SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 13: Greg Bird of the Titans runs the ball during the round 23 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Gold Coast Titans at Campbelltown Sports Stadium on August 13, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

NSW State of Origin forward Greg Bird could learn within the next 48 hours if his seven-year career on the Gold Coast is over.

An NRL Integrity Unit report into Bird’s involvement into an alleged incident at a northern NSW pub last month has been completed and returned to Titans chief executive Graham Annesley.

Annesley is expected to meet with Gold Coast chair Rebecca Frizelle to discuss the findings obtained by the integrity unit when she returns from overseas on Monday.


  1. + 1

    I’ve never doubted birdie’s effort, he always put in 100% when puts on the titans jersey. His discipline both on and off the field have let him down though. Must be shown the door for Peteru and Cartwright to come through.

  2. He has been great for the Titans for a while. Always put in 100% for them but maybe it’s time for him to go. His ill discipline is getting the best of him and the Titans have a few gun young forwards who need a go in his place, he would be a loss though.

  3. I thought his form was right up there this year, he just cant keep that noggin out of trouble . . .
    His days are numbered as i dont think Henry will stand for his off field issues and Titans have been top 3 in recruitment.

  4. Twent will pick him up , he needs a goal kicker and our 10 million dollar baby ain’t up to it , I’d have him in my squad , not with the current coach though !!! Hasler , Bellamy , Bennett, Madge could really get the best out of him , he needs a diciplanarian to guide him , a club with strong culture ,

    • silvertail47

      It seems to me your last two comments about Souths and their culture are contradictory?

      “your lot have accepted “average” for nearly 30 years , and the ONLY reason you (Souths) won a comp was on the back of ch9 and there “ideal Grand final ” quote”

      “Hasler , Bellamy , Bennett, Madge (Souths) could really get the best out of him , he needs a diciplanarian to guide him , a club with a STRONG CULTURE,”

      Have you changed your mind about Souths and their culture or is this a classic case of “Doublethink” (accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct)? To quote Pauline Hanson; “Please explain?”

      • Furthermore until Madge came along your mob were rubbish , Madge and ch9 were instrumental in your Prem , you obviously have no friends or are just bored , you comment on every ones posts like its SSTID zero tackle forum , get a life cuz

        • silvertail47

          You’re too quick-witted for me, dude! Still trying to make sense of how a TV channel can win a team a premiership (particularly when more than half their games on not on ch9). I guess the refs must have been involved in the whole conspiracy? And the NRL? And the media/journalists? Perhaps the other clubs as well? Yeah, too smart for me by half… wit!

        • like I said bro , unless i have missed something it’s not “your” zero tackle , Youve got something to say , and you quote every post , stay off mine I’ve no time for you , 😎

  5. i could see him going well at the Bulldogs. The rumours were he’s signing with Manly? is that still the case?

      • Eagle85, Hasler refuses to extend his contract further with the Dogs , me thinks the Digs will now appoint Dymock , Hasler may not be Dogs coach in 2017 ,,,, maybe , just maybe Des could be headed back to the Penninsular where he belongs , fingers crossed

    • Bird to bulldogs is natural choice of grubs, grub culture and grub style of play, he’d fit in very well. Hell Hasler likes grubs so much he’d make him Captain.

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