St George Illawarra prop Mark Ioane has been signed by the London Broncos for the 2016 season.

Ioane, 24, played five games for the Dragons after joining them mid-season from the Gold Coast Titans.

London coach Andrew Henderson was pleased with the signing of Ioane, who despite a glittering junior resume, never really delivered on his promise at NRL level.

“I’m very pleased that we have been able to bring Mark to the club for the next two seasons. It is very rare that a Championship club can attract a player with Mark’s NRL experience and his excellent rugby league pedigree.

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“Mark has come through the New Zealand Warriors’ youth system and has gone on to average over 10 NRL appearances per season over the past three years which is a very good achievement considering that he is still young as a prop.”



  1. he was ok the dragons only gave him half a season for a contract. What are the dragons doing sacking and signing what do you reckon we’re planning.

  2. Dragons don’t need Farah he is a hog of the ball and a waist of space. We have great young hookers. Rein, Havili, Cornish why sell rein for farah. Rein is improving slowly and farah is to old

    • I wouldn’t mind Farah, as long as West Tigers pay most of his salary…. Did we sign Cornish? I thought Parramatta did…. Or do you mean McCrone?

  3. Wouldn’t be surprised @hayne2roosters, politis seems to know how to wine and dine the players he wants and won’t give up….wouldn’t surprise me one bit if hayne ends up at the roosters next yr

  4. Yeah it will be interesting @bulldogz82 Id like Hayne back in the NRL regardless whether its Roosters, Eels, Knights, or Doggiez if hes back its a win for Rugby League obviously id be more happy if he is at Roosters but either way the 2015 full NRL Roster if you were to make a best 17 would be alot weaker than a 2014 best 17

    • Winger for us i would think… Not sure why we didnt stick to our guns with justin Hunt or Eto’ But Reddy is a Dragons legend son. So maybe it will feel like a home coming of sorts.

      • His a great Winger tbh he can also play centre, 2nd row and fb and having fai fai loa theres gonna be some solid competion for backs.

        • Really?. OK I bit. You cant be serious. Got rid of the slowish backs last year in Green, Nabuli, & Runciman to sign a bit of speed.

          And maybe Timmy Mannah should take him back to Parra in a heartbeat if he is that good

      • 1 Dugan
        2 Nightingale
        3 Aiken
        4 Mann
        5 Reddy**

        Very solid young backline (minus nightingale) which will grow toghter and get stronger as years go by. Ressy would be great buy, cheaper than walker and younger being a winger means everyone can play IMO their best positions. Would probably cut one forward and sign a bigger name to replace him, Merrin was a big loss

    • Yeh right. No both bad calls. Rangi staying in England as been naughty and signing over there and that ship has sailed. He is washed up and I’d also rather Benji than Blake Green if we are that desperate.
      And Reddy can move from North Sydney in the NSWRL and play for Thirroul Butchers if going to Wollongong

  5. yeah i am hearing dylan walker has signed with manly 4 2017, and might get a release for 2016 because souths need space for the grub

  6. Yeah “we” manly don’t need walker!
    What we do need, is to retain our 2016 premiership winning roster! And Origen rookie prodigy brothers!

  7. Mathematically in a perfect world yes the walker deal could be done ( NRL far from perfect!)
    We have enough depth to cover both Lyon and Matai, with a slight reshuffle…
    And top up all our up and coming stars contracts.

  8. You Manly fans are a strange lot. You bagged the Roosters for buying their way to a premiership when they bought Maloney, Jennings and SBW. You have been bagging Parramatta for trying to buy their way into the top 8.

    Yet now you have already bought Brown, Myles, Tapau and John all test players and now getting all orgasmic over Walker.

    The funny thing is that none will admit this hypocrisy and will hurl insults rather than shrug their shoulders and concede, there is no difference.

    • They pick some pretty funny things to go after considering every club buys players, it’s the nature of the beast.

      • Shhhhh that is not true, when 15 other clubs buy players, it is buying premierships and your way into the 8.

        When Manly do it, it is replacing players or filling gaps or whatever. If you remember, Manly are not required to live up the lofty standards their fans place on all other clubs, you won’t have abuse thrown at you.

      • Oh no a Roosters fan as weighed in. They will get really upset now. All we need is a Parra fan to comment and manlybarrett’s knickers will really start bunching and we will all be fleas or peasants or some other term of endearment.

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