during the round 21 NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the Canterbury Bulldogs at Allianz Stadium on July 31, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.

The Parramatta Eels have today announced the signing of centre Michael Jennings to the club for the next four seasons.

Jennings, 27, joins the Blue and Gold from the 2016 season onwards after securing a release from the Sydney Roosters.

OFFICIAL: Roosters sign Dale Copley

With 193 NRL games under his belt, the Penrith District junior has played six Tests for Australia and three Tests for Tonga, as well as representing the VB NSW Blues in 16 State of Origin clashes.

“Michael is very keen to join the Eels based on the direction the club is going and the environment we’re building, and he’ll be a valuable asset on and off the field,” CEO John Boulous said.

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“We have a very specific strategic plan for the next few seasons and his belief in our club’s purpose will help deliver that.”

Eels Head Coach Brad Arthur labelled Jennings’ experience as a welcome addition to the Blue and Gold.

“Michael’s success in the game as a premiership-winner and in representative rugby league is obvious, and he’ll be a real leader and mentor to some of the younger outside backs we have in our NRL squad,” Arthur said.

“I look forward to what he can bring to Parramatta.”

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  1. Am I missing something? Why would release Jennings to sign Copley??? I rate Jennings and wish he had of signed with us a few years ago but I also rate Foran big time and with hard man Beau the Eels will be a massive force this year. Good luck to them.

    7 weeks until the season starts and this stupid releasing and signing process is still going on. Seriously how can clubs build combinations and be ready to go round 1 with this still happening????

    • Yes you are they had to get rid off him
      THE money saved by letting him go
      Will allow the Sydney Roosters to retain Boyd Cordner, Jackson Hastings and Mitch Aubusson beyond 2016
      They couldn’t keep them with Jennings
      He wanted to go to parra for more cash SKD didn’t they would have to pay out SKD
      But not Jennings since he wanted out so smart choice would be Jennings not SKD
      They free up cash to keep three great players
      And they get Copley who is a strong defender and a decent attacker
      It’s actually rather smart they lose yes the strike power of Jennings but they have enough to cover it
      And a decent player like Copley will add a lot

  2. Easily one of the best back lines this season and a very solid forward pack. I think they’ll be top 8 for sure.

    1. Gordon
    2. Radradra
    3. Jennings
    4. Takarangi
    5. Gutherson
    6. Foran
    7. Norman
    8. Mannah
    9. Peats
    10. Paulo
    11. Scott
    12. Maau
    13. Watmough

    14. Gower
    15. Wicks
    16. Alvaro
    17. Moeroa

    • Pritchard and King at hooker, Folau and Morgan at centres, Tuha and Scuhlte on wing, Moss on fullback, Cornish at half, Terepo and Hasson at forwards, Gower and Fuimaono in second row and Tanginoa at lock. Pretty good depth to me. Paulo and Alvaro are 22 & 23. Not old to me and Ma’u and Mannah under 30 they aren’t old.

      • All of your “depth” you just named wouldn’t get a run in reserve grade for other teams except maybe King and Cornish and falau when he learns not to be so lazy. Just cause there are people there don’t mean that’s depth.

        • Mate Tuha, Moss and Cornish were regular reserve graders at their previous clubs, Tanginoa and King were playing Qld cup regularly and Schukte and Fuimaono were one of the best players in the NYC last year. Finally Hasson was a regular first grader at Moanly. So know your facts or stfu.

        • Hey genious you just proved my point… obviously they can play reserve grade and as a dumb parra supporter I knew you would take the bait and list all there reserve grade clubs… Nice… Hasson only has 2 “1st” graders that are worse then him, and guess what they both play for yellow and blue slime. Morgan and Gower. So why don’t you stfu until parra can actually make the 8 and stop rambling on about this year we definetely will be in the 8 and then miss out like every other year.

  3. 1. Gordon
    2. Radradra
    3. Takairangi
    4. Jennings
    5. Gutherson
    6. Norman
    7. Foran
    8. Paulo
    9. Peats (c)
    10. Mannah (vc)
    11. Ma’u
    12. Scott
    13. Watmough
    14. Wicks
    15. Moeroa
    16. Alvaro
    17. Edwards

  4. shambles of a club desperately trying to be successful after decades of failure. ban the shmeels.

  5. Eels should try out Kelepi Tanginoa hes a beast, they should also stock up on some good front rowers after Fuifui left, i miss watching him play in the NRL even tho im no eels supporter

  6. I suppose the likes of the manly players over there must of convinced him. this club is mud too me.

  7. manlytheblackspotonleague jelly much? Bwahahahaha!! Your ‘club’ doesn’t even have a stadium worthy of NRL standard, awful membership numbers, and your ‘club’ sacked Toovey ahead of “super coach” Barrett, not to mention knifing one of your most loyal servants, Matt Ballin, in the back. Cant wait to beat your pathetic team in 2016! Oh by the way, its now ‘up up Moanly” all the way up with Hoppa snr on the coaching staff! Another brilliant decision by your ‘club’.

    • jelly much? I don’t get it. Either way the only way for the eels us up can’t get any lower I suppose. don’t have a stadium blah blah end of the day your team is the worst over the last 3 decades manly have been the best. your best players are others clubs stars. Cheers

        • I so can’t wait for the Manly V Parra game…This is getting very juicy. One game I’ll defiantly be watching. I think I’ll be tipping the Eels also. Got nothing against Manly…IMO I think the Eels are dark horses…

      • Worst over the last 3 Decades isn’t actually Parramatta, that belongs to a team by the name of Cronulla,even if Souths picked up the most Wooden Spoons, followed closely by the most recent Premiers, as for you saying Manly have been the best, you are wrong. That goes to the Broncos. 6 premierships in 28 years is a pretty good run I would say.

  8. Goodluck to Jennings and thanks for the swap Parra (Hayne for Jennings) seriously though not sure why we signed Copley hes fast and can score tries but Aubusson at centre and Nikorima to the bench is a stronger side or Latrell Mitchell centre or Fullback or even wing is better. i think Copley would suit Bunnies as Walkers replacement or even Storm or obviously GCT. Roosters best option is
    1 Latrell Mitchell/Fergusson
    2 Joe Burgess/SKD
    3 Blake Fergusson/Latrell Mitchell
    4 Shaun Kenny-Dewell/Aubuson
    5 Daniel Tupou

    If SKD gets found guilty Mitchell Fullback for sure, Aubusson and Fergusson centres, Burgess and Tupou wingers and Jayden Nikorima bench…

    Unless ofc Hayne signs…

    • He’s fast and scores try’s …. I think that’s your answer and he’s a young emerging player.
      Trent can see potential.

    • If hayne signs with the roosters then i will wear a tinfoil hat for the rest of my life. #hayneconspiracy #haynetoroosters #icantbelieveijusthashtaggedeventhoughhashtaggingisold

    • Mate Hayne has too much pride, he will never ever sign with the Roosters.
      I got to add, I’m currently holidaying in Phoenix Arizona and was at the Arizona Cardinals Vs Green Bay Packers match last night. I go to a lot of rugby league games, but I have never ever been at a game with such an electric atmosphere as last nights game. It was a playoff clash with a sell out crowd, atmosphere was buzzing from the word go. The level of entertainment was amazing, from celebrities appearing on the big screen with words of support for their team on regular intervals, to entertaining clever cartoons appearing on the big screen at every stop of play. Just an amazing level of entertainment, the NRL has a long way to go to learn about how to really entertain the crowds.

      • sounds unreal GTE. the NRL are so behind the times. they need to leave the rules alone and start looking after the fans ! Enjoy your journey and come back ready to see a great season for the Eels.

      • GTE I also have been to an NFL game Giants Cowboys in NY 3 years ago.Your right the entertainment outside of the game is next level.They had Naughty by Nature playing in the concourse and with there tail gating and what not it truely is entertainment at its best.

        As for merchandise man you could buy anything with a Giants logo on it.Seriously those merchandising is n another level the amounts of money and having 70-80,000 at every game the sport just reals of money.

        NRL vs NFL there’s just know comparison.

    • Hayne2roosters… ive been readin ur stuff for a while now… u just rabble on with crap. Why do u think u are getting hayne so much? San fran just sacked their old coach that was as big of a ……. as u.!!. they have a new coach now that likes running weird as offense.. he will sign hayne again for next year and give him more game time than the old coach… how long do u want too wait to get hayne???

      • @squeek and @gotheeels its just a profile name. My favourite player is Hayne (well he was when i made the name) and i support Roosters so i made the name “Hayne2Roosters” long before any rumours of that happening was even thought about. Its mostly banter but i do believe Roosters are probably the only side who could sign him if he returned. But you guys need to realize that words you Eels fans use like “loyalty, Pride, Man of his word” they dont exist in the NRL now. If you think otherwise your either not a realist. Very young. Or a bandwagon fan. In reality name a team who wouldnt want Hayne if he was available

        • Cheers HTR. You have been around here for ages and you have a lot of good input. Not once have I seen you bag other teams (like the manly pussies) and I do like your friendly banter and your knowledge. Keep it up dude !!
          ps. Thanks for MJ. We’ll look after him 😉

        • @parraman cheers mate! Always loved the style Parra and Warriors played with now they seem have found the right balance and Hayne (sometimes Sandow) was the only real match winner for along time. Last year Radradra was your only match winner. Now you guys have Foran, Radradra, Jennings! and Gordon who will bring consistant goal kicking! and a great mix of experience, Work horses, and explosiveness in the forwards to be genuine premiership winners. Jennings will really strengthen the defence on the left only when he plays for your side you truely value a backs defence… I really take an interest to junior players and Bevan French is a player im excited to see and i think should be right wing for Parra because hes your future star! Good great speed, a beautiful passing game, and good footwork. All the tools to be great fullback goodluck Eels!! 2016

  9. 1. Gordon
    2. Radradra
    3. Takarangi
    4. Jennings
    5. Gutherson
    6. Foran
    7. Norman

    Really nice backline now, mixed with good halves and hooker to make a good spine. Experienced forward back with youth and size on the bench. Need players to work well toghter should Definately be in the 8 now.

  10. This is a great signing for the Eels. BA now has the squad he desires and his true coaching ability can now be judged fairly.
    @ Mr. Nicholls, wondering what your view is of where we will finish now that we have Jennings on board?

      • You are the biggest troll I’ve seen. Get a life and go away as you can’t let anyone on here have an opinion without having to abuse them over it. I hate manly more and more every day cause of your rediculous statements.# PleaseBanDessiesLover!

  11. Hayne might not go to roosters this year but it’s looking very likely that’s where he will be if he comes back any stage. No way eels could afford him now..

    • Saints may be able to afford Hayne, but I doubt very much if we would land his signature. Gold Coast could afford him too buy I doubt even more that he would end up at the Gold Coast. I do agree that Easts looks the likely destination for Hayne if/when he does return. But Canterbury could also be contenders for his signature too, as they are able to “manage”their cap very well, so to speak. Canterbury may also be in the market for a top line fullback if Brett Morris or Hoppa are not their answer.

  12. Transfers team of the year.

    1. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
    2. Will Hopoate
    3. Dylan Walker
    4. Micheal Jennings
    5. James Roberts
    6. Keiran Foran/James Maloney
    7. Aiden Sezer
    8. David Shillington
    9. Issac Luke
    10. Trent Merrin
    11. Nate Myles
    12. Martin Tapau
    13. Sam Burgess

    14. Lewis Brown
    15. Tim Grant
    16. Beau Scott
    17. Elliot Whitehead

    Buy of the year: Issac Luke

    • I hate lists but this is a good one. I didn’t think that there were so many good players that had transferred.

  13. Well done eel’s. Very solid signing. I’m happy to see parramatta shaping up again as they are my second team. I think their off season signings have been the best so far. Good luck to you boy’s..

  14. Gordon v Stewart (Manly wins)
    Radradra v Tafua (Eels)
    Takarangi v Lyon (Manly)
    Jennings v Matai (Eels)
    Gutherson v Trebovic (Manly)
    Foran v Walker (Eels)
    Norman v DCE (Manly)

    Looking forward to that clash but you’d have to give it to The Mighty Manly Sea Eagles!.!.!.!.!.!

    • Mate Gutho was favoured more by Manly is Gutho didn’t get injured he would of been playing more so I’d call it even both are exciting young fullbacks. Though the forward pack is
      Paulo v Trbojeivc = eels win
      Peats v Koroisau = eels win
      Mannah v Myles = Moanly win
      Ma’u v Taupau = Moanly win
      Scott v Brown = eels win just
      Watmough v Buhrer = eels win

      Eels 7 beats manly 5 not including Gutherson and Trbojevic who are even.

      • Actually Manly released Gutherson in order to keep the Treb brothers. But I understand you trying to make your team sound better…

        Id give trebovic the go over Paulo any day. He had way better numbers in 2015 and he’s only a kid.

        Korisau/Parcell over peats any day. Peats hasn’t done anything.

        Watmough over buhrer is purely on reputation as choc had the worst season of his career at Parramatta last year.

        Brown is a kiwi international – Scott is over the hill and making a similar poor career decision as Watmough (because his daughter needs to be at children’s Westmead).

        I think we got u in the forwards as well.

        So I’d go 10 manly to 3 parra, and of your 3 only 1 is a parra player – radradra. Jennings and Foran are newbies. I’ll put your team about 10th.

        Time shall tell. Can’t wait.

        • Batman what your not factoring in is the toughness & professionalism that guys like Scott Watmough and Foran bring to a team.They were a very youthful team the last few years and have never really had agood spine in along time.

          The mentioned especially Scott,Foran and the addition of Jennings really solidifies th right side that last year held liabilities in Sandow Moran and the inexperienced Moeroa.

          What I’m hoping with these additions is a cooler head in Foran to run the show and improved defense from the above on that right side.

          Bonus also is Gordon at the back we go from being a 60-65% kicker to a 75-80% kicker the Eels have really suffered in that department the last 2 seasons and it’s cost us games.

        • What has Koroisau done Peats has made the emerging origin squad this year. Brown is a kiwi utility while Scott has been a regular for nsw for about 5 years and has played a few tests for Australia. Finally stats prove that Paulo is better than Trbojevic both are young prodigys. Buhrer is a 1 game blues flop and now can’t even play a dozen games in a season.

        • Your best players are manly players. your teams ‘stars’ are other teams star players. your club is a fing joke. yeah we bought a lot this year but we have never done this. the eels do it every year it’s a joke. rip Jennings and foran.

        • Moanlythedisgraceofleague you buy other teams stars Lyon from eels, Myles from Titans and Taupau from Tigers. Our best players are Semi bred by eels, Jennings nags from roosters and Scott from knights who aren’t from Moanly. Do yourself a favour and stop coming on this site your opinions are dumb and useless. You have to put your mouth in every eels article just to say a disgrace when actually your club is with No Loyalty, Poor membership, Poor stadium. Every other team has a stadium yet your team has an oval that’s how Whitby your club is.

        • That’s funny usually your all on a out Foran is your best signing and player, refresh my mind where he started???? Last year you all carried on about choc being your saviour once again, where he from?? Sorry I just have a bad memory maybe they are eels juniors also….

        • Check your stats:

          Treb averaged more metres per game. And he played 7 more games than Paulo.
          He made almost double the amount of tackles with fewer missed tackles.

          Buhrer has been plagued with injuries so can’t really comment.

          Korisau/Parcell combo will crap all over peats. Both emerging players yet to get their chance. Peats has had his chance to make a name for himself and he can’t.

          Brown is a proven international.
          Scott is only going to your club cause of his daughter. He is aging and will not play origin again probably….

          Foran is a good player but with no support from Norman – he’love struggle under the pressure.

  15. why on earth would you go to parradontmatta does he want to be fighting it out for the dreaded wooden spoon oh i forgot its all about the money$$$

    • Shut up Eels will make the 8 and not come near the bottom 4 Tigers, Titans and Knights will battle for the spoon. While Broncos, Cowboys, Warriors and Storm will battle for the minor premiership everyone in between will have to battle out to make the top 8. My top 8 is
      1. Broncos
      2. Warriors
      3. Cowboys
      4. Storm
      5. Roosters
      6. Sharks
      7. Eels
      8. Raiders
      9. Bulldogs
      10. Sea Eagles
      11. Panthers
      12. Dragons
      13. Rabbitohs
      14. Knights
      15. Tigers
      16. Titans.

        • +1 they like to dream these doldrums eels fans. There bench is a joke and there depth is just as bad. I wouldn’t swap Jennings for taka. I’d get Jennings to play right side with reek. Jennings is a hog and won’t get the ball to semi half as much as takarangi can Imo. question is can Jennings play right side same with reek? a couple of injuries and these guys will battle tigers for the spoon. No class the eels

        • I think that Hodkinson, Pritchard and Lafai are big losses. Plus Hoppa is shyte. Lots of pressure on Mbye and I think he will crumble.

        • Hodkinson didn’t offer that much in attack, but Pritchard is a loss, but will be covered by an emerging Shaun Lane, who should be playing Origin in a few years time. Lafai wasn’t too much of a loss considering his form, but Hopoate under a new club should be much better. He never looked too happy at the Eels. Mbye should be fine. I heard he has been working really hard alongside Reynolds in the off-season, and he should be fine because he knows his contract will be settled and he knows he is the permanent halfback, so he will definitely go back to focusing on good footy for the Dogs.

  16. Haynetoroosters i think u know what ur talkin about iv seen ur comments, im a massive eels supporter but if hayne did come back hope its with the eels, if not i wouldn mind if he goes to roosters or any other club, it stil would hurt me but he needs to be in the nrl, aslong as its not with manly

  17. my roosters line up prediction

    1. Latrell Mitchell
    2. Daniel Tupou
    3. Blake Ferguson
    4. SKD
    5. Joe Burgess
    6. Jackson Hastings
    7. Mitchell Pearce
    8. JWH
    9. Jake Friend
    10. Sam Moa
    11. Boyd Cordner
    12. Mitchell Aubusson
    13. Aiden Guerra


    14. Jayden Nikorima
    15. Ian Henderson
    16. Dylan Napa
    17. Dale Copley

    • @rohank i agree with the starting side but the bench you have named one prop, a half, a hooker, and a centre? we dont need 3 backs(2 backs 1 hooker) on the bench… Actually swap Napa and Moa and have this as your bench
      14 Nikorima
      15 Moa
      16 Evans/Isaac Liu
      17 Sio Siua Taukeiahou

    • They didn’t buy Copley to sit him on the bench.



    • Really like your team but just saying 11. Cordner 12. Guerra 13. Liu were very strong last year. Issac Liu was in so much form he kept Aubuson out and other players. He also got himself a call up to your with the kiwis. He should Definately be in your 17.

    • 1. Mitchell
      2. Burgess
      3. Ferguson
      4. SKD
      5. Tupou
      6. Hastings
      7. Pearce
      8. JWH
      9. Friend
      10. Napa
      11. Cordner
      12. Guerra
      13. Liu

      14. Nikorima
      15. Moa
      16. Evans
      17. Tuakiaho

  18. @some1special no matter which club we support were rugby league fans at the end of the day and Jarryd Hayne was imo the biggest lost the NRL could face. Heres something concerning for you. Il do what i think was the best 17 i could create to represent rugby league from 2014 then do 2015 the difference imo is sad because the 2014 team would whip the 2015 side (this is not based on their seasons but on how good they are or how big a star)
    1 Billy Slater
    2 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
    3 Jarryd Hayne
    4 Greg Inglis
    5 Brett Morris/Semi Radradra
    6 Johnathan Thurston
    7 Cooper Cronk
    8 Matt Scott
    9 Cameron Smith
    10 Paul Gallen
    11 Sam Burgess
    12 Sonny Bill Williams
    13 Corey Parker

    14 James Graham/Isaac Luke/Michael Morgan/Shaun Johnson (depends on your type of impact player)
    15 Jesse Bromwich
    16 Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
    17 Jason Taumalolo

    1 Billy Slater
    2 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
    3 justin Hodges/Jennings/Dugan
    4 Greg Inglis
    5 Semi Radradra/Bmoz
    6 JT
    7 Cronk
    8 Matt Scott
    9 Cameron Smith
    10 Paul Gallen
    11 Boyd Cordner
    12 Sam Thaiday
    13 Corey Parker

    14 James Graham/Luke/Morgan/Johnson
    15 Jesse Bromwich
    16 Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
    17 Jason Taumalolo

    IMO those 3 players leave massive holes so Burgess has returned. How good would it be if Hayne and SBW and Folau for that matter was in theNRL

    • No way Billy and JWH makes 2015 they have been out for over half the season. GI was average this season as was Scott.
      2015 form team of the year.
      1. RTS
      2. Munster/Rona
      3. Jennings
      4. Roberts
      5. Radradra
      6. Thurston
      7. Hunt/Johnson
      8. Woods
      9. Granville
      10. Bromwhich
      11. Cordner
      12. Mannering
      13. Taumalolo

      14. Morgan/Seggy/Milf
      15. J Graham
      16. Cartwright/W Graham
      17. Parker

  19. I would not touch Copley, I would sign Jennings and defiantly not sign Hayne he has good seasons and bad and takes up to much cap. If I was the roosters I would have thrown more money at RTS, sign Folau, SBW and maybe Cooper Cronk.

  20. Wow a great signing for parra could do some damage this year but I think they’ll just fall short and finish 10th 2017 will be a better year for them. And for the meanwhile can all this trash talk between us and parra fans stop because its nothing but the same things being said and with all do respect parra supporters don’t understand the trash talk coming from you guys because all I hear is “last 3 games won by parra” when we have had the over all success and talking about how manly have bought players but in all honesty no team can win with juniors its common sense. So until the parra manly game happens who ever wins can talk as much as they want

    But until next time birdgang 2016

  21. Regardless of who Moanly sign, ‘super coach’ Barrett will have them playing like world beaters. NOT!! BWAHAHAHAHA! What a stinking shi%hole of a club. First knifing Dessie in the back, then Matt Balin as well. Then for good measure , appoint Hoppa snr, aka Mr Poo Poker, to coach the young kids coming through! Push it up Moanly! Right up!!

  22. Hey everyone lets start a chain if you’re reading this comment then say +1 and so on. Who wants Moanlytheprideofleague to leave this site or at least stop commenting on eels articles.

  23. shows the stupidity of the chooks letting go of jennings for copley ..that makes them now bottom 8 contenders and eels will still miss the 8 finish around 9th even they trying to buy a premiership still wont work for them …believe that

      • funny how manlythescumoftheleague and Believethiscrap say the same thing.
        pat yourself on the back manlythescum ?

    • It does make them weeker this season, however (along with the releases of more players at the end of this season) it allows them the extra cap space to possibly retain Cordner next season, upgrade Lateral Mitchell and Taukeiaho’s contracts and make an offer to SBW. This planning ahead shows how well managed the Roosters are, not how stupid they are. Now believe that and f… off, ya tosser.

    • Oh Stupid One Now Now. I have been waiting 3 weeks for this to be announced.
      Just a few of your comments of nearly 2 weeks ago

      “i told you eels fans not to get to excited over this story jennings to eels because it was never going to happen as for you blm01 check your facts before criticising you will find out when the time comes ..believe that ”

      and there is this

      “sam moa has been linked with a move to the sharks next season according to speculation to as one of the 2 to replace gal and jennings wont be going anywhere , if this was the case you think the eels who have very little cap space left would be the only side wanting him ??? think first before believing this garbage …believe that’

      ohh and I have another one after I kept telling you it was going to happen

      “blm01 your an amateur i think i know a bit more about whats happening than you do justy look at my credibility so far compared to yours !!! yet you still find a way to criticise people even when there proven right .. you must be a drag fan because thats what they do , i don’t need to waste my time here with you people that criticise the people who know more about what there talking about than you nonsense talkers .. i have real sources and it dont bother me if you believe it or not so with that being said have a good day … enough said .. believe that”

      Sorry I just cant believe you anymore 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • blm01 things can change in nrl that was not going to happen if copley never went to chooks but he did and on chooks behalf was a stupid move .. jennings a nsw player replaced by a player who hasnt as yet played rep football and may never will esp at the chooks who will be weaker than they have in the last 3 seasons .. and jennings at eels wont make them a side to worry about any more than last season .. i predicted 9th or 10th and sticking with that i don’t know what yr point is anyway …believe that

  24. its hardly the best backline in the comp, radman & jennings are elite but the others are average. I can definately he wrong about this as Gordon could bounce back but his workrate last year was an alltime low, he’s a gun support player & incredibly safe under a high ball but his ballplaying & tackle breaking really dropped off.

    Best Backlines:

    1) Panthers
    2) Warriors
    3 & 4 & 5) Dragons, Manly, Broncos are about even in strength

      That’s almost as funny as certain dribblers on here saying manly have a good forward pack!

      • really? how much footy do you watch? any chance you play fantasy? if you did you’d know the studs they have at the back

        • Supercoach statistics mean very very little and Penrith are not even close to having the best backline.

        • yea i know but it does one other thing, it shows who’s hot and who’s not…. takairangi & gordon were not.

    • As a Warriors fan I don’t understand why everyone rates out backline so much. Roger will be awesome Manu is always great kata will be good also. Other than that we have nsw Ayshford, we have can’t catch Jono wright, we have Underrated Fusitua and Hurrell who is overrated and overweight and offers nothing in d.
      1. RTS
      2. Fusitua/Lolohea
      3. Ayshford
      4. Kata
      5. Vatuvei
      6. Lolohea/Leuleui/Robson
      7. Johnson
      I’d really like to see us sell Hurrell while others still rate him and sign a good winger. Thought we could have had Sam Perrett or Matt Duffie but missed out. I’d like to see SKD or Wintersein.
      Btw my best backline top 5:
      1) Storm
      2) Bulldogs
      3) Broncoes
      4) Manly
      5) Panthers/Eels/Dragons

      • I think our spine is top 3 in the comp at least, behind the Cowboys (Coote, Morgan, Thurston, Granville) Broncos (Boyd, Milford, Hunt, McCullough).

  25. Manly have an aging and injury prone backline.
    They have very ordinary forwards.
    They have a reserve grade hooker.
    they have a very overrated halfback.
    They have an average centre pretending to be a 5/8.
    To top it off they have very poor depth and a rookie coach who has little to no experience coaching a 1st grade NRL team.
    Manly won’t make the top 8.
    Predicted finish 10th – 12th. If they get more than 3 or 4 injuries to their spine or backline at the same time they will finish considerably lower.

    • You just said if manly get 3 or 4 injuries to there spine at once there gone. Well well arent we smart. So to loose your 1,6,7,9 all at once. Well if you can name me even 1 team that can keep winning without those players your a genious. Please just think before mouthing off. Actually I’ll even give you 4 out of a back 7.

  26. jennings will collect the ca$h and parradontmatta will be battling it out with the tigpies and tits for the wooden spoon lol

  27. Y would chooks let jennings go .
    The eels are going to make the 8 just because they signed him,it will take more than that. he will be missing during origin ,he is only good in a gap with speed .
    As for eels depth Morgan is slow.King has done zero since leaving dragons, moss is a metro cup player and i saw cornish play for mounties then he got picked for raiders and didnt last long in 1st grade
    scott and watmough are now injury prone. Gutherson is back from acl,players are never the same after that injury
    Eels also to offload players for jennings
    Peats also got injured and he wasnt the same.
    One major injury to a major player and things change
    Look at Brett Morris changed clubs and missed almost 3months

    • my god i didn’t really like the raiders this year but they’ll send some people to the hospital with papali, boyd & paulo.

  28. Congrats all you parra fans, if your front row can make meters and your kicking game is on their is no reason why you can not make the 8 . He will win games for you.

  29. crowy you definitely aren’t smart genious. It’s genius bright spark and in these modern days, you’re phone or computer have options to auto-correct any and all spelling and grammar mistakes genious. Stick to smoking Jamie Lyon’s co%k son.

    • Oh no, the sad little schmeel supporter corrected my spelling, how can I live with myself????? Just because you have no job or life and have The time to pick those things. Go make yourself a nice big hot cup of milo before bed little boy, I’m sure being an eels supporter you can find a spoon to use to make it…..

  30. 1. Broncos (Solid team Added fastest player in nrl and will be dangerous again)
    2. Manly (Great signings and walker will have a Milford type impact)
    3. Cowboys (Will do well but have a big target on their shoulders)
    4. Storm (Too consistent not to be top 4)
    5. Warriors (Defence will keep us from a top 4 spot but attack will be fine, anything less then top 8 will be a disappointment.
    6. Roosters (Jennings and Maloney will be bad losses but Copley and Hastings are more then capable replacements)
    7. Sharks (Great pack as always but spine will need time to gel, should make the 8.
    8. Rabbitohs (Still think they have enough class to make the top 8)
    9. Panthers (Will improve on last year but will just miss out on top 8. Forward pack has everything but lacks a little punch but hopefully under 20’s beast prop viliame kikau, suaia matagi and Trent Merrin help with that.
    10. Eels (Great signings but lack depth in the backs and may take another year to develop into a top 8 team.
    11. Bulldogs (Beastly forward pack but I think the spine will let their season down. Hodkinson will be a huge loss)
    12. Dragons (Good defence but attack could struggle + may need to add another star player or 2 to become a contender)
    13. Raiders (Solid team but lack depth and will leak many tries, Need to make Canberra a fortress again)
    14. Tigers (Good young spine but a bit light on forwards and not sure how team chemistry is after an offseason of turmoil)
    15. Knights (Experienced halves pairing of Mullen and hodkinson and Dane gagai should save the Knights from the spoon.
    16. Titans (Will do well to finish the season without the spoon.)

    • Couldn’t disagree more. I find it very hard to see the warriors that high up, simply because they are too inconsistent. Isaac Luke is one of the best hookers in the comp but I think it will take a more consistent halves pairing for the Warriors to ever achieve that finish. Shaun Johnson before the anzac test was super cold, after that he was hot and cold until breaking his ankle. If these problems are fixed then maybe.

      Also Walker being like Milford? Never.

      • Warriors were top 4 before Johnson went down and adding the dally m fullback and best hooker in the game for the best two years i don’t see why they can’t make the 8. They haven’t had a hooker of Luke’s caliber and a fullback of Tuivasa Shecks ability and potential (bar that idiot Locke) ever in the clubs history. The warriors have never had a spine that has been able to match the top teams until now. They’ve always had the big forwards and exciting backs but never a balanced and exciting spine like Tuivasa Sheck, Johnson, Robson and Luke. Anything short of a top 8 finish would be disappointing and As for Walker I think he will be one of the buys of the year

  31. I’m not sure why the signing of Jennings turned into a barrage of Manly v Eeels sledging. I’m a Manly fan but there is no doubt Jennings signing makes Parramatta a stronger side. I don’t really think we can complain about the players who have left for the Eels either- the fact is most of the players who left we were better off to lose in order to retain our current squad. Foran is the only major departure and we were not going to be able to keep both halves anyway. Can’t wait for an actual game!

    • I do agree that this the best spine in the clubs history, should they play someone like Leuleui over Robson or Lolohea.

      I can see someone like Hopoate carving it up and Dylan Walker will too hopefully with someone like Daly Cherry Evans, who like Mitchell Pearce, isn’t suited to Origin, yet tears it up at club level. Hopefully Cherry can prove all the doubters wrong. As I hope for Foran.

      I am looking forward to see the Broncos and Cowboys repeat the feat.

  32. Great team parra have but one massive issue parra fans seem to be over looking no depth
    You get two or three injuries season over

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