MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 26: Tom Opacic of the Broncos scores the first try during the round 25 NRL match between the Melbourne Storm and the Brisbane Broncos at AAMI Park on August 26, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

The Brisbane Broncos have locked up three young guns that have announced their presence in the NRL this season.

Tom Opacic, Jaydn Su’A and Jonus Pearson have all re-committed to the club after signing new deals, just a day after international Matt Gillett announced his new four-year contract.

Opacic, who has impressed with his play after replacing the retired Jack Reed in the centres this season, has signed for another two years and will be a Bronco until at least the end of the 2018 season.

Opacic has now played eight NRL games this season, and will line up against the North Queensland Cowboys in Friday’s elimination semi-final in Townsville.

Su’A became the youngest forward to ever start a match for the Broncos when he made his NRL debut against the Tigers back in May.

The 18-year-old has also signed on for another two years and is set to build on his match total of four games in the near future.

Pearson made his NRL debut this year, scoring two tries in his first outing against the Parramatta Eels last month.

He played in the elimination final win over the Gold Coast Titans last Friday and is 18th man for Friday’s clash against the Cowboys.

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Pearson has signed on for the 2017 season, and looks certain to see more NRL action if not this year, then certainly next.


  1. I have no issues with the Broncos signing everyone they want with their legal 3rd party deals.

    But at least tell everyone the total of 3rd parties you have.

    That way when teams lose to the Broncos it’s explainable. As apposed to Broncos supporters just thinking their team is better. If we are comparing apples and oranges – let us know.

    Mead signed for $200k less a year. Obviously a top up – I’m ok with that – but they should be made to disclose to the public.

    • all reports are that they have in excess of 1.5m in TPA’s but those TPA’s are going to any player who signs with them, not as it was originally intentioned. TPA’s were originally intended to “top-up” the elite players so that they could maximise their earnings but in all reality they are just going to supplementing their salary cap.
      Broncos, Rooster, Dogs and Warriors are all doing it which doesn’t make for a level playing field and has other clubs scratching their heads as to how they can assemble the rosters they can while supposedly complying with the salary cap.
      TPA’s are supposed to be all arranged at arms length to the club but when clubs like the broncos have arms called the “The Thoroughbreds”, dare I say, working hand in hand with the club to source TPA’s to attract players to the club, then that is “legally” circumventing the salary cap.
      Get rid of TPA’s or have them managed through NRL HO to ensure transparency. At the moment it is far too open to rorting.

      • Yeah ok Billy. I knew they had the biggest source of TPA’s but wasn’t aware they were exploiting it by sharing around the players…. definitely explains the Mead situation though.

        I just wish the NRL would be honest and give us totals. For too long – Broncos supporters think when they win they are winning fairly – but they aren’t. Racing a Ferrari and a Hyundai Excel aren’t exactly fair – even if you did source the money to purchase them legally. Throw in their tailored scheduling and you’ve got yourself a premiership handed on a platter….

        Careful mate… I actually agree with you. 🙂

        • Settle mate – You should be concerned lol
          Reports I have read indicate that it’s not just the Broncos at that kind of level – Dogs and Roosters were in excess of 1m. And they are the ones reported – a betting man would put 25-50% on top of that. It’s not a level playing field despite what the Nrl say.
          When you add that to salary cap exemptions for long serving players, locally developed juniors and the like it’s no wonder that clubs like the Broncos can assemble the rosters they do. Yes it’s legal – but it’s not level. If you can add big TPAs to all your roster then you can keep them longer and get more exemptions on the cap. It’s a vicious circle for the likes of the tigers, knights, raiders who can’t make use of all the legal means of strengthening their rosters.

        • Still rorting the cap Andrew…i meant AndrewGs haha.

          Shame Roberts can’t play this weekend – kicking people isn’t part of the game.

        • Classic Broncos supporter who believes his team is legitimately better than others.

          Pull you head out of the sand champ.

          – Broncos get the best Schedule cause your the NRLs cash cow and channel 9’s ratings cow.
          – Broncos get the best TPA deals as a result of the best schedule.
          – 1 team town and all its benefits.
          – Broncos are owned by Fox and therefor control the media and what it decides is important. Eg – if Corey Parkers Headbutt was done by anyone other than Parker – it would be all over Fox News.

          That’s not “random crap with no proof” – their facts.

          And even with all the above advantages – you still haven’t managed a premiership in the last decade.

          What else can everyone do for the Broncos? Your premierships are on a platter.

          Even the refs clearly favoured you against the Titans….?

        • – Broncos get the best Schedule cause your the NRLs cash cow and channel 9’s ratings cow. – This has nothing to do with Brisbane lol, Not anyones fault if they don’t want to watch tigers vs knights lol.

          – Broncos get the best TPA deals as a result of the best schedule. – $ the game has to make $ to keep it running.

          – 1 team town and all its benefits. – What happens when you have the nswrl instead of having a national system, I guess clubs like should do a stgeorge and merge more???

          – Broncos are owned by Fox and therefor control the media and what it decides is important. Eg – if Corey Parkers Headbutt was done by anyone other than Parker – it would be all over Fox News. – Apparently the a guy called phil murphy owns the largest % which is 19… so again its random crap without sources as per usual on this website lol.

  2. Still unconvinced by Pearson’s catching ability and capacity to break the opposition’s defensive line with speed or size. I’m similarly unconvinced by Su’A’s go forward as a second rower, though his defence has been pretty impressive. Opacic seems like a very consistent and solid centre in both defence and attack. You can see why Bellamy was after him.

  3. Opacic will be a star in the future. I’m not convinced with Pearson though, seems scared to get involved and doesn’t look too flash under the high ball. I’d be going with Kahu and Mead as the starting wingers next year. As for Sua, he needs to add a few kilos to his frame over the off season but he must be good because he’s got big wraps on him. Next target should be Napa! I hope the reports are true that we’re after him

    1. Darius Boyd
    2. Jordan Kahu
    3. Tom Opacic
    4. James Roberts
    5. David Mead
    6. Anthony Milford
    7. Benny Hunt
    8. Josh McGuire
    9. Andrew McCollough
    10. Dylan Napa
    11. Matt Gillett
    12. Sam Thaiday
    13. Adam Blair

    14. Corey Oates
    15. Tevita Pangai
    16. Alex Glenn
    17. Kodi Nikorima/Jai Arrow

    • Jai Arrow must be in the starting team at 13. He’s an absolute gun of a player.

      Not sure if you guys are going to pick up Napa but I think Thaiday needs to make a constant move to Prop with McGuire with Oates moving into the 2nd row. Oates can play a similar role to Ethan Lowe from the cowboys.

        • @ AndrewGs

          This is exactly my point. Players like Jai Arrow are not bench players, e.g. Wade Graham, Sam Burgess, Josh Papali, Trent Merrin, Boyd Cordner & Matt Gillett. He’s an 80 min workhorse that should start at 13. He’s only young and getting used to the speed and quality of the game. If you watch him in the QLD cup or intrust cup (not sure what its exactly called), you will see he is a cut above the rest. Playing him off the bench is useless – he is simply not the bench type player like Klemmer, Glenn, Kasiano, Taupau – these guys are impact players.

          The way the game is played with the lower sub count is that a balanced team needs more workers than impact players and you carry the impact players on the bench (not the whole bench but at least 2).

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