Safe....for now

The North Queensland Cowboys have stated that
Neil Henry’s position as North Queensland Cowboys
head coach is safe for the remainder of 2011 and he
will not be sacked mid-season.

Furthering earlier reports that new Cowboys CEO Peter Jourdain has thrown his support behind Neil Henry, ONE HD’s new program “One week at a time” was exclusively told that the club was behind Henry all the way in 2011 but no comment was made as to whether his job was guaranteed beyond the 2011 NRL Season.

This is not the first time a club has said that the coach was safe and then decided to go back on it’s word, which means Neil Henry will no doubt want to continue the Cowboys good start to the season to further dampen unwanted speculation.

All eyes will now be on Penrith Panthers coach Matt Elliot who is off-contract at the end of 2011 after his clubs disastrous start to the new season.