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Being a sports fan can be expensive. You have to pay for tickets, merch and other sports goods. For devoted fans, you may need to spend even more money. But what if you don’t always have to spend as a sports fan?

Sports open a lot of careers to everyone in the field. This doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or a trainer. You can also make money by being a fan. We will discuss the different kinds of sports fans and how they earn.

Different types of sports fans

Before we talk about money, you should first know what kind of fan you are. This will help you know how to earn later on.

Commonly, there are three main types of sports fans.

  • Devotee: A devotee fan knows their games. Basically, they know almost everything about the sport. These are the hardcore ones.Usually, devotees always attend games. You will find them rooting for their favourite team. Once in a while, they may even bring merchandise for cheering. You can easily spot devotees by looking for the most focused ones. They are all over the audience.
  • Front Runner: Front runners are very similar to devotees. They also know the game, the team and the overall rules. You may even find some of them claiming to know more than anyone. What makes them different, though, is their indecisiveness. They don’t stick to a single team. They support what is currently good.For instance, if the Melbourne Storm win the premiership, then they will start supporting them. If another team wins next year, then they would be on their side. They switch up in every single game. You can say that they are constantly on the hunt for the best.
  • Pink Hat: Pink hats are fans that are there for a reason other than sports. They may attend the game because their friend invited them. They may come because their parents are fans.No matter what, winning or losing is the least of their concerns. This type of fan, though, is probably the most cooperative. That is, they do the "wave", the scream, and so on. From the name, pink hat fans are famous for wearing hats to games.

Although some other sports fans deem others as annoying, note that no fan is “bad”. Each one just has their own characteristics and priorities. The only things that will differ are the ways to make money off sports.

How do different sports fans earn money?

Here are the things that you can do as a devotee fan:

  • Bet on your team during games. As an avid fan, you know when your favourite team is in their best state. Use this skill to know when and how much to bet. Go to betting sites to get started.
  • Create a blog. To get money from it, you can be an affiliate for sports-related brands. You can also put up ad spaces.
  • Sell exclusive sports merchandise. You can easily identify what is a legit item and what is not. Sell valuable ones to your co-devotees.

For front runners, here are your choices:

  • Start a betting game during tournaments. You can create your own betting games using casino apps.
  • Be a middleman between biddings. For small bets between friends, you can act as a moderator. You can set your share of the win in exchange.
  • Live stream games and commentate. Use streaming platforms like Twitch so you can monetize it.

Finally, for pink hats, below are some ways that you can turn to:

  • Sell merchandise during games. You can make materials like banners, posters and the like.
  • Take photos of the game and sell them to avid fans. This can be photos of the venue, the gameplay, the teams or their members.

As you can see, you will have more ways to get money if you know a lot about sports. Even so, pink hat fans also have good opportunities if they come up with the right things to sell.

To ensure that you will get the most out of your earning ways, you need to consider a lot of factors. You have to build your presence. You also need to find the right platform. For example, if you want to start or bid on bets, you may need casino apps. For streaming, on the other hand, you can use Twitch.

Whatever kind of sports fan you are, you can make money. You can even be a bandwagon and still earn.