Matt Hilder

Matt Hilder

Matt Hilder, Timana Tahu and Anthony Quinn have agreed to play on with the Newcastle Knights for season 2014, while Clint Newton will return.

The four senior players are integral to the Club’s plans of making NSW Cup the Knights’ second-tier team from next season.

After reviewing the elite players pathway, the Knights believe there is a significant gap between NYC and NRL. NSW Cup provides a more appropriate path between the competitions but securing experienced players to mentor the younger players was essential.

“The gulf between NYC and NRL has never been bigger,” CEO Matt Gidley explains.

“Therefore we need our NYC players aspiring to play NSW Cup in order to continue their development as players.

“A key part of that development is surrounding our best young talent with mentors to help them become and importantly remain NRL players.

“Matt, Timana, Anthony and Clint have agreed this is a key part of their role next year, while also keeping pressure on the top squad to perform at their best each week.”