NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 10: Korbin Sims of the Knights scores a try during the round six NRL match between the Newcastle Knights and the Wests Tigers at Hunter Stadium on April 10, 2016 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images)

Newcastle prop Korbin Sims is poised to quit the club to immediately join the Brisbane Broncos after securing a release from the final year of his contract at the Knights.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal Sims approached the Knights more than a week ago about his interest in linking up with former coach Wayne Bennett in Brisbane and was told the club would not stand in his way if he secured a deal.

It’s understood Sims and the Broncos agreed to terms overnight with Sims informing the Knights on Friday.


  1. Ah well if he doesn’t wanna be here then let him go, good luck to him. Shame to have to lose an up and comer such as him will never forget watching the shot he put on matt white last year thought the poor guy was dead!!

      • Broncs are gone mate , there time in the sun is over , Cows and Titans have a far superior coaching and player roster , what we are witnessing is the death throws of a once proud club , I personally like what I see , that’s Briz getting smacked on and off the field , deep down rusted on fans of briz know it ,

  2. I don’t think he’ll save the Broncos from their slide but still a handy player.
    He’s no Ryan James or Napa but he’s a solid option. Probably too expensive for other clubs but the Broncos can use their endless TPA’s….

    • According to fox sports, they are paying him out of their second tier salary cap.

      SSTID, I know you were discussing how Souths were made to pay market value for Burgess and the Eels got duded with the Folou deal with this market value rubbish. I would have thought that Sims market value would have put him at more that $85k which is what the Broncos are allegedly paying him.

      • Milton , maybe Newie is picking up most the tab !!! Similarly West tigers and there departed , diff being Wests a shelling out $1.1mill for past players to play elsewhere , murky ! As for Bennett , I’m enjoying this train wreck cause it’s in super slow mode ,,,,,, Briz have really hit rock bottom , they should have moved Bennett on , he’s lost the plot ,

        • Nope, according to the same article, the Knights refused to pay anymore if he was leaving, and good for them. See below.

          ‘They won’t contribute another cent towards a payout for him to leave the club, and this was a sticking point in negotiations between his management and the Knights until a deal was struck on Thursday night.’

      • 2nd tier salary cap?!?! If true, what an absolute joke.

        NRL favouring the Broncos cash cow yet again….
        It’s quite remarkable that they haven’t won any comps in the last 10yrs with all the help they get. Remarkable or sad? One or the other.

        • Straight from the NRL:

          Payments for players outside Top 25
          $460,000 – Cap for all players outside of the top 25 who compete in the Telstra Premiership.

          Its not 1st April is it?
          This guy would be in the Top 25 of any club he was signed to.
          The fact the Broncos, if true, could sign him to a 2nd tier contract, makes a mockery of the whole salary cap, or, at the very least, pushes the boundaries of what it was designed for.

      • If the Broncos are only paying Sims $85K, then I live in Russell Crowe’s mansion and my initials are RC! LOL

  3. How much can clubs spend?

    The Salary Cap for 2015 is $6.1m for the 25 highest remunerated players at each club. All other players that play NRL in the current year must fit under a $460,000 Salary Cap.
    For players in the Top 25 Salary Cap or 2nd Tier Salary Cap, the Salary Cap value for a player each year is broken down into the following categories:
    –      Playing Fee – fully included in the Salary Cap.
    –      Included benefits – all benefits provided to players including accommodation, travel, motor vehicles, interest free loans and manager’s fees and any applicable fringe benefits tax.
    –      Win bonuses and appearance fees – Payments for appearing in or winning a game are calculated based on the number of NRL games the player played in the prior year multiplied by any applicable bonuses. For win bonuses, the calculation is capped at 13 wins. Example: A player appeared in 10 NRL games in 2015 and now has a 2016 Contract for $100,000 contract fee plus $1,000 per game. His – Salary Cap Value would be $100,000 plus 10 times $1000 = $110,000.
    –      Other bonuses – Any other bonus contained in a player’s contract will be calculated in the Salary Cap if the NRL Salary Cap Auditor expects him to achieve the bonus based on his prior year’s performance.
    Example: A player played State of Origin in 2015. His 2016 Contract includes a $20,000 State of Origin bonus. This bonus will be included in the player’s 2016 Salary Cap Value.
    Note: Where a bonus is achieved by a player but was not assessed in the player’s Salary Cap Value, the bonus is carried forward and calculated in the player’s Salary Cap Value for the following year.

    • Come on billy boooiyeee, you live QLD so you should know how things are reported by the media north of the border. It’s like living in North Korea! Everyone is fanaticised with only one news service and one message and all are committed to supreme leader Bennett and his steadfast belief in himself. So all your figures are surely just southern propaganda, surely?

        • Good old Joh “Don’t you worry about that, you let me worry about that” Bjelke-Petersen. Joh was certainly the Kim Jong-un of his time, he even had the short back and sides hair cut. Other similarities included Joh introducing a restriction of civil liberties and the growth of police power until QLD was practically under martial law. He certainly was progressively backwards in his thinking.

          My favourite JBP quote: “The greatest thing that could happen to the state and nation is when we get rid of all the media … then we could live in peace and tranquillity and no one would know anything.”

          billy, that’s why they have the same news service with the same pro-QLD message up there, it’s just too confusing to have too many opinions! Hahahahahahaha

    • Yeah, just like the decision Roberts made ONLY a year ago DoorMatt, how’s that working out? LOL

      Look at the photo, you’ve just signed the love child of Mark “Chopper” Read and Ivan Milat! Wild times ahead Broncos, hang onto your ears and keep your doors locked! Hahahahahahahaha

  4. I am a Broncos fan. I agree with the sentiment of those South of the border. Broncos do get a good ride from NRL. Even I would like to see a fairer system. I want all clubs to prosper if they manage their club well. Broncos are still paying for a lot of poor recruitment and retention decisions over a long period of time and should have achieved more. Look at what Penrith are building without any of the advantages.

  5. One thing the Broncos do better than most clubs is develop their own as well as a lot of talent now playing at other clubs. However, they also have a big nursery.

    • “the Broncos… develop their own” and “they also have a big nursery”

      Both statements are true boycee. The Broncos are also a very professionally run organisation and have showed the other clubs how to market their product and in many ways have revolutionised the old club board mentality of the 70’s that were backward and prehistoric in their views of management. Rugby League is a business and the Broncos first developed the business model for the other clubs to follow. I just wish part of that model was not getting into bed with News Corp. and leading the other clubs in the Super League revolt.

      “Broncos do get a good ride from NRL”

      And thank you for that acknowledgement which although self-evident many other Broncos fans refuse to acknowledge.

      “I would like to see a fairer system. I want all clubs to prosper if they manage their club well”

      But there is more to it than just how the clubs manage their organisation, they also need to have the same access to the talent pool without TPA’s giving an advantage. Even the size of the junior nursery that the Broncos enjoy is itself a decided advantage over the Sydney inner-city clubs. I understand the argument for relocation due to shrinking traditional demographics (i.e. young families) but imagine if the Broncos were forced to relocate to Perth or South Australia, how would you feel?

      • I totally agree what your saying. Those factors give Brisbane an advantage. News limited relationship is also not a positive thing. I would love it all to be leveled so the determining factor would be decisions clubs make on an even playing field. At the end of the day it would be best for all rugby league supporters. I’d still love my team just as much.

        • Now that’s 3 QLD Broncos supporters I can talk to who make sense and are fair and balanced in their thinking. Some of my broadsides of late have been aimed at BroncoMatt (aka DoorMatt). I know Broncos supporters aren’t responsible for his endless trolling BS but it would be nice to see a few of them voice their displeasure at his constant provocation.

    • So where is YOUR research mate? Do you have figures for what the Broncos are paying their players under the cap and also for the TPA “sweeteners” that are off the books? We would all love to know the truth!

  6. In would prefer mckization if you put forward your view rather than call people idiots. Happy to hear your view our even be proven wrong. Too often comments on this site turn into pretty squabbles. I like talking about rugby league not scrolling abusive behaviour.

    • Bravo boycee! I have been to be admit I have gotten caught up in the past in a number of petty squabbles but I’m trying to make a break with that in 2017. I wish more Broncos fans would speak out and moderate the behaviour of the Broncos lunatic fringe.

      I look forward to discussing the Broncos and RL in general with you in 2017.

      So one question, I have proposed a change to sharpen up the Broncos backline. I think Milford could be one of the most dangerous and threatening FB’s in the game if only the Broncos would move him back to his original position. I also think that Boyd would be better off closer to the action at 5/8. I have gone into the reasoning for this in recent posts. Any thoughts?

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