SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 27: Will Hopoate of the Blues looks on during game one of the State of Origin series between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons at ANZ Stadium on May 27, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs can announce the signing of Will Hopoate, for two seasons, through until the end of 2017.

Hopoate joins the club from the Parramatta Eels, where he spent the last two seasons, playing 38 games, scoring seven tries.

Since making his debut in Round 13 of season 2010 for the Manly Sea-Eagles, the Manly Cove junior has gone on to play a total of 60 games, scoring 21 tries. The 23-year-old has also represented NSW on five occasions and has worn the City Origin jersey twice.

Chief Executive Raelene Castle is pleased to have a player of Hopoate’s calibre join the club.

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“Will is an exciting young player who has already achieved so much in the game,” Castle said.

“Will will be a valuable and experienced acquisition for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs and I look forward to him joining the club.” Coach Des Hasler added.



  1. Hopefully this means everything else in the centre merry go round happens niw. Walker lafai hiku and co…

  2. I know the Dragons are still trying to sign players so I cannot complain too much but how silly is this signing situation, we’re 3 1/2 months from the start of the season and clubs should already have their rosters complete and preparing for the new season.
    Seriously the NRL really need a signing window/s, my idea has always been the following.

    * Window 1 = October
    * Window 2 = the last 2 weeks of June ( chance for players to move clubs for opportunity)


  3. why would the bulldogs do this? Maybe des thought he can bring hoppa back to his best? So many questions and now where waiting for another 3 signings to happen

    • no he wont, he will be like he playing for eels they have ruined him. and the bulldogs r shît no hope, just like bulldgs ruined trex. he was good at manly with des but shît at bulldogs with des.

      • You guys didn’t even make the eight yet your calling other clubs sh!t? You’ll be lucky to make the eight next year pal. Once DCE, Lyon, matai or stewert get injured (and they will) you’ll be f*****.

    • Lol you’re pretty much the only Knights fan on this site.

      +1 He’ll never be as good as he was at Manly,this is already proven that we have one of the best backline in the comp because every player we buy in the backs becomes a successful superstar. Like example Jorge Taufua, Jamie Lyon, Pita Hiku. We turned these players to international/Origin stars.

  4. Don’t understand this releasing lafai..
    Nothing has been confirmed plus we lost
    Herman Ese
    And hodko

    Can’t be under that much salary cap pressure

  5. as a doggies fan I can’t help but think of Dejavu when it comes to describe making this signing. they signed trex on that four year deal in the hopes he could recapture his 2011 form and in the process ultimately lost a good player in taurau because of capspace and now we’re about to lose lafai for hopa in the hopes he could also recapture that 2011 form… hope I’m wrong though! lol

  6. …as a doggies fan I can’t help but think of Dejavu when it comes to des making this signing. they signed trex on that four year deal in the hopes he could recapture his 2011 form and in the process ultimately lost a good player in taupau because of capspace and now we’re about to lose lafai for hopa in the hopes he could also recapture that 2011 form… hope I’m wrong though! lol

    • When you “lost” Taupau, he was playing Reserve Grade for the Dogs. I don’t think it was the size of the cap that led to that decision, more that he wasn’t worth keeping.

  7. As a Parra fan, Bulldogs THANK YOU!! That being said, Will never seemed happy at Parra. I do think Des will get him back to near his best. Welcome to Parramatta Peta Hiku…

  8. Hiku to eels and Lafai to dragons will happen any day now. Not sure when Walker will sign with manly he got released a few weeks ago now.

  9. moanly are under investigation by the NRL is why walker has not put pen to paper. moanly are a disgrace and so are all 4 of there fans

      • not me mate i have never cheated the cap . and never won a wooden spoon ( i have won the odd xmas ham ) mate you must be confused .. i dont own a sports team ,,I do support a team but have no say in the running of that club so personally i have never done either . never won a spoon or cheated .. i suppose you have a say in how moanly is run do you .. i suspected not

        • And every manly fan thinks they are an expert on rugby league
          Manly are a joke and will fail to make the top 8 two years in a row
          There’s my expert analysis

        • you get the point eagle flop .. what ; are you going to dob me into teacher for bad grammer ?..get you facts straight like i said i have never won a spoon or cheated so i dont know what your flapping you lips about..go do your chicken dance from the 70s .. bit of hokie pokie too mate is that your go too ?

        • that’s not hard trading verbal s with these moanly cumquats.. What you know about footy you could tattoo on a sparrows willy in capital letters.. and talk about whinge should be called the moanly mother in laws

    • It is weird that they haven’t announced it if he is going there and even weirder that they have the cap space to sign such a quality player. There probably trying to do a big back ended deal and the NRL hopefully won’t cop it

    • It’s actually Souths who have the heat on them… Can’t sign Sammy Boyle without sacking players… Great decision… Not.

      Manly just waiting to sign their International…once that’s sorted they’ll announce Walker as well.

      • Walker will probably be announced in the next few days.
        Remember we have to wait a couple of weeks before teams can announce signings, and if I heard correct, will singed a few days before walker got released, so should be by end of week.
        Would also be the reason why it’s all started with hiku and lafai now

  10. He will go good but still why sign a player that will probably only be a bit better than the one you just released. Crazy des at it again. If we extend trexs contract after this one runs out Des needs to be sent back to the northern beaches with him!

    • Yeah but we should be able to if you look at who has left to only signing Hoppa. We have freed up enough space to keep them players if they want to stay.

      • You’ll have to pay top dollar for Jackson and Klemmer, most other clubs would love to pinch them. Hope you keep them and they partner Woodsy, Sirro, Boyd and Graham in the NSW pack in years to come. idk about the future hooker though, maybe this year he will make himself known.

        • Actually if anyone else does sign them they will be the ones paying top dollar and I’m confident we can hold onto all 3

        • NSW pack?’re referring to Boyd as in Cordner, probably a bench spot at best. Sirronen is obviously a biased selection, if he is there before Merrin there is no hope for NSW, and I’d even put Cartwright well before Sirro anyday. And NO bias there as I’m a dogs supporter.

        • True I’ll admit that but you guys had to pay the price for signing Gasnier to win the Comp so blame uncle Benny for losing the Morris boys. I reckon he would be a great addition to your side only worry is if pig Gould wants him he might get in his ear and talk him into going out west

        • im hoping Ah Mau (and Masoe) are in his ear as well being in the Tongan brotherhood might help.
          Saints are turning the corner slowly in the fact that Mary looks to have a culture that is more attractive than when Price had the ship.
          Yeh – cant disagree we screwed up big time with Josh and Bmoz

  11. Shane warne famously said about scott muller, cant bowl, cant bat and cant throw. Well hopate cant catch and cant run. Hope his forms turns around at the dogs and it will now he is away from the graveyard

  12. Thanks Bulldogs
    He was a waste of money anyway never the same player as he was before he left the game for 2 years
    Very glad to see him go good luck Bulldogs

    • Time will tell but no offence parramatta has a very average side at the moment so it was hard for him to shine. Let’s see what he can do behind a quality pack next season!

      • Average? He worked with Hayne, Semi, Tonga, Norman, Peats, Mannah, Paulo, Watmough and Ma’u. Hoppa is just a flop

        • Mannah Paulo Watmough?? Thanks for proving my point. I wasn’t talking about your backs and Hayne wasn’t even there this year anyway. Forwards win matches not backs.

        • Mannah is a workhorse much like Tolman or Snowden, I’m referring to Junior Paulo you know the guy it takes 3 people to tackle and I’ll admit Watmough had an off year but if your playing with someone like him and you don’t have a real boost of confidence then something is wrong

        • Yes Average. Watmough has been more of a flop than Hoppa, and Tonga wasnt much better. Semi is obviously a great player but how is the left winger (particularly a known try scorer) supposed to improve the performance of the right centre/wing. If anything his dominance will result in less opportunity for Hoppa to shine. He had one season only with Hayne (who also does his best work down the left). Mannah, Paulo and Mau are good players (slightly above average) but arent enough to change the fortunes of the fate of the outside backs of their club, particularly when the halves have struggled for form.

  13. The only reason he was a flop the last 2 years is he was playing for a flop team.when has parra done anything good in the nrl in the last 2 or 3 decades.and next year will be the some good players but the coach and your board are shit.yeah go on respond with some bullshit.

    • They hardly lost a game the whole season in 2001 and I think scored the record for most points in a season. That’s about it and the Hayne run in 09 when Melbourne beat them in the GF with a team two million over the cap or something like that.

  14. blueblood or blueballs ? sounds like its off to oxford street for you dear .. sure you will find some relief

  15. I can’t believe the dogs let lafai go for let me get this straight..the dogs let go of a fast,strong,powerful centre who makes breaks and can score tries..for a player who is slow and can’t make a break to save his life?? Parra are the worst team in the comp the last five years and they didn’t want hoppa that’s saying a lot.

    Hoppa was only decent at manly cause he played on the wing outside Jamie Lyon..anyone on this site could score tries playing next to Lyon..hoppa is a dud a reserve grade player at best and the dogs are gonna regret this sack des now he has no idea

  16. Hoppa seemed be a good sport man and was great with promotional events as he speaks well. But as a player he didn’t offer a lot in attack at all. Terrible stats really. He can pass the ball and He was ok at defence but he was one of the worst value for money signings this decade. Poor Bulldogs, Dez must be losing it a little.

  17. If the Dogs got hoppa for around 250k which is what I think they may of paid?? as Parra would be taking a few K of he’s contract stuff up at Parra!! Then he’s not a bad buy at all.
    He’s a safe player in D and doesn’t really make mistakes often with ball in hand.
    Not the best finisher or line breaking runner.. But could change behind a dogs pack and a Dessie game plan.
    P.S knights for top 4 next season. Lol

  18. Parra supports.mad com bak its of 2 oxford street.dont burn and try 2 be aint working a club like parramatta thats got a good supporter base and the club has given nothing bak and bagging a player for not playing good for yous last year none of your players played good last year except really think that foran is worth the money comon.

  19. Mate if he’s playing centre & has Perrett outside him he will go no where lafai played injured & had to cover two positions since he had no confidence in Perrett which was justified in Perretts stats unless des game plan is for poor Jackson to make 50 cover tackles on hoppas & Perretts edge then dogs are screwed

      • Lol Perrett does my head in he makes so many errors & bad reads in defense no one picked up on it making lafai look bad then his annoying high fives after making mistakes made me wanna uppercut him

        • Hahaha yeah I’ll pay that. It pisses me off the high fives after the errors too. Can only hope that him and Hoppa work better together I suppose.

        • I would be happier if someone slapped him in the face ( Like Brown on Barrett haha) then give him a bloody high five for bombing another try!

        • Mate that would be gold if someone slapped him but I’d need it hard enough to get Perrett off the field for a concussion test to be happy

  20. What a poop signing… Hopefully He listens to Des and doesn’t cost the team wins! he needed change from BA cause he’s a hopeless coach!

  21. He won’t be or great next year but average. But hey, he’s now w Des. Time will tell.

    Good luck Hoppa. Hope Des brings the best out of you ?

  22. Being fair, he had a poor start to the season, trying his hand at FB, and a poor start in general. Not good in a contract year when he was meant to be a star, but he’s a pretty solid player. After the dramas of this year at the club he was never going to play to his potential at Parra, so it’s good for us, and him, to move on.

    Now all we need is one more experienced centre and/or winger, like Hiku or Lafai, and Parra for premiers (or thereabouts) next year. Don’t underestimate BA, he’ll deliver, and he’s doing it right now.

  23. I’m still confused about this signing. I will only be happy with it if Des can get him back to his best form, which I think is a small chance of happening. Why get rid of Lafai though? He is a good player and the Dogs would have been better off letting Perrett go. It’s still fairly questionable though, and I hope he is cheap.
    1) Brett Morris (Brad Abbey when Morris is out for Origin or injury)
    2) Curtis Rona
    3) Josh Morris (Kerrod Holland for the same thing with Brett)
    4) Will Hopoate (he better return to form otherwise he’s goneski)
    5) Sam Perrett (i would MUCH prefer Tyrone Philips here, he’s a great young talent)
    6) Josh Reynolds (Matt Frawley for injury cover)
    7) Moses Mbye (Dane Chisholm for the same thing with Frawley)

    • Taking a punt on Hoppa, assuming you got him cheap, and I’d expect you did, could really pay off. He’s had a lot of distractions this year, his contract, management, even other players disputes, like Sandow, and Parra shopping around for big players. His form may be, at least in part caused by the uncertainty. Give him a fresh start and he could surprise on the upside big time, but it is a punt.

      That said, If the only way you could fund that punt was to lose Lafai, I wouldn’t have taken it.

      • Yeah that is true. I wouldn’t have taken the gamble of releasing Lafai to get Hopoate either. Lafai is a great player and he had some problems this season too.

  24. you gota love the off season , reading so much on this forum is like watching the benny hill show
    love it zero tackle , 2016 predictions westigers vs newcastle 2 fight it out for the wooden spoon,
    top 4 in any order roosters, cowboys, bronkos, the storm , 1st coach 2 be sacked jason taylor then ivan cleary 2 replace him robbie farraha to announce he will be going to uk the silly season has started

    • I thought you said that JT would be sacked, then Cleary comes in and he is sacked as well. Then WT give in appoint Robbie as the captain-coach. I was nodding my head agreeing with you, thinking that the bludgers might just do that.

      I’m hoping if JT does get the flick we get the Walker boys in.

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