SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 28: Ryan James of the Gold Coast Titans and wife Anna James arrive at the 2016 Dally M Awards at Star City on September 28, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Gold Coast star Ryan James is on the verge of landing the big contract offer of his career with the Titans kicking off negotiations which should see the young prop tabled a deal worth around $2 million.

Amid reports Brisbane and several other NRL clubs are chasing the young forward, the Titans have kicked off talks to extend his deal until at least the end of 2019.

Market Watch can reveal the Titans have made extending James their top priority over the off-season and they’re pulling out all the stops in a bid to stop rival clubs poaching the local product.


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      It hasn’t been a week yet and already the Storm are looking to get a leg up for next season by skipping the World Club Challenge series. Sorry Storm fans but come one. It’s a rite of passage for those who finish on top.

  1. cant blame the titans on this one but i agree with what your saying,manly just traded a reliable commodore for a dodgy zaab

  2. Let’s compare.

    1.James had a great season this year and been pretty good years before potentially getting a new contract at $650K a season + captain.
    2.Vaughan (Canberra) who is a solid player (but playing from the bench atm) and hasn’t really achieved yet looking at signing with Saints for $650k a season.
    3.Matt Gillet, current Dally M backrower, current Australian and Queensland player, resigns for $500k a year for four years.

    • FootyFan2016

      Solid points. Too much for Vaughan, too little for Gillett and James will probably end up signing for the Broncos on $300K on the cap and $800K in TPA’s!

        • Yeh now we want to pay the Bucks and let someone like Merrin go last year- go figure that one out.
          What a shambles saint – hang your heads Doust not Co.

  3. off topic,just curious as im only new here,iv notice in comments ppl obvious wouldnt mind have a beer at sometime with some,just curious do you ever have game day catch ups or get together for few beers,as also notice (get feeling) some are using few ID`s,i notice today i think someone thought im broncomatt

    • I’ll answer your last question/statement. The trolls on this site always have more than one account, makes them feel good about themselves

      • Happy to have a beer with most blokes on this site – in all honesty Parra Matt there’s only a handful of trolls as suggested and u will soon figure them out.

    • ParraMatt

      I would love to meet my little mate kettles and his little red pen. We could go over all the BIG issues, spelling mistakes, grammar, punctuation! Danielle might want put down her Reader’s Digest for a change and compare notes on her latest insights into the game. Would love to hear if she had any? You can be Roy and I can be HG (danielle) and then “Rugby League would really be the winner!” LOL

      • danielle

        I realise that I probably won’t get a response from you until at least 4am (like last time) because that’s when we discuss the real issues here on ZT!

        danielle October 5, 2016 at 4:12 am

    • No he hasn’t. I wouldn’t call ‘Ronnie’ a troll though more just a blinding rage against anything Sharks or Gallen related

      • FootyFan2016

        I suggested if he could just stick to the other 14 teams in the comp (minus Sharks/Storm) he would have a different reputation here. It almost seems like a conditioned response! 😉

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