Mitch Cornish

The Parramatta Eels have today announced the signings of Mitch Cornish, Kelepi Tanginoa and Scott Schulte for the 2016 season.

A halfback and five-eighth, 22 year-old Cornish will join the side from the Canberra Raiders, where he made his NRL debut in 2014 and was named in the 2015 NSW Cup Team of the Year.

21 year-old Tanginoa will return to the forward pack of the Eels from one season at the North Queensland Cowboys, after making his first grade debut in Blue and Gold in 2013.

He will be joined by 20 year-old versatile outside back Schulte, who was part of the Cowboys’ Holden Cup squad this season.

“These three players will add a lot of depth in key positions to our side for 2016, and I’m looking forward to having them here in November,” Eels Head Coach Brad Arthur said.

“I’m sure we’ll have a very healthy competition for a place in our first grade side this season, which will only improve our team.”



  1. I would back Cornish to start, With Norman to fullback and Gordon on the wing, If hopoate does re sign, That Backline is starting to come together

  2. Really don’t get this BA you say we need lots of depth but we have 40 contracted players now. We’re not going to get 20 injuries. But If wenty don’t win the new cup then there is something wrong. Don’t know much about Schulte, cowboys fans is he any good and what position is he.

  3. I think Cornish and tanginoa are 2 really good signings I would start Cornish and Foran in the halves and Norman at fb n Gordon on the wing also tanginoa was playing better than tamalolo in the middle of the year and was getting more time he is a huge lock or front row

  4. 1.Norman


    That side is actually a really good team. The back line looks real good and a solid foward pack and bench. I think alot of people are going to be surprised at how good the eels will be next year

    • Terepo aka butterfingers won’t be in the 18 junior will be ahead of him. Gordon to fullback Norman to 5/8 Foran to halfback Cornish out replace him with Faraimo and that’s the squad. But I’ve been saying it for ages that eels will make the 8 but Manlydes the moron thinks eels are still worse than manly. Which Cleary by looking at both teams he is wrong.

      • Eels4thespoon your team is crap compared to ours. your best player is a winger you fool. The your spine is bought. Ours is manly made. We almost made the finals you almost collected your 3rd spoon in 5 years. I said before I think the eels will do good but don’t deserve to as you are buying your way into the 8. Ba was great for manly and is a good coach. but your club is mud to me for the way it throws the bank at other teams stars and then ruins them and sacks them before there contract is up ie Sandow hoppa. Foran was going to be our captain we seen the rise of a rookie to an international and you dogs just throw 1.4mil at him when he’s worth 700k to 800k max. you must realize your club is shameless. any future success you can thank manly like bulldogs fans

        • We have heaps of juniors and one club players. Like Semi, Faraimo, Folau, Morgan, Toutai, Terepo, Tanginoa, Edwards, Pauli, Alvaro, Ma’u, Moeroa, Junior, Mannah, Pritchard.

        • All garbage look at your bench it gets worse the lower down you go.
          man just give up your an ant fighting a gorilla. A flea on the soaring eagle. The bottom feeding sea worms

    • I reckon it will be

    • 1. Gordon
      2. Radradra
      3. Taka
      4. Hoppa
      5. Gutherson
      6. Foran
      7. Norman
      8. Mannah
      9. Peats
      10. Paulo
      11. Ma’u
      12. Scott
      13. Watmough

      14. Cornish
      15. Alavero
      16. Gower
      17. Tereapo/Wicks

  5. I realise everyone thinks Norman is going to fullback but he is not. Norman came to parra to play 5/8 that’s the only reason he left Brisbane because he was stuck behind Prince, Wallace and Hunt. Gordon came to ESL to play fullback regularly and mentor young fullbacks like French and Moss. I think Tanginoa is the Taumalolo 2.0 he is exactly like him. Though I can’t see him playing FG regularly at eels I think he should of Cowboys for another year or two. I think Faraimo going to wing or Gutherson going wing and Folau centre is good enough I don’t think there will be anymore signings after Gutherson is confirmed. On the bright side I can’t see eels missing the 8. The best depth in the league Imo. Injuries won’t be a worry.

    • Best depth haha depth isn’t having 40 players, depth is having first grade quality players stuck in reserve grade, look at roosters this year they had Matigi playing reserves he could ge a start at almost every other club. That is what seperates top teams to average teams.

      • We have players in our wenty team who have all played NRL in their careers better depth than manly easily. We have Morgan, Folau, Kelly, Cornish, Toutai, Pritchard, King, Terepo, O’Brien, Edwards, Nelson, Pauli, Gower, Hasson, Ualesi, Seffa. We have youngsters like French, Twal, Fuimaono, Davis, Moss, Lavaka and now Schulte. When will you and Manlydes realise that eels will be ahead of manly at the end of 2016.

        • None of them are first grade quality, u think u will be ahead of us yet we have the same level forward pack and our backs smoke yours by miles! Dream on bottom feeder!

        • Are you kidding our forwards are better than yours easy

          Name one player in your reserves who is FG quality, Moltzen, Goodall, Satini.
          Cornish, Folau, Pauli would make the 17 for any other club. That’s why other clubs want them.

        • Myles>Mannah
          Trbojevic>Paulo, Jake over him easy not even comparison


        • Trbojevic and Junior are the same okay. Both young tanks. Watmough is better than Buhrer overall. Watmough has about 20 games for nsw few games for Australia. Buhrer is always injured and the only memory of him in origin is him slipping over picking up the ball gaining no metres. Lussick is shit he gives one big hit every 4 sets that’s it, he is lazy in defence nothing in attack. Wicks is a hardworking metre-eater, with loads of experience. Pauli is better than Lawrence, Pauli is only 20 and is a huge player. He is solid in defence, got a good offload the only thing he needs to improve is his attitude. Lawrence was injured all year.

        • hold up. Are you using watmoughs achievements against us??? you pathetic dog. mate your the king flop of all flops. The grand earthworm. wow. just wow. hahaha don’t forget he has won 2 gfs lol you idiot. The nerve of these sea worm supporters. holmsey43 get him

        • Lawrence had surgery for a 2014 injury, he is better than Pauli so far probs not by the ned of his career, Watmough is paying worse that Buhrer was, Jake is heaps better than Paulo, way better. Lussick just needs to be back where he belongs needs to feel comfortable, was playing alright late in the year,

        • Ballin will be leaving, John is worse than Kelly and that’s saying something, Symonds, Leary are average, Demetriou isn’t ready yet. Tom Trbojevic is FG quality that’s it. Once the injuries come you are stuffed.

        • Are u kidding me! Kelly is by far one of the worst players…dont get me wrong, john isnt good by any means but hes not on kelly’s level

        • Kelly better then john wow! John has played for nz
          Ballin isn’t leaving he doesn’t want to
          Demetriou needs to play in the forwards not backs
          Symonds and Leary are pretty decent
          Injuries aren’t what lose seasons it’s attitude

        • Our forwards still pump you. What has Jake Trbojevic done in his career that makes him way better than Junior who is hot property for lots of clubs. The game is won by forwards which means that we will pump you.

        • Game is won by attitude not forwards! Trbojevic has managed to score almost as many tries as junior has in his whole career in a season, Jake has ball playing skills, Jake can play 80 minutes! Jake has the best tackling technique in the comp!

        • They are both the same age, Jake only kicked into gear this year (making no big impact). The way I see it, they are on the same level and next year we will see one or both excell.

        • Issac John only played for New Zealand because Foran, Leuluai, Hoffman were injured. Plus Marshall wasn’t back in the NRL yet. So your saying a reserve grade team could beat Cowboys if they wanted it more. To win a game you need players with skill, experience and determination. So Jake can tackle well, junior is a rock in defence. Junior has ball playing skills and is a metre-eater.

        • Exactly what I’m saying! Jake is leaps and bounds ahead of Paulo, paulo does not have ball playing skills, pretty sure he missed heaps of tackles this year.

        • He averaged more metres, Paulo actually has a pretty good fend, step and offload on him. Based on what are you so sure he has missed more tackles?

        • Junior averages 10 more metres than Jake per game, Jake makes 5 tackles more per game which is pretty bad for someone with someone with an excellent tackling technique, junior makes more hit ups.

        • Jake creates trys, scores them, makes loads of line breaks and tackle breaks, in his first season to be doing that is pretty good, Jake is like an extra half in our team.

        • Jake has 3 tries in 23 games, 5 line breaks in 23 games and best of all 0 try assists. Hahahha know your stats mate. What a playmaker lol.

  6. Manlydes the most pathetic person on this site. Your forward pack got trumped by ours twice last season. Unlike you and Holsmey, I can admit that another team has better players, yes Manly have a better 1-5 (bar Semi being over any of your wingers). As for halves, we will be pretty matched up.

    However the game is won in the forward pack, whether you like it or not it is and we have a superior pack. Wake up and realise we are moving forward as a club.

    • We have a mobile pack, we have one player who can’t play the full 80 in our starting pack, once 8 interchange is introduced u guys are stuffed

      • Ma’u can play 80 as can peats. Paulo and Mannah our starting towards can play a whole half. Then Wicks and Alvaro can play the other half. Scott and Watmough will play the first 30 minutes then come of for Moeroa and Tanginoa. Then come on in the last 15 minutes to guide us to victory. That’s 6 interchanges.

  7. Fact is our pack out did yours twice this year. So I am not sure who is the worse off us or you. Foran will fix his hamstring issue and alongside Noraman, will lead our team.

    1. Gordon
    2. Semi
    3. Taka
    4. Gutherson*/ Falou
    5. Fariamo
    6. Norman/Foran
    7. Foran/Norman
    8. Paulo
    9. Peats
    10. Mannah
    11. Manu
    12. Scott
    13. Watmough

    14. Wicks
    15. Pauli
    16. Gower
    17. Alvaro

    And we still have plenty of back, while your stocks run low making up the starting 17.

    • We still managed to finish higher than u this year with the same problems, we have heaps of back ups you need to look past nsw cup and to under 20s were we have heaps of back ups.

      • Under/20s don’t always pull through. You might have a batch of future stars now but that can all change in 2/3 years. For example we thought Goodall was going to be a star but he couldn’t keep his Wenty spot.

        • Hahahahaha shouldn’t have let Goodall go in the first place then!
          Also Lussick vs wicks?? Please !!!! Lussick is a bundle of fumbles and penaltys. Thank Christ he’s back at manly!!!

          Parramatta don’t have to much to brag about in the 2015 season but we pumped your team twice and to took your best player so all in all we had a better year than manly.

          You lost your coach, your best player, you lost your heart and soul and you have lost your way!
          Can’t wait till we meet again in 2016!! What a rivalry!!

        • Best player haha did nothing all year! Best player wow I’ll say it again DCE was winning motm awards while Foran was losing games with out DCE.

  8. My line up
    1. Norman
    2. Radradra
    3. Takirangi
    4. Gutherson
    5. Folau
    6. Foran
    7. Cornish
    8. Junior paulo
    9. Peats
    10. Mannah
    11. Mau
    12. Scott
    13. Kenny edwards
    14. Moeroa
    15. Wicks
    16. Pauli
    17. Alvaro
    Drop watmough until he plays alot better

    • It’s the radium in your water and the pesticides they spray at night so you can’t see that is killing your mind and life slowly. maybe you need some of this wonderful ocean air ay bud.

  9. My line up
    1. Gordon
    2. Radradra
    3. Takairangi
    4. Gutherson
    5. Faraimo
    6. Norman
    7. Foran
    8. Junior
    9. Peats
    10. Mannah
    11. Ma’u
    12. Scott
    13. Watmough
    14. Wicks
    15. Moeroa
    16. Alvaro
    17. Tanginoa

    I think it’s true Mac5733 something in our oceans first stuffing up our animals now the people.

  10. Hahahahaha shouldn’t have let Goodall go in the first place then!
    Also Lussick vs wicks?? Please !!!! Lussick is a bundle of fumbles and penaltys. Thank Christ he’s back at manly!!!

    Parramatta don’t have to much to brag about in the 2015 season but we pumped your team twice and to took your best player so all in all we had a better year than manly.

    You lost your coach, your best player, you lost your heart and soul and you have lost your way!
    Can’t wait till we meet again in 2016!! What a rivalry!!

    Can’t wait for you all to turn on baz as if it’s his fault. Fish rots at the head first guys! Something we have In common.

  11. Hot tip, watch Foran next year, and compair him to how Dce goes. Your administion stuffed up. Dce will run your team into the ground.

    • DCE 4 motm awards 2015
      Foran 0
      DCE 1 cc medal on a losing side
      DCE resurrected our 2015 season, Foran showed that he struggled without DCE, Foran isn’t better than dce, if he is prove I see no evidence to suggest Foran is better?

  12. I dont understand the attacks and trash talking of Moanly fans on this site. Must be a bit butt hurt about us getting some top shelf players off them? And Moanly fans calling us dogs? You are the most hated club in the comp, and for good reason. Its actually quite flattering you all take the time to read articles about Parra. I see articles about Moanly and dont even finish resding the heading!

  13. Geez I get sick of reading the same dribble out of the same blokes all the time! I would hate to see if the morons team actually win the GF. Here’s a thought, we are all supporters of “our” team and wish them all the best, but the way some supporters carry on its as though they made the try saving tackle to win the game! There should be a rule that if you haven’t played 1st grade in any comp (country or city league) that you should not be able to comment! That would stop most of the Manly and Brisbane comments and let the rest of us have a decent debate rather then commenting on why my team is better then your team and the constant “this is my 2016 team” that people put up like they have some input.

    • Mate, unless you are a former (or current) player, by your rules, you wouldn’t be able to comment to say others can’t comment.

      I haven’t played since I was a kid, but I still support my team and still have opinions. I’ve even thought about the lineup of my own WT team, as the WT won’t put there’s up for another five months I gotta do something to pass the time.

  14. Geez Big keV… Just relax!!
    It kills boredom mate.

    I only played footy for 27yrs from age 5-32 but only made reserve grade.. Sorry for writing on ur Facebook page.

  15. We’ll said bigkev, although I’ve never played first grade. So these new signings, and in light of our salary cap/offer to Hopoate, that we’re expecting to “win” the case, and not have Hopoate next season? For the record, I think we paid too much for him, but if we (irrespective of who was CEO etc) gave him every reason to believe he had a contract going forward, we should honour it. I was also a bit disappointed we didn’t use this announcement to thank Reece Robinson for 2015, given we haven’t as yet, and Robbo proved to be a very versatile player for us this year.

    Good luck, and thank you, Robbo.

  16. Mate manly fans are so baitable. Any little comment and they bite, any story about another team or another player and within 2 posts they change the subject to a team who 2% of the rugby league fan base actually give a shit about.

    manly are a good side, just small proportion of their special fan base choose to put woeful comment after woeful comment on zero tackle.

    It’s pretty entertaining buttttt

    No one cares guys!
    Can’t wait for the next manly story!

  17. The reality is Parra beat your team of “stars” des… twice this year and are looking even better for 2016.

    • No, purely because Foran has a “follow ba” clause in his contract. Both Foran and Arthur are under immense pressure, but they have introduced some new coaches including tackling and fitness, whilst appointing a new video analysis coach. We are heading in the right direction, only time will tell what happens.

  18. Geez.. for a club that was criminally over the cap, and who cant pay hoppa what they promised – they are signing some pretty decent fringe first graders.

    How are they allowed to sign all these players when they were 1. over the cap and 2. currently in dispute with a player over how much the can and want to pay him.

    They have signed Gordon, Gutherson, Scott, Foran. Two of them would be two of the highest paid players in their position, Gordon would be on decent cash too and gutherson is a young freak who would have commanded a fair bit of cash. Chuck in the bloke who will be the highest paid winger in the game as well as Watmough, Mannah and Peats…. strange things going on at Parra IMO.

    • the over the cap issue was related to stickys time and the fact that the club got rid of underperforming players and continued to pay them combined about a mill a year.
      would’ve been over the cap for next year based on 2015 salaries but letting hoppa, lussick and robinson go clears a fair chunk.
      I hear Gordon is not a on big money but it was the chance to get another contract where he wasn’t going to be offered at the sharks.
      Semi is on 250 and signed for that til 2019 I think, so not big $’s there either – he will command an increase if his form keeps up.
      Maybe eels are finally using the rorters and broncos way of filling the cap – tpd’s.

      • You tell em holmsey43.
        13 spoons lol that’s why there the penultimate duds of the nrl and wooden spoons bearers.

        • Interesting comment as penultimate means second last and they are not the wooden spoon bearers – so who is last genius?
          Long time reader of this website and usually don’t comment but unfortunately I can’t stand reading through most threads due to this guy hijacking every article and manipulating the conversation Zerotackle should ban you as your either a child or some uneducated tool who offers little to no value to this site. Time to either grow up mate or get some new material to make your comments interesting – PS: Please don’t set your attack dog holmsey onto me, I’m terrified of the toughest keyboard warriors there are out there.

      • Parra have won a shit load of spoons but Atleast we never had to merge with another team.If manly didn’t have to pay peter blubber guts peters food bill youse might of met the criteria in 2000.Seriously I don’t no how that fat lard has the courage to come out in public with his disgusting body.

  19. manlydes & holmsey do you two sit next to each other in class? How do you manage to post comments without the teacher noticing? Very impressive. Seriously though, you are both skid marks on the underpants of civilisation.

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