Jamal Idris
Titans also courting Idris

Big Jamal Idris spent yesterday selling the Bulldogs to the people of Sydney on a membership drive through Martin Place.

Now the club wants to sell the Bulldogs back to Jamal, making the 20-year-old a Dog for life.

“People like to see characters of the game and I think it’s important that the supporters can associate players with their club and Jamal is very good at that,” Bulldogs boss Todd Greenberg said. “He’s very good with people, he’s great one-on-one with people, but he has also got a presence about him.”We would love to see Jamal at the Bulldogs for life.”

And it’s not hard to see why given Jamal’s popularity yesterday as the players travelled by double-decker bus to the city as part of the club’s membership recruitment drive.

But while the club is keen to extend Jamal’s deal beyond 2011, contract talks are on hold.

Jamal’s manager Sam Ayoub also looks after fellow Bulldog Ryan Tandy, who has been stood down by the club pending a police investigation into suspicious betting on the Bulldogs-Cowboys match last year.

Both Tandy and Ayoub have denied any involvement.

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