DARWIN, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 08: Junior Paulo of the Eels on the charge during the round 22 NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Penrith Panthers at TIO Stadium on August 8, 2015 in Darwin, Australia. (Photo by Renee McKay/Getty Images)

The Parramatta Eels have released Junior Paulo from the remainder of his 2016 contract so he can join the Canberra Raiders, effective immediately.

Read the statement from the Eels below:

The Dyldam Parramatta Eels have today agreed to release Junior Paulo from the remainder of his 2016 contract to take up an opportunity at another NRL club, effective immediately.

The Eels thank Junior for his 53 games in Blue and Gold and wish him all the best for his future.

Read more at ParraEels.com.au

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  1. Great pickup by the Raiders. Definitely a competitive force for years to come. Good game anyway, very unlucky for the Dogs. Soft tries and 1 off a penalty. Thought we bloody had it when Mbye went through! Ah well, bring on Origin and the Sharks next week!

  2. Not sure why they would release him early to strengthen another teams squad. Personally I would have stuck him NSW cup for the rest of the season.

    • Simple, they have given up. They should have done this 3 weeks ago instead of being obstinate. Now they simply look like the fools they most surely are.

      • You are right that money for J.Paulo is being used to resign C.Norman but after he got caught with pills who knows what there thinking as for J.Hayne they will have to release many more players to get him back.

  3. the eels season went from bad to worse, and may end up losing Gordon as well. someone like Paulo needs a place like Canberra and a family type of club so he can get back on his feet.

  4. they cant have hayne and norman because of the situation they are in with next years cap. they are $500 thousand over the cap for next year already.

    • Find that a bit hard to believe given the number of players off contract for next year. I think that 500k refers to some legacy TPAs that they have to wear but not that they are over the cap.

  5. Pretty pleased with this to top off the win today I was certainly worried for most of it

      • Getting excited yet boys? The Raiders look to be developing into a top team. Good forwards with Paulo coming, good halves, good centres, bit of x-factor in Rapana & Austin. If Wighton improves & their concentration spans 80 minutes we might have a throwback to the good old days of Raiders v Broncos.

        • Great to see such a good player go to the raiders, hopefully this turns them in to a real finals threat.Going to be a tough game next week

      • Bulldogs had J.Jackson D.Klemmer both Morris twins and Hopoate missing don’t get to excited raiders fans if they had played they whould of put 40 plus on the raiders.

  6. That has stuffed me supercoach up was hard enough getting a starting team together with out this.

  7. also micheal gordon going to manly parra whats the matta salary cap cheaps should be stiped all there points & play for 0

  8. The ONLY reason that Austins try was not givin was that Luke (f$#king Sp@$+ic biased ex-bulldog General) Pattern was the bunker referee.. He is so frigging biased it’s not funny, he SHOULD NOT be allowed to be the bunker referee when Bulldogs are playing.. I see him do it week in week out when the Bulldogs are playing.. I was so angry with that decision from him..
    And yes I know it looked very dodgy but at the end of the day it was sent upstairs with an on field decision of try and there was 100000% no conclusive evidence that it wasn’t a try.. Absolute bull$hi+
    There should be an investigation

    • 100% it was a try. The ball only came out because it hit the ground. worst call from the bunker so far.
      good showing from the Raiders I hope it’s a sharks raiders gf that would be great

      • No it wasn’t. You watch that footage and the ball touches the ground on the wrong side of the whitewash. The bunker got it right.

        • goto nrl.com watch the Raiders dogs highlights and pause it on 2.55 it’s a try 100% on the white line. ball comes loose after it touches the ground. now I’ll have a big mac with extra cheese

        • Only saw the nine footage which was a replay of what the bunker was seeing and with that I would have called no try also.

    • Nothing I can say that won’t come across unbias but honestly that was a try I thought it grazed the stripe however wether it did or not is a matter of opinion it went upstairs a try and I don’t think there was enough evidence to overturn patten has given us a number of awful calls the last few weeks after Ricky sprayed him after the panthers wall incident

      There’s the wall, then the Blake Austin high shot and the Wighton apparent I goal knock on and a few other contentious ones that are supposedly 50 50 yet never go our way with him

      I suppose we just have to be better so we aren’t leaving it up to 50/50 calls to get the W

    • 100% agree that there wasn’t conclusive evidence to over turn that. Glad it didn’t cost as the game.
      Who watched it on fox? i watched it first on nine with the hd quality viewing and i thought you could see the tiniest bit of grass between the ball and line, then i watched it later on fox with where it was a bit more grainy and harder to tell and it looked a lot more like a try, actually surprised me the difference between the 2. the fox commentators seemed to be blowing up about it way harder then the nine commentators too.
      Just some food for thought

  9. As a raiders fan, I hate the idea that parra are getting the boot put into them now because of incompetent club officials.
    That being said I hope that junior and his family get a fresh start, and are away from the negative Syd influences.
    Welcome to the raiders, and hope he has success for himself, wife,kids and family:)

  10. Why have the eels points not been stripped yet surely they can’t keep them. Those points were earned in breach so surely they are going to be scrapped. Not having a dig eels fans it’s rough what happened because of the poor running of your team. Can anyone shed some more light on the situation with the eels points.

    • That was based on the preliminary findings. The Eels then had 28 days I think to respond, after which the NRL could either keep the penalty, increase it or decrease it. Some time in early June then punishment will actually be handed down.

  11. Did anyone else notice they refer to themselves as the dyldam parramatta eels. Coming soon, the bet365 Bulldogs vs the Toyota Cowboys

    • Been noticing that for a while Tnutt and must say I don’t like it at all. I know sponsorship dollars are needed by all clubs, but that is ridiculous.

      • Agree, its a bad trend. I have been ridiculing that Vodeaphone thing and the warriors for some time. Thing is, how long before that becomes the Dil-do Paramatta Eels

        • Shhh…..don’t broadcast the idea the we could become The CoCo Joy Sea Eagles. What the Fork?

    • The only way to counter this trend is to ridiule such names and stop buying from them. Then they may stop inserting themselves into the names of our clubs

    • Friday night, against Manly I’ve heard…which means Bateman will miss out. Which is a shame, cos he was one of our best last night…
      Then when Papalii comes back, who goes? Lima or Tapine?
      FPN is gonna struggle getting back into this side now, I can see him leaving next season…

      • FPN, wha happened there?!? Barring injury-can’t see him making first grade again with us

  12. Yeah, you’d have to think Tapine. He was outstanding yesterday, Surely they cant drop Lima or Kurt as they have both been great boosts for us, Sticky’s got a tough choice to make tomorrow if Paulo plays friday haha.

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