COFFS HARBOUR, AUSTRALIA - JULY 07: during the New South Wales State of Origin training session on July 7, 2016 in Coffs Harbour, Australia. (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images)

Daley’s Blues fullback headache

There are 172 days until Origin I, but NSW coach Laurie Daley already has a plan to squeeze superstar fullbacks James Tedesco, Matt Moylan and Jarryd Hayne into the one team.

“You find a position for them,’’ Daley said.

“If they’re all playing their best, you’d think you have to find a position for them.

“It will be easier for (Hayne) now than if he had left it until this year to come back (from the NFL). He had six games last season, plus an off-season, so I think he’ll be OK.

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“You’ll have (Tom) Trbojevic there at some point as well. He’s a future fullback in rep footy.

“Moyser played at five-eighth in game three last year, Jarryd has played wing and centre for Australia, as well as on the wing for NSW.’’


  1. Honestly Blues should look for a sqaud to the future, We have alot of decent choices. Here’s the time to mould the players

    1. Matt Moylan
    2. James Tedesco
    3. Jack Bird
    4. Josh Dugan (Co-Captain)
    5. Josh Mansour
    6. James Maloney (GK)
    7. Adam Reynolds
    8. Aaron Woods
    9. Nathan Peats
    10. James Tamou
    11. Tyson Frizzel
    12. Wade Graham
    13. Boyd Cordner (Co-Captain)
    14. Blake Austin
    15. David Klemmer
    16. Trent Merrin
    17. Andrew Fifita

    • I don’t see the point in playing Bird at centre, he will be at 5/8 by the end of 2017. And Dugan captain? Not exactly a good role model or leader for that matter but Cordner for sure.

      • Dugan has changed, It would of taken alot from him and for that I believe he is the perfect leader. In saying that Bird is a gun centre and that’s what you need do think Boyd & Inglis wanted to be playing wing/centre all those years.

    • Moylan is a crap fullback and to waste Teddy on the wing is criminal. Mansour is out well past origin so he’s not playing. Moylan has to play in halves if picked. Dugan will miss out I suspect unless dragons fire up next season.

  2. Bit of a conundrum. Personally I believe Daley will go with all 4 of them next year. Tedesco fullback, Hayne centre, Trbojevic on one wing, Moylan at 5/8.

    1- J Tedesco
    2- B Ferguson
    3- J Dugan
    4- J Hayne
    5- T Trbojevic
    6- M Moylan
    7- J Maloney
    8- A Woods
    9- N Peats
    10- D Klemmer
    11- B Cordner (c)
    12- T Frizell
    13- T Merrin

    14- J Bird
    15- A Fifita
    16- J Trbojevic
    17- S Boyd

      • Mansour won’t be fit for origin 1 and I don’t think he should be picked if he is just coming back from that kind of injury. Don’t force him into playing origin.

        • holmsey4346

          Your right, it is doubtful he will be right by then. Once he is he will take his spot back from Ferguson. Tommy Turbo is a future international and has centre, wing and FB covered. He needs to work on his defence though, especially for centre, but he still looks good every time he has played there.

          I’m tipping Hayne’s form next year will see him as one of the first players picked. Too much class and big game experience and can cover a number of positions.

          IMO Cleary still needs another year of first grade before being ready for origin. However, he really needs to play along side of someone like Maloney in his first origin series. IF this is Maloney’s last rep season then they might bite the bullet and throw him in a year early. If not I would play A. Reynolds at HB and Maloney at 5/8. Bird on the bench as a utility over Moylan who would be 18th man based on the talent and options available.

          I would still be happy to see Bird at centre for SOO (I think he is a year away at least from the move to 5/8) IMO.

      • +1
        I think so mate. He is a quality player, clever and a natural leader but the competition is fierce! NSW need to make smart choices. Players like Cordner and Frizell (to name just two) are absolute must haves. Just keep building from there. Eventually someone like Cartwright has to come into contention but his defence needs work first. Still he is exactly the sort of player the QLD will have nightmares trying to defend.

        Ultimately your super sub off the bench needs to cover several positions in the backs AND in the forwards that is why someone like Peachy would be a better option IMO. But everyone is Moylan mad and he can only cover FB and 5/8. Not a smart cjouce as utility because you then lick yourself in to replacing a back even if you don’t want or need to.

        • Agreed – graham, Tedesco (if fit), hayne, cordner and frizell are lock ins – no doubt at all.
          However, for me, the one utility player that should be on the bench is Tyrone Peachey – absolute gun and can play in the halves, hooker, back row and centre.

      • bronko

        I think everyone is assuming Mansour won’t be fit, otherwise if fully fit he will be the first winger selected. If Mansour is fit Tommy T. stays and Ferguson drops out for mine. He had a decent Four Nations run but let’s face it given the quality of the players around him and the lack of quality in the opposition he wasn’t under too much pressure now was he? He has been tried and failed a number of times now for the Blues. Tommy is on the up and Fergo is just treading water plain and simple.

  3. Hayne wins you games the other fullbacks don’t. Tedesco probably injure himself, Dugan is useless and Moylan can’t win you games.

    • I do not give a rats arse what others have said, Matt Moylan did a admirable job in the 5/8th role in game 3. Jarryd Haynes will be 28 next season, out with the old, in with the new.

      • Temper, temper kitty! Anyone would think (according to you) no one else has the right to an opinion. Well do they? Bullying others again? Not a good look. Be careful someone doesn’t report your swearing. Just a thought…

        parramatta2014, I’m with you. For the record, Hayne and Tedesco will win a team more games AND have a bigger influence than Moylan. Through in Maloney as well at 5/8.

        • Hey SSTID, I sort of agree that Teddy can but in a different way to Hayne.

          Hayne can set up a player or a big play because he attracts defenders, one on one Hayne can break through the line, therefore he can create a big overlap and have a 2 on 1 situation or 3 on 2.

          Teddy is more of a himself player. He will try to do it all, from catching it to running down the field to scoring. He doesn’t really have that mind set that Hayne does.

          Panthers14 Moylan is and will be a great club player for the most part of his career, but as it stands, he will not be a great rep player. Just my opinion

        • parramatta2014

          I think BOTH Hayne and Tedesco need to be in the starting 13. Hayne is great but can sometimes drift in and out of a game while Teddy is always on and ready to turn half an opportunity into a break. He would be wasted on the wing and would not know what to do with himself I think.

          Hayne on the other hand can cover FB, centre, wing and even 5/8. IMO he should play in the centres which should keep him in the game at all times.

          I agree with you about Moylan. He is a good club player and is capable of playing rep football but has less to offer at FB and 5/8 than his competition. Solid backup though and would be my utility off the bench if not for Bird and possibly Austin. So probably 3rd in line for the utility position as well.

          That said you can bet your house that Daley and Sterlo will select him in the starting 13 so in the end it doesn’t matter. On the same way they are looking for any excuse to select Farah and Pearce so IF that happens the Blues ship will undoubtedly sink again.

      • I am so glad you did that, SSTID_1970, your rants are so amusing. I suggest you looking up the meaning of temper tantrum.

        • So everyone else’s opinion that contradicts yours is amusing? You said the same to eels47 to billy and others. That sounds a little arrogant, dismissive and condescending to me. All the things you claim you are not.

          Actually I find you kind of amusing in a psychological study type of way. Keep trying to find your way out of that intellectual maze kitten. No control your tantrums and stick the RL and stop bullying or belittling others if you please!

        • Me bullying, condescending, arrogant, and dismissive, seriously? Look in your own back yard before you criticize me. I am finding your lack of ability in letting the past go amusing. I am sticking to the topic, you on the other hand seem to take great delight in find fault with every thing I do. It is not working.

      • Moylan was rubbish at fb, yet panfers14 always chucks a spas when you say otherwise but loves dishing up crap on other teams players.

        • Oh daffy, I do not dish crap on other players, no do I chuck a spas. It is called having an opinion, sadly this concept is lost on a wanna be bully like yourself.

  4. 28 is not old. Tommy T will sadly miss out
    1 Jarryd Hayne
    2 James Tedesco
    3 Jarrod Croker
    4 Josh Dugan
    5 Blake Fergusson
    6 James Maloney
    7 Adam Reynolds
    8 Aaron Woods
    9 Nathan Peats
    10 Andrew Fifita
    11 Boyd Cordner (c)
    12 Josh Jackson
    13 Trent Merrin

    14 Matt Moylan
    15 David Klemmar
    16 Wade Graham
    17 Tyson Frizzell

    To the people who say Haynes to old in with the new really amuse me. If Hayne is fit and in the form he’s been in before he left then he is the fullback plain and simple and Laurie will pick him there

    • I shall put it this way, even though the series didn’t go the way of the NSW Blues this season, the Blues more than held their own, without Jarryd Haynes. Repeat he does not need to be there next season.

    • Croker won’t ever play origin his defence just doesn’t cut it. And Tom will make it ahead of Ferguson with ease, Tom brings more to the table. 29 he will be and that is old for a rugby league player.

      • holmsey4346

        Agreed. He is good for depth in the position (and his goal kicking helps but he is behind Hayne, Leilua, Bird, Dugan and even Tommy T. for mine. (well perhaps Tommy T. after another year in first grade).

        • Yes SSTID I’m actually a big fan of J Croker but he just gets rolled by the bigger players like Inglis, Leilua, Hurrell.

        • The kind of players that excel at origin level. Just what NSW need. I predict Leilua may make a few mistakes adjusting to the speed and extra pressure at that level but on the long run (if he can control his self-discipline) he will destroy QLD out wide. He will also be very useful taking his share of hitups to bring NSW out of their 20.

  5. Moylan is to soft for fullback at SOO level , I don’t understand how he’s in the equation? ( pus mould maybe) NSW are stupid if they don’t play Hayne at fullback ,he is an awesome football player to pick anyone else shows zero understanding of what a fullbacks roll is , in saying typically NSW will have all 3 playing at the same time out of position, can’t see NSW edging past QLD ,,, not until they pick SOO style players

    • Have to agree with you on that silvertail47 (as much as it pains me). 😉

      Moylan is a good player but lacks the class and attacking weapons at FB that Hayne and Tedesco possess.

      It would be like QLD picking Gaigai at FB instead of Slater, Milford or Boyd. Just my opinion though. Is that OK with everyone?

    • I reckon they should move Moylan to 5/8 at panthers that way he can play the way he is at fullback but he won’t have to catch bombs which he has a problem with and doesn’t have to the hard stuff like bringing out of the danger end, he is to small for the modern day fullback but he is still and amazing player and deserved a spot somewhere.

      • If he isn’t playing 5/8 club level he has no business playing 5/8 for SOO. It is not a “fill in and learn as you go” position.

      • Aye look everyone we have a salty retard here who thinks Moylan is better than hayne. Let it go mate, Moylan would never touch Hayne. Hayne’s name is etched into NRL history, no matter what anyone says.

        If he wins a title, he will go down in history as the best fullback to play the game.

        Moylan won’t win 1 Dally M’s, let alone two. Sorry buddy, but your precious boy, won’t be the next big thing everyone thought he was.

        • Hayne is not the best fullback to play Rugby League, he might be top 5/10 but not the best. IMO Slater and Inglis were both better at their prime.

        • But is Hayne better than Moylan? THAT is the question. And is Moylan better than Tedesco or Tommy T.? I don’t think so. For mine they could pick him in the team and he wouldn’t let anyone down… he won’t do as much or offer as much in attack as Hayne, Tedesco or Tommy T. (given another year at FB in first grade) IMO. But he is still a solid classy player who WILL be a permanent fixture at 5/8 once the Panthers bite the bullet and move him there full time.

          Although no one here has mentioned him I expect Latrell Mitchell to play in the centres for the Blues in the next couple of years as well.

        • SSTID I would put Turbo ahead of Moylan just yet ,,, Turbo is exciting however his reads in D aren’t there yet , it will be a while before he is up to Moylan ,that being said as far as his read at Fullback Snake wins hands down ,forget this year but for nearly 8 to 10 years NSW best fullback was Snake , Slater for Qld

        • IMO Moylan will go to 5/8 (but first needs to get solid time there at the Panthers) and Bird will go to the centres with Mitchell when he is ready and Leilua until then (AND once Hayne has retired or passed his used by date, or is playing AFL or Gaelic football… the next challenge!) 😉

        • Will be hard to get him experience at 5/8 at first grade level because penrith have made it pretty clear that Martin and Cleary will be the future, Which is hard to dispute. While he plays like a 5/8 anyway, Laurie may use him off the bench.

      • Oh I see that you are reading things that aren’t there. This is a rhetorical question, where did I say that Haynes is better than Moylan? Stop with your pathetic attempt at a insult, and keep on the topic.

  6. Nsw are certainly looking good for te future.
    1. Tedesco
    2. Ferguson
    3. Hayne
    4. Bj leulua
    5. Tom trobovic
    6. Bird
    7. Maloney
    8. Woods
    9. Pears
    10. Boyd
    11. Frizell
    12. Cordner
    13. Merrin
    14. Moylan
    15. Fifita
    16. Klemmer
    17. Jake trobovic

    • Crowy3301 “for the future” whist QLD have had a gun side for some time and won 9 from 10 series it’s my opinion a lot of those victories came down to selectors for NSW getting it terribly wrong, there are many players in NSW that should never have been picked and even more that should , Dugan over Snake is a classic example ,NSW constantly get it wrong because they pick with there hearts not there heads , it appears as thought nothing is going to change ,

      • Things will change silvertail47
        No bozzo and sterling coming in is a massive plus for the blues.
        If Hayne is in the same form that bought us our last series win he should be first picked. Anyone who thinks he shouldn’t be picked because of his age, especially if he is in top form, is a bit of a twit.
        If Hayne is in top form he is the first picked for fullback, centre or wing. If teddy is fit and raring to go I would have him at fullback and Hayne at centre.
        My team for 2017

        1. Tedesco
        2. Mansour
        3. Hayne
        4. Leilua (not sure on the spelling)
        5. Ferguson (form winger in the four nations)
        6. Maloney
        7. Reynolds
        8. Woods
        9. Peats
        10. Graham
        11. Cordner
        12. Frizell
        13. Merrin
        14. Boyd
        15. Fifita
        16. Klemmer
        17. Cartwright

        Tom and Jake are behind other guys but might get a look in after next year depending on how we go. Moylan is Gidley mark II and should only get a look in if there are multiple injuries.

  7. 1. Tredesco
    2. Fergo
    3. Hayne
    4. Leilua
    5. Mansour
    6. Moylan
    7. Maloney
    8. Woods
    9. Farah
    10. Tamou
    11. Cordner
    12. Jackson
    13. Merrin

    14. Bird
    15. Boyd
    16. Frizzell
    17. Fifita

    18. Graham
    19. A Reynold

    T Turbo isn’t good enough on D and doesn’t have enough Power too young. J Turbo does enough just needs more experience. Crocker terrible D unfortunately. Cartwright too many errors and needs D. Cleary definitely needs more experience.

    • Toms defence is no where near as bad as most players out there notably Ferguson who struggles badly in this department as does Leilua so you can’t say his defence isn’t good enough when you have those 2 in your team. And Tom not enough power? He carries players and his carries back from fullback and wing are possibly best in the comp behind GI and Semi. I’m sorry for my bias but come on man!

  8. I would be looking at something like

    1 Teddy
    2 B Morris
    3 Hayne
    4 Leilua
    5 T Trbojevik
    6 Maloney
    7 Cleary
    13 Frizzell
    12 Cordner
    11 Graham
    10 Woods
    9 Farrah
    8 Paulo

    14 J Bird (Utility role)
    15 Fifita
    16 Klemmer
    17 Boyd

    • Mate I tend to agree about BMoz. As long as BMoz is fit and Mansour is not he would be a better option to cover Mansour than Ferguson IMO. For next year but not beyond.

  9. 1. Tedesco
    2. Mansour
    3. Hayne
    4. Leilua
    5. B. Morris
    6. Maloney
    7. A. Reynolds
    8. Woods
    9. Peats
    10. Fifita
    11. Cordner
    12. Jackson
    13. Merrin
    14. Frizzell
    15. Tamou
    16. Klemmer
    17. J trobovic

  10. Woods and tamou have to go, they couldn’t hurt a 5 yr old girl with the way they tackle

    8. Fafita
    11. Cordner

    17. Paulo

    19.Ryan James
    20. Brett morris
    21. Reynolds
    22. Cartwright

  11. Tedesco


  12. I agree with hayne2roosters side, judging by Hayne’s form. If he gets back to his best then play him at fullback and have him interchange positions with Tedesco so Teddy can play fullback at parts of the game. If B Moz is fit then he should definitely take one wing spot and have this Origin series be his swansong, then the wingers can be Mansour and Ferguson/Trbojevic. Morris and Ferguson for the wingers until Mansour is fit enough and have him play over Fergo for just this year.

    • Jack Bird should be in there too. Maybe start in the centres over Croker or on the bench in 14 because he can play in more positions than Moylan but Moylan should be there and Croker should get a look in too. Maybe start Bird at centre and Moylan on the bench.

  13. I think this would be there best team:

    1. James Tedesco
    2. Brett Morris
    3. Josh Dugan
    4. Jarryd Hayne
    5. Blake Ferguson
    6. Matt Moylan
    7. James Maloney
    8. Aaron Woods (c)
    9. Nathan Peats
    10. Shannon Boyd
    11. Boyd Cordner
    12. Josh Jackson
    13. Trent Merrin

    14. Jack Bird
    15. Tyson Frizzell
    16. David Klemmer
    17. Ryan James
    18. James Tamou

    i’ve left out mansour as he is injured but i still believe bmoz is one of the best wingers around! i think shannon boyd will have no trouble starting at prop! also the work rate josh jackson provides is really valuable!! Ryan james deserves to be there he’s in terrific form!! Hayne and dugan in centres will shut inglis down easily!! ferguson is in great form!! I believe peats won’t be there this year as daley likes farah but he will be there in the future!! this is the best nsw team at the moment bit of inexperience mixed with experience!! 😊

  14. This is such a great problem to have, but assuming all are fit and in form, except Mansour (I assume he won’t be available), I’m going with:

    1 Tedesco
    2 B Morris (only until Mansour is available)
    3 Hayne
    4 Dugan
    5 Fergo
    6 Maloney
    7 A Reynolds

    This (half) side has pretty of rep. experience, strong defence, and they can all score / manufacture tries.
    It’s up to the young guys to show they can consistently outplay, and/or wait for an injury to, the experienced guys to get their opportunity.
    We have a lot of young talent coming through, but we need to win now too. Leilua is my first choice for a centre vacancy, Turbo for a wing, probably Moylan for a half, but I’m still a bit undecided there, and Hayne as back up FB.

    With the sort of options and depth we’ve got now let’s see what Daley can do. Personally, I back him, but time will tell.

  15. 1. Hayne (C)
    2. B Morris
    3. Jennings
    4. Croker (GK)
    5. Ferguson/Mansour
    6. Maloney
    7. Cleary
    8. Woods
    9. Peats
    10. Tamou
    11. Jackson
    12. Frizzel
    13. Merrin

    14. Peachey
    15. Cordner
    16. James
    17. Klemmer

    • Cleary about to young to through in at SOO level, that can really put a massive dent in a players career. I would go with him in 2018, just not next year. Jarrid Crocker cannot defend.

        • Parra14, agreed.
          Panthers15, I hope Jennings can find top form again, but on recent form, he will lose his Origin spot

        • eelsalmighty

          Sorry bro, but I think there are better options available (specifically with Hayne, Leilua and Bird). I feel Jennings, Dugan, BMoz and JMioz have all done their service but should be emergency coverage only. BMoz still might get one more shot over Ferguson though if Mansour is still unfit for origin.

      • Yea Cleary might be to young but I can’t really think of anyone else, guess we should Reynolds until Cleary is ready.

      • That’s my take on things. A. Reynolds to partner Maloney until Cleary is ready.

        I remember what rushing Mullen did for his confidence and career (it didn’t do him any favours).

        You don’t want to risk ruining what should be an exceptional long term prospect.

        Following the QLD model, they have always gone with experience and not rushed young players into key high pressure positions (even Slater started on the wing).

        I’d be more than happy to see Reynolds miss out so he can be available for Souths and not risk further injury. But quite frankly he is the best option ATM until Cleary is ready in 2018. Give the kid at least one more year in first grade before you try to throw him on the deep end with all the BIG fish, please!

      • @panthers2015

        Not Hayne for captain surely? He lacks the maturity or emotional stability and will crack under pressure and get the Refs off side just when Cameron Smith is so adept at getting in their ear! You need a captain who is always able to keep the Refs on side, gain their respect but still represent his teams best interests.

        “can really put a massive dent in a players career”

        Totally agree mate. No sense rushing a player into a pressure situation before he is ready in only his SECOND year of first grade!! 😉


        Same reason James Graham is a liability for the Dogs as captain. He can still be a team leader but not the face that “gets in the face” of the Referees. Cooler heads need to prevail. Problem is, who will James listen too? He will probably end up giving the captain a “spray”… literally! LOL

  16. 1) Teddy
    2) Hayne
    3) J Bird
    4) Dugan
    5) Mansour/Turbo
    6) Maloney
    7) Reynolds
    8) Woods
    9) Pearce
    10) Boyd
    11) Cordner
    12) Graham
    13) Merrin

    14) Moylan
    15) Klemmer
    16) Frizell
    17) Trebojevic

  17. What’s up with the Moylan hate guys? Look I’m admire the man and I believe he did a more than respectable job in the 2016 series but despite this I think Laurie needs to find a way to feature all four of them in 2017 with probably Tedesco at the back as the other three can be reliable in other positions. (Hayne at centre, T on the wing and Moylan either at 5/8 or on the bench). Anyone saying Moylan is not an origin level calibre player needs to shut the **** up. I heard the same thing pre origin last year and he shut everyone up after game 3. The way he finished 2016 for penrith was simply electrifying and full of class and he continues to improve year after year. NSW are extremely blessed with the abundance of FB’s they have at their disposal and almost ALL of them are versatile in that they can play just about any other position in the backline, SO if Laurie is smart he’ll fit all four in. Hayne is 28, he’s still got a few years left and don’t forget what he did just 2 years ago. But YES NSW must look to future which means pissing off the Morris brothers (Unless they are 100% fit and playing at their best) and others Jennings and they should only use Ferguson until Mansour returns. Future looks bright for NSW so lets hope they don’t waste it.

    • StephenA

      I think all here realise and respect he is a great player but there is a lot of quality competition for FB and 5/8 and at this level, frankly there are better options IMO (and the opinion of others here).

      Depending on whether Bird settles in the centres or at 5/8, whether Austin shows the sort of form that demands selection and with Hayne about to push 30, I have no doubt he WILL get his chance. He is a natural leader and calm under pressure.

      However he is still missing the X factor that Hayne, Tedesco and Tommy T. possess.

      Don’t be concerned though, knowing how Daleyand Sterlo go about things and from what they have already said, I expect he will be in the starting 13 so don’t sweat it.

      About needing to “shut the **** up”, mate we don’t live in Russia or China we have free speech here and people are entitled to their opinion even if they don’t agree with yours.

      What is in the water out Penrith way? Why is everyone so aggressive? Chill bro. For the record I think Moylan is a class player and once Hayne and Maloney have moved on will be a SOO regular (and as I have already said) he is going to be selected anyway so stop stressing.

    • jouannet

      Totally forgot about Roberts! I was thinking he was a QLDer now! LOL. He could push for a spot on the wing for sure but currently there are far too many superior options at centre and Roberts needs to work on his defence and getting more involved in the game from centre than he currently does.

      Hayne, Leilua, Bird, Tommy T. and even Jennings can create their own opportunities while Roberts depends on others to put him into space IMO.

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          I’m somewhat blown away with ur comment, eelsalmighty. For some time, I’ve been the gorilla/ ape who apparently has needed a good shave around here…

          Ya know, u wear the Sh!t that comes with the domain.

          I have, in the past, however, told SSTD that this is my cave TOO!

          I truly thank u for your comment. I’ve been engaging less & less with this website lately…You’ve made me feel a little more welcome. Thank you 🙂

        • eelsalmighty , my venom is as a result of this beast coming out under the cover of darkness and hammering me without any provocation , you want to be the white knight go for it pal ,I never ever knew it until it came out and started its rant and now you want to change the rules ,no way it can eat xxxx and go to hell, I don’t post porn ,I use imagination and language and if it cuts deep to bad to it , I missed my chance to respond cause I went to bed unlike it ,it crawls around under the cover of darkness to apply its trade , you don’t have to put on the red light roxanne

        • ST47, you’re clearly old enough to be an adult, so if you can’t see what’s wrong with this I’m not going to change anything in a post.

          Personally, I think it’s disgusting, and inexcusable.

        • Your opinion ,your entitled to it ,you don’t have to read it ,just be fair in your argument ! no one , no one attacks anyone here without provocation,

    • I’m not too sure what to make of a bloke who is so consistently hysterical about having to tolerate the opinion of a female.

  19. 1. Tedesco
    2. Morris/Mansour
    3. Hayne
    4. Dugan
    5. Ferguson/Mansour
    6. Maloney
    7. Reynolds
    8. Woods
    9. Peats
    10. James
    11. Graham
    12. Cordner
    13. Frizell

    14. Merrin
    15. Fifita
    16. Klemmer
    17. Jackson
    18. J Trbojevic

    Moylan misses out, his defence needs alot more work and idk about Leilua because NSW needs consistency and Leilua has had only one good season but if he can get his discipline together and become more consistent he should definetley be playing.

    • Don’t think you are going to be too popular stenzor saying “Moylan misses out, his defence needs alot more work”. Even though you are going WITH the tide of popular opinion! 😉

  20. IMO I think Nsw will we with a beast side
    1. Tedesco
    2. B Morris
    3. Hayne
    4. Dugan
    5. Mansour
    6. Bird
    7. Maloney
    8. Woods ( co )
    9. Peats
    10. Merrin
    11. Cordner ( co )
    12. Frizell
    13. Jackson
    14. Moylan
    15. J Trbojevic
    16. Boyd
    17. Klemmer
    18. Cartwright
    19. Cleary

    Only reason I didn’t pick Reynolds is cause we went better with out him in game 3 this year soild squad I reckon.

  21. 1 Tedesco
    2 Mansour / Hayne
    3 Leilua
    4 Dugan
    5 Ferguson
    6 Maloney C
    7 Renolds
    8 Woods
    9 Peats
    10 James
    11 Frizell
    12 Cordner
    13 Graham

    14 Bird
    15 Merrin
    16 Boyd
    17 Fifita / Paulo
    18 Jackson / Paulo

  22. I don’t think that they should try and shoe horn all of these player’s into the team they need to earn the spots and pick player’s in their position.

    1. Hayne
    2. B Morris
    3. Bird
    4. Bj leilua
    5. Fergo
    6. Maloney
    7. Reynolds
    8. Fifita
    9. Peats
    10. James
    11. Cordner c
    12. Graham
    13. Frizzel

    14. Paulo
    15. Jake t
    16. Klemmer
    17. Merrin

  23. I honestly love reading about all the Moylan hate.

    What people fail to realize is Moylan overcame a lot of setbacks at the beginning of last season (injuries) but eventually found form again (and in the process became and even better player)

    The whole NRL population isn’t on this website…. so although there are a lot of people who have “they’re opinion” …… the fact of the matter is that’s it’s totally irrelevant at the end of the day he represented both NSW and Australia this year, he was named captain of his club, he was one of the main keys to the Panthers run to the finals, which means he has something that some other players don’t….. out of all the players in the NRL, out of all the talent and skill in the NRL Moylan was picked over most of the players the people on this website “think” should’ve been picked.

    But keep hating on him because its hate like that….. that will only drive an athlete to further heights…. heights some athletes can only dream of reaching.

    • It’s not hate ??? It’s just a fact the boy needs abit of mongrel ,arrogance,swagger that’s all people are highlighting,get over it no one hates the bloke

  24. And all I’m highlighting is that although you think the boy needs all these attributes he still gets chosen to represent NSW and Australia

    • Bro your argument was “hate” , and yes he is chosen and many opinions are he’s not up to SOO standard , articles are written here and on other forums to encourage “opinions ” if you want to live in a communist society go to Russia,china or Korea , at least we can have a view

  25. 1. Teddy
    2. Tommy T
    3. Hayne
    4. BJ
    5. Mansour
    6. Moylan
    7. Maloney (vc)
    8. Boyd
    9. Peats
    10. James
    11. Cordner (c)
    12. Fritzell
    13. Merrin

    14. Bird
    15. Klemmer
    16. Fifita
    17. Jake T/Carty/Graham

    Go NSW!!!

  26. I can not believe the way some grown adults behave on this site.

    Moylan out shone Hayne last year in the game they played, and tbh is a better player than Hayne in many respects. Hayne has a superb running game and tackle break ability, but Moylan has everything else hayne doesn’t.

    Mansour will be fit by may

    • So Moylan outshon Hayne is one game hey. Moylan is a good player, but not at the same level as Hayne (assuming he gets back to top form). Hayne has a presence on the football field, and is one of the few players in recent years that the Queenslanders have feared playing. It isn’t just a good running game, he draws the attention of multiple defenders, which creates options for other players. His defence is much better than it used to be, and he is a big body, which the modern day fullback needs to be, unless they have the skill of Slater.

      Don’t get me wrong, as I have stated on here many times, I think Moylan will be a mainstay in Origin for a while. I just think at this stage he is better suited to the bench (although I think Bird is probably ahead of him there). If the Panthers play him at five eighth, and he succeeds there, then I think he can be the long term option there. It is too important a position though to play him there now when he plays fullback for Penrith

      • No way , Moylan isn’t in the same class as Hayne , Moylan isn’t in the same class as a fully fit and functioning Brett Stewart , Moylan isn’t a bad player ,he’s just not tough and aggressive, he hasn’t the skills to take on a game and win it he is a good captain which Hayne and Snake are not , but I wouldn’t pick him as my Sargent at arms

  27. Neither Bird or Moylan playing in the 1/2’s at club level IMO you can’t go from club footy playing in the back line to Rep footy and trying to steer the entire team round the park huge jump, thebatman got it right Sterlo already said if Pearce is fit he’d pick him possibly at hooker if the current 1/2’s are in form and fit.

    Reynolds & Maloney are what we need to stick with and Peats should be hooker I’d have Teddy in FB with Moylan cover for the back line, there’s no shame in being a bench utility in rep footy! Just not a 1/2

    • Moylan plays like a 5/8 every week incl in his only 4 nations game. i think if they can sort out how and where he defends he should play 5/8:

      1. Tedesco
      2. Mansour (Tom T if Mansour injured)
      3. Hayne
      4. Dugan
      5. Ferguson
      6. Moylan
      7. Maloney (reynolds did nothing and we won without him)
      8. Woods
      9. P Wallace (peats never really sets the world on fire, wallace is a better steady head in the heat of the battle)
      10. Fifta
      11. Cordner
      12. Jackson
      13. Merrin

      14. Peachey (can play 2nd row, lock, hooker, 5/8, centre or even wing)
      15. Klemmer
      16. Frizzel
      17. Jake T or Carty

      • I get what you are saying, but there is a big difference between playing like a 5/8 and playing 5/8. I just think it is too important a position to play someone out of position.

        I am noticing some Panthers bias there too, which is fair enough, but Wallace is not the right option in my opinion, it is a 1 year solution, might as well stick with Farrah. Peats doesn’t need to set the world on fire, but he does his job and does it well. He makes a ton of tackles, is aggressive without being dirty, brings energy and provides good service from dummy half, exactly what you want from the position.

        I can appreciate the rest of your Panthers selections though, I think Bird is ahead of Peachey for the utility role, and so is Moylan for that matter.

  28. Why are most leaving Wade Graham out of their teams? I thought he was close to NSW best in his game this year, and it was a long overdue selection. I get that there is a log jam in the back row, but I think he is very close to the top of the pile. I think he is ahead of Cartwright, Peachey, Jake T, Jackson….

    • No panthers bias with Wallace and you say Peats doesnt need to set the world on fire?? The hooker role is one of the most important positions on the field. someone with good game vision and that can be a game winner in needed circumstances. Peats definitely not that, nor is farah really! Wallace showed last year he is the perfect exponent of that. gets the ball to the halves (unlike farah), can score tries and kick field goals (unlike farah or peats)

      Wade should be in there, definitely. maybe instead of Jake t or carty.

      I dont know why we are obsessed in have an outside back on the bench. QLD have Morgan but he just fits in to a superstar team. We need a utility that plays multiple forward positions and outside back if required. Peachey is the best at that, not Bird or walker. If Hayne doesnt perform in 2017 i think Bird should be starting centre.

      • I don’t consider Bird an outside back, centre is just where he plays for the Sharks as that is where they need him. He can cover all of the positions that Peachey can, and I believe will do a better job. That being said, I agree that if Hayne isn’t in form then Bird can play centre for NSW, which provides room for Peachey on the bench.

        In regard to the hooker role, I still think Peats is the man for the job. He does everything that you want your hooker to do, and his attacking game improved when he went to the Titans, he seems to have more freedom under Henry than he did under Arthur. I will say though, as with my argument regarding Hayne’s selection, if Wallace is playing better than Peats, than he deserves selection. If Peats is playing better than he does. If they are too close to split, then go with Peats as an eye to the future.

  29. 1. Tedesco, the unstoppable. All hail
    2. Ferguson
    3. Dugan
    4. Jennings
    5. B Morris
    6. Moylan
    7. Maloney
    8. Woods
    9. Farah
    10. Tahmoa
    11. Cordner
    12. Frizell
    13. Merrin

    14. Hayne
    15. Fifita
    16. Klemmer
    17. Jackson
    17. Hayne

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