SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 31: Josh Starling of the Sea Eagles watches on from the bench during the round 21 NRL match between the Manly Sea Eagles and the Newcastle Knights at Brookvale Oval on July 31, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

The Newcastle Knights is pleased to announce Josh Starling has joined the Club on a one-year contract.

The 26-year-old prop forward has played 67 first grade matches at the Manly Sea Eagles and the South Sydney Rabbitohs over the last five years.

“Josh is a good competitor, a great trainer and does a lot of wonderful work in the community,” coach Nathan Brown said.

“These are all qualities on and off the field that are important to have around our young squad.”

Starling joins another former Manly player at the Knights in Jamie Buhrer, and is coming off a solid 2016 season in which he played 20 matches.

“It has all happened quickly but it is great to join the Knights,” Starling said.

“There is a lot of hard work ahead. There are no guarantees, so I have to train hard and earn my spot.

“There is a lot of young talent at the Club and that is exciting to be a part of.”

Starling joined pre-season training with the team on Friday morning.

Newcastle Knights 2017 Player Movements

2017 Gains
Tyrone Amey (2018), Mitch Barnett (Mid Season: Canberra Raiders, 2020), Jamie Buhrer (Manly Sea Eagles, 2019), Brendan Elliot (Mid Season: Sydney Roosters, 2019), Jacob Gagan (Cronulla Sharks, 2019), Zac Hosking (2018), Tom Hughes (Mid Season: South Sydney Rabbitohs, 2018), Jack Johns (2018), Shaun Kenny-Dowall (Sydney Roosters, 2019), Rory Kostjasyn (North Queensland Cowboys, 2017), Peter Mata'utia (Mid Season: St George Illawarra Dragons, 2021), Pasami Saulo (2020), Ken Sio (Hull Kingston Rovers, 2021), Josh Starling (Manly Sea Eagles, 2017), Tom Starling (2018), Anthony Tupou (Wakefield Trinity, 2017), Joe Wardle (Huddersfield Giants, 2020)
2017 Losses
Jake Mamo (Huddersfield Giants), James McManus (retired), Robbie Rochow (Melbourne Storm), Korbin Sims (Brisbane Broncos), Tariq Sims (St George Illawarra Dragons), Jeremy Smith (retired), Kade Snowden (retired), Akuila Uate (Manly Sea Eagles)
Cory Denniss (2018), Josh King (2020), Brock Lamb (2019), Dylan Phythian (2018), Nathan Ross (2020), Daniel Saifiti (2020), Jacob Saifiti (2020)
Off Contract 2019
Jamie Buhrer, Slade Griffin, Hymel Hunt, Shaun Kenny-Dowall, Zac Woolford
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    • pedro the saint

      Souths supporters out number Manly supporters by a big margin on the central coast. More than Manly and Knights supporters combined. Also strong support here for the Central Coast Bears (North Sydney representing Souths in NSW Cup), helps to tip the scales well in favour of the Rabbitohs.

      The Sea Eagles fans here mostly live at Terrigal and “pretend” it is Manly! LOL

      • Souths outnumber Manly almost everywhere apart from northern beaches. Your comment about Terrigal is uneducated/ or a shallow dig.

        And NSW cup support of souths and bears is irrelevant when Manly and Knights provide the systems for cc juniors to progress through.

        How do I know this? Played for cc centurions, Wyong and live in East gosford.

        Your comments are wise majority of the time, but not all.

        • finnmanly1

          As you are from Gosford you would know that there are plenty of Manly fans up here but after Souths and Manly it drops off appreciably.

          “Your comment about Terrigal is uneducated/ or a shallow dig.”

          I guess that was a bit of a dig, through work I have known a number of people up here (Manly fans) who all congregate and live at Terrigal and talk themselves up because of it. Perhaps more of a dig towards them than anything else. For me ATM it’s like Mad Monday on ZT with the season over and nothing to focus on until next year, I am probably more apt to go off on tangents that usual. Sometimes I get caught up in a but of too and fro with silvertail47 (just for laughs) and other Manly supporters from time to time but by and large I think you will find from my posts I am not a Manly basher.

          I guess I reacted to an innocent comment from pedro re “Northern eagles” and as Manly are now playing games up on the cc and Souths are not I wanted to remind those here that the Bunnies are much loved up this way and no amount of games played by Manly up here will change that.

          About the Bears, it IS relevant because, as you know there is a lot of support up here for North Sydney to re-enter the NRL as the Central Coast Bears. Souths’ association with then Bears then IMO only strengths the support up here for the Rabbitohs who have been prepared to support the Bears and keep their presence alive in RL.

          “How do I know this? Played for cc centurions, Wyong and live in East gosford.”

          I played my football in the inner-city (I’m a South Sydney junior), my son played for Gosford-Kariong Storm and Erina Eagles. Beyond that I have not been heavily involved in cc RL so I won’t pretend otherwise.

          “Your comments are wise majority of the time, but not all.”

          Who is? You have to allow people to be human as well, right? Are we good now or are you expecting more in the way of a mea culpa?

        • We are good now, no stress! Was having a tough week from memory.

          Good decision your son moving from Karting to erina eagles! If it was that way round…

  1. He be good there, plays real good games when he wants just seems to not get involved as much some times, but goes ok

    • And if he could pass the ball , ??? Just once an off load , SSTID there’s lotsa Manly fans in NZ ,,, so what’s your point ??

      • silvertail47

        I was responding to the northern eagles part of the comment, Manly to Newcastle and Manly plays a fair few games up here.

        Souths are playing more games in Perth and Cairns these days then in Gosford, which is disappointing because Souths have the biggest following of any NRL team on the Central Coast.

        White rabbit stickers on car rear windscreens, jersey’s, caps etc seen around the place, the number of supporters turning up to Manly vs Souths games etc.

        Manly may try but they aren’t going to establish a following up here like Souths.

        It just Sh!ts me because I don’t often travel away from here to see games. Capiche? 🙄

        • billy

          Hahahahahahaha 😉

          Poor silvertail47 has a GPS tracking system strapped to his ankle courtesy of the Department for Correctional Services (on account of what he has done to “Tragic”) so I don’t think they will let him make the trip. FYI, he thinks it’s an EPerb for his fishing so don’t let the cat out of the bag, OK? There are one or two others I am fond of as well so I’ll let you draw up the lists.

          You have to admit though, they (Manly fans) have been relatively well behaved this year compared to previous years and the site would be far less amusing without their contributions don’t you think? And I thought the Eels vs Seagulls rivalry ended just after the 80’s… you Eels boys and Sea Eagle fans like to go at it, I’ll give you that. Others here have to be careful of the collateral damage (never come between an angry Seagull and a chip!) LOL

    • crowy3301

      That was also his problem at Souths lazy, unmotivated and thuggish. Played the same for the Sea Eagles.

      I have never had a rap on him, he is trouble IMO and liable to miss a tackle or give away a penalty at a crucial time in the match.

      Good luck Nathan Brown and Knights fans.

      • I don’t know if it was coincidence but the games he came on as a sub when vave was coming on and going good he also was going good. He is definitely not a starting prop but can play a fair few minutes, just seemed the pressure of starting was when he played worse. He no world beater but had a small soft spot for him and think he deserves a crack and will improve a team like the Knights

        • crowy3301

          I still remember too well the missed tackles, penalties and ill-discipline that cost Souths when he played for us. Perhaps this still colours my view of him. I will watch and see how he goes at the Knights but Sims and the Saifiti brothers are still way in front of Starling IMO.

  2. Knights are slowly looking like a healthier side weekly, Hope they can sign guys like Fensom, Heighno & Leary and they’ll be a good team next year, Imagine this squad

    1. Ken Sio
    2. Nathan Ross
    3. Dane Gagai
    4. Sione Mata’utia
    5. Brendan Elliot
    6. Jarrod Mullen
    7. Trent Hodkinson
    8. Josh Starling
    9. Rory Kostjaysn
    10. Chris Heighington
    11. Mitch Barnett
    12. Jamie Buhrer
    13. Shaun Fensom
    14. Blake Leary
    15. Jacob Safiti
    16. Daniel Safiti
    17. Sam Matora

    • ScorinCoreyNorman

      Mate, I know “team lists” are your thing but seriously Chris Heighington in the front row ahead of Daniel Saifiti who killed it at the Knights this year? Really?

      Daniel Saifiti, Jacob Safiti, Korbin Sims and Sam Matora (Mickey Paea as backup), they are the Props for the Knights. Heighington has always been a back rower. Too late for an old leopard to change their spots I think.

      Has Shaun Fensom even signed yet for the Knights or is it still just speculation? If not how can he be named in the side? If Fensom is not at the Knights then maybe Heighington will fill in at Lock, otherwise he will struggle to win a starting spot in the side over Buhrer or Barnett as both look far too good for him to take their place.

      • ScorinCoreyNorman

        There you go…

        sharkytowin November 4, 2016 at 4:50 pm
        Chris Heighington is staying at the Sharks for 1 more year and then he’s retiring!

        It seems a bit premature to go to all the trouble to draw up a “What IF” team list IMO. Best off waiting until a player is actually signed. You will wear yourself out pal. Much better to discuss options instead don’t you think?

  3. Good move from both parties. Knights gain much needed experience and Starling is leaving a sinking ship.

      • Ok mate, I’ll respect the fact that manly were once one of the most feared teams in the NRL over the past decade, but like every club, they are now in a rebuilding phase.

        But honestly they are going about they’re rebuilding totally wrong. I called it as soon as Barrett and Carty signed on. Barrett was an untried coach, whilst Carty did sh*t all with the Titans in his later years. Furthermore, Manly went out on a huge spending spree, tried to replace Foran with a centre, then expected all these players to just gel together. Why an earth they got rid of Buhrer for Uate is beyond me

        With all due respect as well, DCE is not worth the price you are paying him (I know I sound biased, I know)

        • Titans2012. I agree with most of what you say.
          I was quite vocal against the DCE backflip. An opened ended contract is ridiculous business management.
          I loved Burhers passion and sportsmanship, but he was having less and less impact in todays game. You need to blitz it when coming off the bench. He was very unlucky with injury too.
          Walker at centre all next year will be great.
          We got Uate for small change.
          I think Neil Henry is a coach players will go to war for.

        • 100% eagle, Walker definitely needs to be at Centre, that we can all agree on. Who would you have on the outside of him? Taufua, Uate or Tommy T (should Stewart return at fullback)? I’d like to see Walker and Turbo partnered up! Speed to burn!
          Yes, I can agree with you on Buhrer, however his experience will be missed. Manly need to invest into two or three young forwards that they can transform into impact players (eg. Titans bought Paasi and Pulu as discards, now they play a huge part in the team)
          As for Henry, I agree, the team seems to rally for him. A couple of his decisions I did not agree on though, releasing players like Mead and Macdonald for example. Also I’m still unsure of Hayne, we were going well without him and I liked our underdog tag.

        • Spot on re the DCE deal, and being totally impartial, and to make matters worse, I think you did it with the wrong guy. DCE is smart and ambitious, and you’ve locked in a deal where he’s paid playing career (and beyond) is fully funded (at top dollar). He can go through the motions (do the min.) re his playing career and focus on his future career, and I think he will.

          I think, and have stated several times on ZT, that Manly supporters will be cheering from the roof tops in a few years time when DCE “retires injured”, and is paid out, and off the salary cap.

        • Cheers mate, I’ve read a couple of your posts and agreed with everything you said. As a fan who supports a team that has been dragged through hell and back, all I can say is keep the faith. However, if manly fail to make the top 8 again next year, I think it will be time to say Au Revoir to Mr Barrett.

  4. I don’t think Manly missing Starling as much they are missing Buhrer. Eddy Pettybourne is available being shop around by the Titan. Manly do need a second row, so Fulton pick up the phone. Jeremy Latimore also being released by the Panthers. Not sure where he will end up.

  5. And in a lot of teams not even that.

    @Cronk321 Are you kettles or ronald-m moonlighting here or are you new on ZT?

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