BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 08: Robbie Farah and Blues Coach Laurie Daley look on after losing game three of the State of Origin series between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues at Suncorp Stadium on July 8, 2015 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Daley says Robbie Farah is still his first choice

NSW coach Laurie Daley has thrown his support behind Robbie Farah and insists the new South Sydney recruit is still his first-choice hooker. However, Daley admits Blues vice-captain wasn’t at his best in this year’s series loss to Queensland, and will have to prove his worth at the Rabbitohs in 2017.

Two years after being told he could leave the Wests Tigers, Farah finally cut ties with after the joint-venture last month and Daley hopes the move will breathe new life into the veteran rake.

“It’s been extremely difficult for him over the last two years because he’s been an environment where he comes into Origin camp, you could tell he’s not his normal self,” Daley said.

“I’m hoping that he’ll go to Souths, play really well but also have that spring in his step.”


  1. Screw this, I should be going for Queensland now…

    In other news, expect Benji Marshall to sign with the Broncos by Sunday.

  2. Soon Daley will be asking Farrar’s permission to clone him…oh and Gallen too lol Queensland another series win imo and Daley sacking

  3. Hey guys, apparently it’s Daley’s birthday today. Maybe someone should do him a favour and buy him some common sense, he obviously doesn’t own any.

  4. Was Daley hired by the Maroons? FMD

    Team should be:

    1. James Tedesco
    2. Josh Mansour
    3. Jarrod Croker
    4. Josh Dugan
    5. Blake Ferguson
    6. James Maloney
    7. Adam Reynolds
    8. Aaron Woods
    9. Nathan Peats
    10. Andrew Fifita
    11. Tyson Frizzel
    12. Wade Graham
    13. Boyd Cordner
    14. Blake Austin
    15. Bryce Cartwright
    16. Trent Merrin
    17. James Tamou

    • Really nice team!! As a Qlder that team would have me a bit worried. Only a bit but that would be more than I have in a long while.

      I would consider blooding Nathan Cleary and BJ instead, as well Luke Lewis on the bench. I am very biased when it comes to Luke Lewis and IMO he should be the 1st pencilled in every year. Every team needs that experienced campaigner and Lewis is class.

    • ScorinCoreyNorman

      I would make a few changes but otherwise good:

      Blake Ferguson (OUT) Tom Trbojevic (IN) – young but looks like he would handle it easily
      Jarrod Croker (OUT) Joey Leilua (IN) – Leilua much greater impact especially when teamed with Mansour!

      Tyson Frizzel (SWAP) Trent Merrin – Frizzel will provide better value as impact off the bench but play mins!

      ?? Blake Austin/Tyrone Peachey – a good case for both but I suspect Peachy adds more versatility and impact

      3. Joey Leilua
      4. Josh Dugan
      5. Tom Trbojevic
      11. Trent Merrin
      14. Blake Austin/Tyrone Peachey
      16. Tyson Frizzel

      • Damn! Forgot about Jarryd Hayne AND Jack Bird (thanks dragons2017)

        Josh Dugan (OUT) Jarryd Hayne (IN)
        Blake Austin/Tyrone Peachey (OUT) Jack Bird (IN)

        4. Jarryd Hayne
        14. Jack Bird (if Hayne’s form doesn’t warrant selection then Bird takes his place)

    • Shannon Boyd over tamou personally also leilua in Dugan out ferguson out Hayne in

      Love to see Croker there but to avoid raiders bias I say him out bird in

  5. The sad truth is, Robbie Farrah probably is still the best dummy half NSW have. Maybe Nathan Peats or Josh Reynolds could play there but the cupboard is really bare for NSW. It is a really odd set of circumstances where NSW have not developed quality halves and hookers for a while now. I don’t think there is anything wring with NSW’s developmental system but rather just bad luck. It is just like the late 80’s and 90’s where QLD could not buy a great prop but NSW had them in spades.

    That said, IMO, Nathan Cleary will be solving NSW’s long term halfback problem very soon.

    • tommyknocker

      Nathan Peats or Josh Reynolds would be easily a better option than Farah all round (based on form and for preparing for the future).

      The worse news is that it was “reported” that Mitch Rein is next in the pecking order… ???? At least his name was being thrown around. Is Daley actually a QLDer because it seems he is looking to sabotage the Blues chances if Rein plays hooker for NSW.

      “Nathan Cleary will be solving NSW’s long term halfback problem very soon.”

      If he is playing behind a hooker that is either trying to call the shots or can’t get him the ball then his chances of success will be limited.

      • SSTID ,,, it’s clear that Bozo is the master puppeteer of the NRL ,,,, surely ,,,, Daley can’t be that inept ,,,, suko NSW ,,,,,,,

        • silvertail47

          If Phil Gould was still going he might go with Farah but never with Rein! Josh Reynolds would give NSW better attack (and still good defence) and Peats has more recent experience at hooker, would do the job and bring added defence. Reynolds has played origin before which is a big plus and why I would lean towards him.

      • If they are going to go with Nathan Cleary, then Peats is the only option for hooker IMO. He will provide good service without trying to take control. It will also allow them to start building a combination that will hopefully bring future success for NSW. Also keep Maloney at 6, as he has the experience and can take the pressure off Cleary if needed.

        • eels47

          Sounds like a better plan than Daley (or should I say Fulton) has ATM. I’m just worried about promoting Cleary before he is ready.

          QLD will be well aware of the massive threat Cleary poses and will be on a mission to break him before he can establish himself. Hence the need for someone to give him good service from dummy half (Peats) and someone to share the burden in the halves, who has a kicking game and can lend their experience (Maloney). It will also help to have Moylan, Cartwright and Peachy around him as well (when the time comes).

  6. New blues 2017

    1. Jarryd Hayne
    2. James Tedesco
    3. Michael Jennings
    4. Joseph leilua
    5. Brett Morris
    6. Matt Moylan
    7. James Maloney
    8. Andrew Fifita
    9. Nathan peats
    10. aaron woods
    11. Tyson Frizell
    12. Josh Jackson
    13. Boyd cordner

    14. Jack bird
    15. David klemmer
    16. Junior paulo
    17. Ryan James

    18. Bryce Cartwright
    19. Tom trbojevic

    • Hayne out for Mansoor, Tedesco to fullback
      Jennings out for Bird
      Moylan out for (a fully fit) Adam Reynolds

      Austin/Cartwright onto bench with Klemmer, James and Merrin

    • sammy

      Was that Mitchell Pearce with hooker? Wouldn’t be surprised. At hooker, far less likely!

      Now sammy get back to four nations training and come back uninjured for Souths. You have more important things on your plate than ZT. 😉

      • Haha my last name isn’t Burgess… might be Thaiday or Tagatese though…..definitely not Williams or Tomkins….

        • sammy

          Well if it’s Sammy Thaiday we don’t need “advice” from the QLD SOO team on who we should be selecting for NSW now do we? Ah, so THAT’s why you are suggesting Pearce for hooker! Take him out on the town the just before the big one and then our halves never see the ball because he is passing it to the seagulls. Am I right? You sly dog sammy!

          “Sammy! Don’t start me Sammy! Don’t you start me!” 😉

    • I agree with you Sammy.

      Farah isn’t the answer anymore (if he ever was). I watch the Matty Johns Show for the comedy mainly but that was the most insightful comment Fletcher made (about Pearce being played out of position at half back his whole career). He has the defence and speed to be a great hooker and his shortcomings when it comes to last tackle kicking options are masked if he’s at hooker.

  7. NSW 2017-

    1. James Tedesco
    2. Josh Mansour
    3. Jarrod Croker (GK)
    4. BJ Leilua
    5. Tom Trbojevic
    6. Matt Moylan
    7. James Maloney (VC)
    8. Aaron Woods (C)
    9. Nathan Peats
    10. Ryan James
    11. Josh Jackson
    12. Wade Graham
    13. Tyson Frizzel
    14. Jack Bird
    15. Boyd Cordner
    16. David Klemmer
    17. Andrew Fafita

  8. I dont see anyone banging down the door to take this jersey from Farah.

    NSW next hooker needs to be a long term option, it also needs to be a specialist Hooker, not sold on Peats as he lacks creativity but if it is Peats NSW need to pick and stick long term.

    • crazyperpman

      Josh Reynolds (already played origin and started his career at hooker) and Nathan Peats just off the top of my head.

    • Peats’ attacking game has improved since he has been given a bit more freedom at the Titans. What NSW need though is a hooker who will effectively distribute the ball and not try to be the main playmaker, which is what Peats will bring, along with his energy and defensive strengths.

      • eels47

        Either Peats or Reynolds would get the job done and be an improvement on Farah. Or do we want to debut a new hooker AND half at SOO in 2018 when Cleary in all probability will finally get a chance? Much better to give someone new a shot in 2017.

        I do agree with your assessment of Peats and he is a more “solid” option for those reasons but Reynolds would bring X-factor and previous SOO experience. Still, I would be happy with either to be honest.

  9. Obviously he still hasn’t learned anything. Stop talking about who is going to be picked and simply say the best team will be picked based on form, and then actually do that. How can anyone be the first choice hooker at this stage, especially a player who spent the end of the year playing reserve grade?

    As far as I am concerned every position should be considered vacant and the best team should be picked when the time comes.

    • eels47

      Absolutely! You don’t even see QLD give up their team until AFTER NSW have released theirs. Daley is such a rookie coach, Gould would have played mind games with QLD (just as Bennett does all round). Gould would probably even hint that Andrew Johns was coming back to play. Anything to keep QLD off.

  10. I would honestly like to see this team picked (and I don’t care how many debutants they are, we need to blood them sometime)

    Tedesco (Hayne can’t take his jersey, surely)
    T Trbojevic

    Moylan/Austin/Hayne (Really any utility)
    J Trbojevic
    Klemmer/Fifita/Tamou (Should only have one of these guys IMO)

    • Kev

      Having experienced origin before and since he was a revelation at hooker this season, Peter Wallace would be a WONDERFUL hooker for NSW in SOO. However, just like Robbie, he is too old. We need to be preparing a spine that will incorporate Nathan Cleary, James Tedesco/Tom Trbojevic etc. NSW need to look to the future.

  11. 1. J Tedesco
    2. B Ferguson
    3. J Hayne
    4. J Dugan
    5. J Mansour
    6. M Moylan
    7. J Maloney (GK)
    8. A Woods (c)
    9. N Peats
    10. R James
    11. J Jackson
    12. B Cordner
    13. T Frizzel
    14. J Bird
    15. A Fifita
    16. D Klemmer
    17. W Graham

  12. Oh great!
    So Lozza wants another year of free Capuccinos?
    Seriously, Gallen and Farah need to be put to pasture.
    The time is now.

  13. 1. James Tedseco
    2. Josh Mansour
    3. Jack Bird
    4. Jarrod Crocker (GK)
    5. Tom Trbjovic
    6. Matt Moylan
    7. James Maloney
    8. Aaron Woods
    9. Josh Reynolds
    10. Ryan James
    11. Tyson Frizell
    12. Josh Jackson
    13. Wade Graham
    14. Boyd Cordner
    15. Jake Trbojevic
    16. David Klemmer
    17. Andrew Fifita

    1. Darius Boyd
    2. Valentine Holmes
    3. Greg Inglis
    4. Will Chambers
    5. Corey Oates
    6. Jonathan Thurston
    7. Cooper Cronk
    8. Matt Scott
    9. Cameron Smith
    10. Josh Papalii
    11. Matt Gillett
    12. Ethan Lowe
    13. Josh McGuire
    14. Michael Morgan
    15. Coen Hess
    16. Sam Thaiday
    17. Dylan Napa

    • @believethis Clearly you’ve been reading everyone elses’ comments here. …believe that
      Hard to be original isn’t buddy? Keep swinging, you’ll get one eventually. It’s the law of averages.

  14. Our team nest year should be
    1. Tedesco
    2. Mansour
    3. Croker
    4. Dugan
    5. Bmoz
    6. Moylan
    7. Maloney
    8. Woods
    9. Peats
    10. Gallen
    11. Cordner
    12. Jackson
    13. Cartwright
    14. Bird
    15. Frizzell
    16. Merrin
    17. Tamou (klemmer if tamous average at penrith)

    • southsydneyfan

      Good call. Although Wallace would do great he is too old (like Farah) unfortunately. Peats looks good (and he’s a Souths junior too!)

      • I know you say Wallace is old, since switching to hooker for Panthers, he’s played well. He’s a better option than Farah.

        • Brodire2012

          Saying Wallace has played well at hooker is a gross understatement! He has been BRILLIANT! Clearly he should have made this move 2 or 3 years ago as he is a natural. Kudos to Griffin for the master stroke in coaching!

          “He’s a better option than Farah.”

          Totally agree (although Robbie does work a lot in defence). Again, had Wallace made this change a couple of years ago everyone would have been calling for Wallace to be made hooker… except for Daley who no doubt would have still picked Farah.

  15. 1. Tedesco
    2. B Morris (getting old but hes still one of the best we got)
    3. Hayne
    4. Dugan/Croker
    5. Mansour
    6. Maloney
    7. Reynolds/Cleary
    8. Woodsy
    9. Farah (Peats in the future)
    10. Tamou
    11. Graham
    12. Jackson
    13. Frizell

    14. Merrin
    15. Fifita
    16. Klemmer
    17. Cordner
    18. R James

  16. 1. Tedesco / Hayne
    2. B Morris
    3. Croker (GK)
    4. Jennings
    5. Mansour
    6. Maloney
    7. Townsend / Cleary
    8. Woods
    9. Peats
    10. R James
    11. Frizell
    12. Jackson
    13. Merrin

    14. Peachey
    15. Klemmer
    16. Cordner
    17. Tamou

  17. Can’t believe all you guy’s are talking about this already, by next year things , no doubt will change dramatically has it usually does, who knows, Cleary has had a great first year, but how many rookies go good the next year? a new captain needs to be chosen, who? Pearce may make a comeback, he was close to Aussie selection, don’t know why, just was, Josh Reynolds hooker, no, Adam Reynolds if he stays fit maybe half back again, all these questions and more , what about big Shannon Boyd? i like Daly, lets see what happens as the season unfolds , but lets get behind the coach who we all know is the only definite selection and give him our support and if he f..ks up after then give it to him, but until then lets be unified .

    • penso

      “Cleary has had a great first year, but how many rookies go good the next year?”

      Very true, but trust me on this, Cleary IS different. Just like Thurston and Johns were different. As long as he remains injury free he will just keep getting better.

      For mine, Adam Reynolds is the man until Cleary is ready to take over. I don’t think he should be rushed in to the origin cauldron next year at the just 19 yrs! Peats or J. Reynolds at hooker for mine. Like you said though, SOO is too far off. Players could be injured, suspended, in poor form etc. But as there is no footy or anything else current to talk about we’ve all become selectors. Couldn’t do worse than Fulton, right? 😉

  18. 1) Tedesco
    2) Mansour
    3) Leilua
    4) Hayne
    5) Tommy T
    6) Maloney
    7) Cleary

    8) Woods
    9) Pearce
    10) Boyd
    11) Frizell
    12) Cordner
    13) Merrin

    14) J Bird
    15) Jake Treb
    16) Klemmer
    17) Jackson
    18th Man) Moylan

  19. Good team
    1. Tedesco
    2. Mansour
    3. Hayne
    4. Leilua
    5. Morris
    6. Moylan
    7. Maloney
    8. Woods
    9. Peats
    10. James
    11. Jackson
    12. Graham
    13. Frizell

    14. Fifita
    15. Merrin
    16. Klemmer
    17. Tamou / Bird

    Daleys Team
    1. Tedesco
    2. Mansour
    3. Jennings
    4. Dugan
    5. Ferguson
    6. Maloney
    7. Reynolds
    8. Woods
    9. Farah
    10. Gallen
    11. Jackson
    12. Graham
    13. Frizell

    14. Tamou
    15. Fifita
    16. Cordner
    17. Bird

  20. shows how hard up RL fans become within a few weeks after the grand final,talking about SOO already,lol,there must be a better way,surely fox or channel nine can see this and put on a show 1 night a week for an hour,please anything,a dealer wouldnt treat a junkie so harsh (joke)

  21. SSTID.

    Once again a good response, yeah i guess we need to talk about something , i hope Cleary keeps his form going cause if he does we will be a force for many years to come, but please no Ferguson , Holmes and Johnston for wingers , how’s that then? throw my 2 cents worth in

    • penso

      “no Ferguson , Holmes and Johnston for wingers”

      Strongly agree (no Ferguson). IMO Johnston needs to regain his form from 2014 first and Holmes (after his debut for Australia) is a strong candidate… for QLD unfortunately. He is not one of ours.

      I think Mansour is a MUST and I think Tommy Turbo is ready now and MUST play somewhere. He can cover FB, centre and wing and give QLD trouble. Not too sure how his defence would hold up at centre at that level though. Tedesco and Hayne will be certainties and then Moylan will probably get picked somewhere. Counting Tommy (and assuming Dugan isn’t in the team) that would make 4 FB’s in the side. It will be a juggling act trying to fit them all in.

  22. Oh Holmes QLD hey! fair enough, forgot about Mansour he’ll do, tell me though people keep saying he was a Souths junior i see not much evidence of that, do you know more? tommy turbo still not sure about him , if Souths go well watch Johnston come right into the equation he is getting bigger and more solid and will be one to watch, and hey i’m not biased, well not that much!!!

    • penso

      Mansour played junior RL for St Johns Eagles and Kingsgrove Colts.

      He was signed up by the Souths and played in their NYC team in 2008-2010. In 2010 Mansour was chosen as the NYC Player of the Year at the Rabbitohs. Masour came through Souths NYC with James ROberts, Adam Reynolds, Nathan Peats etc.

      He stats on the Panthers website are as follows:

      Junior Clubs:St Johns Eagles, Kingsgrove Colts
      Previous Clubs: South Sydney Rabbitohs (2008-2010)
      FG Debut: Panthers v Melbourne 05-05-2012 (Rd 9)


    “South Sydney Rabbitohs extend hooker Damien Cook’s contract until end of 2019”

    “Cook is considered the long-term hooker at the Rabbitohs, the club has upgraded and extended his deal to ensure he stay put for three more years, which is a season longer than the contract of NSW rake Robbie Farah.”

  24. God he don’t know when to shut his mouth does lol
    I mean seriously how many times is Daley gonna pick his team before the season starts lol
    He picked Farrah before this season and had to stick with him hell he picked him
    After the 2015 origin series lol and then had to leave out the best hookers in the game for an aging man child lol
    Seriously get rid of him I feel for blues fans lol

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