SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 05: Latrell Mitchell of the Roosters warms up before the round 25 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on September 05, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Despite interest in the move North Queensland football boss Peter Parr says several players would need to be offloaded fro them to bring in Latrell Mitchell.

It was suggested that hooker Jake Granville could leave the club, freeing up some money for the move but Parr said that even if Granville left, the Cowboys still wouldn’t have enough money to make a realistic offer for Mitchell.

“And that is where it all gets complex,” Parr said, speaking to Sky Sports Radio.

“When you are talking about someone like Latrell, you are talking about multiple years in the deal and whether you need to shift players.

“Then you have to work out how that affects you culturally and if you have still have enough money.

“So there are a lot of conversations to be had.

“Whether we end up coming up with something for Latrell, I think that is debatable and it wouldn’t be a decision we could reach in the short term.

“It will be difficult but you never say never.”

Mitchell met with club officials in Townsville last week but North Queensland’s bid looked unlikely after signing on Valentine Holmes for six years.

However, during Monday’s press conference about Holmes’ arrival coach Paul Green stated that negotiations for Mitchell were still ongoing and they hadn’t given up.

That led to rumours linking Granville to the Super League and Manly. When asked if Granville would still be at the club in 2020 Parr was unsure.

“I can’t answer that 100 per cent with surety.”

“We haven’t rang any other clubs with regards to Jake Granville, but we have signed Reece Robson to a longer-term deal and we have a lot of time for Reece Robson.

“I think other clubs may be looking. If they need strengthening of that position then Jake may be someone they look at given our signing of Robson.

“So I can’t deny other clubs may have contacted Jake’s agent but I can say categorically that we haven’t picked up the phone and tried to sell Jake.”


  1. I would welcome Granville to Manly. At his best, he creates a lot of problems for the opposing teams.
    He hasn’t been at his best for a while though.

  2. He would be an awesome pick up for the eagles at 9…..he bloody tore my chooks to pieces this year up in Gosford.

  3. Cows may have to release more than just Granville to afford the full amount. Whispers of John Asiata and / or Justin O’Neil as well.

  4. Pennie Wise I have heard of John Asiata meeting with the Titans and touring their facilities but not sure if we are going to sign him if we are chasing Latrell

  5. True, but he is a good quality Forward / Utility player that will be quickly picked up at the right price. The Titans are not the only club chasing good forwards.

  6. If Mitchell gets a contract at the Cowboys it will be for less than the 800k the Sydney Roosters offered him and he will have the exact same jealousy problems with Holmes, in his prefered fullback position, as he has with his jealousy problems towards Tedesco at the Roosters. The boy needs a good head shrink to try and speed up the maturity if the lad. Most people grow out of jealousy issues well before 22.

    Not to mention the turmoil he would cause amongst the playing roster and fans, by basically moving three or four players on for his lazy centre three quarter game.

  7. BenHudson November 24, 2019 at 8:49 pm
    “Nice one Kev, thanks for the compliments of our Bears team. It will be released tomorrow that Mitchell has signed an extension with the Roosters.
    Fantastic Latrell, we all knew he wouldnt leave. Except TW1T0NE”

    BenHudson November 28, 2019 at 5:45 am
    “Yes TW1T0NE Soufths not on the Latrell Radar. Thats all that matters…..we dont want the traitor,”

    BennyHill. Quit while you are ahead. You are a genuine fool.

  8. I really believe Mitchell has become a poison chalice,as do many of the clubs.
    BH, you’re right, he’ll need a shrink.

  9. True Chookstir, all the clubs are a wake up to the bigheaded antics of the kid. He is to disruptive and needs special attention. The Roosters managed him brilliantly until his cranium grew twice as large as his body.
    The only teams that want him are last placed Titans and third last Cowboys. That ninkinpoop TW1T0NE thinks he is Soufths bound, but he wont be.

    Latrell Clown Mitchell just did to Wests what The clown did to Sydney. Rejected an great offer to see who will pay more.
    Which means Cowboys are saved from his dramas but he probably will be offered over a mill from the Titans.

  10. Latrell Mitchell is a problem child that is now motivated by money, no longer motivated by the goal to be successful in a team. His career will be on the decline once Mitchell officially departs the Sydney Roosters. Wasted talent leaving the best coaching team on the planet, who got him to the winning circle at the highest level

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