SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 13: Bulldogs Coach, Des Hasler speaks to the media following the round two NRL match between the Canterbury Bulldogs and the Parramatta Eels at ANZ Stadium on March 13, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Des Hasler’s future at Canterbury will go on the line this Friday with revelations the football club board has been summoned to a specially convened meeting.

Bulldogs chief executive Raelene Castle has confirmed the meeting was specifically to discuss the coaching situation.

It is understood there are sections of the board who are unhappy with the direction the club is heading under Hasler. If the board opts for change, a major stumbling block could come down to negotiating a suitable payout of the 55-year-old’s reported $1.2 million salary for the final year of his existing contract.


  1. Twent , is that sweat on your brow !! Manly do what you have to do and get Des back , it’s your last chance to stop the rot , Twent your talents extend to water boy , on second thoughts , go do what every coach has had to and EARN your stripes

    • Des has consistently got the dogs to the finals. 2 Grand Finals in 5 years but this year their attack was not where it should be. The forwards were getting the ball too much in the 20m zone. They need to structure their attack around Mybe, Reyonlds and the Morris boys in the scoring zone. Licha, while a great defender and giving good service, didn’t offer any spark out of half. Des needs a new plan. If he can’t show he’s got one its Cleary or Dymock.

      • Thank you! Finally, someone who understands my sentiments about the attack. We need a new play style and new game plan next season or we bust, as simple as that. Mbye, Reynolds and the rest of the outside backs have been starved of the ball because of this play style. Lichaa can attack but he’s been limited to defence because that’s the way Des has him playing. Watch Lichaa from the under 20s before he came to the Dogs. He was a great attacker with running out of dummy half, kicking etc. Des literally needs to let him off the leash and let him show his natural game. I’m sick of people blaming our halves for not going as well as they should when it’s the play style that cripples them. Put Reynolds and Mbye in the Melbourne Storm team with Bellamy and watch them flourish because of how he will get them to play.

        • The funny thing is canterbury4eva, is I think manly a copying the dogs attacking football in the red zone. That is,let’s pass it too Myles or Klemmer on the 4th tackle to try and score and that’s after a forward has had a hit up on the previous tackle. Both teams haven’t a clue in attack

        • I cannot stand the thought of that attack, it brings back some frustrating memories.

      • as good as they are, Graham and Kasiano strangle their attack, starving the halves of the ball.
        I also don’t understand why they persevere with Hoppa at the back, he is solid, but from what I have seen doesn’t have a ball playing game which is what all of the top teams have at fullback. Put him back in the centres, tell the big forwards that they are forwards not halves and things may go a little better than lately.
        2016 results weren’t as good as they looked on paper – yes they had a good winning run but those wins were not against top quality opposition and did improve win/loss ratio but gave false positives.

        • You aren’t wrong there mate but the one who strangled the attack is Tolman. He NEVER passed the ballt the line like Kasiano and Graham did to an extent. They actually tried passing it around but Tolman would eat the tackle and kill our momentum. Very frustrating style of play to watch. Hopoate will be back in the centres next year and Brett Morris or Brad Abbey at fullback.

        • You’re spot on. Tolman has built his career on strong carries but he has to off load more now that he is getting older and when you’ve got Lichaa not able to do anything from dummy half. Agree 100% with it being frustrating to watch.

    • penso

      “The Berries”

      You’re showing your age their mate. Not too many here would remember they were the Berries, before they developed their bite! 😉

  2. I’m calling media beat up. They were in the top 4 with a month to go in the comp. It wasn’t the best season but he has been consistently making the finals.

  3. If Des leaves the Dogs it will be their loss not his. He will be snapped up by another club who can appreciate what he brings to a club and who recognises that he is one of the best coaches in the game. Has Des ever coached a team that has finished out of the top 8 (and more often than not have finished in the top 4)? If anything the Dogs need to change their chief executive before they change their coach.

    Apologies in advance to Dogs fans, this is just my opinion but it is a bit of tough love and aimed at shining a light on the actual problem as opposed to the fall back of blaming the coach.

    The problem is the Dogs spine… Hopoate, Reynolds, Mbye and Liccha… Dogs fans do you really think THAT is a spine that you can win a competition behind? For mine Lichaa is one of the worst hookers in the competition (even your own players, i.e. Reynolds, are turning on him). Mbye is not a natural half and under pressure seems to have no idea what to do. Invariably he takes the wrong option and leaves it too late for others to take any advantage. Reynolds would do better at hooker and Hopoate is only a part time FB who would be better suited to centre IMO. Why BMoz isn’t at FB I will never know. The Dogs seem so much more dangerous when he is. The Dogs have one of the best forward packs in the game and even a half way decent spine would take advantage of that.

    I don’t blame Dogs fans for being p!ssed with these comments but I am trying to highlight that the coach is not the issue, although yes, they do need to look at adopting a more expansive style of football than just sticking to the same attacking patterns that are already easily identified by their opposition.

    • Des will only be a loss if he makes us a dominant premiership winning force like we rightfully should be and then goes. He desperately needs to change how we play instead of this forward based style. It’s not the 80s anymore for it. It’s outdated and it’s got to go. Hopoate won’t be fullback next year so the spine will be slightly different. If you read my post above I explain how Lichaa and Mbye will be much better under a new play style. Lichaa is talented, he just needs to be let off the leash and be allowed to attack. Mbye will get much better in time, he’s only young and he was pretty good for some parts of the year but like I said he will be much better in the next year and upcoming years. If Lichaa doesn’t fire even if he is allowed to attack then he can go, Reynolds can go to hooker and Josh Cleeland goes to 5/8 or we go for an all out assault on getting Kieran Foran (unlikely). Brad Abbey should be fullback next year and Brett Morris on the wing or the other way around. Abbey is a fantastic goal kicker too. Bulldogs side 2017:

      1) Brad Abbey (gk)/Brett Morris
      2) Brett Morris/Brad Abbey
      3) Josh Morris
      4) Will Hopoate
      5) Brenko Lee
      6) Josh Reynolds
      7) Moses Mbye
      8) Aiden Tolman (last chance)
      9) Michael Lichaa (last chance as well)
      10) James Graham (c)
      11) Josh Jackson (vc)
      12) Greg Eastwood
      13) David Klemmer

      14) Sam Kasiano (prop)
      15) Raymond Faitala-Mariner (second row)
      16) Lloyd Perrett (prop)
      17) Craig Garvey/Josh Cleeland/Matt Frawley (utility)/Asipeli Fine (second row)

      This side with a new and improved style of play, Lichaa being allowed to attack for once and the halves actually being allowed to get some ball in the 20m zone with no forwards touching the ball will almost certainly finish top 4 and be there or thereabouts in October, especially if they can stay consistent, attack well and defend well along with staying well disciplined. If things don’t change then Des has to go but I think he will do the right thing and make the changes needed like I said. If he goes then Jim Dymock can become head coach, he’s a club legend and he has some Bulldogs pride in him. The CEO can go too and get Steve Mortimer in there too, I want more of the Bulldogs legends being involved in the upcoming years.

      • If Lichaa goes as well and we don’t get Foran then Garvey can play hooker and have a utility off the bench.

        • I actually think Garvey looked good with the limited opportunities he has been given. I much prefer him to Lichaa on the evidence so far.

        • Garvey is really talented as well. My friend who is a Dragons fan was gutted when we got him. He can defend well and attack well. Just want to see better service out of dummy half and he is sweet.

        • How many changes do you make?. Some of these guys are on fairly new contracts. In saying that contracts don’t seem to mean much these days. Could they give Reynolds an extended run at hooker, improve his tackling and turn him into another Ennis?. Two major things stick out for me. Getting the right half pairing and some x-factor out wide. I am hoping with Rona and Perrett moving on there will still be a big signing to come. I can only hope!!

        • We could do with the changes mate, God knows we need it. Reynolds at hooker with improved defence and a modern version of Michael Ennis could work but he needs to be allowed to show some of his creativity like Ennis was allowed with the Sharks. If we get rid of Lichaa and don’t start Garvey then Reynolds moves there and Cleeland or Frawley moves to 5/8 or we can make a big signing (Foran). Our x-factor out wide are the Morris boys and Lee. Lee is the Aboriginal Curtis Rona. He’s just as big as Rona and he’s faster than him. Hoppa can be a good player out wide, he is very strong and he is a better centre than fullback. Who would you want as the big signing? For next year we should stick with Reynolds and Mbye as the halves and see how they go when they can actually get the ball and do some attacking in the 20m zone etc.

        • canterburybankstownbulldog4ver/bulldogs71

          What have I done! No, don’t make any changes. I don’t want to make the Dogs more competitive than the Bunnies next year. LOL 😉

        • Nah the changes are happening haha. We need to dominate all the other 15 teams and win our 9th title, it’s long overdue! Got to get the name of “the entertainers” and “the Dogs of war” back 😉

      • “Lichaa is talented, he just needs to be let off the leash and be allowed to attack.”

        As for Lichaa being allowed to attack. I have seen already the deficiencies in his passing game (a clear lack of accuracy and consistency and a lack of vision and ability to read what is in front of him), he is too timid and hesitant to make a decision and when he does it is too late or wrong. I have the same criticism of Mbye and neither Mbye or Lichaa possess a kicking game. For mine Reynolds would be a good hooker, BMoz at FB and two new halves. Do the Dogs have any good juniors coming through?

        The best games I saw Mbye play were at left centre strangely enough. He might not seem an obvious choice but he would be better suited there (or at least at hooker). Des tried to turn him into a half out of desperation and necessity. Just like Madge and then Barrett tried to make D. Walker a 5/8. It’s time to face facts and realise they are both playing out of position.

        I agree though, time for the Dogs to make a change (in their spine not their coach) and also to adopt new tactics going forward.

        • Hmmmm. We have a couple of players in the under 20s and NSW Cup. I’m burning that we let Dane Chisholm go. He is such a good half and he would have been good. We have Josh Cleeland and Matt Frawley as halves and Reynolds could go to hooker especially if he is built as a modern day Ennis like bulldogs71 said. Mbye can get it done at halfback because he’s skilled, he just needs to improve his kicking game and just has to be more consistent, which comes with experience. It was his first full season at halfback too. Brett Morris is best off at fullback but can he handle it weekly? I’m worried he will get injured again.

        • Brett Morris getting injured again is why I want him on the wing but then again a full pre season without getting any knocks and keeping on training hard could help him out. I dunno really. Considering he is on decent coin, he will cost too much for a winger so fullback might be his best spot BUT he needs to work on his ball playing in the off season. Could you imagine him doing some good ball playing combined with his speed?

        • canterburybankstownbulldog4ver

          BMoz and JMoz are both class acts. Both very talented, very consistent and have proven they can handle pressure not just in the NRL but at SOO and International level. BMoz has never needed to work on a passing game in the past but definitely appears to have the skill to incorporate this into his game IMO. Hasler was an exceptional half in his day and no doubt can work with Brett during the off season to develop this.

    • SSTID_1970

      “If anything the Dogs need to change their chief executive before they change their coach”

      Call me a traditionalist but the CEO has nothing to do with the style of play. Des has a great coaching record. No one is saying otherwise. I watched every dogs game this year and the attack was lacking because of the amount of ball the forwards control in the 20m zone. This is a game plan issue not one that the CEO can resolve. I want Des to stay but there is no doubt he needs a new game plan.

      • greggo

        No, CEO’s don’t coach or determine a teams style of play. But when they seem to be leading a move to get rid of an incumbent coach who has kept the Dogs in the 8 and held the club together off field you have to question what is motivating her to call for Hasler’s head or her ability to properly assess what is required for a football club to prosper coming exclusively from a netball background.

        When Hasler started coaching the Bulldogs in 2012 they had finished 9th and 13th in the previous 2 seasons. In his first season they finished 1st and in his 5 years in charge they have never missed the top 8.

        Meanwhile what exactly are Castle’s achievements since joining the Dogs other than infamously botching the Andrew Fifita signing? I think shew has lost the plot or is trying to impress Steve Mortimer. Either way she is of the mark.

        • Mate most of the conversations above from the Bulldogs supporters are talking about the style of play and therefore the coach. Your first sentence would have been enough of a response. “No, CEO’s don’t coach or determine a teams style of play” Correct.

          When we are talking about on field performances which are effected by the attacking structure and style of play the CEO had no impact this season.

          You don’t need to tell me about what Des has done since joining the Dogs and how good he is as I said above “Des has a great coaching record. No one is saying otherwise”. If I had to choose either the coach or CEO to stay. It would be Des. Like you said above “the fringe” seems to leading the move”. I’d say its more Turvey that’s pushing It, he’s the one babbling on to the Media. Castle is not. Turvey doesn’t like Des because he’s not a Bulldog like every other coach since the late 80’s.

          To answer your question “Meanwhile what exactly are Castle’s achievements since joining the Dogs other than infamously botching the Andrew Fifita signing?” What’s Raelene done? ‘Meanwhile’ She’s been there only one year less than Des. She’s managed the cap, kept the club clean in the media and brought a new level of professionalism to the administration. Given Des all the resources he needs to do his job.

          The dogs are one of the best run clubs in the comp. Fifita! C’mon,as if he wouldn’t have been a nightmare to deal with for anyone.

          I appreciate you’re entitled to your opinion, but mate, it’s clear to everyone that watches and or supports the Dogs they need a new attacking style/structure. That’s it. This is what the coach needs to change and only he can change.

        • greggo

          “the Dogs they need a new attacking style/structure. That’s it. This is what the coach needs to change and only he can change.”

          So are you in favour of Des keeping the coaching role and then adopting a new attacking style? If you think it is time to move him on then who do you suggest should take his place? Also, are you a Dogs supporter? If not then who?

          Are you in favour of the Dogs retaining their current spine or would you make changes? Are you happy with their current leadership (i.e. Graham as captain) or would you make a change and if so who?

        • SSTID
          I ‘m a Bulldogs supporter. Des needs a new plan. So if he’s got one I’d want him to stay if not then its Clearly or Dymock. I’m in favour of Mbye & Reynolds in the halves and I think Licha deserves another shot with a new game plan. Hoppa was solid at fullback but I think that position should go to B Morris and Hoppa to the centres or wing.

  4. Yeah the Berries, a little history lesson there, good comments by all, it will be interesting to see how this pans out, my opinion , bring in a new coach not that Hasler is bad, just to freshen up the place

    • penso

      There will be a scramble then by a number of clubs to swoop on Hasler if he becomes available. Dragons and Tigers at the head of the pack (although I bet Manly wished they had not just signed a new coach or they would have been odds on to welcome him back!)

      Nevertheless, it only proves how Castle is out of her depth in her current position. By all accounts she “appears” to be the driving force behind this call for change. Remember the Andrew Fifita signing fiasco? She should go back to Kiwi netball IMO (and stop cutting her own fringe!)

      • I agree. That’s why I was saying we should get Steve Mortimer in as CEO. He understands our club more than anybody alive today apart from Terry Lamb and a few others. I wish Bullfrog Moore was still around.

        • canterburybankstownbulldog4ver

          “I was saying we should get Steve Mortimer in as CEO”

          Either CEO of Head of Football operations. Yes, perfectly suited to take a more active role at the Dogs but not to tell Hasler how to coach. I agree.

    • I would say Jim Dymock. Jackson as captain would be the other choice. It will allow Graham to be his old self again without having to talk to the stupid refs and cool down. He can stay as angry and as psychotic as he likes just like 2014 where he was in red hot form.

      • canterburybankstownbulldog4ver

        Jackson isn’t a bad choice as captain but a better choice IMO is JMoz. He has a cool head, plenty of experience, can handle pressure and plays 80 mins.

        Graham lacks the maturity or the sportsmanship to be captain and too many times leads players like Klemmer astray by his bad example. There needs to be a calming, sobering influence at the Dogs. Think Steve Mortimer (who you are advocating for CEO).

        Unfortunately, regardless of the captain is, I doubt they will be able to bring James Graham to heal as he tends to only follow his own counsel from what I have seen.

        “angry and as psychotic as he likes just like 2014 where he was in red hot form”

        Where in the 2014 GF after 5 intentional head butts (one resulting in a fractured eye socket and the other in a serious game ending concussion) he should have been sent off!

        Aggression has to be controlled and within the rules. Look at how Sam Burgess tries to take out players legally with big tackles (head on), as opposed to someone like Steve Matai, blind siding his targets and never having the guts to take them head on.

        • Josh Morris could be a good choice but Jackson can’t go wrong either but I’m still happy with Graham as captain. He has actually settled down a little bit compared to last year and he has been good to the refs. I don’t know what to say about the grand final but I don’t know if he intentionally tried to headbutt Burgess. I think the one on Tyrrell was intentional though, I will give you that. Apart from the grand final, Graham has controlled his aggression fairly well. He hasn’t headbutted anyone after that and actually takes players head on instead of cheap shots.

        • canterburybankstownbulldog4ver

          Except for his intentional head butting, ear biting (Slater) and intentionally diving at the ankles of kickers (Reynolds), I don’t question him aiming up at player head on. He is a good player who needs to get the rubbish out of his game. He is still playing English football like they did back in the 70’s (stomping on heads, gouging eyes etc.) A good example of this mindset was when he arrived in the NRL and used to rub Vaseline on his legs! I still laugh thinking about the time Nate Myles got a handful of Vaseline and rubbed it in his face. He has never used Vaseline since. The game has moved on and he needs to move on with it.

          But he is way too ill-disciplined, lacking in maturity and too indulgent of his moods and temper to captain a football team.

        • He didn’t intentionally attack Reynolds’ ankle last year. That was a complete accident as he was trying to charge the ball down but he fell and caught the ankles. I can’t excuse the ear bite but he has repented from that. I remember the vaseline thing haha. I don’t think he’s ill disciplined and immature to be captain, it’s just his emotions that is his downfall if something happens! The guy has so much passion for his side and you can’t take that away from him, then again, he is an Englishman, they’re pretty fiery blokes haha.

        • Pulling of a blind slide hit is a skill of the game SSDTID. As if Steve Matai isn’t one of the toughest blokes playing the game. You’re losing some cred mate with comments like that.

        • greggo

          As for losing cred, where I grew up (Redfern) you lost more cred hitting a guy when he wasn’t looking. Any fool or coward can do that. It takes a man to stand toe to toe, look the other in the eye and stand your ground. Are you old enough to remember the clashes between Paul (the Chief) Harrigan (Knights) and Mark (spud) Carroll (Manly) going at? Neither guy looked to hit the other while they weren’t looking. It was one of the all time classic contests.

          Btw, when was the last time Matai ever lined a guy up head on and tried to level him when his target knew it was coming? Sam Burgess does this almost every tackle on BOTH sides of the ball. I remember a big one who was going to pull off on James Graham in their last match of the year and Graham stepped aside (wisely) at the last minute.

          If you think it takes guts to hit a guy when he is prepared or looking then it is you who is losing cred on this site, not me buddy.

        • Calm down. Let’s take a look at what has actually been said here before we get all carried away and start calling each other names. You said “someone like Steve Matai, blind siding his targets and never having the guts to take them head on”. I disagree with your opinion that Steve Matai NEVER has the guts to take to a bloke head on. I recon Matai is a seriously tough player although he has been known to be a high shot culprit. He runs straight at blokes and make plenty of front on hits.

          I believed that you were implying that blind sliding a ball carrier is not a fair defensive play. I completely disagree with that. If you have the ball you’re fair game for a legal shot and old Matai is very good at putting on big shots where blokes does see him coming. Once he puts one on, the bloke that’s been nailed will be a bit hesitant about his footy and will have one eye on Matai all the time. Its a skill to pull off a good legal blind slide shot. I read your comments with interest most of the time as they are credible well thought out opinion. So when you say Matai is gutless when it is well known in league that he is a tough prick you lost a bit of cred with me. I was not talking about king hits, coward punches or tackling a bloke illegally, late, high whatever.

          Your parting shot:
          “If you think it takes guts to hit a guy when he is unprepared or not looking then it is you who is losing cred on this site, not me buddy”. When you say ‘hit” if you’re talking about a punch or illegal tackle no way. If your talking about a tackle during a game the ball carrier should always be prepared. If he’s unprepared he shouldn’t be on the field. Blindsiding in defense done legally is a skill of the game and especially useful for smaller players to get a dominant tackle on a bigger dude.

        • greggo

          “Blindsiding in defense done legally is a skill of the game and especially useful for smaller players to get a dominant tackle on a bigger dude.”

          And that is my point. Matai will not face a bigger dude head on when they are prepared or can see it coming. THAT is the point. Yes it may be a skill but it takes less courage than facing them head on when they are prepared.

          IMO it does take more guts to pull off a BIG shot on a guy coming straight at you and who is prepared for the impact than when the guy has no idea you are there and is concentrating on guys in front of him and is still relaxed and not ready for the hit.

          Remember the big wind up 20 metre run from Sam Burgess at the Dogs front line in 2014 (when he was running straight at Ennis)? I think it took more guts and courage for Ennis to actually stand his ground and effect a front on tackle with his body on the line than it takes for Matai (or any player) to sneak up on a player who doesn’t see him coming and is not braced for the hit. It gives Matai more credit than he otherwise deserves when he levels the other player.

          I am sure you no doubt played the game (as I have) and you will understand what I mean. They are two completely different things, taking a guy head on who has momentum and is braced for impact as opposed to taking a guy side on who is not prepared for the collision and is unaware of your presence.

          There were times in 2013/2014 when Matai pulled a big hit off on Sam Burgess that Sam was not prepared for and didn’t see coming. Sam smiled it off and half laughed at Matai for not coming at him head on. He INVITED Matai to try again this time head on, on MANY, MANY occasions. NOT ONCE did Matai take up the gauntlet.

          That is the key difference between someone like Matai and Paul Harrigan/Mark Carroll. Also throw in Steve Roach, Glen Lazarus, Gordon Tallis, Petro Civoniceva, Mark Geyer etc.

          If I said Matai was not tough (which I don’t remember) then that is not the case, to play with the injuries he does and pull off the shots he does (just to play first grade in the NRL) he has earned the right to be called tough. But he is tough on his own terms and picks and chooses his engagements.

          When a direct challenge is thrown down (i.e. Sam Burgess) I cannot remember a time he has taken this up. Think of the BIG shot by Kane Evans on Sam Kasiano. Sam had no complaints because he challenged the line and Evans responded. IMO there is a world of difference between the two.

          If you don’t agree, then we will have to agree to disagree. Or unless Matai faces a 20 metre Sam Burgess charge (head on) like Michael Ennis. Otherwise I won’t be changing my mind.

    • ihatetheoffseason

      “Id like kevin walters as coach”

      My guess is he will be coaching the Broncos when Bennett finally decided to hang up the clip board. Until then he will be happy to coach QLD SOO and perform his media role with FOX Sports.

      Kevin Walters, IMO the best QLDer in RL.

  5. Hasler maybe to Dragons, Taylor is good at the tigers i reckon, but let’s see how he goes now that he has his own way.

    I agree SSTID that Castle is out of her depth here and the dogs need to deal with her has well, but in saying that , the care factor is quite small to be honest.

    • penso

      Although I think Barrett is being made the scapegoat for Fulton’s interference, AND he is probably not quite ready to be a head coach in the NRL, I think he will make a good coach in time. He appears to be under a lot of pressure for next season and IF Manly don’t perform there will be growing calls for him to be replaced. That being the case IF Des is moved on from the Dogs I think he might sit out a season to see what happens at Manly. I would think he would have a strong preference to go back there IF there are still no strong feelings over his past mistreatment by Manly.

  6. @CanterburyBankstownBulldogs4evr I would like to give my sincerest thanks in poaching Licha from us AND dumping Ennis on us. I would like to offer you a Bulldogs membership on me!

    • sunnybill

      At the time it happened I thought it was a dumb move. In hindsight it was a dumb move. But at least Ennis got a premiership out of it so if he is truly loved by Bulldogs fans, WIN/WIN.

      • I can definitely say I love Ennis and I miss him. I was very happy for him to get a premiership but very sad that it didn’t come with us in 2012. Still gutted we let him go but it was obvious he was going to flourish at the Sharks because he was actually allowed to attack and show some of his creativity!

        • canterburybankstownbulldog4ver

          Ennis killed it this year and IMO should have been hooker for NSW in SOO. It was the best form of his career as far as I am concerned and it just goes to show he could have been an entirely different player if he had decided not to resort to his “Ennis the Menace” tactics.

    • Give us a young hooker who can bloody play! I know you have an under 20s kid, drop him off at Belmore, don’t worry about the membership haha.

      • You guys grabbed Simon Woolford’s kid Zac from the Raiders under 20’s this off season. He’s a young gun who could step up with a proper pre season.

        • Oh yeah that’s right. I don’t know if Des will actually give the kid a run. We do have Garvey to top it off but he doesn’t see much first grade either.

  7. If Tigers don’t make the finals next year they will likely sack JT. I would bet my left nut they will chase Hasler if this happens.

    • tigeryekent

      And why not Cleary? Frankly I am amazed no club has snapped him up already. Manly passed, Warriors passed, Dragons appeared to think about it at one point and passed. If Madge suddenly up and left Souths I would have no hesitation in having Cleary coach at Souths. Having said that Hasler is also a very solid option. At the end of the day, my strong preference is for Madge to do a Tim Sheens (Tigers), Craig Bellamy (Storm) or Wayne Bennett (Broncos) and stay at Souths for 10 years or more!

  8. I have been quite bored when watching many Bulldogs games in 2015 and 2016. So I have been falling asleep on the couch. I kind of abandoned the Doggies in July this year. Started following my local Sharkies instead. I won’t be barrack ingredients for Dogs until Hasler leaves. Hasler has achieved zero at the Dogs. I prefer Dymock as the Doggies coach. Do that and I will purchase a season membership for Sharkies and Bulldogs in 2017.

    • Bloody hell mate, there’s nothing like staying loyal! Wonder if you’d have jumped on the Sharks if they’d finished 14th.
      Some great posts though. One of you mentioned Brenko Lee is a big fast fella so here’s hoping he can add something. Sorry, don’t know much about him.

      • I have been living in the Sutherland Shire for 10 years mate. When Ennis moved across the bridge I started to watch the Sharks with interest. They just kept getting better and I had a fair bit of work to do on their Woolooware development.

  9. Hey tigeryekent don’t going betting your left nut, believe me it’s not worth it , i lost mine playing league and at the time my mates said i could only have one type of kid , boy or girl, well i have both but let me tell you, you seem to go longer, if you know what i mean, but you don’t look as good in speedo’s , still rather have two so don’t bet man.

    • penso

      TMI brother!!! And I am just about to have dinner! LOL I went to school with a kid who had one nut, punctured it at school with a pencil in his pocket. Made the mistake of telling the kids and in an inner-city all boys school they were remorseless and unrelenting with their teasing. Some times secrets can be a good thing. Just a thought. 😉

  10. Don’t worry me, what happened happened, i’ve lived with it and am not afraid to tell people about it either, i still remember the immense pain i suffered, and the worst thing about this it happened at training, still, You go longer!!

  11. Hey fellas, really hope we do change something for next year. This year left me sooo damn frustrated, like a gypsy with a mortgage.
    However didn’t I hear or read something about good ol Baa Baa having a say about Hasler needs to start adopting the Doggies culture and playing style.
    It got me thinking isn’t the style the coach and coach alone trait that owns the “STYLE” of play?? OR do clubs have there own style.
    A good example is the Tigers, I always remembered as far back as the 80’s the Tigers were always the flamboyant team that threw the ball around and produced some exciting special footy.
    Maybe Club tradition also influences the current coach in some way too, thoughts ??

    • bankstownboy4life

      That is a good question and worthy of discussion and considered opinion on ZT. I will leave it to the others here though because I post enough as it is. Any takers ZT, danielle?

      • Two points.
        1. I think coaches own styles of play more than clubs. Coaches used to stick around longer back in the day.
        2. SSTID: I say this not to antagonise – please stop mentioning Danielle when she’s not involved in the conversation. She has clearly gotten to you but you’re coming across as petty and bitter.

        • Miltontoaster/bankstownboy4life

          1. Coaches also adjust styles based on available personnel and talent. Bennett is a case in point at the Dragons, adjusting his style to one that was focused on defence and scoring points when on offer (i.e. penalty goals) then defending a lead.

          The common complaint that I hear (particularly from the likes of Sterlo and Joey Johns) is that teams these days are so structured they forget to play what is in front of them. I agree. Think of the intercept try last year in the finals to Darius Boyd just because SKD was so preconditioned to return the ball to the FB. It was refreshing to see in the U20 GF the Roosters do a short kick off on the initial kick off in the GF! They regained possession and almost scored in the first set.

          If this happens in first grade and the receiving team get the ball near half way the coach would be drawn and quartered by fans and the media. I think most coaches are too conservative and less willing to “throw the dice” than in days gone by. The Walker Bros showed this style of play still has a place in the modern game but I think there needs to be sufficient talent to support ambition.

          Remember with flamboyant play comes increased risk, with increased risk comes potential turn overs in possession and poor field position. Modern coaches I think (by and large) are too afraid to experiment and take risk and hence the game has developed more or less into a physical game of force ’em back.

          2. Agreed (unless provoked)

  12. It’s a tough comp.. Des goes well enough ..dogs r a proud club with very high expectations—they should lighten up by firstly punting that C EO– what’s the first thing she did?? Get rid of cheerleaders- what kind of an achievement is that? Fcken joke– very insecure

  13. Great read and some good points.
    Am already missing the footy on the weekends.
    Finally living in Perth pays, I’m off to the test match here this weekend, GO the Kangaz

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