Wayne Bennett has opened the door for Ben Te’o to resurrect his career at the Broncos as the Cowboys yesterday ruled out signing the former Queensland Origin enforcer.

Bennett believes the Broncos can benefit from the same NRL salary-cap rules that last week enabled South Sydney to re-sign Sam Burgess after his turbulent stint in English rugby.

It was feared the NRL would move to block Te’o’s mooted return from Irish rugby if a club attempted to sign him to a basic, second-tier contract.

But The Courier-Mail understands Te’o will be back in Brisbane next season if the Broncos are prepared to pay at least $350,000 a season for the premiership-winning Maroons hitman.

That was the figure of Te’o’s most recent deal at Souths in 2014 and the NRL’s salary-cap auditor will formally approve any fresh contract offer that matches or exceeds that amount.

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  1. 350K – seems about right but the Broncs have good stock of 2nd rowers>?
    With the reduced interchange i dont see where he fits when you guys have A.Glenn, Copley. Gillet & two young blokes Ofah(&*%) / Adam ,,..,.>?

  2. I think gillett in the centers or on the bench. teo maybe the same. Remember Big TC played out side locky ,teo running off milf would work pretty sweet. Don’t no how I feel about him coming back, as long as we keep the young blokes an don’t lose any I’ll be happy. yea i don’t want what’s happening at the rabbits, some big head taking some young talented blokes shot. Go the broncos 2016. Looking forward to the rematch GF day with the cows.

  3. He is exactly wat the Broncos need for next year he would be run on with Glenn the other second rower and gillet back to the bench n Thaiday reserve prop/second rower Kodi nikorima and joe offa the bench just need reed to retire now

  4. He’ll be in broncos colours next year, he never wanted to leave and he wanted to come back last year. Broncos will be a force again with him in the 2nd row, everyone is going to he fighting for a spot on the starting side so it will be great motivation for the boys. COME BACK BENNY, 2016 IS OUR YEAR!

  5. this story is a gee up , the gronkos couldnt sign him look @ there rooster the sums wont add up
    all these players per season are on blair 500, friday 500, boyd 500, hunt 400, glen 400, if they sign him they would need 2 release 1 top paied player period or the nrl would need to investigate
    we all know grubb hodges was on minial back end of his final year of his contract

    • Where did you get those numbers from mate? Thaiday isn’t on 500k and neither is Boyd. Glenn isn’t on 400k? Wtf. No idea where you got these numbers from. As for Hodges, he was the highest paid player at the Broncos other than Milford. Hodges was 650k. So I’m pretty sure they can afford Teo. Especially since they’ve let over 10 players go from last season.

      • Surely Thaiday and Boyd who have multiple games for Queensland and Australia for a number of years would be on 500k at least?

        • They probably are if you include third party deals. But I remember reading that Boyd signed a 3 year deal for 1.2 mil so thats 400k a season and Sammy signed for a similar figure. He took under his market value to stay though. And is probably stacked with 3rd party deals.

    • lol investigate? What’s the point of that? That’ll just make another Broncos CEO step down and disappear, it won’t really uncover anything.

      Broncos will certainly be tough to beat if they do get him, it sets a good challenge for the rest of us. I do see them as being the best team from this year, even though they narrowly lost the GF.

  6. Of course the NRL will bend over backwards to help the Broncos, as they did to the Rabbitohs, I believe. If they do that, it is a shame that the other clubs won’t be afforded the same opportunity. The Broncos, like the Rabbitohs, should be made to re-lease players to accommodate him.

  7. Broncos Lineup 2016: (1 of the 3 teams I tip to win)

    1. Darius Boyd
    2. Corey Oates
    3. Jack Reed
    4. Dale Copley
    5. Jordan Kahu
    6. Anthony Milford
    7. Ben Hunt
    8. Josh McGuire
    9. Andrew McCgollugh
    10. Adam Blair
    11. Ben Te’o
    12. Alex Glenn
    13. Corey Parker
    14. Kodi Nikhorima
    15. Matt Gillett
    16. Sam Thaiday
    17. Jarrod Wallace

    • About ten clubs would love to snap up Gillett.. WT included. Mind you we’ll all love to have Te’o too, he was with us first let me remind you all just so noone says “let him come home to…” elsewhere.

  8. Wayne always gets what he wants so Te’o will be there. The Broncs don’t need to worry about salary cap restraints.

    • Not sure what games you’ve been watching but Gillett is average. He’s neither here nor there as a player. He’s not a workhorse like Glenn, doesn’t hit-up like Thaiday or Parker, doesn’t defend well or ‘protect’ Hunt for that matter.

      Gillett is actually the worst of the current BRs. So it’s only logical that he’s the first to go should Teo or even a young gun like Oates/Joffa get a run.

    • No they don’t they have great centres
      They have a great stock of young centres
      They need a prop seen it last yr moose went down and again we had to move sammy their
      He did great don’t get me wrong but it’s proof at this point we don’t have a good back up prop
      If Blair or Moose go down we have good young props but I still think we need a solid back up

  9. In reply to onloan or whom ever the fake arse is teo is coming back to where he always belonged broncos let go of several players for your grub n.s.w teams to poach example manly took parcell..titan’s took taylor Dodds left to sl and Hodges retiring Free up the cash to retain kahu and Glenn so we have plenty of cash bit were waiting for a player we can use well a former one anyways see our recruiting is smart we dont go after talented juniors we have our own but hey that’s the reason all the rest are signing players from our feeder clubs its the talent they are after they don’t have that’s why

  10. Would be suprised if Titans didn’t throw a decent number his way he is exactly the sort of player we need in our squad. Mcqueen and Te’o backrow at Titans would be a great boost.

  11. Gillet can go to the Dragons he’s a drag queen at heart anyway . He would be the broncos worst player we have. Glen has him by a long way . In saying that we shouldn’t have to lose anyone with the players we have let go we should be good. Hodges, Dodds , j. Niki, A.Taylor, j.drew, vidot , lowrie , stagg an a handful more. An being that broncos boys r loyal they take pay cuts to b at the club.

  12. Not sure how you get to a point thinking Gillet is a Dragon at heart…
    Played all his junior footy in QLD, played 130 games ++ at the Broncs.

    he’s pretty consistent & has been a good defender – why the hate on him>?

  13. He grew up as a dragons fan. An im Not a hater of him, just he’s not consistent he goes missing alot and doesn’t work as hard as other players .he played shit last year and not much better this year. Glen & te’o would have it all over him. I think he’s more of a bench players then a run on.

  14. Gillet was great this year in defence averaged over 30 tackles a game I think, didn’t have much in attack though probably needs to be impact player of the bench.

    And people saying they couldn’t fit him in the cap, how?

    Ins: Carlin Anderson (Ipswich Jets), Caleb Timu (Mormon mission)

    Outs: Justin Hodges (retirement), Todd Lowrie (Newcastle Knights), Ashley Taylor (Gold Coast Titans), Mitch Garbutt (Leeds Rhinos), Matt Parcell (Manly Sea Eagles), Mitchell Dodds (Warrington), Jayden Nikorima (Roosters), David Stagg (retirement), Jordan Drew (Cronulla Sharks), Daniel Vidot (Salford)

    I think Ash Taylor was on a decent contract as well.

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