ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 29: Latrell Mitchell of the Roosters looks on during the round 16 NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the Melbourne Storm at Adelaide Oval on June 29, 2018 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images)

The Titans will hope Justin Holbrook’s relationship with Latrell Mitchell will aid their pursuit for the in-demand centre, as the former Roosters assistant believes a move would be a perfect fit for both player and club.

Gold Coast have previously reached out to the 22-year-old through the club’s culture and performance head Mal Meninga, as the clubs hand gains stronger following the Tigers decision to withdraw from the hunt for the Sydney playmaker.

North Queensland have recently met with Mitchell, with coach Paul Green stating talks remain ongoing despite signing Valentine Holmes to a six-year deal.

While Holbrook is hopeful the Titans can lure Mitchell to the coast, he stands without confidence on whether the club can get a deal done with their current salary restrictions.

Exciting Titans forward Jai Arrow is currently being chased by South Sydney, with the 24-year-old out of contract at the conclusion of the 2020 season. If Arrow is to find a deal to move to Redfern, the aftermath could see space free for the Titans to land Mitchell.

Mitchell’s believed asking price is close to $1 million per season, leaving the Titans with a dilemma on how to fill the last five positions of their 30-man squad.

“We spoke about Latrell the other day. I am sure Mal has had a chat to Latrell. We all know what a great player he is so I am sure the club will follow it up and see if we can get an opportunity with him,” Holbrook told on Thursday.

“He is a great player. He has proven that. He’s played for Australia and won a couple of grand finals with the Roosters.”

Gold Coast will hope Holbrook’s relationship with Mitchell during their time with Sydney will boost their chances of signing the centre.

“I was working at the Roosters as an assistant coach when he came through and played there so I know him well,” he said.

“I had dealings with him nearly three years ago now and the maturity and way he played back then as an 18-year-old already to have the confidence to back himself over whoever he was playing was a great attribute for me to view.

“He is a great player in the game.”

Mitchell is believed to find a new home by next season while still being under contract with the Tri-colours for 2020.

Mitchell’s former Blues teammate Tyrone Peachey is another Titans member hopeful of reuniting with the Mitchell after initially playing alongside one-another for NSW.

“He is an awesome player and I’ve seen that the Tigers have pulled out of it. Hopefully Mal Meninga can work his magic and get him up here,” Peachey said.

“He’s won two premierships back-to-back. He’s played Origin and played for Australia. [Mitchell’s home town] Taree is not too far down the road either. I’d love to see him up here.

“He is going through a bit at the moment. Hopefully something happens for him and he does get what he wants. If he does come up here it would be awesome for us. The new coach  [Holbrook] had Latrell at the Roosters so he knows how he coaches.”



  1. TwentyOne and his manwife penis0 are a pair of fools if they think Mitchell is Soufths bound.

    This is what Richardson says…….

    “South Sydney have been loosely linked to Mitchell, but the club’s football manager Shane Richardson has been public in shutting down the talk.

    “We might be linked to him but we have never spoken to him, never spoken to his manager — I don’t even know who it is — and we have no interest in him,” Richardson said earlier this month.”

    You silly pair of goobers.

  2. Daily Telegraph
    November 28, 2019 4:49pm
    Sam Burgess’ pending $1 million payout for his medically enforced retirement potentially holds the key to Latrell Mitchell’s future.
    As I have said all along Latrell will be announced as soon as Sam’s money available.
    Jai Arrow signed, sealed and delivered 2021, just waiting on negotiations to have him 2020.

    BennyHill are you still active?
    BenHudson November 24, 2019 at 8:49 pm (1 WEEK AGO)
    “It will be released tomorrow that Mitchell has signed an extension with the Roosters.
    Fantastic Latrell, we all knew he wouldnt leave. Except TW1T0NE”

    BenHudson November 28, 2019 at 5:45 am
    “Yes TW1T0NE Soufths not on the Latrell Radar. Thats all that matters…..we dont want the traitor,”

    BennyHill, ChookStain and mark.mybutthole you are obviously finding it difficult to cope with Latrell’s departure and resorting to character slurs on him confirms you a the already labelled 3 stooges.

  3. Might just be me, but if mitchell ends up at the Gold Coke that could spell trouble considering the nightlife habits. Mitchell appears to be keeping his nose clean, but with bad advisors around him, anything is possible.

  4. I wouldn’t trust a word out of Shane Richardson’s gob. He has proven many times b4 that he talks 💩 and loves a little sneaky lie

  5. I find this whole situation a little confusing. Have the Roosters actually said they don’t want to resign Latrell Mitchell? Does pulling their offer off the table mean he is free to leave at the completion of the 2020 season? I can’t help thinking that all of this “‘drama”‘ is just media driven speculation, and Latrell hasn’t really had a lot to say about his future to the media.
    Whatever happens with Latrell Mitchell is anyone’s guess at this stage, but when you consider his age and what he has already achieved in the game, going to a lesser club could be a real challenge for him. That’s not to say that he wouldn’t be able to handle it, but could it be that the situation has been overly dramatised and Latrell is just testing the market?

  6. The media have blown it way out of proportion. The Roosters said they have taken the offer off the table and that if he wants to sign on with another club except Soufths they will release him. But if he decides to stay after testing the market then the Roosters will renegotiate with hi. Through out the 2020 season.

  7. Do you really think he is going to leave the back to back premiers for the wooden Spooners, or even worse Soufths.


  8. BenHudson November 29, 2019 at 2:08 pm
    “Do you really think he is going to leave the back to back premiers for the wooden Spooners, or even worse Soufths.”

    Its not a bad dream BennyHillsong, he’s already gonski from the redenecks and won’t be returning for 2020.
    Why would he? He’s indigenous Aboriginal. He doesn’t belong in a redneck culture.

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