Shane Flanagan

The NRL have granted former Cronulla coach Shane Flanagan eligibility to register as an  assistant coach at any of the 16 league clubs for the 2020 and 2021 seasons following a meeting with CEO Todd Greenberg on Friday, as reported by 

While Flanagan’s registration does not include a guarantee a date for a return to a head coaching role, it does allow the ex-Sharks’ boss to work within the league’s coaching ranks as an assistant while following strict guidelines and conditions.

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After being found to be dealing with the Sharks in a coaching role whilst under suspension in 2014, Flanagan was de-registered by the NRL last year.

“Today I met with the NRL and I both respect and accept the course of action they have taken,” Flanagan said in a statement.

“I look forward to returning to the coaching ranks, firstly as an assistant coach and hopefully one day a head coach again.”

Greenberg revealed it was decision that came to terms after much deliberation.

“I have spoken to Shane at length and he has expressed significant remorse and accepted responsibility for his past actions and the detrimental impact they have had on the game,” he said.

“We have created a pathway for Shane to return to the coaching ranks. Today’s decision gives Shane an opportunity to be registered in the NRL.

“This is not a set and forget approach. Shane and any future club who employs him has numerous conditions which they must comply with and the Integrity Unit will continue to monitor his conduct over the next two seasons.”

Flanagan will be eligible to register for an assistant coaching role within the NRL from December 18.


  1. Well I think Mary13 will want him at St Georgewarra as Mary McGregor is hopeless.

    But if all of a sudden as an assistant coach the team goes from last to top four. Then everybody will know who really is coaching the team.

    Any smart administration would hire Flanagan as an assistant to please the NRL, when in fact they will be hiring him as head coach and using their so called head coach as the puppet.

  2. A similar thing happen years ago when Gould played for Souths. Piggins was the no hoper coach but Phil Gould was the brains. Any success Souths experienced in that Gould stint was due to Phil Gould, nothing to do with Piggins as head coach.

  3. Absolute joke.

    Another example of anyone or anything associated with the Sharks getting favourable treatment. Flanagan stuck 2 fingers up at the NRL and 12 months later he is back coaching. Laughable.

  4. WRONG AGAIN WOODY!! Your the Queen of past posts on ZT, maybe you can dig up some old comments where I certainly stated that Flanagan was not welcome. He is a drug cheat, a salary cap cheat and a leader of muppets. As bad as McGregor is Saints are better than that germ coming on board. Fit right in at the GOOSTERS

  5. Once again 77 brings souths in on an article that has no concern of Souths what so ever, this bloke is the ultimate goose, please ZT ban this moron , he now is belittling the great George Piggins, when is enough enough?

  6. If he doesn’t get a gig with mary, I reckon storm will be interested. With the psycho fits bellamy has in the coaches box & his throbbing forehead veins ready to explode at times, Supercoach Flanno COULD have a calming & relaxing effect on bellyache, whilst giving him a few pointers on how to coach a winning team.

  7. His son has signed with the roosters.
    With O’Brien going will fit in perfectly with the roosters culture.
    Very knowledgeable in certain areas.

  8. Hey SillyWilly77, I wonder if your Canberra Raiders loving from Albury history is up to speed as the Roosters and Souths?? God you’ll have a stroke if your 2 loves meet in the grand final… The local chemist will run out of ky if that happens

  9. Whilst this is obviously not an article about the Bunnies (in theory) I’d like to take the opportunity to say to those genuine Bunnies supporters, like Penso and others, GOOD LUCK, and I mean it.
    I’ll never be a Bunnies supporter, but I’ll go close for tonight’s game (just quietly).

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