Kade Snowden is not the only giant on Nathan Tinkler’s shopping list. Last week, Jamal Idris was offered $1 million to join the Knights.

The Bulldogs are in danger of losing their most marketable player, with Tinkler setting his sights on the 20-year-old wrecking ball.

Idris said he was considering leaving the Dogs after being offered a three-year deal understood to be worth over $350,000 a season.

“It is something I definitely have to think about,” Idris said. “Obviously you have to think about an offer that big. It is a lot of money and I guess you have to take it while it is on offer.

“No one from the Bulldogs has talked to me at all. I don’t know what they’re thinking. I don’t know what’s going on.”

Idris began his career with the Knights and a move back to Newcastle would put him much closer to his family home in Forster.

Idris, who stormed into the NSW Origin team last year, said he would like to remain at the Bulldogs.

He remains hopeful that the club will be able to come up with an offer attractive enough to keep him at Belmore.

It appears Greenberg will also be fighting Tinkler on another front, with the prospective Knights owner said to be interested in talking with off-contract Bulldogs hooker Michael Ennis, who is also a Knights junior.

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