Caleb Timu

Former Queensland under-20s backrower Caleb Timu has been signed by the Brisbane Broncos, the club he left in 2013 to honour his faith.

A friend of fellow Missionary Will Hopoate, Timu shunned significant offers from Brisbane and rival NRL clubs to embark on his two year sojourn.

Timu has spent the past two years in the Cook Islands and New Zealand with a Bible and a push bike, spreading his faith.

Timu, 21, recently attracted interest from rugby union, a code he represented Australia in, but ultimately wanted to return to Red Hill and make up for lost time at the Broncos.

The success rate of Mormon Missionaries returning to rugby league has been mixed.



  1. Not related I know but I was reading today on fox sports that the RLW immortal committee will be convened in 2016 to look at weather anyone should be allowed into the exclusive club.

    Here are my thoughts. This needs to be taken over by the NRL and it should follow strict guidelines. There should be a Hall of Fame where all immortals and players from the team of the century are immediately added. Each year 1 player is added at the Dally M awards. The added player must be retired for at least 5 years. Every 10 years 1 player is chosen from the Hall of fame to become an immortal. If we start tossing immortal status around it will lose its special status.

    Then the NRL with the support of the QRL, NSWRL, NZRL and International Body should open a real Hall of Fame and Rugby League Museum in Sydney. This is where those like myself who worship at the alter of all that is League can go and make homage.

    For my 2 cents I think Ron Coote should be next.

  2. I think Timu is a great signing, will add great depth.

    As for your comment @tommyknocker, I agree 100% with you. But 1 Hall of Famer per year sounds a bit rough.

    But the question is: Will Darren Lokyer become an immortal next year?

    My answer is yes.

  3. Big Mal is STILL having success as the coach of the mighty Qld. In his day he broke past records with the 5mtr rule instead of the 10 mtrs we have today. Let Coote go before big Mal but for mine. Lockyer and others need to let the dust settle on thier careers before getting a mention!! Mal Meninga has to be next imo

  4. I dont think Locky should i like him as a player but he never really dominated the game… Thurston has won 4 Dally M medals meaning hes been the best in the NRL for 4 years… Locky hasnt got 1… There was always someone above Thurston has to be next surely… 2016 is a waste of time IMO if Locky does it is well earned as he was always a great leader, player, and role model but with no Dally Ms i dont see why… Mind you a Dally M isnt everything i agree @tommyknocker a “hall of fame needs to take place where Locky would be first inducted

    • Lockyer dominated 2006, he was by far the best player that year, the only reason he didn’t get the medal is because the voting is rigged and is done by News Ltd. Dally M’s mean nothing.

      • I know they are a joke
        Look at last yr Ben Hunt finished higher on the tally the DCE
        Statistically he had a better yr then DCE yet DCE won HB of the yr lol
        How can a guy who doesn’t tally as many points on the dally M count
        And clearly wasn’t the best HB in the game
        Win Halfback of the yr

    • Seriously
      Statistically he’s the greatest player to play the game
      He was the at the time the greatest FB league had seen he then went to 5’8
      And became the greatest 5’8 in history behind the king
      Lockyer is everything the immortals stands for

  5. Locky every day of the week, dally M’s means shit . JT is a great player but he’s popular 4 beening a fans man. Giving head gear an kicking T’s out to kid everybody love that , witch is awesome. But like the gf the only thing he done in that game was kicked the field goal. Now people start talking immortal, what a G up. There was 16 other players out there that worked hard 2 . An for old mate 2 say locky didn’t dominate is bullshit . Since 95 lockys played a big part in the game. From having the most caps for the Aussie team , Queensland team most game in the Nrl to a player that every player wanted to play with an against. I think he should be the next immortal, I’ll give him
    910 as a player an face off the game. He’s one of the best blokes 2 meet. ?

    • Ask any Englishman who they think the best player of all time is and 90% of them say Lockyer. The bloke dominated on the international arena. Watch the final of the 2004 tri-nations. One of the greatest individual performances. That’s dominating.

  6. I humbly except i have proven wrong… And now will be going for Locky but Meninga also deserves it IMO as does Ken Irvine

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