SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 04: Clinton Gutherson of the Eagles dives to score a try during the round 17 NRL match between the Canterbury Bulldogs and the Manly Sea Eagles at ANZ Stadium on July 4, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

The Dyldam Parramatta Eels have today announced the signing of outside back Clinton Gutherson to the club for the next two seasons.

Gutherson, 21, will join the Blue and Gold for pre-season this week from the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles, where he made his NRL debut in 2013.

The Eels have also signed 20 year-old forward Matthew Woods from the Wests Tigers for the 2016 season.

In 2015, Woods was named in the NSW Under 20s State of Origin squad and played in the Wests Tigers Holden Cup side.



  1. Nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw “Eels signing Woods from Wests Tigers”.

    With all the sh*t going on at our club, unfortunately it would not be totally impossible for that to happen.

      • tall backrower with good work rate and ball skills. probably needs more than just the one off-season to bulk up a bit before he can make an impact in 1st grade but has the potential to be a very good player in 2 to 3 years.

        • +1 it’s a damn shame. He was touted as a future rep player. now he will fade into nothingness.

        • I don’t think manly fans can give eels shit about buying players when yous have bought about 7 that will be in your top team next season lol

        • bronco4eva funny didn’t you buy 5 players last year. 3 marque signings in 2 years Bravo mate. maybe Dylan walker. big daddy Wayne always buys the team he wants. ask the dragons and knights.

        • Lol. I’m assuming you’re referring to Barba, Boyd and Milford. The only one whose really had an impact is Milford. And we’ve hardly bought a team. This year only 3 players that were bought were regulars in the top 17. And they weren’t exactly in good form when we bought them, Milford being the only exception. Blair and Boyd had just had their worst two seasons before coming to us. And if we do get Walker, then that’s fair enough. We’ve let go of Barba, Grenville, Hodges, Hoffman, Kennedy, Dodds, Parcell, Gavet, Garbutt, Hala, Lowrie, Stagg and more including jnr Kangaroos Taylor, Drew and Nikorima. And this year we’ve only bought Anderson so far. So we’ve hardly had to buy a team mate.

        • No matter how much I loved Gutherson his injury was so bad they didn’t even think he would have played again, even if he does he will have lost a lot of fitness and speed. He will never be the same player.

  2. Matty woods is a good player…. Although I can’t see him in first grade much in 2016 for Parra.
    I like parras pack. Paulo will be in for a big yr IMO.

    • Parra Pack 2016

      8. Junior
      9. Peaths
      10. Mannah
      11. Manu
      12. Scott
      13 Watmough

      14. Wicks
      15. Alvaro
      16. Moerea
      17. Pauli/Gower/Terepo/Edwards

      And many more for depth. We have a decent pack, not sure Woods would be a walk in.

      • Hahahahahahahahahahahaha……… Which club did watmough play with when he last played origin. How was Darcy lussick for ya oh and hoppa…… Brilliant players turned Decent players yep

        • decent human beings lol yeah with wicks and that flop mau (dumbest name) there to guide them haha.
          what about old Sandow?
          beau champion ?
          Reece Robinson ?
          Parra player graveyard and wooden spoon bearers be proud of your achievements.
          I wonder if foran will be captain lmao then they will be the seagulls

        • Robbo was far from a flop he improved from the time he was at raiders. Champion played 2 games for eels so he can’t change as a player at all.

        • do you ever give it a rest you old flog? same old boring shit from your keyboard every day…..don’t you get sick of it?

        • keyboard? How old ru champion? don’t blame the manly fans the eels fans like to rip on us just as much.
          ask mreel what his favorite past time is? ? guy lives to hate manly. we only hate you because you stole reek aka foran the honorless swine from us. you hate us because we have been the best Team for the last 10 years. having slapped Parra countless times in those 10 years. holding up the trophy while you clang the spoons saying things like ‘yous manly guys suck’ and ‘yous suck’

  3. 1. Gordon
    2. Semi
    3. Taka
    4. Gutherson
    6. Foran
    7. Norman
    8. Mannah
    9. Peats
    11. Mau
    12. Scott
    13. Watmough
    – – – – – – – – –
    14. Wicks
    15. Edwards/Gower
    16. Alvaro/Moerea
    17. Junior

    A couple gaps to full if you wish to be serious contenders. Hoppa going should make way for a winger. You have pretty mint depth just need a partner for Mannah in front row. At this stage still challenging for the 8 but probably missing out.

    • I would put gutherson on wing and hoppa or something at centre. Also Foran is most likely to play halfback coz Norman doesnt play halfback only five eighth and fullback. Foran used to play at halfback as well so

  4. It’s a shame we had to let this guy go he is a gun player and can play a few positions. If the shmeels were smart they’d play him at Fb over gordon. end of the day he will come back to manly after matai retires. get your money son see you soon

  5. I wonder if one day an article on here will have only comments about the article and no bullish!t heroes running their fingers into arthritis.

  6. Hahaha!! Like I said, right on cue!! Too funny!! Parramatta Seagulls? How about the Moanly SeaEels of years gone by? Still flattered by the fact so many of you Moanly ‘fans’ take the time out of your busy lives to comment on Parra articles!!

    • Kraken argh you never know I mean how many knee recos did Brent Tate have and he was a good player even after 3rd or 4th reco.

      Tedesco was another one he had multiple knee reco’s and came back stronger and as fast.

      The big thing on Gutherson’s side is youth.When you young you can bounce back as long as you prepraed for the pain and work hard I don’t really see an issue here.I mean Brent Tate would have to be the poster child for this type of injury the guy bounced back and was prettymuch still the same player.

  7. Good luck to young Gutherson, some serious knee injuries for such a young age. Manly released him as he wouldnt get a start in the 1st team and he is prone to serious injury. Hope he develops and has a long career.

  8. Eels are a really good team we have a great 17 plenty of young players on the rise in wenty and some FG and average players in wenty aswell. Parra will make the 8 and wenty will win the comp. my teams for both
    1. Gordon ( Moss )
    2. Radradra ( Morgan )
    3. Takairangi ( Toutai )
    4. Gutherson ( Folau )
    5. Faraimo ( Schulte )
    6. Norman ( Kelly )
    7. Foran ( Cornish )
    8. Paulo ( O’Brien )
    9. Peats ( Pritchard )
    10. Mannah ( Terepo )
    11. Ma’u ( Edwards )
    12. Scott ( Pauli )
    13. Watmough ( Tanginoa )
    14. Wicks ( King )
    15. Moeroa ( Hasson )
    16. Alvaro ( Nelson )
    17. Gower ( Woods )

    We have French, Twal, Fuimaono, Ualesi, Lavaka, in NYC or RMC till injuries #Eels2016Premiers lol

  9. 2016

    1: M Gordon
    2: S Radradra
    3: B Takairangi
    4: J Folou
    5: C Gutherson
    6: C Norman
    7: K Foran (c)
    8: T Mannah
    9: N Peats
    10: D Wicks
    11: M Mau
    12: B Scott
    13: A Watmough

    14: Jr Paulo
    15: P Pauli
    16: T Moeroa
    17: Gower
    18: K Edwards

    Two good signings.

  10. Eels squad in my eyes
    1. Gordon
    2. Radrara/Folau
    5. Morgan/ French
    6. Foran
    8. Mannah
    9 Peats/Gois
    10. Lussick
    11. Wicks
    12. Watmough
    13. Gower
    14. Pauli
    15. Jnr Paulo
    16. O’Brien
    17. Faramio

    18. K. Prichard
    19. C. King
    20. Mau
    21. Kelly
    22. Goodall

  11. Talk shit,we have got some quality signings already but it is very unfortunate to have lost guthersen.Like trbojevic he is a certain future star!Take care of him parra

  12. Gutho is very injury prone plus he wasn’t our best fullback backup, Hiku and Trbojevic are ahead of him in leaps and bounds. He will be your fullback in the future for sure

    • Lmao Hiku is hopeless, i recall Manly fans wanting his head but going back to what i posted earlier,

      You would comment on hist injury (Check)
      You would comment on him being crap (Check)
      Parra will turn him into a crap player (Already completed by your dopey friends)

        • Yeap and he definitely got them over the line. Foran is the actual 5/8 and pulled out cause priority is Parra. Stop being a twat and begin to see that not all the things Manly do are great.

        • Seriously Holmseys it’s the kiwi squad not the kangaroos
          Don’t get me wrong I rate hiku but seriously
          To throw that line out there is a bit much
          It don’t take much to get a spot in the kiwi squad didn’t Tahu Harris play five eight at one point
          Hell Gerald Beale got in their if Barba was a kiwi he’d be In there
          I mean you’ve got Nikorima in there he’s a bench player at the Bronx
          Yet he’s been giving the job to lead them as their top dog I rate him highly but to put him in that posisition is insane old man Benji has a busted leg and he was in the mix
          You got to ask how many kiwis would make in in the Aussie side not many

        • Mickination sorry man I’d disagree with you there in the last 3-4 seasons Kiwi league is had the most depth its eve had.

        • More like the Warriors are hopeless he was player of the year for there 20s and they let him walk I understand why those Donkeys have’nt won the thing yet.

      • I have always defended Hiku when people were protesting to put Trbojevic ahead of him, Hiku has always been my favourite Manly player.

        • Not me I think hiku is an enigma. He has talent and potential but is shyza I my eyes. Toovey stuffed up putting hiku instead of Tommy t. big time. Hiku is lazy and is an Alco. yeah he is in the test side but who isn’t. hasoon the baboon is an irish international lol.
          Gutherson is a great player. lots of speed and evasion. Shame he had to go to a lesser side to make the team

  13. Has no one listened to me about Gutherson?! Barrett would have kept him if his injury wasn’t so bad, they originally thought he would never be playing again and there is still a small cloud, he can not cope in NRL with another injury. His ability has dramatically fell and will never be back at his best or I would question putting him in your first grade squad, I sadly see him as a “Tim Moltzen”. Don’t say I hate Gutherson because he was one of my favourites at Manly but I am telling the truth. If he was in prefect health why would Manly have released him on a cheap contract?

  14. lunarjim us Parra fans sit around after a loss and ‘finger ourselves’, yet your ‘club’ hires Hoppa Snr to coach your younger blokes?

  15. Disagree. Foran was great towards the end and put his body one the line. My theory is that he will turn into Watmough at the eels next year though.
    (P.S- I never liked Lussick and made jokes about him suspending himself)(I also joke about Tim Moltzen and I couldn’t stop laughing when we signed him, my theory for that is if we accepted Moltzen from tigers they would give us Taupua for free)

  16. Disagree. Foran was great and put his body on the line. Lussick is shite and I always used to joke about him how he suspends himself at eels pretty much how we accepted Moltzen so we can get Taupua for free. Otherwise we wouldn’t have had Taupua.

  17. 1. Gordon
    2. Radradra
    3. Takairangi
    4. Morgan (Gutherson to be blooded on the wing)
    5. Gutherson
    6. Norman
    7. Foran
    8. Paulo
    9. Peats
    10. Mannah
    11. Ma’u
    12. Scott
    13. Watmough
    14. Moeroa
    15. Wicks
    16. Alvaro
    17. Edwards
    18. De Gois

  18. Holmsey43, you’re welcome, and we’ll leave you with the most expensive cheerleader (DCE) in the NRL’s history, to fill your salary cap. for the next decade.

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