It’ll come as a huge surprise to Eels fans that cult hero Tepai Moeroa has been shopped to at least one rival NRL club.

Despite regular interest from cashed-up Japanese and French rugby clubs, Moeroa has made it clear to his management “my first, second and third preference is to stay at Parramatta’’.

The Eels extended the deals of Bevan French, Corey Norman, Kenny Edwards, Isaac De Gois, Brad Takairangi and Manu Ma’u, but have not shown the same amount of urgency to keep the 21-year-old fan favourite out west beyond the end of 2017.

Moeroa has instructed his manager, Craig Baker, to make Parramatta his only priority, and wants to achieve big things in rugby league before switching to rugby.


  1. Seems like a weird move from Parra, this kid goes hard.

    I get that they have depth but I would be keeping him ahead of signing Frank the Tank for a season or two.

      • but unless they can convince someone to take Lloyd Perrett then their issue will still be there in 2017.
        If not compounded.

    • The Salary Cap does go up an extra $300k to $7.1M for 2017.
      The Dogs have released far MORE CAP Value then they have signed for 2017.

      2017 Gains: Tom Carr (St George Illawarra Dragons, 2018), Josh Cleeland (Cronulla Sharks, 2018), Raymond Faitala-Mariner (Mid Season: New Zealand Warriors, 2019), Asipeli Fine (Mid Season: Wests Tigers, 2018), Richard Kennar (Melbourne Storm, 2018), Brenko Lee (Canberra Raiders, 2018), Lachlan Lewis (Mid Season: Canberra Raiders, 2018), Rhyse Martin (2018), Francis Tualau (Melbourne Storm, 2019), Zac Woolford (Canberra Raiders, 2018)

      2017 Losses: Tim Browne (Penrith Panthers), Dane Chisholm (Bradford Bulls), Graham Clark (released), Shaun Lane (Manly Sea Eagles), Lamar Liolevave (released), Makahesi Makatoa (Canberra Raiders), Lyndon McGrady (released), Jarrod McInally (QLD Cup), Pat O’Hanlon (retired), Sam Perrett (retired), Curtis Rona (rugby union), Tony Williams (Cronulla Sharks)

      Re-Signed: Greg Eastwood (2018), Josh Jackson (2020), David Klemmer (2020), Moses Mbye (2020)

      Off Contract 2016: Jake Kamire, Harry Siejka
      2017 Coach: Des Hasler

  2. He isn’t going anywhere. First off, it is the Daily Telegraph, so credibility is very low. Secondly, he wants to stay, BA wants him to stay, he will re sign soon enough.

    • I think you may be right, a full report indicates that there have been discussions on the contract but he is not worried about it as he is contracted for 2017 and he’s committed.
      Probably just his manager sniffing around.
      Also bet its that Kent again – still upset that he only got to play 1 game of FG and still grinding his axe…or the emperor and his mates still dirty and feeding buzz and the other useless hacks at the DT.

    • I agree eels47. Tepai was Parra representative at the nines jersey launch yesterday so I find it hard to believe Parra would have sent him if they didn’t plan on keeping him. I would actually have Tepai as possible captain in 3-4 years.

      • Lussick has been awesome, he has been a great buy. I thinks it’s the other way around. The only manly player to find some good footy is Gutho.

        • Manly take Parras disgards and polish em up ,just look at how many former Parra players have come to Manly and left with Prem Rings , only the smart ones ,the others stay and hope something will happen but all they end up with are splinters, western Sydney lumber jacks

        • Choc was a gun ,Fozz also ,both won prems with Manly , dunno what happened at Parra , don’t care , not surprised they both went backwards , I guess choc was busted but why buy him ?

  3. Why? He’s such a good young talent! Don’t start doing what manly have done. Losing young guns to get has beens like myles and brown.

    • I find it funny how dopes like you bag players online but i bet if you ever met any of them you’d be on your knees..

        • Forrid’s best on field days are behind him, but from all reports he is making huge impressions with the young forwards off it. And from watching addin fonua-Blake last year and the huge season lussick had there is a fair chance he is doing his job

        • Well put holmsey – always happy to discuss footy in a respectful way but it shouldn’t get personal like adzy.

        • Hey Holmsey, I see you have called me a troll again.

          How about you actually respond to my comment on the emerging blues thread? For your convenience, I will paste it below.

          – How am I trolling Holmsey? By expressing a valid opinion and pointing out the flaws in what you are saying?

          If you can point out where I have made a statement which is incorrect, I will apologise. However, if you can’t I expect an apology from you – .

          So please, do enlighten us. Point our where I have made a statement that is incorrect or apologise.

        • Miltontoaster sorry for the last day or so. I have been away camping and it appears my older brother has discovered my iPad and password. Really not happy with him, sorry for the trolling from my brother. He did sell it though I’ll give him that. I came on and read the comments he made. Again sorry. Hopefully I can keep my passwords away from him from now on. I look forward to some more footy talk as I can see you outsmarted my brother in the NSW emerging thread, he was a stunned mullet after you and eels47 combined.

        • @holmsey4346

          In that case sorry Holmsey, you won’t like what I wrote in response to your posts on that forum either. If THAT was your “older” brother, how old are you then champ? There really needs to be an age gauge here so we can make age appropriate comments. 🙁

          I’m “trying” to go on ZT holidays but I wanted to set the record straight as we have not posted to each other before.

        • I’m only 16 years old, I love video games, superheroes, fishing, kayaking, footy, cricket and anyone wiling to talk footy!!!! SSTID you don’t have to apologise seeing as that was aimed at my halfwit brother. By the sounds of it you were impressed by my earlier comments on ZT so no love lost.

        • Your turn now trollz878. I’m Holmsey’s age if you take the first number away from the second number and then add the first number in front of that number… get it? Just turned it 2 days ago! 😉

          You boys are making me feel old, I have a son who is about 3 years older than you (and two other kids besides).

        • @holmsey4346

          Too bad you are probably too old to be turned from “the dark side”, just think of the Matrix and “follow the white rabbit!” 😉

          I love fishing too just like your fellow Sea Eagles fan silvertail47 (who also has a boat). Too bad he does most of his fishing here! LOL

        • Haha, don’t feel old. Think of it as you have less time till retirement which means more fishing and golf!

      • On knees? You seen these blokes adzy44 ,there footy days are gone ,and they ain’t big , cranky frankie ,fatsiano , Dave Taylor ,Pasi , Boyd , to name a few , are big !

    • Only thing i can think is injuries.

      He is 21yo who’s played 50odd games who plays hard, good engine, clean image. Not sure what to make of this article because I was hoping Parra would build the pack around him

  4. Hey Holmsey (or any Manly fan), have you heard that Justin Horo is coming back from the Super League to play for Manly from 2017? Apparently he has transitioned to he centres (well that’s where he played in the Super League)

    And it’s official, Jake Mamo is heading to Super League to play for Huddersfield, and the Knights have done a player swap for Joe Wardle (I think that’s his first name) and he is a centre/second rower.


    • Trollz878 I swear you’re one of a few who are actually on this site to talk footy along with a few of the Panthers lads. On Horo I’d be so happy if he came back. Was great in 2015 (possibly due to wanting a contract) but he would be welcomed back in my opinion. Gives DCE a great hole runner and a player to do short kicks to.

      • Ohhhh Lazarus , what’s doin , how was Taiwan ,you clean ??? Sure your not related to that unwashed thing ? Be afraid very afraid it seems to only come out when your about , I’d be gettn legal advice ,or joining a bikie club

        • silvertail47, how you doing re? The Voldemorts are breeding mate! They are cloning themselves and dividing into pairs! “I’m freakin’ cat nip for clones!” (Austin Powers), I thank you… 😉

          Still planning on taking a break but the Voldemorts are too attached ATM. LOL

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        • I know the Gorilla suit got you going re, it’s a Mediterranean thing I know 😉 I think they just like the attention, otherwise you’d think it would be so much easier to just ignore a person you can’t stand.

          They just seem to keep going out of their way to strike up a conversation.

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        • danielle

          Again, I apologise. But like my above post says, when are you going to start making relevant comments on this site and stop the all fluff you post. People here want the coffee not the froth on top. I am willing to call a truce but I will remind you all this started back when you would jump out of no where (after not posting for weeks) and then attack me (at 4pm in the morning!) and then disappear. I would call you out to “debate” your points or accusations and you would disappear.

          Also, don’t think I will forget how you started this whole business first buttering me up with compliments and then 24 hours later siding again me with someone who attacked a harmless post of mine (and who has NOT posted here since, strange?) It was an ambush! Well planned too. I went from “Superhero” (your words) to villain in less than 24 hours for doing a lot less than others here who you to date have never criticised. I have to wonder why I am always the one that attracts the criticism of a lunatic fringe when far worse offenders get off scot free?

          So are you going to turn the page then (which includes not waiting for the next chance to launch an ambush)?

          You see danielle (and p14) what ulimately p!sses me off are aggressors and provocateurs who start trouble and then try to paint themselves as victims. We both know where all this started… your move.

        • SSTID I don’t know why your bothering mate , a trolls a troll , some people are wired differently, there just worms that come out under the cover of darkness ,dump on your lawn then sneak off , let it sit in its own aroma and ferment

      • If I have upset you with that one danielle then I sincerely apologise. Yes, things have deteriorated since you and p14 thought you could wage your little war. Like I posted elsewhere…

        SSTID_1970 December 9, 2016 at 5:43 pm
        “There are plenty of examples of better standards set on ZT than the two of you, or I am setting. First amongst these are a pair of 16 year old boys who are lifting the bar while we 3 are behaving like high school kids!”

        penso December 8, 2016 at 9:32 pm
        So holmsey , male or female? i’m backing the latter

        danielle December 8, 2016 at 11:40 pm
        What does it matter?

        danielle December 8, 2016 at 11:49 pm
        Odd comment from a 16 y.o.

        Similarly, why does it matter about their age? You didn’t clarify the reason for highlighting this. Clearly they both know more about RL than you do. I am yet to see you make a relevant contribution about the actual game of RL. I even gave you a list of questions to stimulate a conversation that was pertinent to this forum. How about you share your thoughts about the Tepai Moeroa story? Is he any good? Is he playing in the right position or is he playing out of position? Would he benefit with a change of clubs or are the Eels crazy to let him go? What are his strengths as a player and what are his weaknesses (as you see them). Give me something here?

        I agree it’s time to stop the silliness and start becoming relevant to the purpose of this forum (no offensive jokes aside). What do you say?

    • I could handle horo back, he was really good before he left, but there is no chance of playing centre at manly, waaay to slow. Good edge running backrower and certainly not a small man. And would think if it’s true wouldn’t be on huge money. As far as I was aware the plan was to bring him back some stage as he wasn’t a player they really wanted to let go

      • Cmon boys ,he blew plenty of try’s cause he just can’t pass whilst in the clear , good player but he’s gotta fix that part of his game surly

      • Can’t help but think this would be a step backward…

        Reality is he’s probably past it so unless we sign him for peanuts I don’t like it.

    • Don’t want Hastings, don’t really rate him that much, I actually wouldn’t mind Sandip though, he has talent and Bellamy could possibly stomp out all his off field crap.

      I think Sandow would be worth it, although I’m not a fan of Hastings I wouldn’t mind him either, as long as he plays as part of a team and isn’t selfish, and he stops being so arrogant.

  5. I dont think hastings will go to melbourne or Sandow both have big heads maybe if slater retires cos munster can play 6 for next yr before rushing to sign a 6 also im pretty sire horp is still 2nd row and i hope the knights get rid of mamo ive never liked him i also dont believe this about moera hes a good forward id take him at newy and try to turn him or barnett into a prop if we get ponga early as well maybe sika manu we could have a team that looks like this
    1. Kaylyn Ponga
    2. Nathan Ross
    3. Dane Gagai
    4. Peter Mata’utia / Brandon Elliott(maybe over sio as well)
    5. Ken Sio
    6. Jarrod Mullen
    7. Trent Hodkinson
    8. Korbin Sims
    9. Rory Kostjaysyn
    10. Mitch Barnett
    11. Jamie Buhrer
    12. Sione Mata’utia
    13. Tepai Moera
    14. Danny Levi
    15. Daniel Saifiti
    16. Sam Mataora
    17. Jacob Saifiti / Pauli Pauli ( if he pulls his head in) / Mickey Paea / Jack Stockwell ( if he pulls his head in )

  6. Come to Melbourne he would be a good replacement for Proctor. Look he is no proctor yet be give him a year or so and he will be. Very talented young player

    • We have Kenneth Bromwich. Sure Proctor is a loss, but with Kennys form last season, that vacant second row spot is in good hands already.

  7. Everyone’s seems to be saying he’s being shopped around?… various media outlets anyway.

    Great player. Would be sad to see them sign the likes of Pritchard and Vave at this fellas cost.

    Really doesn’t make sense, they released Choc and Foran and really haven’t filled that void of cap space. Makes me think it’s all media spec. Probably his Manager driving his price up to Parra?…

    Rumour that Manly will make a play for him if they fail getting Graham….?

    • James graham??? Surely that was a very wild made up rumour from someone that knows not much at all… he ain’t leaving the poodles

      • Probably not mate but I love a good rumour.

        Story goes that Manly are delaying the Matai retirement announcement until they’ve got someone tied up?… apparently shopping Lawrence around for more coin.

        That’s $600k for Matai plus maybe $150-200k for Lawrence.

        They’ll either announce a big name signing or hang onto the coin and purchase one of the 250 players off contract at the end of 2017….

        Oh and Snakes $700k will be freed up for the player fire sale next year too!

        • I would much like to keep Brenton Lawrence, think he is so underrated and injury free can really be a top prop. Yeah stevies money hopefully will go somewhere useful and of course snakes will he the following year, just how enits all used wisely. We need a good backrower and a good centre

        • I agree. And I’m sure Manly management do to but he’s aging and injury prone. What is he – like 31 or something?…

          Bozo is planning for the future.
          Manly has something like 18 players under the age of 23. So recruitment wise they would probably go for someone who has a few years left and can lead by example.

          Unfortunately Lawrence won’t be this guy….

          I’d love to see him come out and lead the pack though. When he’s not injured he’s a beast.

        • I,ve said it before , get rid of Bozo ,he’s useless, he hasn’t got a clue anymore, you guy’s need more than a centre and backrower, get rid of Matai, Stewart for a start, they rarely play a full season, plus signing Graham would be a bigger mistake than Bozo signing Nate Myles, look at the players Bozo let go and now some are back, the guy is a di.khead.

          Manly will be struggling for the next couple of years at least, sorry but that is the way it looks i reckon.

        • penso I doubt manly will struggle. Bozo has repaired manly from what was about to happen. We could have lost DCE and Foran but he was signed and saved us. Brown and Myles have been his only really bad mistakes. Myles has also been teaching Jake some skills which has shown in jakes game in 2016. Manly will not struggle, to good core of players to struggle. 2017 probably won’t be finals (somewhere between 7-10th) but 2018 is when manly will go deep into September. We really only do need a centre and Backrower, maybe a winger but that’s it, nothing else is wrong with manly. Depth is excellent in most positions, spine is a very high quality spine with Trbojeivc, Green, DCE and Koroisau and the Forward pack is young and solid with plenty of promise and it was very good in 2016.

  8. Surely not even Graham would go to that club at the moment?
    They had better cling to the decade that was because it will seem a million myles away in the near future imo.
    Uate and Myles both have something in common and that is they are well past their used by date.
    These are the sort of players Barrett has to settle for. A different coach and that would almost definitely change, depending on his replacement.

    • Ha. Says the supporter of a club resigning Hasson, Robson and signing washed up blokes like Pritchard and Hoffman….all the while shopping around their future stars like Moeroa….

      Good luck with that. 🙂

      • The eels aren’t shopping Moeroa around, his manager is. Big difference!
        Secondly, Robson and Hasson would walk straight into your top 17, they won’t see the lights of ANZ stadium all season unless there is a massive injury toll at the eels.
        We’ve got more depth than Penn’s pockets.

        • Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

          We got rid of Hasson. U bought him.

          No one wanted Robson. U bought him.

          Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

        • We got rid of Mateo, Horo and Lussick.
          You guys bought them?
          Robson was bought when Norman was suspended as Cornish and Kelly were both injured and guess what?
          He did more in half a season then your 10m dollar man has done in the past 2!
          Now who’s laughing?
          Oh and while I’m at it…

          Trent Barrett.

  9. Im a parra fan and i dont rate Tepai Moeroa , he has played 50 first grade games averages low in tackles and makes a couple of solid charges but Heaps of errors . Id have him in reserves next year with more minutes to Edwards and brown

    • have to agree with you somewhat there,id like to know what type of coin his manager is telling his worth,dont get me wrong he is solid enough but no super star

    • Low in tackles? Apart from DeGois he topped your tackle count in 2016?…

      Also made 6 errors in 24 games?…. one of the best really, in terms of errors made in the entire team?….

      Must be another reason you don’t like him cause it can’t be the 2 issues you listed above.

      • Agree with you Batman and the stats, which you quote and others make up, are correct and he also just came back from shoulder surgery. Also add that he is an edge runner and Parra horrid halves situation didn’t help Tepai game

        The kid is 21, still learning the game, still growing physically and getting more and more game time. I seriously don’t understand why Parra would try and sell him whilst signing who they have

        • Agreed, and it’s a media beat up in my opinion. He’s a talented young player who, from what I can see at least, gives 100%. I think it’s a case of he would currently be on a low salary, given he signed the deal when he was so inexperienced, and his agent wants to gauge his worth, and it don’t have a problem with that, for his contract extension negotiations.

          BA, and I know he’s only (and I don’t mean that as only, but rather it is 1 role) the coach, but he’s basically been a Manager / Director of the club this year, has shown he backs the guys that back the club (as long as they are FG material), and Tepai ticks those boxes.

          My call, Tepai will sign to the end of 2019, and God help us if BA leaves at the end of his current contract.

          But this article brings me back to another concern / query, there is still no mention (officially) of Gutho extending his contract. Several people have stated he has, as a fact, and I hope he has, but still nothing official from what I’ve seen. If we’re running him at 5/8 next year, and going through the teething problems / wearing the risk of grooming him in that position, I want to know we have contracted him for the upside.

        • eelsalmighty. Regarding Gutho, nothing official or signed as yet because I think Parra want to see what position he will eventually fill. Parra wouldn’t want to sign him on say $400k as potential 5/8 and then he ends up playing wing. He is a priority from my understanding but it will have to be put on hold for now…which is risky either way

  10. Yeah Graham to manly is the big rumour at the moment. He would be a great addition to our ranks. He will line up with our improving pack after a good 2016 in the forwards for manly. If manly get him which I doubt probably 2018 it will be a very very good pack capable of deep finals activity.

      • I heard the rumours of James Graham going to Manly a few days ago and thought, no way. DCE is on $1.3 mil, the Trbojevic’s are on $700k and $900k (from 2018) and you add Graham, that’s a big ask.

        If Manly pick up Graham, those 4 mentioned will really have to fire. For mine, Manly have their talent to build around already, and as stated on too many occasions already, that’s a big enough task with DCE as it is.

        • The brothers contract is $5m over 4 years.

          It scales up to what you mention only in their final year – 2020 – 1.6mill.
          So for the other years it equates to $566k each over the 3 years.

          Basically the easiest way to think about it is $1.25m for both for 4 years. Great deal IMO for 2 rep players.

          So Manly could easily afford more players….
          These guys would be on the same sort of coin as your non rep players – Norman $750k. Scott’s $500k. Chocs $750k…

        • eelsalmighty we are soon to lose Matai (550k) and Stewart (600k) which will free up some cap space and bozo will no doubt get rid of some other dead wood this year (hopefully not as much as 2015-16). Manly in my opinion should go after one strike centre this year and a backrower or prop to complete the team. Possibly sign another winger too to partner Kelly.

        • Persoanlly I hope they save the $1.3m to attack some quality in 2018.

          250 players off contract.

          They’re will be plenty of players on the market (specialist backrowers and centres) and this means those with he most cash will get the best.

          Maybe Bozos plan all along. We have an incredibly young side now and if we can nail down a couple of $600k/$700k players it’ll build a quality team moving forward.

        • you keep saying that these two retiring will give you 1.3m to spend – that will only be the case if the NRL agree that they are being medically retired.
          Matai I can understand with his neck issues, but from all reports Snake is fit to play and therefore could not be medically retired, paid out and not affect the cap.
          Unless Manly had 600k available in the 2016 cap and paid him out before Nov 1….or got someone else to pick up all of his 2017 contract money.
          A player cant just be retired and paid out for the clubs benefit and not affect the cap..

        • Your not understanding me Billy.

          At the end of 2017. Both are off contract. $1.3m is freed up at that point.
          At the same time 250 players are off contract.
          This is good timing.

          We just signed Lloyd Perret from the Doggies. Another 21yr old up and comer. Emerging Maroons. Good signing.

        • if you are talking 2017 then fair enough, I got the impression though you were meaning they retire now, that gives you 1.3m to spend for next season i.e. 2017.

  11. You look at Lyon, Matai, both Stewarts, Wolf man, Foran and Watmough, today?
    It must have been a dark day when Tooves started his own drug testing?

      • Horo, Mateo, Lussick and a red haired guy I can’t remember his name, probably because he is butt average?
        There’s 4 for you and there are more…

        • Lussick is a manly player, got a full bank accont from parra and returned back to where he wanted to always be.

          One day parra v manly fans on here will stop with the sexual flirting

        • Hmmmm, nup.
          I have lost the urge since Ian Roberts and John Hopoate left Manly.
          Lucky them two were from a different era and not in the same team!

        • Oh uahole, Lussick was on 350k. Not exactly filling his bank account?
          I notice you didn’t mention Feleti Potato or Horoble.

  12. For me I’ve actually been waiting to see more from Tepai.

    I don’t question his work ethic or his toughness.But I’d like to see him do more with the ball.At this point in time he just seems to tuck and run.Id also like to see him run at holes instead of just trying to run over his man maybe show me some ball skills if he has them.

    Just need to see more from Tepai.

  13. @ holmsey u pulling one over peoples eyes?
    Pretty sure 2yrs ago u said to me ur in ur 20s….. or was this ur “older bro ”
    P.S what ever happened to ur mate tooveyswristjob?

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