Sandor Earl
Wants to stay with Panthers

An invigorated Sandor Earl is ready to fight for his right to keep wearing the Penrith Panthers jersey. He wants it not just for the rest of this season but also for next year and beyond.

The off-contract Panthers winger has been playing for the Windsor Wolves since his last appearance for the Panthers in round two. He will return to the side in the No.5 jumper against the Titans on Sunday.

Earl, who is in contract negotiations, said the revival of his first grade career was perfectly timed.

“Over the coming weeks with this chance, it’ll become obvious if I stay or look somewhere else,” he said.

“Penrith is definitely my priority because they gave me an opportunity and I do love the place.

“But at this point my options are open and my manager is doing all he can to find the best option. And there’s definitely some interest.”

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