Matt Cooper
Not planning on retired just yet

Matt Cooper might be deep into his 14th first-grade pre-season but the centre has no intentions of allowing 2013 to become his swansong.

Cooper, who turns 34 in April, has made clear his desire to play beyond next season despite being off contract. He watched on as long-time teammates Ben Hornby and Dean Young farewelled the game last season but the former international is in no hurry to join them.

”I’m feeling really good,” Cooper said. ”I’m still really keen to play and get better. I had a disappointing last season so I’m looking to have a real go and if it’s my last year [I want to] go out the best I can, but at the moment I can’t make that decision.

”If you asked me now, then I’d say I’m keen to play on another year but I’m going to wait until June or July to see how I’m going.”

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