James Gavet

The Broncos have granted contract releases to outside back Jordan Drew and prop forward James Gavet.

Both players sought an early release from playing out their 2016 contracts at Red Hill to seek other opportunities.

The Club was happy to meet their request and wishes them all the very best with their future.

Jordan Drew has progressed right through the club’s development system, playing a key role with the Broncos Under 20s team in the centres.

Drew played in the 2014 NYC U20s Grand Final against the Warriors and also made his senior NRL debut in Round 22 of Season 2013 against the Dragons on the wing scoring a try.

Kiwi prop James Gavet joined the Broncos during 2015 pre-season training from the Wests Tigers.

Gavet suffered a ruptured ACL at training leading into the Cowboys Round Three home derby, ruling him out for the remainder of the 2015 Season.

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  1. Gavet was pretty interesting and it was sad to see him go down so early. Shame that we didn’t get to see him next year.

  2. Well at least Drew can play at the sharks, Bronx wingers and centres keeping him back

    and for Gavet the warriors maybe?

  3. gavet was very error prone but put into a system at the melbourne storm can turn into a great player.

    jordan drew fantastic young centre/winger hopefully he goes to titans and gets a crack there.

  4. T’eo is all but a bronco
    Infact he’s agreed they just need to sought out cap
    Expect another release and then T’eo signing will be announced

  5. If this is to bring teo back. I’d be happy to see him in Broncos jersey as he and Gillett would score a try each every time they played on the same side of the field. However unless they move Gillett or Glenn to the centres where would teo go? Gillett, Glenn and Parker are all 80minute players. Sam Thaiday also knocks out big minutes. So I’d like to see him back at Brisbane but I don’t see Brisbane getting good use out of him. Also Jordan Drew was who is hoped would replace hodges.

  6. Thought Gavet would be let go, haven’t seen him on TV or in any team pics for ages.

    Shame about Drew.

  7. I didn’t think a whole lot of Drew not big or really quick only an average type player, gavet though is a big beast who could really open a game don’t know why they would let him go but with joe ofa n molo on the bench is the way to go molo looked unstoppable in the test before

  8. It wouldn’t surprise me though if all the players they have released is to get money for big GI either it’s been rumoured plenty and him to broncos for 2017 is a real possibility

  9. 8. McGuire
    9. McCullough
    10. Blair
    11. Glenn
    12. Te’o
    13. Parker

    14. Gillett
    15. Wallace
    16. Thaiday
    17. Ofahengaue
    18. Molo
    19. Nikorima
    I honestly don’t think we will be signing Te’o, it will take alot of reconstructing to fit him in and players like Wallace/Molo/Ofahengaue/Nikorima won’t make the 17.

  10. Womanly should sign Gavet. Even injured he is still better than any of their weak ass forwards.
    Then again seeing as they have sunk all their money into their lesser half they probably can’t afford him. 🙂

    • Mrspoonsalalot lesser half haha DCE is the better half when will u learn, Foran looks good when he is around stewart and DCE, our forwards managed to get us almost to the finals your forwards are as weak as your trophy cabinet! DCE 4 motm awards when Foran was out, when DCE was out Foran lost us games with his shite kicking game and lack of leadership.

      • classic mrshmeel. don’t fall for his gorilla tactics boys. He’s just a sad little clown by the name of polliarchie. a poncho for his cape. A maccas bag his crown. see I can talk shiiit too. He excels at defeating himself with every post he makes. let the sad sack have his fun end of the day he knows his club is piss and he also has known this for over a decade while we’ve been doing the eagle rock on the heads.

    • So, with a crippling injury toll, contract dramas and ‘weak ass forwards’ Manly finished higher than you on the ladder….which makes Parramatta exactly how crappy? So fitting you have a sleazy bottom feeder as your mascot

      • Hahaha gold. never thought of that and it’s like that in reality.
        an eagle soars high above all, proud and magnificent.
        an eel is a bottom feeding sea worm that hides in holes.
        now reality.
        Manly top 10 last 10 years 2 GF wins
        Parra Bottom 8 mainstay and penultimate duds (bottom feeders) of the nrl. 13 wooden spoons
        cheers mark I shall use this

  11. Make once Parker retire Teo will come back. Probably planning a shuffle for a year away plus I think is contract expires in a year or two so will work nicely.

    • Parker may be old but I would not trade him for two Ben Teos. Parker is a machine and is not looking like slowing down anytime soon. The limited interchange will just make him better.

  12. Broncos 2016 (in my opinion)
    Parker (c)


  13. The Broncos are definitely clearing the decks. They will need the money to re-sign Milford and hunt in the next couple of years.

  14. Gavet should just drive down the Pacific motorway for an hour and he will be set.

    Would be good off the bench for the tits.

  15. Come to Melbourne mate we need some depth in our pack very solide player and would only get better with pritty much the hole Nz pack there and under belly

  16. Gavet gone…anyways,the Broncs didn’t seem at a loss when he was out..forward stocks are just fine.
    good luck to both,hope they get a crack in a starting side elsewhere.

  17. Manly to sign both Gavet and Taupau to rotate from the bench…awesome grunt upfront if they dont fall asleep.

  18. Broncos 2016.
    13.Parker. (c)

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