Ben Te'o

The same rule that stopped Parramatta from signing Israel Folau is likely prevent any NRL club from buying Ben Te’o back from rugby union.

The Broncos have not spoken to Te’o but like most clubs would consider him if he declared interest in resuming his NRL career.

However, the NRL’s notional value rules and the potential extension of Brisbane’s backrow crop means it is highly unlikely the hard-running backrower will end up at Red Hill.

South Sydney are actively trying to secure Te’o while the North Queensland Cowboys have also shown interest.

If Te’o decides to return to the NRL next season, an option he has told friends he is considering, he would only be available in late April.

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  1. Should not the same rule apply to Sam Burgess?? If so.. Media please stop with articles about he’s maybe maybe not return.

    • Wasn’t it something like Folau was gonna come back with Parra on a real cheap contract because he wanted to come back & the NRL were like nah, he’s worth more than that? If that is the case then that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, if he wants to play for small money, let him? How is it different to players taking paycuts to stay at a successful club or a club they love?

    • From what I can recall this stemmed from when Mark Gasnier left STG and went to French Rugby and came back to STG within a 3-4 months on minimal 50k deal and the NRL allowed it to happen. Gasnier was an international at the time of departing and it left a sour taste in the every other clubs mouth that the only reason he left was to ease salary cap pressures for the next year. I would guess that he got paid his full entitlement and when he left, STG solved their salary cap issues for the next year and got Gaz back for next to nothing.
      NRL didn’t allow eels to do the Izzy deal – eels wanted to back end izzy’s deal but couldn’t be done.

    • Broncos 97, the rule is simply that you can’t register a player for a nominal amount.
      i.e. Te’o was on about 500k at Souths, but the Broncos wanted to put him down at say 300k.
      The NRL won’t allow this anymore. You can’t register a player for well under’s and hope to prop it up with 3rd party deals.

    • Agree completely. It will stop the rorting of top clubs allowing players to go for big bucks then the player coming back during the term of the contract for minimal amounts. Same rorting as taking pay cuts, Stop that also.
      See out the full term then sign back in for an acceptable amount determined by the size of the last NRL contract.

  2. I will tell you this, the Broncos have a History RORTING the cap for YEARS!
    They put Internationals who are worth 600k on contracts under the CAP at 300k.
    It is about time the NRL are cracking down on them!
    Boyd, Thaiday and Hunt, all Origin players and test players also are down at 400k
    ONLY 400k…what a frigging joke!
    Hunt should be on 700k, Boyd should be on 800k and Thaiday at least 500k

    Te’o was on 500k at Souths…..the Broncos want him down at 250k.

    And to prove I am correct, Anthony Milford is listed down at 450k….more than HUNT?
    I don’t think so!

    Darren Lockyer was down on the Cap at only 250k….even though he was getting $1Mill per season
    The Broncos actually Rort the CAP more than the Roosters!
    Go figure that one out!

    • 3hats – the Broncos aren’t rorting the salary cap by paying their players less than what they would earn elsewhere, but what it does is prove the salarty cap does not work.

      If a player’s value – let’s say Ben Hunt – is worth $600,000 at any club, then he should be taking up $600,000 of a team’s salary cap. Instead, he (like many other players not just at Broncos – Roosters, Storm, Bunnies etc) gets paid less which leaves more room in the Broncos cap for other and higher ranked players. This is no different than when teams like Parramatta and Raiders etc have to pay overs to get the talent, as this dusrupts the balance of the cap as well.

      The salary cap can only work when players are paid their worth, and that is impossible for many factors. A tiered ranking system where players have rankings (eg 1 for top level rep players, 2 for other rep players eg Pacific nations, City vs County), 3 for players with over 100 NRL game experience, 4 for 20-100 NRL games, then 5 for debutantes up to 20 NRL games) would allow for even talent spread. Each club’s top 25 would have to have 5 players from each category, then pay them whatever you like (of course, this will mean some clubs will go broke, but if you can’t afford to be in the comp, you shouldn’t be there) and the talent is evenly spread.

    • @3hats, I agree completely!! The Broncos are the biggest rorters in the NRL… Unlike Melbourne they just know how to hide it better. Andrew Gee knew they were close to getting busted so he left…still…they didn’t find any sufficient evidence. Not yet any way…it will happen.

    • you need to get some of your facts straight 3hats, no fully established international at the broncos is on 300k a season, thaiday, and hodges WERE both on 500k a season, hodges 350 on the cap the rest third party. and hunts only just starting to break out so 400k is sufficient for at least a couple more years, milford he only had around 40 games NRL experience when he came to the broncos and lockyer was not on 1 million as u claim, he was on 750k of which 250k was under the cap, but you also gotta factor in long serving player allowances that all clubs get ect.

  3. This is pretty confusing and frustrating as a Souths fan to see this.

    Maguire comes to Souths. Russell Crowe has already bought him a superstar team when he arrives. Since maguires recruitment goes like this .

    Let’s go players like the following
    S burgess
    L burgess
    N peats
    A korisai
    I Luke
    D Farrell

    ( misses guys like Kane Evans / j Mansour coming through )

    Signs and resigns guys like
    G Stewart
    T grant
    M oldfield

    Mind Teo wanted bit more money , but wouldn’t get it and we sign Glen Stewart the dud for double what Teo was getting paid and fails leaves after 11 months.
    Maguire and your recruitment team stop buying shit off EBAY and start retaining or recruiting the right players that win you games and not be there cause they are hard trainers.

    • Rabbitohs 1, while I agree with some of the things you mentioned, you are quite wrong on many!
      I can let you know is this.
      Souths have quite a few outstanding young Local juniors on the way up, but they are NOT yet ready for first grade at the moment.

      Many mentioned above have varying circumstances.
      Some left for a challenge, S Burgess, and Luke.
      Others left to play regular first grade, Peats, Farrell, and korisau
      L Burgess was released due to lack of discipline.
      Some to extend their careers, Asotasi, Lima, and Stewart.

      The players re-signed are on, well under’s for what they can get elsewhere and/or simply prefer to stay.
      Glen Stewart didn’t cost us that much as Manly were paying the Majority of his contract as they released him early.

      Ben Te’o left Souths because he simply couldn’t hack the hard training and the intensity at training….but it got him a Premiership Ring.

  4. lil birdy from the inside tells me teo mite b cuming to warriors and tht isacc luke off to superleague after his contract also tuivasa is guna sign wit the chiefs rugby team and hurrell and jono wright r guna b gone watch this space

    • Isaac Luke isnt off to Superleague hes to family orientated as for RTS he will one day leave Rugby League to link up with SBW at the chiefs or to play under Tana at the Blues

  5. Your right there rabbitohs1, theres some good players that have been let go and the replacements were all flops. Shithouse recruitment

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