WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 08: Peter Mata'utia of the Dragons scores a try during the round 22 NRL match between the New Zealand Warriors and the St George Illawarra Dragons at Westpac Stadium on August 8, 2015 in Wellington, New Zealand. (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

Utility back Peter Mata’utia has signed a contract that will see him return to the Newcastle Knights for seasons 2016 and 2017.

Mata’utia made his NRL debut playing for the Knights in 2011 before signing with the St George Illawarra Dragons in 2014.

The Dragons announced on Wednesday morning they granted the 25-year-old a release, which allowed Mata’utia to sign with the Knights.

“Peter is a local junior who we are bringing home, and that is important,” coach Nathan Brown said on Wednesday afternoon.

“More importantly he is a left centre, which is something we have been looking for.

“Peter is a good, consistent first grade player and he will help enhance our young developing players.”

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  1. he played fairly well last year for Saints, not sure what up with him going early but pls tell me its not to accommodate Locke’

  2. Great I know we are a “family club” but Brown has to sign players that we need and that can help us. He is not one of them players if we got him on the cheap then I don’t mind but not a great, game changing player

    • It’s the sort signing our club needs at the moment, we have limited salary cap space & need to fill the gaps with cheap, young players while we move on the old guys. Need a bit of depth at the moment too, Jake Mamo & Chanel Mata’utia are injured, Nathan Ross might be out too.

      • I seriously don’t know how we don’t have much cap space. Losing Gidley,Scott,Mason,Houston etc all departed the club. We should have at least 600k free

  3. Knights signing more players that can’t make 1st grade elsewhere, no surprise where they are coming

    • Crowy3301 a lot of players that couldn’t make First grade elsewhere can make it at other clubs. Look at Melbourne’s team pretty much every player were players who were in NSW cup for there past teams. Eg Lachlan Coote was at Penrith and was in reserve grade for a fair while and now he is one of the best ball playing fullbacks in the game. I think he is the best at the moment

      • Yes that’s correct, but Melbourne are very rare in that fact as they throw there money at there big 3 and get certain players cheap to come in and play a role, quite certain Knights don’t have a top 3 or anything so that theory won’t work there, personally think teams like Knights need stop buying fringe players and out big money into a certain couple of big name players that they actually target to play there game around

        • Though I agree with what you’re suggesting (Newcastle needs to attract some headline players), the challenge is that it’s difficult to do so when you’re not winning.

          If I’m a current rep’ player who commands decent coin, I want to be winning more than 60% of my matches each season and playing football in September/October. A large offer would be very tempting, but do I want to play for a club that is currently struggling and will continue to do so for a few years as they embark on a rebuilding strategy (and possibly lose my rep jersey as I’m the best player in an average team who could be overlooked for an average player in a winning team)?

        • Of course that is the problem they now have, but I look at even the dce saga, Titans targeted him to build it all around him knowing once they got that 2 big star others would join, also eels with watmough, done nothing whilst he there ( frankly a shame cause he my favourite player) but all reports I hear say if he hadn’t gone there in 2015 they would of got none of Foran, Scott, Jennings I and look how they are coming along, not always going to be that easy but buying matautai cause his brothers are there isn’t the solution, there needs to be strategies in place to get a better team

  4. Super devastated. He was honestly my favourite dragons player. He is definitely a better left centre than right winger. At least he is with his brothers but I don’t understand why he would leave because i still think his chances at first grade are better at the saints and if he does play first grade at the knights then it is probably at the expense of one of his brothers. Tim Lafai has not lived up to the hype and sorta wish matautia was our left centre. Best of Luck to him

    • Mate agree with you in regards to Lafai but Matautia leaving won’t be an issue… Poor read in defense, hands like feet and constantly out of position… I’m no coach but I would have dropped him weeks ago… He did play some ok games for saints last year so you do wish him well and hope he goes well at the knights … He was on good coin at the dragons so great for our cap

  5. Just hope for the dogs sake i hope we havent signed kade slowden as the rumors go, id be pretty pissed is its true,guessing why the signing above has freed up some cash with slowdens departure.

    • I think if Snowden was to leave it will be to retirement he has on going back and neck issues I’ve been told. If it was true I’d swap you Tolman. I don’t even mine that Tim Browne he is a decent player

    • I don’t think it’s true. Don’t worry about him mate, we won’t be signing him.

  6. Snowden was a great player at the Sharks, Hodgkinson was good at the Dogs. Newcastle are the new player graveyard. Avoid at all costs

    • blame big daddy Wayne he fd that club right up and jumped ship to a top 8 side lol and you all think he’s great he’s a hack probably the biggest then Bellamy. 40 nil no cheating

  7. Could it be possible if Uate gets injured for this
    2. C. Mata’utia
    3. Pa. Mata’utia
    4. S. Mata’utia
    5. Pe. Mata’utia.

    Are all of them related. I have a feeling Peter isn’t but the others are brothers.

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