SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 29: Sam Burgess looks up at the fans during a South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL training session at Redfern Oval on September 29, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Renee McKay/Getty Images)

The Rabbitohs are pleased to announced that Sam Burgess’ contract has been registered by the NRL this week, meaning Sam will play in the red and green of the Rabbitohs until at least the end of the 2018 season.

Burgess is scheduled to return for the Rabbitohs in the Club’s opening fixture against the Roosters in March 2016.

The Rabbitohs have also announced the contract extension of Angus Crichton until at least the completion of the 2018 season, and have secured the services of 22-year-old outside-back Hymel Hunt for the 2016 season.

Rabbitohs Head Coach, Michael Maguire, is pleased to have the services of both of these young, up-and-coming players in South Sydney’s structures.

“We’re pleased to be adding Hymel to our squad and to be extending the contract of young Angus as well,” Coach Maguire said.


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  1. Oh, where are ALL the HATERS?

    SAM is back baby, LMFAO
    SOUTHS are on our way towards our 22nd Premiership!
    NO ONE will ever past us!
    James Roberts is the final piece of our puzzle!
    NOT confirmed as yet, but positive information coming out of Redfern yesterday!

    • Oh Please.

      You can’t have a one man team. Sams a good player but compared to walker and McQueen the whole value of the team has dropped significantly.
      South won’t win another premiership until Mag leaves. The guy is breeding within the playing group then he is creating.
      James Roberts is a hotshoot reookie who has one ordinary year blown out of proportion. The guys not a superstar. and anyone thinking he is a capable replacement for Inglis is fooling themselves. anyone remember last time he was pklaying for a sydney team. The kids trouble and so is Mundine.
      Not a Souths hater, just think you get off your cllud and have a sharp reality check. Practises in modesty and forsight could also help and it will be funny to see where you are when this all goes pear-shaped for souths.

        • I really worry about Roberts. his management has filled with him with lies. Saying he’s worth anything near 500k is a joke. He’ll be back to his old ways in no time and then club no. 5 for Jimmy. If he’s lucky anyone wants to throw him a lifeline cause i doubt the Titans will.

        • Roberts is overrated jarrod Croker had dominated him both times they played last year and despite being a raiders fan crokers only a mid range centre in the comp at best Roberts is all speed and nothing else

          Him looking good is a big fish in a small pond situation he looked great compared to the rubbish around him at the Titans

        • 100% spot on.
          Croker is a solid centre. Nothing flashy, but always does a job, and he wasn’t the only centre who did the job on Roberts last year.
          Roberts can’t defend, he is just quick. There has been many players like him
          Come and go.

        • You could be close to the truth of it there. His reputation and contract cost are largely based one one stand out year. This time last year he was an also ran that no one wanted. Delivering for one season is done by many, delivering every season is done by very few. Souths or whoever buys Roberts could regret it big time especially if they have paid overs. Time will tell but I am willing to put money down that says that we won’t be talking about James Roberts this time next year.

    • Not good language for an 11year old. Did you originally say you were 11 year old mentally or physically? I think it was the former.

  2. relax buddy we all can be optimistic..remember no one gave us a hope in hell of winning the 2014 premiership after losing 11 players..madge promoted within and the rest is history…were a top 4 side for sure and from there its anybodies. Roberts is a gun..was wen he was with older and better . If he had bad blood coming to souths after being sacked he wouldnt be talking to us .expect an announcement this week

    • nothing wrong with that, But Jimmy back in Sydney is a bad idea. He’s trouble. off the feild he is a ticking time bomb. Good Luck to him wherever he ends up but he needs to be careful.

    • I first said so on the 26th of November that Roberts may become a Rabbitoh, that was way before he told the Titans he was leaving (8th Dec) and way before these SHONCOS Rumours started (9th Dec)!
      I spoke to Madge on the 15th December, when the James Roberts subject came up… Madge just smiled and had a wink in his eye!
      That was enough for me!

      I absolutely love to get these keyboard commandos and SOUTHS HATERS riled up.
      We all know the facts, but many on here must lack a genuine education.
      ONLY IDIOTS refuse to see or, in fact, accept another’s opinions and/or ideas and points of view!
      Uneducated people lack the concept of reasoning and an acceptance of what are the true facts!

      • Oh Lord, You have to be a troll.

        “ONLY IDIOTS refuse to see or, in fact, accept another’s opinions and/or ideas and points of view!
        Uneducated people lack the concept of reasoning and an acceptance of what are the true facts!”

        That is your quote, and here you are, refusing to believe the opinions and/or ideas and points of view i am giving you. You need to try harder son. No wonder this site isn’t fond of you.

      • @3orangemochafrappuccino, you are a goose!!! How long did you gaze into his eyes after he smiled and winked at you?

      • You’re officially the biggest spastic on this site. That’s a big call to make when you see how irritating those bloody Manly fans are.

  3. 1 player can get u to a premiership..
    Andrew Johns did it for Newcastle.
    The presence of such a player can and does lift a whole team to another level!!
    Although Sam is not Johns.. He’s attitude of never give up can shine though out every other player around him.

      • 3hats this is coming from a Souths supporter. No one wants to hear your shit, not even me. All of us knew Walker was leaving after the overdosing issue then you come in and claim you had a coffee with Walker and he said he’s staying which everyone knew was a load of shit. Yesterday you claimed that you don’t drink coffee and you drink bourbon and now you think Sam Burgess can win us a premiership?? Mate, if Souths were to win a premiership again they’d have to:
        -Drop Reynolds back to reserve grade. He’s overrated and plays like shit now. Bring Cody Walker in.
        -Drop Tyrrell for Nathan Brown. This guy will potentially be a star and Tyrell is again shit.
        -Sign a backrower who can offload like Cartwright or one of those tall rangy blokes.
        -Get Maguire to drop his strictness levels on his players because if a player’s injured, it’ll be very hard for them to come back in a short amount of time eg. Reynolds with his Knee. A week before he returned against the dragons, he was still on a knee brace and in that game, his knee looked like a hospital bed.
        That’s the only way for Souths to win a premiership because Burgess won’t do it all on his own.

  4. Hey @3dix. A while back you said you had a coffee with your mate Dylan walker for some inside information. Yesterday you called your so called “mate” a drop kick.
    And now you claim not to drink coffee.
    You have now definitively proven to everyone on this site that you are full of sh!t

  5. 1.Inglis/Johnston
    5.Oldfield/A’vuva/Hymel Hunt
    12. Carter
    13. S.Burgess/K.Turner

    14. Clark

    18.Cody Walker
    19.Riley Travers
    20.Tim Grant
    21.Brock Gray
    22.Jack Gosiewski

  6. Round 1 is aproaching. The greatest english foward in rugby league will be back. We have him all miked up and will hear everyword and go deep into the mind of sam burgess for the greatest rivalry between souths and easts on nrl opening blockbuster with speacil guest sunnybill williams and jarryd hayne in the biggest tv event of the year only on channel 9

  7. sam burgess .. a lot of nrl fans have heard enough of sam burgess , he;s been a flop in rugby now wants to come home to nrl , the name sam burgess won’t be the sam name this time round , he’s past it , and the rabbits will be lucky to go better than 7th believe that

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