SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 17: Cody Walker of the Rabbitohs beats the tackle of Bevan French of the Eels during the round 15 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Parramatta Eels at ANZ Stadium on June 17, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

In a move which has left officials red-faced, the Rabbitohs failed to have Cody Walker sign an NRL deal before announcing to their members that the five-eighth had signed a two-year extension.

This means their most valuable player in recent weeks is effectively still a free agent and Brisbane are sniffing.

While Walker had verbally agreed to stay at Redfern next year, he never put pen to paper and their lack of urgency and carelessness has left them vulnerable, with rival clubs expressing interest in signing Walker for 2017.



  1. What the hell is happening at Souths Rusty needs to take control here although i think his enthusiasm maybe wavering , he has won a comp and appears to be resting on his laurels and Richo is smarter than that, can’t wait till our new club house is built maybe that will spark things up, yep the quicker they get Barangaroo up and running the better

    • Sorry If I am wrong on this Penso (as this is news to me) but if we move to Barangaroo I’ll seriously ….. hate that. Souths were built on a more working class bases – its bad enough ticket prices are what they are but to move onto Packers billion dollar casino tuff that’s really the opposite of souths roots.

      • Just kidding about Barangaroo, it is a shot against Easts supporters, with the Bronco’s able to have 6 State of origion players in their team plus able to sign Inglis and Walker well something is not right many supporters i speak to are thinking of not supporting the NRL anymore cause of this

  2. I really can’t see why Brisbane want him. What Brisbane needs is quality outside backs. Reed, maranta and kahu are solid replacements at best. So why when we have Boyd, hunt, Milford and nikorima have halves and hooker and fullback covered. Also a couple props wouldn’t go astray either. So why is Brisbane going after a spine player.

    • 100% agree mate, we need some quality outside backs, get rid of reed, maranta, but Kahu is alright, but the way Hunt is playing at the moment, we need a half with a solid kicking game and can lead the boys around the park. All hunt has is a great running game in my opinion

    • I think Bennett’s not convinced about Nikorima’s suitability to the bench hooking role he has been performing and thinks Walker might be an alternate option who is more effective in defence and equally explosive in attack.

    • Btw I 100% agree about Brisbane needing better quality outside backs.

      The biggest weaknesses in Broncos top tier squad are right wing and left centre. The incumbents in these positions, Kahu and Reed don’t really add anything in defence or attack. If I were Bennett I would be going after Tautau Moga to replace Reed at left centre and Josh Hofmann to replace Kahu the right wing. Physically Moga is comparable in size to Corey Oates and his go forward and defence are excellent. Not sure about his ball handling skills though. As for Hoffman whilst Both he and Kahu are excellent under the high ball, Hoffman’s speed and strength is superior to Kahu.

    • Nikorima is going to the storm reed is moving on as too maranta from what you here
      Eden is gone we need a utility and cover for hunt who really isn’t reliable in the halves
      That’s why they want Walker
      As for Inglis he has always wanted to join the club and I’m hearing he will
      He will reportedly partner Roberts in the centres with Kahu and Oates on the wing

  3. Would be a shame to see Walker leave. Well can’t really comment on crap contract signings with massive loop holes.

    • There’s no loop hole
      He didn’t sign a contract that simple Souths
      Stuffed up how the hell do you accept an unsigned contract then annouce to the world
      A players resigned with your club both to fans and members
      Then comment on how thrilled you are to have him commit to the club
      When he hasn’t even signed a contract what idiots is Crowe employing there

  4. It’s Parra’s fault. As can be seen in the picture, Walker played against Parra, so it has to be fact that his career is over, he will walk out on his contract and will be accused of match fixing…all in the same sentence

      • As a supporter i don’t feel sorry. The factual crap (cap, contracts, player behaviour etc) that has come out is due to poor club management and lack of leadership from the top. All the bs in the media can also partly be put down to poor club management and inability to not let this crap leak like other clubs.

        If this is what needs to happen to sort it all out and move in
        right direction, so be it

      • I should add that the constant negative recycled stories on Parra are tiresome though.

        I’m sure Parra is doing something positive somewhere, we just aren’t told

  5. Manly could use a 5/8 for next year, the kid is worth a punt at the right price.
    Although Green is heavily rumoured as a done deal.

    • I forgot to add, 3flaps had a coffee with his at Rustys Ranch and he is defiinatley staying.

  6. cheats .. dragqueens and rabbits all need to go to there own comp nrl is not for them .. as for the donkeys how are they stillunder the cap they want radradra and now him i9f the nrl believethere under the cap there blind .. they need to be investigated if they sign these pair or either one of them …believe that

    • Yep the Broncos are definitely over the cap. They have back ups as starters in the outside backs. They have zero depth. Nearly 60% of the team that idiots like you called a rubbish team Bennett would struggle with because it’s got no stars in the team are off contract next year so they are all on cheaper contracts. Then there is the about 8 guys that left the Broncos over the off season that were replaced by Roberts. Yep the Broncos are over the cap you spastic

    • Oh right dumbA** they are way over the cap
      They have no depth can barely field a team during origin
      Have one of the youngest teams in the NRL
      They have Milf Hunt Blair Thaiday on decent money that’s it
      Roberts is on jack the rest of the team are young Broncos on nothing
      Parker is moving on Eden too word is Waddell Nikorima Reed Maranta are going
      Copley has moved on already we have already lost a few fringe players
      So troll else where

    • Back to your mates at the bunnies forum you tool….. Oh that’s right, even Souths supporters despise you YA MUPPET. Go be friends with the pimple popper believeaturd

  7. Amateur hour

    How on earth are these club managers getting the jobs they have. This stuff should be so easy its not funny, they must be boozed up all the time or something. I am sure your average 12 year old could do some of these jobs better. I used to think that only the sh0nkies were capable of such mind numbing shoddiness but it must be catching.

  8. rabbits bad enough with there bungling contracts …both sides tonight cheats vs chooks .. as boring as each other even worse than drags who are worse than watching paint dry ..believe that

    • Funny, I found the game quite exciting & was pleased that the Eels got there in the end. They deserved it. Such a resilient team. I take my hat off to them. Totally perplexed as to how this match relates to Dragons – clutching at straws there big-time, believethis – to have a completely unrelated dig. Wtf is ur problem? U’ve obviously been burned & just can’t let it go.

      • Danielle i think he forgot it was being played in the wet, eels played wet weather footy and got them the win, such a tough team this year with all the drama going on.

  9. Inglis and Walker are both joining the Broncos next year. So is Hayne and Foran. They are currently in Negotiations with DCE as well.

  10. Look forward to more time on the bench than on the field if you join the Broncos Cody. Not a smart move in my opinion.

  11. What the f**k is going on? Unsigned contracts, zero recruitment, looks like minimal loyalty amongst the players (remember it wasn’t so long ago that Reynolds asked for a release), poor discipline (Walker, Gray, Kirosome), the same attacking plays week in out….looks like we need a major culture overhaul…someone needs to show some leadership.

  12. Not suprised…Nothing will get better unless a “certain ” someone is moved on dont expect any good news…If I can borrow a line from believethis ..”Believe that

    • Do tell rabs…. We’re in for seasons of pain. About the only position we have any depth in is in the front row. F**k me, if Reynolds decided to walk we’d be sitting on a step stool next to the ladder.

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