Krisnan Inu
Out the outer at Warriors

Krisnan Inu’s football future is expected to come into sharp focus the moment Brian McClennan takes over as New Zealand Warriors coach.

The word on the club periphery is that the 24-year-old needs more match-winning performances otherwise he’ll be playing for the Vulcans or elsewhere next season, despite being contracted to the end of 2013.

Sources claim McClennan needs to be convinced Inu has what it takes to contribute to his 2012 campaign, despite his heroic deeds in Sydney last weekend. Speculation is that Inu can be a poor trainer at times; that he doesn’t always follow orders; that he can have wee head explosions which make for costly mistakes. The equation is whether his brilliance under the high ball and on attack makes up for this.

For now, his name tops a list with “Sell” emblazoned across the top – especially with the likes of centre Konrad Hurrell coming through the junior Warriors ranks and utility Glen Fisiiahi poised to show more than just a glimpse of his talents once he’s fully fit again.

However, the stances of the incoming and outgoing coaches are more easily understood if Sydney’s Sunday Telegraphsalary estimate for Inu of A$250,000 ($315,000) a season is accurate. They claimed Inu was being hawked to rival clubs at the Dally M awards but those claims have been denied by Warriors chief executive Wayne Scurrah. Scurrah did not return calls on Friday to clarify the club’s stance on Inu.

If McClennan is unconvinced about Inu, the club has a few options. Inu’s agent is likely to negotiate a cash payout. This can work well for the player and tide him over until he signs with his next club. Alternatively Inu could stay to play for the Vulcans.

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