COFFS HARBOUR, AUSTRALIA - JULY 07: during the New South Wales State of Origin training session on July 7, 2016 in Coffs Harbour, Australia. (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images)

Daley takes biggest gamble of career

Laurie Daley is set to make the biggest selection gamble of his coaching career with Matt Moylan set to start at five-eighth in Origin III on Wednesday night.

Moylan has played just 20 minutes of five-eighth in his first grade career, but despite indications otherwise throughout the week, Fox Sports can reveal he will slot into the starting side at the expense of fellow rookie Jack Bird.

COFFS HARBOUR, AUSTRALIA - JULY 07:  during the New South Wales State of Origin training session on July 7, 2016 in Coffs Harbour, Australia.  (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images)
COFFS HARBOUR, AUSTRALIA – JULY 07: during the New South Wales State of Origin training session on July 7, 2016 in Coffs Harbour, Australia. (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images)

Daley is under the pump as his side enters game three having already lost their 10th series in 11 attempts and questions over his future as Blues coach pile up.



  1. It’s not uncommon for a lot of teams to start forwards at 5/8, Moylan going into the halves is not a big deal.

    • I got a better idea, how about we get a 5/8 to play 5/8. We’ve got enough of them. This is almost as dumb as when they tried to make Gasnier a 5/8. Didn’t work then and as much as I like Moylan and as good as he is, this won’t work. You need to give a fullback time to become a 5/8. Bennet have Lockyer half a season and look at the results he got there. It’s called patience, something people don’t have much of these days when everyone wants instant results. He wasn’t so generous with Corey Norman but parra gave him time there and that worked too. Moylan has had 20 minutes.

      • Nah, this Pauly’s party and he will have there who he wants. This game is not about winning it is about sending off Origin’s biggest loser in a style that he doesn’t deserve. Thankfully it will all end in tears by the time of the final whistle.

        **** Important Notice ****
        If you want to avoid watching the most sickening display of undeserved nostalgia ever then don’t turn your telly on or get to the ground until at least 5 minutes after kickoff. They are going to do losers tribute before the match and are likely to delay K.O. to force people to be there.

  2. Goodbye Laurie, been nice knowing you. Hopefully one Mr I. Cleary get handed the job next year. What would be even better is if a pannel of selectors pick the team and the coach simply coaches it like they used to do. Why we let coaches with pre-conceived ideas pick the team that ‘they’ want, how about the selectors pick an in form team and the coach gets what he’s given. It’s fine for the coach to pick a club side week in week out as he knows the guys intimately and has a whole season to work with them, but rep footy is different. They have to make it count then and there and Daleybhas proven himself incapable of doing that as is evident in pumping for clowns like Pearce and Gallen every year, year after year and getting crap results.

    • Are you serious?? Ivan Cleary? Ivan has achieved absolutely nothing as a coach. Literally nothing. He only lasted so long at Penrith because people say he’s a good coach. But he did absolutely nothing. He’s gone now and Penrith are no better or worse than they were before or during his tenure as coach.

      • People say he’s a good coach because he is a good coach you thalidomide. Last time I checked he got an average warriors team to a grand final in 2011. You want to leave Daley there? What’s he achieved? The only reason Cleary got booted from Penrith is because he got donkeys like Soward foisted on him by Gould. Give that guy a decent team and he’ll get you a win. Shows how much you know about league.

        • An average warriors team…….. 13 origin or international players is average?? In 2011 the panthers finished 12th then in 2012 Ivan Cleary arrived and they finished 15th, in Ivan clearys last year the 2015 they finished 11th. Over the course of his time at the Warriors he has a 49% win rate. At Penrith he managed to reach the finals just once and the other years they finished 15 in 2012, 10 in 2013 and 11 in his final year for a win record of 47%. So yeah he’s a brilliant coach.

          Also I never said keep Daley, I said don’t get Cleary. Big difference. Geoff Toovey is the popular choice and the smart one a rare combination.

          As for what I know about rugby league.
          Since 2013 I’ve said Dylan walker was basic at best and was incredibly over rated. I listened for 3 years to every Souths fan saying he’s one of the best centres in the game he’s sooooooo great. Everyone said I have no idea what I’m talking about and he’s a test center, then he plays 2 origin games and suddenly everyone saying he’s basic and over rated.

          In 2014 I said quite publicly that cooper Cronk was still the best halfback in Queensland, I then sat through everyone saying that dce had surpassed him and Cronk was to old to slow and dce is better anyway, then Cronk got injured and dce came on and played rubbish, I said to anyone who would listen that the proof was right there, and everyone came up with the weak excuse that a halfback who didn’t train at halfback for a week had forgotten how to halfback and he would be better in game 2, he wasn’t and the rest of you slowly caught on that dce isn’t up to origin.

          All of 2014 I said it’s a mistake for Brisbane to sign barba and then Milford because it will cost them Taylor who will be a star. I listened all last year while everyone said Milford is gods gift to rugby league (which I always said he was a great player) but look now Ashley Taylor is at Gold Coast and doing everything that Milford, hunt, mccoulich and Boyd can’t do between them because none of them are game managers or have a kicking game. Now everybody is saying that Brisbane probably regret letting Taylor go.

          I am a rugby league nerd who is boarder line obsessive about tactics and came through the same school where rugby league was a subject, a system that produced 2 internationals an indigenous all star and a couple others that have been there abouts. So trust me I know more about rugby league than you can possibly hope to dream about knowing and while you and your toothless idiot mates sit at a bar screaming at a tv that the player with ball should pass it or they should just tackle that guy. I’ll be over here actually know what’s happening and why.

        • Great reply.
          As soon as brissydragon tagged you with what is an unfortunate birth defect, he lost all credibility.

  3. Phil Gould has said Moylan is a FB & will be continued to play there for the Panthers! Bad move! Halfs play halfs! He was cut from the team when they bring Teddy in and then when Reynolds is sidelined they bring a dropped FB in to try steer the titanic ! Bye Bye Loz, white washed and P45 on the card and Tooves to come in next year!

  4. Serious Daley Moylan at 5/8 here is a list of other options that idiot Daley should have considered

    J.Reyonlds (won a series HELLO)
    J.Bird ( genuine 5/8)
    Bring in Pearce or Hodkinson at Halfback
    Maloney 5/8

    But obviously Daley will not do that so goodbye thanks for the 2014 series you’re services are not needed bring in Toovey

  5. I think Moylan starting at 5/8 is the best option in this case. Bird is versatile and can be used off the bench. Matt Moylan on the bench would be Dylan walker 2.0

    • Again shows how much you know about league. Why have Moylan there when you could have Reynolds, Austin or Bird. Me thinks you know not much bout this game you call him league.

      • Again fool, I said in this case. I didn’t say it was the best option all together. I said in this case meaning with bird or Moylan as the only options. my personal preference was for Reynolds. But Daley didn’t call him up. So between bird or Moylan you can have a guy who is a competent fullback who plays like a 5/8 on the bench or you can have a guy who is a competent 5/8, center, fullback and could be a brad Fittler style lock if required and would do a job at dummy half on your bench. Seems to be a little obvious to me which one would be more useful off the bench and which one would be just taking up a spot on the bench…… It’s called maximising the use you get out of your squad members.

        So do you just not understand rugby league or is it that you can’t read basic English.

        • Seems like you can’t keep up with him mate. I score this one a round one knock out to Stauto.

        • No I don’t think so Simon with crabs, my point is they could have simply brought in a 5/8 or played bird there. Pretty simple solution. If he’s as clever as he thinks he is he should have come to that conclusion anyway. Problem with people who aren’t as smart as they think they are is they like to over complicate things to show off (hence his post that probably took him an hour to write). Simple solutions are always the best, bird to 5/8 or bring in a Reynolds or Austin. Daley didn’t have to bring in a guy who can only cover pretty much one position.

        • Hypocrisy thy name is you…Apply for the coaching role mate. Until then your opinion is just as iportant and valid as anybody elses who posts on ZT. And stop with the childish name calling.

        • Coming from either the biggest joke on this site or the guy who uses his login name that’s pretty funny.

    • NSW would love to have QLDs third back up half going by this move. Are you sure that Ben Hunt isnt born in NSW?

      My Halfback rankings
      DCE – needs the game plan for his style
      Norman – On Fire at the Moment
      Hunt/Mbye (both need work on game Management)

  6. Moylan moylan moylan….. Ffs just play players in their position!!!!! Birds a centre yer I know won rookie at 5/8…… Starved our backline and can’t kick….. Moylan is a fullback so if he’s not playing fullback leave him out… Maloney is a 5/8…. Pick a genuine half-back Ffs…. Hodgkinson,, sezer,,,,townsend,, ,,

    • The big mistake that you are making is in thinking that the NSW Blues are at all interested in winning this game. This is Pauly’s party and don’t go spoiling that by trying to win.

  7. Townsend shouldve been there in the first place. Moylans an overrated player, Bird deserves to be starting there

    • Best game I’ve seen from Townsend last week mate, I still don’t think he is good enough for origin

  8. Happy Queenslander day. What a glorious day it is to be born north of the only important border in Australia.

    Hope it’s a ripper game with no injuries.

  9. NSW Blues don’t want to win Origin!

    They don’t want to win this 3rd game and they are not fussed about winning next year either. Why else would they have put this team together instead of blooding some young players in an attempt to find some Origin Gem. Why else would they have selected Captain Boofhead instead of taking the opportunity of blooding a new Captain in a zero risk game ? The NSW Blues are more interested in giving Paul Gallen his farewell party than they are about winning. They are too busy thinking of trumpeting the Captain who has lost more Origin matches than any other Captain before him, whose record stands at just 1 series win and 10 losses.

    Why is it that the Blues don’t care about winning ?

  10. It now seems that the powers that be have decided to hold Paul’s farewell party before the game kicks off. The organisers are afraid that a big Queensland win in game 3 plus the sight of them lifting the shield for the 10th time in 11 years will spoil his party. They are also afraid that no blues fans will stay behind to celibate with him if they hold it after the game and that would never do, after all, this game is all about saying goodbye to the big loser.

    • Hey man, i’m not a fan of the Peptide Junkie, but he has played one of the toughest games for a sustained period(may have been the only 3 games he plays a year), some respect for the elderly please.
      Hope he has a great game and can Carry the Sharkies to the first week in October, but not to then end, still want a QLD team to win overall, or the Doggies for a change.

  11. To not even consider Pearce and to read so many comments bagging him out is ridiculous.
    If anyone watches a Roosters game this year and can say he is not the best on the field or the best in the 17 is a liar. This year over any other, he is dominating the game and making great decisions – which is what a halfback needs to do.
    Pearce is a scapegoat for QLD forwards dominating in previous series’ but haters are gonna hate I suppose.

    I wasn’t all that impressed with Reynolds. Maloney does pretty well but some of his decisions were also poor.

    What we need is x factor / a game breaker so hopefully Bird + Teddy bring this to the NSW team.

    • Pearce gets bagged because in 15 origin games he’s done precisely zero. It doesn’t matter how good his club form is, he’s proven time and time again he just doesn’t have what it takes to perform at origin level.

    • No, what the blues need is to get rid of Gallen, select a good charismatic leader as Captain, blood some youngsters in key positions and get a coach that will focus on tactics and focus on doing something different.

      The blues are a Goliath trying to batter the QLD Sampson into defeat. Those tactics went out with the ark and Gallen can no longer change momentum by thumping someone. Its about football smarts, about skill and about speed and that trumps the thugs playing bash em everytime.

  12. Wow Ronnie, 5 separate comments about Gallen in one thread with no replies, how sad. Better milk this origin game for all it’s worth because after tonight it’s back to you predicting that this is the week that the sharks lose. 13 game losing streak for you, that’s even worse then the blues! Roosters by how many this week Ronnie? Let me guess, we should put our money on it right!

    • The sharks could win every game from now until doomsday and that still wouldn’t make them a decent club.

      • What an immature statement Ronnie. It is a sign of a man to admit when they are wrong. It looks like your mind is made up and no facts or reality will change that.

        Really a sad way to live your life.

        • I am not wrong.

          No amount of good news can wipe out decades of sleeze. There is just no coming back from the dark when you are in that deep.

        • What decades would you be referring to?

          Also how do you know that you are not wrong? You have seemed pretty sure of yourself that the sharks will lose for the past 13 games and were wrong every single time. I also don’t hear or read any other opinions that share your sentiments, it sure seems that you are the last person fighting a losing battle.

  13. I think NSW have got the Halves right with Maloney and A Reynolds it’s just a shame that A Reynolds is injured.

    For this game I would of had
    6: J Bird
    7: J Maloney

    M Moylan wouldn’t be in the side
    I would of had N Peats as my utility on my bench which he can play hooker n 2nd row and is R Farrah replacement for next year

    • I agree, Reynolds, Bird and Maloney should all be there. Not sure about Peats on the bench though. I’d be more inclined for Austin or Josh Reynolds for utility value. That said I hope we’ve seen the last of Farrah, Peats should slip in nicely there next year.

  14. I still cannot fathom that an FB with no 5/8 experience for more than 20mins has been thrust into the limelight (for Gal, i.e) expecting to make some sort of miracle happen tonight.
    Again Loz has gone somewhat into the clouds with this selection hoping that Moylan will pull off a miracle the same way he assumed Walker would do so in the 1st 2 games.
    He’s placing his hopes on out-of-form, out-of-position players to get the job done against this QLD juggernaut. Blues for mind are the future dominance in the SoO arena even, I dare say, are possible to break the 8-game winning streak record in the years to come. They just need a better coach & selectors who select well on form. Bring in Toovs.

    This surely will be Loz’s make or break game & I’m sorry to say this but it looks like a whitewash is at hand.

  15. idiot daley!! a player who will get slaughtered there if you lose daley your done.. replaced by either toovs or sheens …believe that

  16. For bloody hell Daley put bird on at 5/8 second half can’t do worse than moylan…. Farah someone needs to explain what he is there for

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