SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 02: Jacob Gagan of the Sharks in action during the round 21 NRL match between the Cronulla Sharks and the Parramatta Eels at Remondis Stadium on August 2, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Renee McKay/Getty Images)

The Newcastle Knights is pleased to announce the signing of 23-year-old outside back Jacob Gagan on a one-year contract.

Having spent the last three years at the Cronulla Sharks, Gagan has played seven NRL games and scored five tries.

In 2016 he played 23 reserve grade games for the Newtown Jets and established himself as one of the competition’s premier outside backs with 15 tries.

“Jacob is a talented young player that has been restricted from playing more NRL football due to an accomplished, premiership winning Sharks back line,” coach Nathan Brown said.

“He will add some really good depth to our outside backs.”

Gagan can play at either wing or centre, and has commenced pre-season training with the team.

“I’m looking to have a good pre-season and hopefully push for a spot next year,” he said.

“As soon as I found out I was coming to the Knights, I was excited.

“Everyone has been very welcoming, and I’m enjoying it so far.”

Newcastle Knights 2017 Player Movements

2017 Gains
Tyrone Amey (2018), Mitch Barnett (Mid Season: Canberra Raiders, 2020), Jamie Buhrer (Manly Sea Eagles, 2019), Brendan Elliot (Mid Season: Sydney Roosters, 2020), Jacob Gagan (Cronulla Sharks, 2019), Zac Hosking (2018), Tom Hughes (Mid Season: South Sydney Rabbitohs, 2018), Jack Johns (2018), Shaun Kenny-Dowall (Sydney Roosters, 2019), Rory Kostjasyn (North Queensland Cowboys, 2017), Peter Mata'utia (Mid Season: St George Illawarra Dragons, 2021), Pasami Saulo (2020), Ken Sio (Hull Kingston Rovers, 2021), Josh Starling (Manly Sea Eagles, 2017), Tom Starling (2018), Anthony Tupou (Wakefield Trinity, 2017), Joe Wardle (Huddersfield Giants, 2020)
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Jake Mamo (Huddersfield Giants), James McManus (retired), Robbie Rochow (Melbourne Storm), Korbin Sims (Brisbane Broncos), Tariq Sims (St George Illawarra Dragons), Jeremy Smith (retired), Kade Snowden (retired), Akuila Uate (Manly Sea Eagles)
Cory Denniss (2020), Josh King (2020), Brock Lamb (2019), Dylan Phythian (2018), Nathan Ross (2019), Daniel Saifiti (2020), Jacob Saifiti (2020)
Off Contract 2019
Jamie Buhrer, Slade Griffin, Hymel Hunt, Brodie Jones, Shaun Kenny-Dowall, Zac Woolford
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  1. Obviously this was to far down the track to change after the barba fiasco. It’s a shame he is a very good kid on and off the paddock. Unfortunately due to injury and bad timing he never really got to show his full talent. Good luck to Jacob given the chance he has a big future in the game. It will be interesting to se who now fills that vacant wing spot long term.

  2. Always had a rap on Gagan, always thought he was a first grader stuck in the ressies.

    Should walk into the Knights team and hopefully gets enough ball to make an impact. Was surprised that the Sharks were willing to let him go, he would have been especially handy after Barba got the chop.

    • I think this was well down the track before the whole barba thing unfortunately.
      Maybe we’ll get a look at this kid we picked up from the broncs last year

  3. What a shame we lost him would of got a run with Barba gone and Holmes or Bird to fullback he is a good talented winger if he can stay injury free but that’s a big if. Well done knights should be a good player for you if he stays healthy strong ball carrier and good in the air.

  4. The only thing I hate about my sharks grab great young players leave to get opportunities…. Good luck mate you are a great winger

  5. buying an injury riddled player knights.. if hes not injured hes good but good luck with that … at least wont be last next year 2nd last is better than last 1 ahead of drags …believe that

  6. 1) N Ross
    2) K Sio
    3) D Gagai
    4) P Mata’utia
    5) B Elliot
    6) J Mullen
    7) T Hodkinson
    8) K Sims
    9) R Kostjasyn
    10) J Starling
    11) M Barnett
    12) S Mata’utia
    13) J Buhrer

    14) D Levi
    15) P Pauli
    15) D Saifiti
    16) J Saifiti

    Pending any new signings it’s a pretty solid side. Size off the bench, some strike out wide and veteran halves. Maybe even bring Jack cogger on, Mullen to hooker and Kostjasyn to the bench. Thought?

  7. 1. Dane Gagai
    2. Ken Sio
    3. Nathan Ross
    4. Sione Matautia
    5. Jacob Gagan
    6. Brock Lamb
    7. Trent Hodkinson
    8. Korbin Sims
    9. Jarrod Mullen
    10. Daniel Saifiti
    11. Jamie Buhrer
    12. Mitchell Barnett
    13. Sam Mataora

    14. Josh King
    15. Jacob Saifiti
    16. Pauli Pauli
    17. Danny Levi

    I think Gagai needs another shot at Fullback. This back line has strike power, strength and speed and I reckon young Lamb deserves a spot. Moving Mullen to hooker makes that possible. Kistjayson is the most boring hooker in the comp imo so I’d leave him out. I reckon Mataora can be used in a similar way that Taumalolo is and has the same frame. The bench has size and impact. And Levi will provide spark off the bench

  8. Id like the knights to line up as

    1 Gagai
    2 Sio
    3 Ross
    4 Sione
    5 Gagan
    6 Mullen
    7 Hodkinson
    8 Mataora
    9 Kostjasyn
    10 D Saifiti
    11 Barnett
    12 Burher
    13 Sims

    14 Levi
    15 J Saifiti
    16 Starling
    17 Pauli or Stockwell if he is still around and fit… he was definitely not in 2016.

  9. I would like something like this
    1. Ken Sio pretty sire hes played it over in sl and we dont have a specialist fb anyway
    2. Ross would probably swap between wong and fb id like ross fb defensively especially kick returns
    3. Peter Mata’utia not great but solid and experienced could lose out to one of his bros or gagan
    4. Dane Gagai should be centre he struggled at fb he is a centre
    5. Brandon Elliott wasnt to excited about this guy but has been solid should retain his spot
    6. Jarrod Mullen should stay at 6 if fit not sure how he would go at 9 plus he has a great long kicking game
    7. Trent Hodkinson should of been a lot better hopefully he is more settled this year
    8. Korbin Sims quality forward will be there
    9. Rory Kostjaysyn he may be boring but he is solid a good defender and no fuss
    10. Josh Starling far from great but in previous years at manly was decent
    11. Mitch Barnett looks really good adds much needed aggresion on the edge
    12. Sione Mata’utia played alright in the back row i think ot should be permanent and should be bigger and better after the preseason
    13. Jamie Buhrer put him in the middle good defender good runner great buy should play big minutes
    14. Danny Levi an impact role off the bench could really suit him as he develops
    15. Sam Mataora considered starting him but i feel he could be used well as an impact player
    16. Daniel Saifiti same as mataora he was one of our best could start
    17. Jacob Saifiti could create great impact
    18. Pauli Pauli should walk into the team and starling could be out but hes lazy and unmotivated
    19. Jack Stockwell another lazy forward also had a few injuries if he stays and works for it he could be in the 17
    20. Tyler Randell back up hooker may even be able to force Kostjaysyn to lock
    21. Jake Mamo has a lot of speed but that’s about it dont really rate him
    22. Pat Mata’utia i think he is alright just hasnt taken his opportunities
    23. Chanel Mata’utia got the potential but hasn’t shown it doubt he will be there at any point
    24. Mickey Paea could definitely be there nothing special butbhe gets the job done and has experience very good chance at first grafe
    25. Jacob Gagan i dont think he will start the year but will probably slot in if an injury occurs then its up to him
    26. Will pearsall will probably be 3rd choice half struggled with injury this year and will probably start at 6 if mullen moves to hooker
    27. Brock Lamb another option if mullen goes to 9 lamb was solid but nothing special when he played
    28. Jack Cogger another possibility if mullen switches it will be up too who trains the hardest and performs in nsw cup
    29. David Bhana doubt he will find hinself in first grade but might take the next step and become consistently solid
    30. Corey Denniss big rookie outside back could have a good future in the game but for now i think he will struggle to find first grade better off getting experience in the nsw cup for now
    However i would really like to see the knights go for sika manu and possibly barba id make manu a priority good player

  10. Buhrer is to small for the middle imo, if the team is to go forward they need 3 big ish middle players that will make meters.
    If 8 10 and 13 can average over 350m a game and make tackles that is the best way to go.

    I liked Sione in the back row as he got more ball, but now with 3-4 above average backrowers at the club i think his best in the back line running hard lines in or outside the op centre.

    Gagai is a fullback and was a gun as a junior then got moved by Bennett at Newcastle due to Boyd at the back.
    A full pre season and a full yr at 1 and he will become fantastic.
    It would help having 6 7 9 all the same for most of the yr to.

  11. Yeah definitely and i know about gagai but walker was a 6 as a junior i like gagai at centre and sione at back row maybe swap barnett and buhrer but buhrer has to be in the starting team he can play 80 i know hes not that big but i want him for defense in the middle remember blokes like dallas johnson ashley Harrison and Alan tongue? All small locks that were great players buhrer will go good at 13 and will be a good fit if we can get the front row and back rowers making metres i still think we need a fullback though i dont rate any of our guys as a fullback i wanted to throw kevin locke a lifeline give him a 1 yr deal he has played 8 tests for nz i think i would now consider barba but idk with his off field stuff but with that and the 12 game ban people wont want to pay top dollar if we offer 500k a season including next year we should get him i would seriously go for sika manu though i would throw him at 13 and then i would most likely move sione back to centre but manu can play anywhere in the pack and have an impact i dont understand how he hasnt got any offers

  12. Yeah id love sika at the knights!

    His a bigger younger fitter Jez imo… would be a very handy guy to have around.

    All those locks u named wouldnt get a start at lock today… guys like Teaumalolo would have a field day with them… just ask Burher.

    Our middle D is woeful agree 100% and makes us loose any shape in the line which is when our three quarter line opens up like a hooker.

    In saying that… when there making 15% more tackles then the other team every week and are 95% rookies u can understand that a little!

    Make meters with big men up the middle and that goes a long way to cutting the amount of tackles the team will need to make.

    Idk what it was but to me korbin was 50% of the time in a director role guiding guys like Barnett the Saifitis King even sione at the end there and only did a handful of runs himself…. made plenty of tackles though.

    He will be in for a big yr and wouldnt be suprised to see him get a Qld jumper ( Watch this space )
    He is definitely best at lock and always has been.

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