        Last but not least Eels so far the Eels have had a year they would love to forget but dramas off field have cost them their spot in the 8 but if their was no dramas Eels would be there in September and fighting for a spot in the prelim’s but it seems to be they won’t see that til next year.

  7. Hope he goes well. Problem with him he didn’t improve in 4 years at the warriors. He couldn’t catch herpes in a sailors brothel. He gave away too many stupid penalties, and was the worst centre on defence I’ve ever seen bar none. Maybe getting away from the comfort of Auckland will do him wonders. Here’s hoping.

    • Bro if he did catch herpes we’d all know about it.

      He’d film it… on his phone… in his car…

  8. Henry will bring out the best in Hurrell not because of his signing but Titans will make the 8 this year and push for the semis.

  9. It’s going to be quite a year for the Titans next year. Really good recruitment for next year with Hurrell and Sarginson strengthening their backline. With Elgey coming back from injury next year they’re going to be a real force!
    1. David Mead
    2. Dan Sarginson
    3. Josh Hoffman
    4. Konrad Hurrell
    5. Nene Macdonald
    6. Kane Elgey
    7. Ash Taylor
    8. David Shillington
    9. Nathan Peats
    10. Ryan James
    11. Zeb Taia
    12. Chris McQueen
    13. Greg Bird
    14. Luke Douglas
    15. Agnatius Paasi
    16. Eddy Pettybourne
    17. Leivaha Pulu

  10. Part of his release conditions to the Titans was that he was not allowed to play in the round 17 clash against warriors what BS goes to how much of a spineless club they truly are.

    • Ahhhh, you are familiar with the long established requirement that any player that transfers mid season is not permitted to play against their former club for the second half of that year?

      I’m going to assume that the content of your statement above suggests that you’re not.

      “Spineless Club” indeed…. Or ignorant to the rules in place within the NRL….

        • That could have been an arrangement between the two clubs – part of the contractual agreement.

          If I recall correctly another recent example is BJ Leilua and when he joined Canberra last year. He missed the game against Newcastle.

          What’s happening with Konrad is not uncommon and has been done many times before in the NRL.

        • So basically what your saying is that there isn’t an ‘long established requirement’ of not being able to play against your old club and you’re ignorant to the ‘rules’ placed by the NRL.

          aha thx for the call out ZT.

  11. Hopefully he pulls his finger out and takes his game to a new level Now he’s out of his comfort zone

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