Chris Sandow
Image courtesy of The Corner Post

After weeks of rumours and speculation, the Parramatta Eels got their man, signing South Sydney Rabbitohs halfback Chris Sandow to a four year deal starting in 2012.

Thus the rumours and speculation could be put to bed. Or could they? Since it became apparent that Sandow would reject the Rabbitohs offer and join the Eels, the speculation has moved from where he would play next season, to how much he’s getting paid.

Media, fans and celebrities alike have been having a field day on the figure that would see Sandow move from Redfern to Parramatta, starting with Rabbitohs owner Russell Crowe. Moments before the Rabbitohs press release hit the web stating that Sandow was moving on, Crowe tweeted “Chris Sandow to Parramatta at $550k a year.”

Insiders at the Eels were quick to reply, suggesting that Sandow wasn’t on anything like that figure. The Courier Mail reported that Parramatta offered Sandow $1.6 million for the next four years and the Rabbitohs couldn’t compete after securing his halves partner John Sutton and winger Nathan Merritt recently.

There is quite a major discrepancy between those to figures and that got people talking.

The speculation continued this morning when former NRL player and now Triple M radio host Matty Johns, apparently revealed the “real” amount Sandow would be earning in 2012. Johns stated that Sandow would actually be paid a whopping $600K by the Eels in 2012. He then went on to “reveal” who the top 10 money earners were in the NRL with Sandow coming in at equal forth behind Greg Inglis ($650K), Billy Slater ($650K) and Darren Lockyer ($700K).

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But wait, it doesn’t end there. Foxsports journalist Dean Ritchie did an interview with Shane Richardson, the CEO of the Rabbitohs where he was quoted as saying, “It just got out of hand. Our offer was the most we have offered a player.”

So if Johns is correct and Inglis is on $650K, then the Rabbitohs themselves must have offered over that figure before the Eels swooped in a trumped them. So is Sandow getting paid $650K+?

What Sandow is getting paid by the Eels will probably never be public knowledge but the speculation on the figure will no doubt continue. Here at Zero Tackle, we’re no different though. We have our Highest Paid Players page where we too speculate on what players are earning in regards to the NRL Salary Cap.

In the end, the real speculation should be on how Sandow will play. Not just from 2012 onwards but also for the rest of this season for the Rabbitohs. It’ll be interesting to see if he now handles the added pressure of now being a marquee player.

Chris Sandow
Image courtesy of The Corner Post