The Broncos today announce the signature of Dally M Centre of the Year James Roberts.

Roberts and the Broncos reached agreement overnight on a two-year contract that will bring him to the Brisbane club for the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

Roberts will report to training when the Broncos resume their 2016 pre-season on January 4, and shapes as an exciting replacement for retired captain Justin Hodges.

Broncos’ chief executive Paul White said he felt the new arrangement would be a great fit for both the club and the player.

“We certainly did not expect this opportunity and James and his advisor have conducted themselves very well during the negotiation,” he said.

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“James is obviously motivated to play for the Broncos for the benefit he will see both on and off the field.

“The negotiations have certainly not been just about the contract value.

“James is one of the most exciting young players in the NRL and we believe playing in the Broncos’ system can help take his game to the next level.”



    • Agree totally, as a bronco this is a better Christmas present than the ps4 my missus got me lol ( but no1 who reads this can tell her that ) lol. I kinda feel a bit for south’s n dragons but, the media played this out way to much n got a lot of fans hopes up.
      Teach you south’s fans for stealing Inglis off us but lol I’m kidding, I think gi, like Roberts made the right choice.

    • Are we sure its his signature this time? jks
      If anyone can take his game to the next level it would be Bennett and his staff.

  1. Awesome work Dragons management. They apparently offered him $275k, and allowed the Broncos to get him at a steal. IMO he’s worth double that, and I am sure the Dragon’s had the money. I guess they hedged their bets on Bird and Roberts and got neither. Its nice they can save their money now but $300k in the bank aint going to score points on game day.

  2. Thank God that is settled – good luck to him .
    Must be some nice third party deals up their in Brisbane , 10 rep players in one team .

        • i think it is 13?
          Parker, Thiaday, Boyd, Gillett – Aus/QLD
          Hunt – Aus
          Reed – Eng
          Blair, Niko, Kahu, Glenn – NZ
          Milford – Samoa
          Big Joe – Tonga
          Mcguire – Fiji/Qld

          And a loss of an Aussie/QLD legend for a NSW City rep player (almost not a fair swap if not for potential)
          Not to mention the retirement of Stagg (Qld) and Vidots (Samoa) exit, its actually a loss of 2 rep players.

        • Just looking at that list, it is a starting team that most clubs only dream about. Even Without Roberts. Just a winger Short.

          1 – Boyd
          2 – Kahu
          3 – Glenn
          4 – Gillett
          5 – Reed
          6 – Milford
          7 – Hunt
          8 – Mcguire
          9 – Niko
          10 – Blair
          11 – Thiaday
          12 – Big Joe
          13 – Parker

        • They also have the winger who they signed the speedster Carlin Anderson from the Ipswich jets. Looks like a premiership winning side if they stay fit.

  3. Another class player in the Brisbane stable. Wish I were a donkey fan. From an outsiders POV, must be nice having first pick of the cream of the crops.

    I think now is a good time to introduce a second team in Brisbane. Level the playing field.

  4. Wait a minute, this can’t be right. We have been assured by 3d*cks that he signed with Souths. This has to be a mistake. Don’t believe it everyone. Madge winked at him while drinking bourbon while shaking Rustys hand while sitting on Sams lap. He knows what’s going on.

    • Please could of been worse could of gone to the Politis lead roosters or Dez the King of brown paper bags Hasler lead dogs

  5. “I’m not a smart man. But I know a premiership when I see one”
    also signed on for 250k when titans offered 350k! are you high?

      • I forgot to put my projected team list on as well.


        16. Grenkie

        18. Opacic
        19. Waddell
        22. Nicholls

      • lol yeah since your a Tigers fan I would be more concerned about the Tigers finishing above the Titans
        So I wouldn’t talk a lot of crap till the Tigers can win more then they lose

  6. Great Signing, Cant wait to see him slicing up the opposition. It will just look better than last year now he is in the right colours.


    Please Wayne ask for a premiership this year! 10 years is a long time between drinks.

      • Oh for the love of Christ seriously
        No no don’t even try to compare them
        The Broncos got Roberts cheap because they didn’t need him
        They said we will sign you but not for big cash
        He wanted a premiership
        He had three choices Bronx Souths dragons
        Dragons are a long way of a comp with all respect
        Souths did you see them fall apart this yr they have issues
        The players don’t want to play for Michael McGuire so a premiership isn’t looking good
        That leaves the Broncos grand finalist they have the best chance next yr
        So he chose them case closed
        The storm were millions over the cap slater Falou Inglis finch smith Blair Crocker white I could go on
        Don’t compare the two you just look dumb

  7. The lad has done well and his personal development will prosper under Wayne and at a great club like the Broncos. The lad has put money to one side and thought about the bigger package. Smart thinking, Congratulations and all the best for the future.

  8. Finally the circus is over. Hope the pressure doesn’t get to him because he’s going to displace Copley and the Bronc’s fans are going to want results. Good luck to him though.

  9. Where you at 3 flaps? You got Walker wrong. Now you’ve got this completely wrong. You are a deadset idiot. Where are you now? Gone missing?

  10. As a Souths supporter I half wanted Roberts to sign with us, mainly because we need a centre. I am not too upset that he chose the Broncos because is still in Qld where he supposedly wants to be.

    To all of those who predicted he would sign with the Broncos, congratulations, for all of those who thought he was going to Souths, bad luck. Let’s see who got the best deal.

    Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope your team does well in 2016.

    • Good on you Chalky, giving the Bunnies supporters a good name. Unlike some whose arrogance shines through (3hats). Good luck to you and yours, hoping Souths challenge us for a shot at the title.

    • suprise suprise..none here. congrats bronx. As for souths..the quicker we say good bye to madge the better..good planning let go of DWalker and sign Hunt.. and before i get shot down question…which player has Madge attracted to play for one of the top sydney clubs since hes arrived???..answer none..besides SBurgess who was here before ..and how many have we lost..If we think we are a title shot were delusional. ..madges way..lose star player replace with 2nd tier cheapies…why would roberts return to a place where he was sent usual we have NO plan B

      • Well I can say this it will get worse expect to lose Reynolds he has a massive issue with Madge
        As too the burgess twins now seeing sammy is back that may smooth things over with the twins
        But trust me when I say Madge is not liked why do you think Luke left same with T’eo
        Hell why do you think T’eo refused to meet with Souths this yr he spoke with Wayne about going back to the Broncos why not Souths cause he don’t like Madge same as walker
        So Reynolds will be next he’s already tried to get a release
        Inglis is another who has issues with him
        Madge is like Hittler according to players at Souths
        And talk is getting to other players outside of the club
        Why do you think they played the way they did last yr

  11. No surprise here. Roberts said early on that he was keen to play under Bennett. Broncos never denied their interest so there you go.

    If it’s true that Saints offered 400k per year and Brisbane 250k, then something ain’t right. Difference of 300k over the 2 years, big price to pay if the Broncos don’t win comp in 16 or 17.

    Thank god this and the Bird circus is over. Bring on 2016!!!!

  12. Great!! Lets hope the NRL are diligent with the review of the contarct and ensure that the Titans have not been used up. He was $350k with the Titans so the Broncos would have to pay him more. The Broncos claimed they couldn’t pay him the large amount.

    Lets have equity NRL. One of the comments here stated that no other team in the NRL could field team like that cause it was too exy, but the Broncos seem to be able to do that. Lets not forget that they are courting Inglis as well??

    Souths sign one player and they have to cut three!! It just does not add up really, does it.

    Put your house on the Broncos winning the title in 2016 as they’ll be getting more leg ups than Jimmy Cassidy.

  13. Broncos should win the Auckland nines and the nrl in 2016
    NRL lineup 2016:
    1. Boyd
    2. Oates
    3. Kahu- till reed comes back and Oates go to the bench
    4. Roberts
    5. Anderson
    6. Milford
    7. Hunt
    8. McGuire
    9. McCollough
    10. Blair
    11. Glenn
    12. Gillette
    13. Parker
    14. Nikorima
    15. Thaiday
    16. Wallace
    17. Ofhangue
    18. Timu/Arrow/Funaki

  14. This is a great signing for Brisbane with speed in the outside backs the missing ingredient.

    Although the Titans contributed to their own problems, you cant help lamenting that the already strong get even stronger and the struggling clubs get the raw deal.

  15. if the bronco’s don’t win the premiership next year with the team they have, there is something seriously wrong with them….anywho’s good luck to all teams next year.

  16. Don’t worry Michael Maguire has a back up plan. I’m sure he’s let Dylan walker go to re-sign Joel Reddy.

    Since Michael Maguire has arrived at Souths., he was given a grand final winning team on a platter by Russell Crowe.
    He’s F**ked everything up !!!
    How the f**k has he missed out on Tapau , Teo returning , now James Roberts !!
    Let’s go
    Api koraisau
    Dylan walker
    Isaac Luke
    nathan peats
    Ben teo
    Sam burgess ( resigns for 4 times the price)
    Chris Grevsmuhl
    Roy asotasi
    Jeff Lima
    Luke burgess
    Josh starling
    Kane Evans

    List goes on forever

    Resigns who ?????
    Everyone running away from him

    • Totally agree with you rabbitohs1. I think madge is a bit like sticky, can only coach a good team. Tough times ahead for souths fans

    • Being a bronco, I think it’s funny how fans think, Maguire, can repulse players , despite 3rd party agreements n contracts.
      But Bennett can’t attract players, without 3rd party agreement.
      1 coach can deter players, based of a lack of coaching abilty or whatever the excuse is. But another coach can’t attract players based of his overwhelming ability n past history.
      Seriously, you can’t have ying, without yang. But that is some deep thinking sh*t, so I understand if it makes no sense to the majority.

  17. Wasn’t the main purpose of hodges retirement to retain Thaiday, Glenn and Kanu? Roberts can’t be hodges replacement as all the above 3 have just re-signed. Furthermore Kahu and Glenn need to be upgraded due to their selection for the kiwis and the players agreement award for rep players. Broncos and Bennett up to their old tricks again. I’ll never forget the Lockyer 250k a year contract over the last 3 years of his career.

    • I don’t understand Madge personally whispered this in my ear while we were spooning. I guess it was just pillow talk.

      • You crack me up sometimes lmao. People get way to personal on this site but atleast you can sit back and have a laugh lol

  18. 1. Boyd
    2. Copley
    3. Roberts
    4. Kahu
    5. Reed/Anderson
    6. Milford
    7. Hunt
    8. McQuire
    9. McCullogh
    10. Blair
    11. Thaiday
    12. Glenn
    13. Parker

    14. Nikorima
    15. Oates
    16. Joe O
    17. Gillet

    18. Wallace
    19. Reed/Anderson

    Great youth coming through, but it’s obvious most players are on cut wages to win a title under Bennett. After this year or maybe next, Parker, Thaiday, Blair to go and Joe O and Gillet and probably Oates will move back into starting 13. Still probably need to lose more players such as Maranta, etc to fit under the cap when players want what they derserve after a title or two with Bennett.

    • I don’t believe for one second that most players are getting paid less to win a title under Bennett .

    • If you actually think this then your a deadset idiot. But then again lockyer played for 250k a season didnt he ……..

    • Thaiday and Boyd both on 400K, they are two international and Orgin regulars. It was well said the all the broncoes could offer was around 300K for Roberts which is under other offers. It’s obvious players want to win titles and play under Bennett. Just like Roberts I wouldn’t be surprised if other senior members (Blair, Glenn, Gillet, Parker) are getting paided less. After these guys retire they will upgrade many contracts and lose some players

  19. The comp is a complete joke what type of system is this serouiosly, you almost have a complete rep side then they get bolstered with Roberts. I hope they choke again just to stick it to the 1 eyed supporters up here

    • Rep players don’t automatically get you the title. 2015 Wooden spooners

      1 Gidley – NSW/AUS
      2 McManus – NSW
      3 Sione – AUS
      4 Gagai – QLD
      5 Uate – NSW
      6 Mullen – NSW
      7 Roberts – Ind Allstars
      8 A Sims – Fiji
      9 Randall – not a rep
      10 Snowden – NSW
      11 Scott – NSW
      12 T Sims – Fiji
      13 K Sims – Fiji

      14 Smith – NZ

      A full rep side there. Got the spoon anyways

  20. Well done Roberts u picked the right team. Finally got a good centre . Hoping for Inglis years ago and misses out but sometimes thing happen for a reason. This young bloke is the next Inglis big, powerful an very talented an only 22years 32 try’s from 52 games is pretty good odds can’t wait to see him in the the broncos colors next year. THAT’S GOLD ??????????

  21. Broncos and that roster are the obvious benchmark next season. I hope all teams can compete.
    Merry Xmas everyone.

  22. Teams with a Sh#t load of rep players… Manly , sharks, roosters, cowboys, storm, war and rabbits , the broncos not the only team in the comp with rep players . Aust , Eng ,an NZ r the mane country’s. Yea broncos have 5 players in the Qld team , manly or sharks would probably have more or same with Qld an Nsw players this year coming. So all the haters of the broncos stop crying already.

  23. Stop having a cry ya sooky c%@ts get over it Roberts wanted a club and coach whom can offer more than what most can gladly he did not question the money and used his brains unlike ya Sydney clubs paying overs to keep ya talent or to poach example dogs and lafai Mann to dragons???yet q and a time on others whom have a complete n.s.w side or experienced it a couple after Qld smashed em lol

  24. Great signing, will the nrl register his contract. If you believe all the dribble on this site then the Bronks will have to punt two.

  25. Good onya. He was never going to sign for us the Dragons anyways. Brisbane, Cowboys, Dragons & Sharks will be my expected top 4 & the Broncos lineup will be:

    1. Boyd
    2. Oates
    3. Reed
    4. Roberts
    5. Kahu
    6. Milf
    7. Hunt
    8. Mc’Guire
    9. Mc’Cullough
    10. Blair
    11. Glenn
    12. Thaiday
    13. Parker
    14. Ofahengaue
    15. Nikorima
    16. Gillett
    17. Wallace

  26. Yewwww over the moon with roberts signing so pumped for next year its our year if we stay injury free !!!

  27. Sam2208 🙂 lol can’t figure out how to put Lego head smily face in text,glad you were right, very very glad

  28. i tried telling u drag and rabbit fans but as usual u never listen , again i prove my credibility , to you that disrespect the truth ..believe that

  29. but you drags and rabbits you shouldn’t be too disappointed as roberts is only a flyer his ball skills and defence is lacking badly , im just wondering how long before we see roberts in park football unless he shows early form ..

  30. So for 2016 our only major signing is James Roberts who is reportedly on $250k plus TPA. Our only other signings are Timu, Funaki, Nicholls, Ese ese and Anderson. None of which have first grade experience. Those who say we have no salary cap or that we haven’t lost any players, heres a list. And may I remind you that Hodges was one of our top 3 highest paid players.

    Mitchell Dodds (Warrington Wolves)
    Jordan Drew (Cronulla Sharks)
    Mitch Garbutt (Leeds Rhinos)
    Jon Green (retired)
    Justin Hodges (retired)
    Todd Lowrie (retired)
    Jayden Nikorima (Sydney Roosters)
    Matt Parcell (Manly Sea Eagles)
    David Stagg (retired)
    Ashley Taylor (Gold Coast Titans)
    Daniel Vidot (Salford Red Devils)

    We’ve lost plenty of players. And we still may lose Copley or Maranta?! I personally hope we can keep Copley. Would rather see Maranta leave to the Titans. Or I’d try off lod Glenn or Gillett as we have plenty of backrowers coming through our ranks.

    • I see you forget to mention that your still paying for half of Ben barba contract at Cronulla 250,000,00 season

      • And IMO Brisbane are still getting the better deal. That bloke’s apathy and attitude is a virus. Has the talent of a superstar and the attitude of a pub footballer.

  31. Its time to get out pace back . Haha can u believe that what a team . Roberts speed and that corey oates road train if there together oates will have a field day. Cant wait

  32. Can’t wait to see Milford and Roberts get on the outside of their opponents all day babbyyy!!speed kills?

  33. I can see Hodges chucking a rage right now because he retired because of salary cap pressure but they can fit Roberts under the cap lol…..believethat

    • hodges retired because he didn’t wanna hold the younger guys out of his position any longer and potentially hindering their development, it had nothing to do with money you know it all know nothing sob.

  34. 100% correct ^^^
    Hodges wanted to play on one more year but retired to keep Glenn Kahu and Thaiday
    Brisbane should win the Comp in a canter imo

  35. I think bennett will keep most of his grandfinalist team in the same position, whilst bleeding young blokes like Anderson, Timu, Funaki and possibly give blokes like Nicholls and E’sse a run, i think the team will look a little like this.

    1. Boyd
    2. Oates\ Maranta\ Debut Anderson
    3. Reed \ Kahu
    4. Roberts \ Kahu
    5. Kahu\ Anderson \Maranta
    6. Milford
    7. Hunt
    8. Maguire/ Thaiday (if recovery all is well)
    9. McCullough
    10. Blair\Thaiday
    11. Gillet
    12. Glen
    13. Parker
    14. Nikorima\ Debut Nicholls
    15. Blair\Thaiday\ Maguire
    16. Wallace
    17. Ofahengaue\Timu\Funaki\Ess’e

    I think Bennett will have the props on rotation each week depending on their fatigue, how players pull up through origin and the Test match, so blokes like Maguire won’t blow their Achilles as the game will be much quicker next year with the shot clock and the fewer interchange. As for injury’s being so unpredictable Broncos have a lot of depth to cover any position. I hope Copley now signs with titans as i don’t want them to have to pull the pin from the competition because i would love to soon see a expanded competition to 18 or 20 teams. Bring on 2016

  36. Oh please I said this three weeks ago 2/3 yr deal around 350 a yr mark
    And I’ve been saying ever since
    Despite all the media Rubbish about other clubs in talks
    First parr and then dragons then Souths he was never going anywhere but Brisbane
    Why because it was all but leaked by Mundine
    I had every halfwit saying I was mad including some delusional Souths fans who had him as a bunny
    I said he wasn’t moving out of qld it’s hard to play for a Nsw side if you are living in qld
    I said he was told living in Syd would be bad for him by Mundine
    I said Mundine said publicly going back to Souths was a bad idea
    I said he has always want to play under Bennett
    And he said winning a comp was his only goal not money all those clues say Broncos
    So go the people who said I was full of it ??

    Oh here’s to my boy Scoop for breaking the Bronx Roberts deal a month ago

  37. So Broncos get the draw to suit ( 20 Friday night games )
    One five day turn around, because they play every Friday night
    Third party deals which nrl goes out of their way to allow under market value contracts
    One club in Brisbane with population of 2 million to pick talent ( no second team )
    Higher turnover gates because they play nilly every Friday night raising massive revenue
    And still have not won a premiship in about ten years
    What a bunch of retarts, they must be part owned by the nrl

    • Brisbane get looked after when it comes to scheduling, but as they should. Same with Nth QLD, Warriors, Titans, Melbourne and a slightly lesser extent Newcastle and Canberra. Sydney teams have their own advantages.

      Brisbane was required to play out of Brisbane/Gold Coast area 12 times last year. St George only had to leave Sydney 6 times all year. Most of the year the Dragons had the advantage of training at their own facilities and just travelling a few km up the road to play away. Even their games in Canberra and Newcastle are less and 300km away. Brisbane and other non NSW teams are required to spend a lot of time training away from home preparing for games. They often travel down a day before the game and often arrive back in Brisbane late at night or the next day. It is even worse for the Warriors and Nth QLD. Each year regardless of who is playing in a Grand Final it must be played in Sydney.

      Brisbane are the most successful team of the modern era and only a retard as you put it, would not consider them a successful team.

  38. Wdf is everyones problem.. who have we signed huh .. its like were manly with all these haters .. if they move milf to full back we have some serious speed in our back line..

    • Whoa slow down 88broncos, these are the burdens we bronco fans must carry, we must not get angry. We must take the time,to think of funny(yet non-aggressive) things to say to our haters, egging on there contempt. So that when we win yet another grand final, we need not say anything.
      Also, is any1 on here a carpenter. Cause if you are, maybe put some tenders in to build the Broncos a new trophy cabinet. Good money as I hear it’s a big cabinet we’re expecting.

      • Do you Bronco supporters think Roberts is better than Hodges…the way you are hoofing off sure does sound like it…argh! ears to the ground…the hooves, the hooves are coming! They’re bunny feet!!!!

        • Personally, no I don’t think he is better than hodgo, but I’m basing that off hodgos best. Which is unfair. I don’t think we’ve seen Roberts best. I think we will though n then, as fans, we can all decide. As a bronco, hodgos a legend, Roberts is a talent, we can look forward to seeing grow. But he’s not hodgo.

        • He is a talent…Souths, Penrith, Titans know it. Idris, and Taylor are talents too.

          Dylan Walker
          James Roberts

          I cry a lot at night.

  39. Went from the scrap heap to Dally M centre of the year in Titans colours…. Leaves Titans to become a better player…. Kicked while we’re down…. Thanks to Scott Clark for forging that signature, although it appears he may have tried to get out of his contract anyway at some point. Was really looking forward to the 2 roberts boys playing together, thought james might bring the best out in tyrone but now. Just more crap for titans fans to swallow i guess…

  40. Hodges was a great player who was very past his best.. he wouldnt even run at the line hard . Just line break assists. He was great in defence . Our defence was second to none in 2015 so roberts will be fine

      • Well technically jackass it wasn’t
        The Broncos had the better defence
        First the game was decided by a field goal that should never of happened
        But that’s another golden point rant for another day
        As for my point the Broncos defence was better they made more tackles missed less tackles
        So if your gonna troll at least have accuracy or you just sound like a tosser

        • Hold up. If you want facts, here they are numbnuts. The Broncos conceded 17 points and the Cowboys conceded 16 points. Technically, that means you are wrong. . jackass.

  41. Still can’t understand Michael Maguires recruitment. Someone please shed some light.

    Get rid of most of the best players in the team. Signs Sam burgess only.

    I don’t understand this guy, Roberts doesn’t come , how do u let him slide , especially after releasing walker . What the F**k is he thikjing

    • Come on Rabbit1…he recruited some real star quality….Reddy Millard to name a few, One answer…Hes got NFI and NO credibility and no one wants to play for him..Believe what was reported about unrest in the dressing room…Its true..I think he runs the club with an iron fist and yet young players still stuff up…maybe G Stewart was right…U cant fart on the training paddock without your contract be terminated….we will only progress to another GF once he takes Bellyaches Job at Melbourne, I only fear by that time it will be too LATE….
      AND I repeat…Im a RABBITOHS supporter…NOT A Madge suppoter!

  42. True , yes he’s a decent coach but no relationship or social respect from players like a Wayne Bennett / Trent Robinson ,
    Very firm respected by the players.

    Magde come to Souths with a super star roster , since he’s fu**ked it hard.

    Releases Ben teo on 300k , mind u all he want was bit more cash , and signs glen flop Stewart 650k , releases him year later. Signs Tim grant and he can’t get a run in front of dave Tyrell ??
    Signs yes Joel reddy , Millard , resigns Kyle turner who’s got permanent damage , releases walker with no replacement , releases upcoming star Api koraisu who clearly won us the grand final, releases the heart and soul Isaac Luke , for mciness !?
    Misses out on Tapau , James Roberts ??
    But more worried about singing Angus 18yr old , puts aron Gray on wing what a joke ,
    And was clearly and publicly among supporters more upset of Ben Lowe retiring than releasing Sam burgess from 350k contract and realises year later he fu”ked up and buys him back at 1.5m year .
    Last year keeps running spastic reddy and millards when a dumb c””t could realise McQueen would of been great in centres , or olive or Sam manuala would of done a better job even if they had a broken leg.

    And please tell me how any f””ken coach in the NRL is still tweeking with players positions right up into the finals. !!?!
    And on top of this Madge doesn’t talk to russell Crowe ??? He is an inspiration to have around and he brought all the players in the club and every one can’t wait to leave unless they are on ridiculous coin.

  43. Let’s not forget Madge recruitment drive since coming Souths.

    Released talented players.

    Roy asotasi
    Jeff Lima
    Eddie petybourne
    Isaac Luke
    Dylan Farrell
    Dylan walker
    Nathan peats
    Chris McQueen
    Luke burgess
    Josh starling
    James Roberts
    Sam burgess
    Ben teo
    Api koraisu
    Chris Grevsmuhl

    Paul carter ( was sacked )
    Damien cook (needed new club , Licha back)
    Kyle turner ( partially impaired )
    Dave Tyrell ( signed because trains well)
    Ben Lowe ( signed cause trains well )
    Bryce Goodwin ( ?? Still can’t work it out)
    Joel reddy ( must be some sort of affair happening there to sign him )
    Daryl Millard ( ?? No answer how he signed him , useless tool )
    Glen Stewart ( marquee signing , sacked 11 months later )
    Tim grant ( marquee signing , go a start in 2 first grade games 2015 , big Dave Tyrell was run and smashed every game instead)
    Jason Clarke ( resigned ?? Madge daughter must be learning tap dancing from him when he runs the ball up)

    • Roy asotasi was at the end of his career
      Jeff Lima training was too hard
      Eddie petybourne before last year a long time outta form
      Isaac Luke wanted to go home after good service
      Dylan Farrell good first grader nothing special
      Dylan walker agree
      Nathan peats wanted to play 80min 1st grade
      Chris McQueen 50\50 I liked him
      Luke burgess I like the Burgi together keeps Julie happy
      Josh starling like him
      James Roberts should have persevered…
      Sam burgess…agree
      Ben teo was not happy with bad press…personal well being?
      Api koraisu we had Luke and belief in McInnes
      Chris Grevsmuhl could be good could be nothing

  44. @joshythebronc hahahaha you are an absolute twit, you believe wayne bennett pulled roberts without TPA’s hahahahaha broncos are paying roberts 275 thousand off the cap do you think he would of gone to brisbane for a pay cut just to win a premiership or play under wayne lol i left this site because all broncos/manly/souths/some parra fans are delusional…. brisbane will always have an unfair advantage until they introduce a second team in brisbane or an area like ipswich, even then they should still wither cap or remove TPA’s because it creates an unfair playing field! This is not a shot at the broncos they are abiding by the rules handed to them by the NRL but the NRL nees to wake up and change the salary cap structure but why would they when they would piss of the big wigs at newscorp

  45. anyone who thinks the rabbies or broncos have any chance in 2016 must be crazy especially rabbies burgess is a reject returning they will be lucky to make the 8 and broncos whoi will do a bit better wont finish top 4 bet the house on it

    • and we’re suppose to take the opinion of a guy that can’t spell or use proper grammer good enough to save is own life? you’re a joke lol.

    • and we’re suppose to take the opinion of a guy that can’t spell or use proper grammar good enough to save is own life? you’re a joke lol.

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