CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 21: Clinton Gutherson of the Eels runs the ball during the round 24 NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and the Parramatta Eels at GIO Stadium on August 21, 2016 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Brett Hemmings/Getty Images)

Parramatta has re-signed exciting up and coming play maker Clint Gutherson for next three years, extending his contract until the end of the 2019 season.

Gutherson’s form in 2016 has won him plaudits and recognition as a vital player in the backline for the Eels, playing in every one of the 24 games during the season.

“Clint is a great talent and has already made his mark on our team in his first season,” said Head Coach Brad Arthur.

“He has added a great deal of skill into our back line and I’m looking forward to seeing him create more opportunities when the next season kicks off in 2017.”

The 22 year old made his representative debut for the NSW City team in 2016.

Gutherson now joins Corey Norman and Manu Ma’u as Eels players who have extended their contracts till the 2019 season.

Parramatta Eels 2017 Player Movements

2017 Gains
Dane Aukafolau (2018), Kirisome Auva'a (South Sydney Rabbitohs, 2018), Nathan Brown (South Sydney Rabbitohs, 2021), Troy Dargan (2019), Nathan Davis (Gold Coast Titans, 2018), Jamal Fogarty (2017), Josh Hoffman (Gold Coast Titans, 2019), George Jennings (Penrith Panthers, 2019), Greg Leleisiuao (2019), Suaia Matagi (Penrith Panthers, 2019), Willis Meehan (2017), Mitchell Moses (Wests Tigers, 2019), Marata Niukore (New Zealand Warriors, 2019), Frank Pritchard (Hull FC, 2017), Jeff Robson (Mid Season: New Zealand Warriors, 2017), Will Smith (Penrith Panthers, 2020), Siosaia Vave (Manly Sea Eagles, 2018)
2017 Losses
Mitch Cornish (Sydney Roosters), Kieran Foran (New Zealand Warriors), Tyrell Fuimaono (South Sydney Rabbitohs), Michael Gordon (Sydney Roosters), Luke Kelly (South Sydney Rabbitohs), Ryan Morgan (St Helens RLFC), Kieren Moss (Hull Kingston Rovers), Junior Paulo (Canberra Raiders), Nathan Peats (Gold Coast Titans), Vai Toutai (released), Anthony Watmough (retired), Danny Wicks (retired)
Daniel Alvaro (2019), Isaac De Gois (2017), Kenny Edwards (2019), Bureta Faraimo (2019), Bevan French (2019), Clinton Gutherson (2019), James Hasson (2017), Cameron King (2018), Manu Ma'u (2019), Tim Mannah (2019), Jack Morris (2018), Cody Nelson (2017), Corey Norman (2019), Rory O'Brien (2017), Kaysa Pritchard (2019), Jeff Robson (2017), Scott Schulte (2017), Brad Takairangi (2019), Kelepi Tanginoa (2019), Honeti Tuha (2017), Alex Twal (2020), Matthew Woods (2017)
Off Contract 2019
Daniel Alvaro, Dylan Brown, Andrew Davey, Bevan French, David Gower, Clinton Gutherson, Josh Hoffman, George Jennings, Greg Leleisiuao, Manu Ma'u, Reed Mahoney, Tim Mannah, Tepai Moeroa, Mitchell Moses, Corey Norman, Kaysa Pritchard, Brad Takairangi, Peni Terepo, Stefano Utoikamanu
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  1. been rumoured for a while – but a very astute re-signing and extension.
    Wont be going back to the she beagles lol

    • You’re comparing a talented player who has played 28 NRL matches with a rookie who has played 2 NRL matches….

        • That’s a very good example scorinCoreyNorman ,,, it’s like 13 wooden spoons or none ,how did you think of this example ? Did it have you reaching for the nurofen codine added ? Cmon bro

        • Just realise it has been 1003 days since Manly has beaten Parramatta, So I like where you are going with that comment!!! Parra > Manly

          French > Turbo
          Norman > DCE
          Scott > Taupau

          Newcastle Knights > Manly

        • Scoringcoreynorman please don’t take yourself down to the level of some of our delusional supporters. (Plus all those parra players don’t compare to those manly players… Lol)

        • Also realised it has been approximately 10950 days since Parra has won a premiership. I also like where you are going with that comment!!! Manly > Parra.

          Turbo > French
          DCE > Norman
          Taupau > Scott
          Barrett > Parra’s board

          Blacktown Workers > Parra

  2. Better FB than half. Hope they play him there.

    But was always going to be behind Turbo so good to see him get a chance with Parra.

    • thebatman …and turbo is behind .. boyd.. inglass..moylan.. coote ..slater..ect so dont get to far ahead of yourself mate . he is not the best fullback in the nrl

      • Don’t get defensive cause you got our 2nds it’s all good.
        I never claimed he was the best. Just better than Gutherson.

        He would be in front of Coote – that’s why he was in the NSW squad and Coote wasn’t. But hey who’s counting….

        • Gutho smokes Turbo , he’s presently a better player ,dunno if I would be saying the same come October 2017 but if I had a choice right now between Gutho and Turbo Gutho wins ,simply on what he demonstrated this year ,not what he “should and hope” he’s capable of ,we’ve all seen the next GI and Falaou but it generally lasts 20 seconds ,,,

        • Gutho smokes turbo? Lol that’s why Tom is in the emerging nsw squad. Silvertail47 you are the weirdest NRL supporter I’ve ever met. Tom carried manly last year along with his brother. Scored 11 tries and set up 11 all in his first year at fullback with an ankle injury. Tom smokes gutho while Tom is on one leg. There is no comparison.

        • Holmsey4346 I did say in 2016 ,and yes on what happened be seen Gutho edges out Turbo , your opinion is biased not balanced ,I’m talking football ability ,so what Turbo scored try’s it’s what fullbacks do ,Guthro scored plenty but has Turbo on defence ,Turbo hasn’t a clue on defensive positioning ,nor is he a good one on one defender , he was knuttied twice this year and run down by an ageing forward when given a 20 metre start early this year against Parra , your argument at this stage of turbos development is one you can’t win

        • Big deal emerging NSW ,Snake has been the best NSW fullback from 07 to 2014 yet he was set aside for Dugan ,,, the “future” don’t play what you think ,play what you see

        • Turbo on one leg over Gutherson anyday. Plus he was run down by Scott who admitted he had a 30 metre head start on Tom and even said it was semi who caught Tom not Scott. Using that card doesn’t work because the evidence shows Tom was not run down by Scott.

        • silvertail47 and holmsey4346

          There is something very unsettling about seeing two Sea Eagles supporters arguing over whether an Eels player is better than a Sea Eagles player (even if the Eels player used to play for Manly). You guys need to smoke the peace pipe before the feathers start to fly. st47 just doesn’t like the “Turbo” ether of the T or J variety, not sure why, but they ARE the 2nd and 3rd highest paid players at the Sea Eagles so I am guessing he is going to have to come round sooner or later.

        • Watch the game again bro ,and this time wear your glasses , SSTID Manly fans disagreeing about there club clearly shows how passionate we are ,but whatever happens come game day , Brookvale boys are 1

        • Just remember that when Gutherson lines up in Blue and Gold against Manly. I’m sure you will cheer for Tommy “Turbo” then. 😉

        • Tom T has potential to be one of the better players in the comp but is no where near it yet and may or may not get there.
          St47 on 2016 form you are correct – gutho played 24 games at Fb, wing, centre and 5/8 in 2016 and in all bar the first 2-3 games enhanced his junior reputation. In a decent year on the field, he was probably only behind Ma’unas Eels best.
          2017 may be different but I sure hope not.
          Both fine players but glad the eels picked gutho up when eagles wanted him gone.

        • holmsey4346 . not defensive mate . just cant see the point , the article was about parra resigning gutherson not about if turbo was better . so what he played he played 5 games for moanly between 2013_2015 and scored 4 trys but couldnt get a gig .. he leaves goes to parra as a nevill nobody and makes a name for himself and now manly fans think we ripped off one of there elite players . and couldnt they do with gutherson now lyon as gone ??? . if he was still at moanly thebatman would be banging his drum louder than the the animal on the old muppet show

        • But he’s not…. we kept Turbo because we couldn’t keep the all.
          That’s the salary cap. It’s managing the playing roster. You can’t keep them all. Or you end up cheating the cap like some clubs do.
          That’s the game.

          I would bang my drum if he played for Manly. I’d do the same for any player in the Maroon and White. He’s a great player.

          But he’s no Turbo that’s for sure.

  3. Good re-signing. Gutherson is a talent and he should be a chance to get a Blues jersey down the line. Should be playing 5/8 for the Eels since they have either Hoffman or French ready for the fullback spot. Eels 2017 side anyone?

    1) Josh Hoffman/Bevan French
    2) Semi Radradra
    3) Michael Jennings
    4) Brad Takairangi
    5) Bevan French/Josh Hoffman
    6) Clint Gutherson (gk)
    7) Corey Norman
    8) Nathan Brown/Suaia Matagi
    9) Kaysa Pritchard
    10) Tim Mannah (c)
    11) Frank Pritchard (vc)
    12) Manu Ma’u
    13) Beau Scott

    14) Siosaia Vave/Daniel Alvaro (depends on who Brad Arthur prefers) (prop)
    15) Tepai Moeroa (second row)
    16) Suaia Matagi/Nathan Brown (prop)
    17) Kenny Edwards (second row)

    • Agree NSWs are going to have a backline of fullbacks in the future with Moylan, Tedesco, Trbojevic, Mitchell and Gutherson.

      • Latrell Mitchell is at least 2 years away from being ready for SOO (if then). One day yes, but not for a while yet IMO.

    • Canterbury, that’s pretty good / pretty close.

      I think your 1-7 is right, assuming no suspensions, with French given the fist opportunity to own FB, same with Gutho at 5/8, but either could be swapped out with Hoffman (wing) if they struggle.

      As for the forwards, that will have to come to performance / work ethic etc. during pre season training, because we have a lot of options, with Ma’u, Scott and Mannah all but assured of being starters. Great to see Parra with a very solid forward pack.

      My little, possible curveball, and I’m not committed to it, just pondering it, would be to run K. Pritchard as hooker (as per your line up), but with Robson off the bench. I don’t think we can run Pritcahrd for 80 min. yet, and I think if we are going to take a spot on the bench for a replacement hooker, I’d rather Robson for flexibility.

      • Yeah you have a good point there. Robson can defend well and maybe small stints at hooker can help him re-energize his career but won’t Arthur use 4 forwards?

        • Canterbury, yeah, maybe, I’d certainly consider using 4 forwards given our options, and still am, but if i was going to use 4 forwards, I’d run IDG. To me, that’s the dilemma.

      • P.S – great re – signing, he’s earned a spot, and has been incredibly versatile.

        As for the Turbo / Gutho argument, for my 2 cents worth, both are very young talented players, and both could, and probably will, go onto rep. footy. Let me premise my next comment with, I’m not taking the p….. but to me the bigger question is, was re – signing DCE, on that sort of deal, worth what you had to give up? Manly knew what they had, and that’s why they re – signed Gutho with an ACL injury, and very little (actual NRL) experience, before they shopped him around.

        • DCE deal was the worst in Manly history. You won’t find a Manly supporter who disagrees with your argument there…

        • Holmsey, in all honesty, and I’m not just taking the p….. but if that deal runs to fruition (the full 8 years), even if he plays beyond his current abilities, you lose (he’s not that good of a player). Your best case scenario is he agrees to a “career ending injury”, sooner rather than later, and that will be the end of his contract.

        • Not really becuase by the time DCE has finished his deal 1.3 million will be small money compared to what a current time player will be getting in that period. If DCE finds his best form again manly could be cheering that he is playing amazing footy for what he is getting paid.

        • Holmsey, agreed, and fair point, but conversely he has no incentive to play. I actually rate DCE, but I also see him as an astute businessman. DCE will make a bomb from his NRL career, and good luck to him, but to me that is the biggest problem with this deal. I don’t think he is loyal to Manly, not even close, and can now be fully funded for his future career. IF, that turns out to be true, Manly lose, big time. I think the club and DCE will compromise, hence his “retirement due to injury”, in a few years time.

    • all a fair points,with DCE i think ppl need to forget last year an wait till september an thats the same with manly,ppl shoulnt bag barrett just yet,give him a year with a fully fit team,as for gutho he did great for the eels last year but im not sold on him as a half,parra still needs another half,gutho had great season but his second year as a full time first grader as a half i dont feel good about,plenty halfs carve it up in there first year an turn more point i keep seeing ppl having semi at parra,he will be found guilty and will play rugby,will also free up cap space and will keep gutho in the backs while parra chase another half

      • its not happening but id love parra sign carney,i dont care if parra win or loose but id love hit the town with him and norman 😉

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