Karmichael Hunt
Future unclear

Gold Coast coach Guy McKenna has reservations about code-hopper Karmichael Hunt re-signing with the Suns when his multi-million dollar AFL contract expires at the end of 2012.

Hunt declared in his Gold Coast Bulletin column that he has no intention of leaving the Suns when his contract runs out, although he’s far from negotiating a new deal either.

The Suns defender said he was prompted to make public his thoughts after recent speculation that he may be lured to return to the NRL for 2013 by a consortium bidding for the second Brisbane licence.

“At this point I have no thoughts about being anywhere but at the Suns past 2012,” Hunt said.

“I can’t see myself returning to rugby league right now because the challenge of trying to become a quality AFL player is proving incredibly enjoyable for me.”

But McKenna is not completely sold.

He said the Brisbane Broncos would not have thought Hunt would cross codes in 2009 when he committed to joining the Suns and he was not banking entirely on Hunt staying.

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